Two villages of Patan block in Durg district, Gujra and Batrail have become completely malnutrition free. This has been a big success under the Chief Minister’s Suraksha Abhiyan. Despite the difficulties in the Corona period, the committed workers of the Women and Child Development Department have achieved this goal. This is a very difficult goal because due to the health conditions some child falls under the purview of malnutrition, so achieving the goal of complete nutrition is a big success.

Under the Chief Minister’s Nutrition Mission, 16 children were malnourished out of 150 children of 6 Anganwadi centers of Gujra Gram Panchayat. Better feeding of these children was done continuously under the mission and the result has been revealed. Last week, the only malnourished child forgiveness in Matia village also came out of the purview of malnutrition. The village of Gujara came out of the purview of malnutrition two months ago. Similarly, in October 2019, 5 out of 177 children at Butrell were malnourished. There are 230 children here and not a single malnourished one.