In Chhattisgarh, there was a long lockdown till May 31 due to corona. Now the government is ready to unlock, given the control of Corona. Collectors may soon allow showrooms, malls, markets and shops to open without interruption, but night curfew will continue in the state.

Chhattisgarh will be unlocked after May 31
According to information received from the sources, all markets and shops, showrooms, malls etc. in all the districts with a positivity rate of 8% or less than 8% will be allowed to open without any rostering or restrictions. All establishments will be essentially closed after 6.00 pm.

Understand who is allowed point by point
There will be no facilities for sitting in hotels and restaurants.
Hotels and restaurants will only allow takeaway meals and online / swiggy, zomato delivery.
Cinema halls and theaters will remain closed.
All districts with a positivity rate greater than 8% will continue the lockdown with restrictions.
All shops and establishments will be essentially closed till 6.00 pm till the next morning. Night curfew will continue
Marriage and cremation will be allowed, but restrictions on marriage and funerals as per earlier instructions should not be the presence of individuals with maximum limits.
Hotels may be allowed to hold marriage ceremonies subject to restrictions.
Ban on any kind of social, cultural, religious and political processions, organizations and gatherings will continue.
Please tell that the collectors will issue instructions based on the circumstances of their districts. Even after the lockdown is lifted, the night curfew will remain in the state.