All the liquor shops of the state have been opened from today, although foreign liquor shops will not open yet. In these stores, the option of home delivery through online has been kept.

On the other hand, Excise Minister Kavasi Lakhma said that in view of the interest of the poor people, the local liquor shops have been opened, because the poor people were getting upset due to lack of liquor. They do not even have facilities like mobile phones. Through which he can order, therefore, the local liquor shops have been opened from today, but the foreign liquor shops will be opened only after the pace of the corona infection decreases.Please tell that people will not be given alcohol without masks. It will also be compulsory to follow social distancing outside shops.

A sufficient number of duty of security personnel has also been imposed outside the shops. There are more than 700 domestic and foreign liquor shops in the state. In which the number of country liquor shops is less, but the sale of country liquor is the highest, especially in rural areas.