Collector Dr. S. Bharatidasan has blacklisted 11 rice mills of Raipur district for violating the provisions of Chhattisgarh Custom Milling. Black listed rice mills will not be able to do milling work after this.
It is mandatory for all rice mills of the district to undertake custom milling of paddy at 50 per cent of its production capacity as per the government order. Collector Raipur instructed the rice millers to follow the order of governance in several meetings. Despite this, rice millers were giving priority to private paddy milling and free sale.
Angered by this type of action, Collector Raipur issued notice to 100 Arwa and 14 Usna Millers of the district last week and gave a time to reply within three days. After the end of the period on 25 May 2021, Collector Dr. Bharatidasan has blacklisted 11 rice mills on the basis of a review by the Food Department. The administration has stirred up the action.
The District Food Controller said that any registered mill has to use half the milling capacity of its annual milling capacity for the purpose of custom milling. Paddy has not been lifted in the Kharif marketing year 2020-21 for the custom milling of government paddy by 11 Arva Rice Millers of the district.
Satyanarayana Nathulal, Tilda, Munka Rice Mill Tilda, Panjwani Rice Mill Tilda, Sanjay Gren Dharsinwa, Dashmesh Industries Kharora, Bala Ji Grain Abhanpur, NBA Foods Tilda, Mehak Rice Industries Nayapara, Hariom Industries Nayapara, Nirmala Rice Tech Abhanpur of the district Mill Kharora has been denied milling work till February 2022.