Bihar Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha extends wishes to journalists on Hindi Journalism Day

Express News Service
PATNA: Speaker of Bihar Legislative Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha on Saturday extending his wishes to all Hindi journalists on the occasion of Hindi Journalism Day.

He said that the journey of Hindi journalism had started on May 30 in 1826 with the weekly newspaper “Udant Martand”. 

The “Udant Martand” was a publication started by Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla, and the journey continued further. 

“From the independence of the country till today, Hindi journalists have played a tremendous and deciding role in the creation of the nation and in national integration”,the speaker said. 

The great writers, poets and thinkers of Hindi have taken the hindi journalism to a new height by connecting people to their rights and social and national responsibilities, through their articles.

“The journalists associated with Hindi journalism have created a mass public awareness and motivation to the all-round development of India since the struggle for independence”,he said, adding fearless, fair, and impartial journalism was the need of democracy. 

“Hindi is the national language of India and its sphere of influence is very wide, in such a situation, I am grateful to Hindi journalists for its development and giving it strength”, he added. 

The social and professional challenges for Hindi journalists are also a lot but the people associated with it are successfully doing it in all the best possible ways,the speaker said.

“Journalists’ writings are like a mirror, which not only shows the truth to the society but also strengthens democracy along with the public”, he said, adding that bringing voices of people in the corridor of power has also got strengthen with the journalism started in Hindi also.

“Therefore, it is also the responsibility of both the government and society to keep journalists safe and to honor them. Only positive journalism can give a new direction to the society”, the speaker said.