Once again the effect of the news of IBC24 has been seen, in the case of farmers throwing vegetables in the road in Rajpur, the Parliamentary Secretary and the district administration have taken cognizance of the farmers’ matter. Now farmers will set up shop in the former vegetable market itself, for this the work of cleaning and measuring has started.
In Rajpur yesterday, the anger of the farmers was shown against the administration, the farmers, angry with the attitude of the administration, threw vegetables in the road outside the SDM office. This news was featured prominently by IBC24, after which the administration changed its decision in favor of the farmers.
On the previous day, angry farmers had demonstrated over the change in the place of sale, they threw vegetables in front of the SDM office, the farmers said that vegetables are not being sold due to the change of place. Farmers, aggrieved by the continuous loss, on Wednesday lodged a protest by throwing vegetables outside the SDM office, Rajpur. The farmers allege that the administration is ignoring their interests.