After 12 years, Benjamin Netanyahu has finally reached the opposition after leaving the post of Prime Minister in a big upheaval in Israel’s politics. Naftali Bennett, the leader of the right-wing Yamina (United Rights) party, has become Israel’s new prime minister. He took oath on Sunday night. With this, Benjamin Netanyahu, who was the Prime Minister of the country for 12 consecutive years, has now gone into opposition. Bennett and Lapid will become prime ministers after two years. Bennett has become the first Prime Minister and on this basis will become Lapid PM in 2023. Philbal Lapid will now serve as Israel’s alternate prime minister and foreign minister. On this occasion, PM Modi has congratulated Naftali for becoming the Prime Minister in view of India’s relations with Israel. He wrote that “Congratulations to Naftali Bennett on becoming the Prime Minister of Israel. I look forward to meeting you and deepen the strategic partnership between our two countries.

“Let us tell you that the effect of deep friendship between PM Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu is that the heat has come in India’s sluggish relationship with a country like Israel. Israel has been seen standing with India on the issue. In such a situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves no stone unturned to strengthen the strategic relationship with Israel. Let us tell you that Benjamin Netanyahu’s rule in Israel for the last 12 years came to an end. The new coalition government, led by Bennett and centrist Yes Atid (Future) party leader Yair Lapid, was approved by parliament or the Knesset in a vote of confidence, Xinhua news agency reported. Earlier in the trust vote held in Parliament, 60 MPs of the 120-member house voted in favor of the new government while 59 voted against it.