Allahabad HC denies bail to slain gangster Vikas Dubey's relative 

ALLAHABAD: Terming the killing of eight policemen in the Kanpur ambush last year as a “horrendous crime”, the Allahabad High Court denied bail to a woman relative of the slain gangster Vikas Dubey.

Khushi is the widow of Amar Dubey, an aide and relative of the slain gangster.

She had allegedly taken an active part in the ambush at Kanpur’s Bikru village on July 3 last year, according to police.

Days after the ambush, Vikas Dubey was shot dead by the UP Police as he allegedly tried to flee from their custody.

Khushi had filed the plea against the rejection of bail by a lower court, citing that she had no role in the ambush.

In her plea, Khushi said she was declared a juvenile by a board on September 1, 2020.

According to her counsel, Khushi’s age was around 16 years 10 months on the date of the incident.

It was further pleaded that she was not a member of the gang of Vikas Dubey, rather her husband was a relative of the slain gangster and they had gone to Vikas Dubey’s house on the day of the incident.

However, the state government opposed the bail plea on the ground that as per statements of the policemen who survived the ambush, she actively participated in the assault.

She was aiding and instigating the men not to spare any policeman, the state government said in the court.

Dismissing the bail plea on Friday, Justice J J Munir observed, “An overall look on the circumstances of the case brings to mind the fact that the occurrence, in which the revisionist was involved, was not of an ordinary kind.” 

“Not only the spontaneous elimination of eight policemen in action and six others left injured, is a horrendous crime that shocks the conscience of the society but also an act that strikes at the roots of the state’s authority in its territory,” the court said.