Digvijaya Singh to lead Congress panel for ‘sustained’ agitations

Express News Service

PATNA: Former Madhya Pradesh chief minister and Rajya Sabha MP Digvijay Singh accused the BJP of selling all the national assets which were raised and created by the Congress government in the last 70 years. 

Criticising the National Monetisation Pipeline launched by Union finance minister, Singh who reached Patna on Thursday night, drew the comparisons between Congress and BJP as worthy and unworthy sons. “Congress government raised and created the national assets during its governance like a worthy son. These assets are now being sold off by the BJP like an unworthy offspring would under the guise of the National Monetisation Pipeline. All national assets, including railway stations railway line, airports, road and others, are being sold by this ‘unworthy son’ (BJP),” Singh said.

“When the country is passing through a difficult economic crisis how can I say Narendra Modi is a good prime minister? The BJP-led NDA governemnt is not for the people but for corporate houses.”

He said the BJP often claims that nothing has happened in the country in the last 70 years, the majority period of which was ruled by the Congress. “If nothing has happened in the last 70 years, what the central government is selling? That is the difference between worthy and unworthy sons, between the Congress and the BJP,” Singh said.

Stepping up his political attack at the Centre, Singh said that Both PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah are proving disastrous for the country. He alleged that the hike in the rates of petrol and diesel is creating financial hardships for the common man. 

Singh also blamed the Modi-Shah duo for constant disruptions in the Parliament. “The Congress party had always wanted to discuss the national issue in both the houses, but the BJP government differed from it. If these issues of inflation, unemployment and others are not discussed in Parliament, then where will it be done? The BJP is ruining the nation”, he alleged

“No discussion can take place in both the houses without their consent. That is why the Congress has decided that it will send its people to different provinces to speak on inflation, unemployment and national wealth.”

Lashing out at chief minister Nitish Kumar, Singh that the CM is under pressure from the Centre. “Now the political thoughts of legendary leaders like JP Narayan and Ram Manohar Lohia are being removed from the syllabus by the state government,” he said.

On being asked about Nitish Kumar being projected as the ‘PM Material’, Singh said: “Had he (Nitish Kumar) been the PM material, he would have not gone in the political shelter of BJP. Kumar knelt before the BJP just to continue to stay in power.”