झंडी दिखाकर रथ किया रवाना

Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. Meera Baghel flagged off the awareness chariot for the purpose of spreading awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day under mental health program. The purpose of this awareness chariot is to make people aware of the misconceptions about mental health and to identify such people who may attempt suicide, counseling such people and leading them towards a new life. Every year 10 September is observed as World Suicide Prevention Day. This year the theme of World Suicide Prevention Day has been set as “Creating Hope Through Action”. In the same sequence, it has been decided to celebrate World Suicide Prevention Week from 6 to 10 September with the aim of spreading awareness about mental health services under the National Mental Health Program in the district. Dr. Srishti Yadu, District Nodal Officer of Mental Health Program said, “Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. Meera Baghel, while addressing the people present after flagging off the awareness chariot, said that even today there are misconceptions about mental health among the people. Which needs to be overcome with scientific approach and logic. The misconceptions spread among the people regarding mental health have to be dispelled together. Mental health problems are also like physical health problems. We can see physical health problems with our own eyes. But to understand the mental health problem, we have to give time to that person. who is struggling with this. There is a solution to every mental problem, if mental problems are recognized on time, then its treatment also becomes possible. Will go During this, patients mainly suffering from problems related to mental health will be identified and treatment will also be provided to them. Apart from this, participation of social media will also be ensured in mental health issues, for this hashtag campaign and signature campaign will also be run. In addition, awareness programs on suicide prevention, distribution of pamphlets, banners, posters, awareness cards, meetings and radio jingles etc. will be organized. Important videos and photographs of programs and activities will also be collected and shared through various social media platforms. Suicide attempts to be identified During World Suicide Prevention Week, mental patients who have attempted suicide will be specifically identified. After identification, such people will be counseled by mental pathologists and their treatment will also be started. People suffering from mental health problems will also be identified and their treatment will also be ensured. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading