Priority for adoption may be given to those from same state as that of child, say sources


NEW DELHI: The priority for adoption may be given to those who are from the same state as that of the child so that the social and cultural milieu is preserved, a senior official said.

At present, people get a choice of three states from where they wish to adopt.

But the Juvenile Justice Act clearly states that the child must be restored to the same socio-economic and cultural status that he or she was in, the official said.

“Many states have complained that people from other states will pick up a child.

So, making a change the first priority will be for people from the same state.

If nobody is available from the same state then a child can get adopted from the nationwide pool,” he said.

“When one is adopting there is a priority.

First is Indian citizens, then non-resident Indians (NRIs) followed by Overseas-Citizens of India (OCIs) and finally foreigners.

Now one change that is being brought is that NRIs and OCIs have been brought on par and under the same category,” the official said.