समाचार – समाज प्रमुखों का महत्वपूर्ण सुझाव: जन-जागृति अभियान चलाकर धीरे-धीरे लागू की जाए शराब बंदी

In the meeting of social organizations formed by the government for complete prohibition of liquor in the state, the strategy for prohibition and the way forward in this direction and the circumstances arising out of this step were discussed in detail. In this meeting organized at the Commercial Tax Bhawan of Nava Raipur, representatives of social organizations expressed their views and opinions on various issues including public awareness campaign and drug ban campaign regarding complete alcoholism. All the social representatives agreed on complete liquor ban and said that liquor ban should not be implemented suddenly. In the meeting, it was agreed to go on a tour to study the policies adopted in different states and its effects of the committees constituted to suggest the prohibition of liquor. In the first meeting of the committee constituted for the prohibition of alcohol, the heads of the society said that keeping in mind the public health and socio-economic and family needs of the people, complete liquor ban is necessary. But the liquor ban should not be implemented suddenly. Due to this, people addicted to alcohol may have to face health difficulties from it. Consumption of illicit and poisonous liquor can lead to death. Therefore, only after considering all the aspects, the initiative of liquor ban should be taken in a phased manner. In the meeting of social organizations, such states of the country where alcohol is completely banned and such states where it was removed again after complete prohibition. The reasons behind this and the analysis of facts were also emphasized. In the meeting, the social representatives said that nowadays intoxication is becoming a fashion among the younger generation. The youth are using drugs and other means like gutkha, tobacco in the form of intoxicants, it needs to be strictly stopped. While suggesting in the meeting, the heads of the society said that in order to move forward in the direction of complete liquor ban in the state, there should be liquor shops in selected places and the time limit for selling liquor should also be cut. Strict adherence to excise rules should be ensured and strict action should be taken against those who violate rules and law and order. It is noteworthy that to move forward in the direction of complete liquor ban in the state, a committee of heads of society, political and administrative has been constituted. The members of these committees have been given the responsibility of studying the causes and effects behind all these by going to the states which banned the liquor and the states where the prohibition was in force but then the liquor ban was lifted. Additional Commissioner Shri Rakesh Mandavi, Shri Raisingh Thakur, Nodal Officer of all three committees Shri Rajiv Kumar Jha and other concerned officers were present in the meeting. Pilot Project for Prohibition of Liquor In Balrampur district, Secretary of Excise Department, Mr. Niranjan Das told in the meeting that about 50 liquor shops have been closed by the State Government. Apart from this, there is a ban on making FL-2 license. There is not even a single beer bar operating in the state. Making the process of making FL-3 license difficult, provision has been made to license only star hotels. He informed that the state government is running a massive public consciousness campaign for the prohibition of liquor. By connecting the women of the state in the anti-drug campaign, people are being made aware about the ill effects of drugs. He said that the state government has completely banned the sale of country liquor by taking Balrampur district as a pilot project in the direction of banning liquor gradually. Only five English liquor shops are operating in Balrampur district. Gradually, the strategy of closing it too is going on. After observing the situation of liquor ban here, it will be implemented in other districts of the state as well. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading