लघु वनोपज उत्पादन में दक्षिण कोण्डागांव वनमण्डल प्रदेश में अव्वल

In the Kondagaon district, which is situated in the lap of forests, more than 90 percent of the population lives in the forest areas. Where due to the density of forests and mountainous land structure, the cultivation of crops is not possible here like in the plains. In such a situation, the villagers make a living by the forest products obtained from the forests. Apart from having great importance in their cultural and general routine, the forest products obtained from these forests also provide them a means of employment. Due to which forest products are produced in abundance in the district. The collection of these forest produce is being done through District Forest Produce Co-operative Union Maryadit, South Kondagaon Forest Division. In view of the abundance of forest produce in Kondagaon, 51537 quintals of minor forest produce were procured in the year 2020-21, through self-help groups, 155 village level groups under 13 primary minor forest produce committees and 31 haat-market levels. is being done. A total of 101260 quintals of minor forest produce was collected by these groups in the year 2019-20 at a cost of 21.45 crores, while the target was kept only 56500 quintals. In the year 2019-20, the highest target was achieved by the collectors of the district with normal circumstances. During this, the work of collection of minor forest produce was done by 61609 collectors, while 51537 quintals of forest produce were purchased in 2020-21. In both the years 2019-20 and 2020-21, Dakshin Kondagaon forest division stood first in the production and collection of minor forest produce. Financial assistance to the villagers from minor forest produce in the corona lockdown At the beginning of the year 2020-21, there was a nationwide spread of corona infection. Due to which the entire economy was torn apart. During this time all the means of rural employment had stopped. This was a period where all the small and big businesses were closed, in such a situation, the youth who went to the rural and towns dependent on them also returned to their homes in the village. Due to which all the burden had come on the rural economy itself. Once upon a time, the economically independent villages were looking to the cities for help. But in the long lockdown due to Corona, all their businesses were snatched away, in such a situation, they got an opportunity to get employment by purchasing 52 types of minor forest produce at minimum support price by the state government. Women’s groups got the benefit from the collection. During the rural lockdown, they went to the forests around the village and started collecting forest produce and selling them to the nearby forest produce committees. Due to which they got relief from selling minor forest produce at throwaway prices by the traders in the market and they also got the right price for their products. During this, 51537 quintals of forest produce were collected by 40738 collectors of the district. By whom he received payment of 16 crores. Not only the collectors but also women’s groups working in forest committees got employment due to MSP of forest produce. A total of Rs 37.45 crore was paid to the collectors by the forest division for the year 2019-20 and 2020-21. During the Corona period, when the banks were closed, cash amount was provided to the groups for payment by the department. Due to which the villagers got direct benefit. During this, the target of buying tamarind was fixed at 02 thousand quintals, while 34500 quintals of tamarind was collected by the collectors. Apart from this, 34500 quintals of tamarind was collected by the customers of 23000 quintals of tamarind. Apart from this, 23000 quintals of wheat tamarind were processed (de-seeding) and prepared by the women of phool tamarind self-help group. For which additional payment was also made by the department to the groups. In this way, the rural economy of the district remained strong and prospered in the face of all the problems, even in times of crisis, through the income received from the purchase of minor forest produce at MSP by the government, and the smiles on the faces of the forest dwellers never faded. Didn’t fall Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading