प्रदेश की जनसंख्या में अन्य पिछड़े वर्ग तथा आर्थिक रूप से कमजोर वर्गों का सर्वेक्षण अब 30 अक्टूबर तक

The scheduled date for the survey of Other Backward Classes and Economically Weaker Sections in the population of the state has now been extended to 30 October by the Chhattisgarh Quantitable Data Commission. Now applicants will be able to register online on CGQDC mobile app and upload their related information till October 30. Earlier the date of 12 October 2021 was fixed for the survey. After fixing the revised date by the commission, the revised detailed program for the survey has been released. CGQDC Mobile App can be downloaded from Google Play Store. According to the revised schedule received from the Secretary, Chhattisgarh Quantitative Data Commission, the work of online registration and data collection and verification will be done by 30 October 2021. After data collection, initial publication of gram panchayat wise and ward wise list will be done in gram panchayat office, district office, tehsil office and zone office till November 27, 2021. Claims and objections on initial publication will be received by 15 December 2021. Claims and objections received will be resolved by December 30, 2021. PIC and MIC in the urban body area by the Gram Sabha in the Gram Panchayat area. will be approved by 20 January 2022. The work of data collection at the district level in rural areas and at the body level in urban areas will be done by February 05, 2022. Data transmission from district and body level to district level will be done by February 18, 2022. The work of data transmission to the data commission by the nodal officers from the state level will be done by March 15, 2022. After the release of the above revised program, the work of survey will now be done by the supervisors till October 30, 2021. The survey work will be done through mobile app web portal through supervisor appointed in Nagar Panchayat, Municipal Corporation, Municipality and Gram Panchayat Janpad Panchayat of Urban Bodies Department of the entire state. The survey work will run till 30 October 2021. For the survey, a mobile app named CGQDC has been prepared by Chips, which can be installed from Google Play Store. After installing this mobile app, the applicant will have to register in the app. For registration, four options have been given for login in the app, login through Aadhar card, login on the basis of ration card number, login on the basis of mobile number entered in the ration card of the chief or none of the above proof is available. In this case, you can login on the basis of your own mobile number at present. After login, a form will be available in the app, in which the information related to the applicant has to be uploaded by filling the name, father / husband’s name, annual income, name of family members, ward / village panchayat, district, district etc. The information uploaded by the applicant will automatically be forwarded to the supervisor appointed for the ward of the Gram Panchayat / Nagar Panchayat / Urban Body of the applicant concerned. As soon as the applicant’s information is received with the authorized supervisor in the applicant’s area, he will verify it. After that the data will be received by the commission after compilation at the district level. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading