सीपीआई जिला परिषद् कोण्डागांव ने चिपावण्ड बाजार में चलाया जन जागरुकता अभियान

Under the public awareness campaign program run by CPI Zilla Parishad, Kondagaon, a public awareness campaign was also organized in the weekly market place of village Chipavand on Wednesday, 13 October 2021. CPI Kondagaon State Executive Member and District Secretary Tilak Pandey and AIYF District Secretary Jaiprakash Netam and District President Bismber Markam, Budhram Poyam, Fagnuram Poyam, Sukhram Netam, Budhram Mandavi, Sagram Baghel, Sanjay Markam, Kumar Sori, Motilal Netam, Jagdev Poyam , Anantram Poyam, Laxman Netam, Pardesi Netam, Chandan Netam, Mukesh Mandavi District President Tribal Mahasabha, Laxman Mahavir District Secretary Tribal Mahasabha, Dinesh Markam District Secretary AISF, Nandulal Netam Block President Farasgaon, Gangadhar Netam, Krishna Netam, Narsingh Markam, Rajkumar Markam , Shiva Netam, Chedilal Netam, Mahadev Netam, Pilaram Netam, Sukhcharan Baghel, Romnath Netam, Subaru Netam etc. In the presence of other communists, during the public awareness campaign program organized in village Chipavand, the villagers who came to the weekly market were informed about the provisions contained in the Constitution of India. Efforts were made to make the villagers aware of their duties and rights by giving information. During this, the communists present in the program took information from the villagers about their local problems as well as gave legal information to solve the problems. CPI Kondagaon District Secretary and State Council member and law expert Tilak Pandey, while highlighting the purpose of conducting public awareness campaign program, said that most of the people of the district live in rural areas, where most of the villagers were illiterate and those who were educated. They have been able to take only and only bookish knowledge so that where and before whom they have to apply for the solution of their problems? how to give If the problem is not resolved within the time limit, despite the application, before whom should the application be submitted? Still ignorant of these things. Most of such people are not aware of the Constitution of India implemented in the country from 26 January 1950 and as a result of which not only Kondagaon district, but also the common people of the country including the rural areas of the country are constantly surprised about the various problems- They seem to be getting worried. The demand of the present time is that every common man should know the facts mentioned in the Constitution of India, the duties and rights of the common people, how to run the governance in the country? What are the duties and rights of government servants? By assimilating the information of etc., then the common people will get rid of most of their problems. Overall, it can be said that at present the common people of the country are facing unnecessary problems due to ignorance of the facts mentioned in the Constitution of India. This is the reason that CPI Kondagaon and its affiliated organizations Adivasi Mahasabha, AIYF, AISF and other communists are organizing mass awareness programs continuously to make the rural people aware of the Constitution of India, this program will continue till the time of the district. Every common man should not fully understand the facts mentioned in the Constitution of India. Like this:Like Loading… Continue Reading