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By Premendra Agrawal



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As Congress is the property of Nehru Gandhi dynasty, CPM also has come under the control of Karat Dynasty. As Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for Congress, Prakash and Vrinda karat is for CPM. No one heard about Prakash karat couple before UPA came to power. They are known for Maoist in Nepal and Naxals in India . Their there is no contribution in the main stream of national development.



Devoid of any femal leader to match CPM’s opponent Sushama Swaraj, Uma Bharati and others, CPI (M) is trying desparately promoting Brinda karat.


She is junior to follow Trimurti women leaders of different parties Sonia Gandhi head of Congress Mayawati supreme of BSP and Jayalaitha whole sole authority of AIDMK. All these women leaders political birth is due to their beloved (not necessarily husband) repectively Prkakash karat, Rajiv Gandhi, Kashiram and Ramchandran.


Brinda Karat has full support of her sister in law Prannoy Roy of NDTV. Aurndhati Roy, sister of Pranoy Roy is a right hand of Medha Patkar of Narbada Bachao Andolan. So their protest of Singrur was a token and after one day drama show there not they are dumb to hear the cries of the farmers of Singrur and Nandigram. It is well known that NBA is foreing funded without registration.


Women empowerment

Karat couple is proud as Brinda became the first woman to be a member of the CPI(M) Politburo. She has also been the general secretary of the All India Democratic Women's Association for the last ten years. As Rahul Gandhi is doing to empower the women, she is also beating drum of uplifting the women. What are both doing for the uplifting the women in their parties. Is Manu son of former Minister of Congress, Tandoor Sharma former leaderof Youth Congress, few days before Sharda Jain Congress Councilor of Delhi have done much for the uplifting of women. For this they have been awarded to send the Tihar Jail. Sonia and Brinda both are supreme women in their organization for doing nothing 33% reservation for the women.


Fake Secular women leaders Sonia Gandhi and Brinda Karat has become the model for the new comers females. Seema Parihar decoit and actress became the secretary of justice party of Udit Raj. Udit Raj repreesents Sonia Gandhi in Dalit Muslim unity to divide Hindu and India. This slogan was first raised by matka king Haji Mastan. ‘Matka (soil pot) is symbol to introduce village woman. So Sonia and Karat adopted thesis to be ‘matka queens’. After becoming MPs Supriya Pawar and Ms. Priya Dutt because of their ability now Don Gavli’s daughter Geeta a student of B.Com is going to contest upcoming Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections.


Family background

Her father Sooraj Lal Das who was the head of the British engineering firm Stuarts and Lloyds based in Calcutta . Brinda was educated at the elite Welham Girl's School in Dehradun and went on to do her bachelors at Miranda House , a college affiliated to the University of Delhi and her masters degree in history at the University of Calcutta . She was active in sports on campus and joined Air India as an airhostess.

Brinda is married to Prakash Karat , general secretary of CPI(M). Her sister Radhika Roy is married to Prannoy Roy -founder and CEO of NDTV .


Power without accountability

The Left has indeed begun to play the "hegemonic role" in Government affairs without joining it, another example of power without accountability. Other classic example is Super PM Sonia Gandhi who run the government through Manmohan Singh to devalued the post of PM in India .


That the congress would stoop so low as to strike an alliance with the devil it self just to keep the BJP out of power, is a matter of great shame for the country. This is Lord Macaulay’s thinking where any evil is better than Hinduism. Arjun Singh's "detoxification'' was first used by the Left cultural group Sahmat.


Mr. Karat is one of the key persons in the policy-making body who went through the working drafts of the Common Minimum Program. The final draft of party suggestions cleared by the CPI (M) Central Committee was handed over to the Congress. Karat played a key role in dissuading - not once but twice - former West Bengal chief minister Jyoti Basu from becoming India 's prime minister in 1996 and, a year ago, the CPI-M from joining the present Congress-led government.... Besides being a Marxist ideologue, Karat is also managing director of Left Word Books, a publishing house, and has authored books such as "Language, Nationality and Politics in India ".



As reported in the media, Union Health Minister Ramadoss and Brinda Karat both shake hands to get the benefit from multinational pharmaceutical companies. She alleged that Baba Ramdev’ medicine contains animal and human bones. Lalu Yadav gave a proper reply: if someone is saved with either ‘Human bones or animal bones’ then no harm. After that producing a letter purportedly written by Union Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry, she said analysis reports of the samples prima facie reveal a violation of licensing and labeling provisions of Indian Drugs and Cosmetics Act and demaded strict action against Baba Ramdev Few days before Ramadoss have served the notice to Ramdev baba. Brinda and Ramadoss are jointly gunning by the gun of Soff Drinks, Tobacco and Pharmactual giants. As we know MPs have red handed caught taking bribe for asking questions, it will be a foolish thinkint that Brinda Karat or Ramadoss were not paid-off by tobacco, coke or paharma companies. Even Amir Khan could not boycott coke adv.


KGB and Multinational companies

It is open fact that KGB had funded communist parties in India . The book, authored by Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin, claimed that that during the early years of Indian Independence, secret correspondence from Moscow to the Communist Party of India (CPI) was frequently intercepted by the IB in New Delhi . According to the then head of the IB, B.N. Mullik, until the early 1950s, every instruction that was issued from Moscow had expressed the necessity and importance for the Indian Communist Party to overthrow the "reactionary"' Nehru Government. At that time leaders of CPM were the leaders of CPI. KGB funded Krishna Menon’s election in 1962 in the hope that he might succeed Nehru was also not surprising.


When there was a blame season related to KGB then CPM patriarch, Mr Jyoti Basu alleged in ‘palatwar’ that Indian Congress was always financed by CIA. In the past also he had drawn attention to the claim by a former US Ambassador to India , Mr Daniel Moynihan, that the US had financed the Congress to defeat the Communists in Kerala and West Bengal . Indira Gandhi had tersely denied this. It is also open fact that Sonia Gandhi , Rahul Gandhi & Paolo Maino were on KGB Payroll since 1971.


Red is the left Parties symbolism connected to bloodshed

R ed flag is an international symbol for the "bloody revolution”

"The flag of the CPI-M is a red flag of which the length and one-and-a half times its width. At the centre of the flag there is a crossed hammer and sickle in white." The hammer and sickle also appears on the flag of Communist party of China. Leftists armed wing Naxalite kill tribal to form ‘gurilla force’ of tribal. Cock fight is now ‘Tribal blood shed’ sports of naxals. Red colour for Leftists is connected to bloodshed. Red is the symbolism of left Parties. As fish live in water, Communists can’t live without ‘Red’: Red army, Red Star and Red Flag. This is also being seen in Singrur and Nandigram.


Karat Couple ( Prakash Parat , Brinda Karat) are infact NAXALITE TERROR supporters. Congress and its allies including left parties fight in the election and in the parliament discussion friendly fight. Now the CPI (M) and its allies including CPI, RSP and CPI (ML) are fighting friendly in West Bengal on the issue of SEZ.


Confused Communism

When asked what made the state LF change its stance over the recent nomination of “outside” leaders like Sitaram Yechuri and Brinda Karat to the Rajya Sabha from West Bengal — the bloc had earlier opposed nominations of this kind such as nomination of Manmohan Singh from Assam — the minister said perspectives do change with time. “Everything changes according to the law of the nature... the LF Government, too, would die a natural death sooner or later. Our state Government is no exception,’’ the minister added in a philosophical note.


A modern intellectual Jean-Francois Revel, author of famous books like, Without Marx or Jesus and How Democracies Perish has rightly said: "Authoritarian socialism has failed almost everywhere, but you will not find a single Marxist who will say it has failed because it was wrong or impractical. He will say it has failed because nobody went far enough with it. So failure never proves that a myth is wrong."



By Premendra Agrawal