Is new reshuffle in Cong Org indication of midterm poll?

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By - Premendra Agrawal




New Delhi: It is now or Never for Nuke Deal: U S Envoy Mulford

No fresh mandate needed for Indo-US nuke deal: Cong

Left won’t allow govt to go ahead with Indo-US nuke deal: CPI

N-deal after Bush term: Prakash Karat




Are above titles indicate the joint mechanism to rule in the centre by UPA with the support of Left?

Is this new reshuffle in Congress organization first step towards the preparation for midterm poll?

In what seems to be a preparatory step for the expected early Lok Sabha polls, the Congress on Wednesday appointed three new Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) chiefs.

Left and Right means Communist parties and Congress both sides are preparing ground to break the pot of their sins on each other for deceiving people again in the possible midterm poll or general election.

Navin Chawla should conduct midterm poll for facialating the Congress victory! For this law minister wants to give equal right to all trio election commissioners. If there is no possibility of midterm poll then Navin Chawla automatically will conduct the general election as a Chief Election Commissioner. Save Chawla, Q, MF, Afzal: Arrest Pro-Hindu Editor


Fuel prices hike

Fuel prices hiked to avoid fiscal system collapse: PM; in the past prices reduced on the advice of Sonia Gandhi, said by the minister Murli Deora!! (Kadva thu thu meetha meetha gup)

Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Murli Deora has informed that petrol prices have been hiked by Rs 2 and diesel prices have been raised by Rs 1 with effect from midnight of Feb 14.


Italian Gandhis rule without accountability

Now Sonia Gandhi and its Congress are in double role. They are grooming Rahul Gandhi for future PM and parallel to it they are trying to give credit for all good works to Sonia Gandhi. She is not responsible for evils of UPA. Reducing prices of petrol and diesel was due to Sonia Gandhi!  7 lakhs will be given to the Muslim victims of Gujarat riot on the advice of Sonia Gandhi!! Arjun Singh said the reservation be given to creamy layers also due to Sonia Gandhi. PM Manmohan Singh and others are responsible for all other controversial works!!! Means Italian Gandhis rule without accountability. Afzal speaks in the parliament


Keep torch and search in the West Bengal congress leader other than Pranab and Dasmunshi! Can other than Gandhi dynasty lead the Congress? Is UPA government run by Manmohan and Congress or present Gandhis and Left?

Should party organization be separate from government and free of administrative functions?


As fish can’t live without water, like that without power Congress can’t live. Congress can compromise any level. History of Congress and Nehru Gandhi reflect this.

What President thinks on Terror Camps, Pak Flags in Karnataka?


Innovative changes in Congress Organization

So, for Congress find no difference between party organization and government and administrative functions. On this formula after getting much pressure to fill up the blank, Sonia now can reshuffle in the organization by giving sweets on other hands of three Union ministers. Three Union ministers are appointed as chiefs of their related States.

Mr. Soz, who has made it to the post despite opposition in the State, will get to keep his Cabinet rank portfolio.

Mr. Pachauri, whose fourth Rajya Sabha term ends in May this year, will replace senior leader Subhash Yadav. Party sources said Mr. Yadav would also be entrusted with a responsible position soon. So Subhashji has nothing to worry.

Communists also can’t live without ‘Red’: Red army, Red Star and Red Flag. This is also being seen in Singrur and Nandigram. As Congress is the property of Nehru Gandhi dynasty, CPM also has come under the control of Karat Dynasty. As Sonia and Rahul Gandhi for Congress, Prakash and Vrinda karat is for CPM.Dynasty in CPI (M)


Friendly fight for naming in Greenish book

Mr. Dasmunsi said the Working President’s post would now cease to exist in West Bengal. His priority would be to fight against CPI(M) “misrule” even though it is a supporting party of the United Progressive Alliance at the Centre.

Friendly Toga fight between LDF and UDF to deceive the people: Congress and both are join hands in the center and for the pious cause of giving healing touch SIMI, Madani and jihad seculars as the same secular welcome is giving to Dr. Haneef by the CM of Karnatak. Though, Left and Congress both wrestle each other in the Kerala and West Bengal at the time of election. Jail to Sanjay Dutt and Acquittal to Madhani!!

Is this quarrel in election not ‘nonk jhonk’ of husband and wife? This couple- quarrel in the states gives full term life to UPA Govt.

Forget love without quarrel if couples want longer life, research says.  Without quarrel what thrill is there in a wedded life! It is said that quarrel weld a wedded life. Wedding itself is a sort of welding which joins two individuals to remain as one for the rest of their life. Husband wife Quarrel gives longer life: Research

On an alliance with Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress, Dasmunshi said that in a democracy building bridges with secular forces was a priority. Is CPI (M) led left alliance communal in West Bengal and Kerala but secular in running the government in the centre? Poem: India separatists kill patriots to call them traitors

Senior leader Pranab Mukherjee had resigned from the post in 2006 after the party lost the elections to the Communist Party of India (Marxist). Please let us know when Congress won in West Bengal since last 40 years? Pranab and other leaders of Congress learnt from renouncer Sonia Gandhi what the way to announce renounce is. Renounces: Sidhu Vs Sonia Gandhi













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