Christian Maoists nexus in Orissa

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By - Premendra Agrawal




For getting power in Andhra Congress took help of armed naxalites. Now Congress develops nexus of Christian Missionaries and Maoists to destabilize BJP-BJD led Govt. To remain in power in the North East provinces Congress shook hand ULFA to come back power in Assam. Congress and Communists are encouraging Bangladeshi infiltrators because they are their solid votes. Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province.




Congress declared Nagaland a Christian province because there was Christians in the majority and they are growing continuously by conversion. This is the reason on the instruction of Sonia Gandhi there is a minority minister Antuley in the cabinet of Manmohan. She is inventing the ways for making Hindus in the minority.

They are marking the districts villages where Muslims and Christians are in majority. Slowly and slowing they want to make situation in whole India as Nagaland. Demilitarization by India in J&K


Nagaland for Christ

Congress leaders said ‘Nagaland for Christ’. On this line slowly and slowly India is coming in the grip of Anti-Hindus through Christian Missionaries and insurgent groups including terrorists, Maoists

* There is clear evidence which confirms that some International Christian organizations are backing terrorism and separatist movements in the north-east. These church backed organisations are providing funds, arms and ammunitions with the aim of creating a separate Christian state.

* The Church, in the form of foreign missionaries, has been working in the tribal regions in India for almost two centuries. In the garb of charity, the foreign missionaries have been engaged in extensive religious conversion and anti-national activities promoting terrorist separatist movements.

Nagas want solution, not election :

* A remote land of jungle, Jesus - and religious war. The most Baptist state in the world - Nagaland—is vying to become a powerhouse for cross-cultural missions. Import of Vatican City-ism in India

This fresh encounter reminds the few days back Christian Jihad against tribal with the help of Maoists. At that time Maoists and terrorists friendly Human Right Commission rushed to the spot.

Kandhaml violence was the warning bell of this latest attack. While the choice of Nayagarh was perhaps because of poor police presence and its proximity to Gajapati and Kandhamal districts, another possible reason, not lost on the cops, is that Nayagarh is the home district of dreaded Naxal leader and Orissa's top terrorist, Sabyasachi Panda. Curfew in Orissa: Conversion Terrorism


The Statesman reported that the BJP on Jan 16 claimed that Hindus have become a minority in several pockets of Kandhamal district due to illegal conversions. Contrary to the views expressed till date, the fact remains that Hindus were the worst hit in the spate of violence that rocked the district from 24 December onwards, said the delegation of BJP leaders who returned from the troubled area today.

This gives you some idea of just how vast and established the knot between MaoItalian networks


As Pak sponsored terrorism, net of China through Nepal Myanmar Maoism is spreading day by day because of the wrong policies of half Christian government. Instead of asking the resignation of its central government, leaders of Orissa Congress ask the resignation of Navin Patnaik. Is Maoism the problem of only Orissa, not of whole India?

The Maoists told people over loudspeakers not to panic as they did not intend to harm them. 'We are here for your good,' they were heard saying," said Ratan Kumar Sahu, an eyewitness. Like that Maoists and terrorists think that their sympathizers rule India. So nothing is to worry for them. Should Maoist Terrorist friendly represent India in UNO?


Major encounter with Naxalites near Kandhmal

As reported at Netindia123 : The Special Operation group, accompanied by the Orissa State Armed Police(OSAP) jawans, was today engaged in a fierce encounter with fleeing Naxalites from Nayagarh near Gasama village in Kandhamal district bordering Ganjam. About 200 armed Naxalites, who proceeded to Gasama after blowing up the Gallery police outpost, by three 407 mini truck, five Tata Sumo, one Bolero and ten motor cycles, were not able to proceed beyond Gasama as there was no road communication to Kandhamal district, police here said.

The Naxalites had blocked the road at two places on 25-km-long Bhanjanagar-Gallery road. But DIG of Police Southern Range R P Cooche, Ganjam Superintendent of Police Suresh Debadutta Singh, Berhampur Superintendent of Police Nitinjit Singh, officer-in-charge of three police stations along with four platoons of OSAP had rushed to Gasama bordering Ganjam district.


Seven Maoists killed in today’s encounter

As reported by TOI: Seven Maoists have been killed and many injured on Feb 17 in the continuing gun-battle between security forces and the ultras, who killed 15 people on Feb 15, in the Ganjam-Kandhamal border area of Orissa, official sources said.















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