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By Premendra Agrawal



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M K Subba’s secretary his relative Milan Limboo was killed as Jha secretary of Soren was killed. His wife Jyonti & her brother Narendra are accused. Is Subba escaped prisoner Maniraj Limboo of Nepal ?


Maniram Limboo murdere of his cousin sister escaped from the prison of East Nepal . From there where did he go? CBI in more than three decades could not find this! Thousands and thousands Bangladeshis have got citizenship of India and voting right. Then after 1971 getting citizenship of India is not difficult for Subba. Main question is to catch the life of M K Subba prior of 1971. Knowingly on pressure this is not being done.



CBI and M K Subba have told different stories in their affidavits. In one affidavit birth place of M K Subba is told Siliguri and another affidavit Darjeeling . This is noted by Supreme Court seriously.


Further suspense created by the CBI. It said that Subba is not Nepai citizen. Then is he a citizen of India ? CBI could not reply. See how the biggest investigation of India is playing in the hands of Government.


This is not the first case. The reason is that he got citizenship in fraudulent way. So most probably M K Subba’s original name is said to be Maniraj Limboo a citizen of Nepal . Ajit Jogi’s son being a citizen of America appeared in the exam of UPSC. Without doing B.A., Rahul passed M.Phil. His mother Sonia without taking admission in Cambridge , Soniaji got certificate from Cambridge


Shibu Soren former coal minister in Manmohan’ cabinet has made history to honor Tihar Jail. After reaching there he resigned ministry but he is still a member of parliament of the world’s largest democracy. List of recently life imprisoned Congress leaders are becoming larger. Tandoor Sharm, Manu Sharm and Sharda Jain are among those.


The Supreme Court after hearin a PIL today on Jan 19 gave six weeks` time to controversial Congress MP Mani Kumar Subba to prove his nationality. The apex court also slammed CBI for its shoddy investigations in the criminal case involving the MP and said that the investigative agency did not even know his nationality. Though, on its part, CBI said that Subba was not a Nepalese national, as was believed earlier. The Supreme Court has given two weeks time to respond to the PIL and has also issued notices to the Election Commission seeking a thorough probe into the antecedents of the MP.


In September 2004, a 30-year-old man Milan Subba, who was a distant relative of M K Subba was shot dead at the MP’s farmhouse in New Delhi . Lottery baron M K Subba won the Tezpur parliamentary constituency on a Congress ticket for the third consecutive time since 1998. His citizenship is considered controversial in Assam , where he has fought a legal battle against complaints he has got his Indian citizenship through fraudulent means


Before this on Jan 30 also Supreme Court has directed the government to respond to a petition alleging that Mani Kumar Subba, a Congress MP from Tezpur in Assam was a convicted Nepali national who had fled to India after being sentenced. Observing that 'if he were a criminal and his conviction had reached finality in Nepal in the criminal case and he had crossed over to India, is it not the duty of the ministry of home affairs to find out the facts of the case', the bench gave the home ministry a last opportunity to file its response.


The petitioner alleged Subba was a Nepalese citizen born in Teplejum district and that his original name was Maniraj Limbo. He was even now registered as a voter in Nepal . A Nepalese court had sentenced him to life in a murder case in 1971. He escaped from the medical ward of the jail in May 1973 and crossed over to India , the petition says. He changed his name to Mani Kumar Subba and first got elected to the Lok Sabha in 1998. He was re-elected in 1999 and 2004 and was currently a member of a parliamentary panel on energy, according to the petition. It said Subba's firm, M. S. Associates that had bagged the distribution rights for the Meghalaya Lottery, had defrauded the state of Rs.250 billion.


Delhi court has sentenced Shibu Soren to life imprisonment for conspiring to murder his private secretary in 1994 following the JMM MPs’ bribery scam to save the Congress government headed by Narasimha Rao. This was the first-ever conviction of a sitting Union Cabinet minister. Since it involved murder, life sentence was the minimum penalty in store for the 65-year-old tribal leader from Jharkhand. Though he resigned as coal minister immediately after his conviction on November 28, the life sentence may create a piquant situation for Lok Sabha as, unlike BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was convicted the same week in a case of homicide, Soren has so far not quit the House.


M K Subba is also zooming in the case of the murder of his secretary Milan Limbo. Though, Subba’s name is not involved in this case due to unknown reasons. But his wife Jyonti Subba and her brother Narendra are accused in the case.


The main accused in the killing of Congress MP M K Subba's aide Milan Limbo, Narendra, was brought to Delhi on Tuesday from Siliguri. Narender brother in law of M K Subba was arrested from Siliguri while he was allegedly trying to escape to Nepal . Congress MP’ M K Subba’s wife Jyoti was arrested by the police for tempering with the evidence and helping the accused to escape after the incident, said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (South-West) Shalini Singh. Milan was allegedly shot dead at Subba’s farmhouse in the Vasant Kunj area of South Delhi on September 9, 2004 . Guard of farm house Ravi Lal’s gun was allegedly used in the murder.


As reported TOI on Sept 11, 2004 It was a suspicion - that MP M K Subba's aide was killed by the MP's brother-in-law. On Friday, it became a firm conviction with the MP's wife Jyoti allegedly telling the police that the aide, Milan Limbo Subba, paid the price for his proximity to his boss. And that her brother was involved in Milan 's murder on Thursday night. Jyoti also admitted helping her brother Narendra destroy the evidence and arranging his escape. Late evening,


Jyoti was interrogated through Thursday-Friday night at the Vasant Kunj police station. Her alleged confession is seen to be a major breakthrough in this high-profile crime. Milan was found murdered in the MP's farmhouse on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road in south Delhi on Thursday morning and although the police had suspected Narendra right from the start, Jyoti had initially denied knowledge or involvement


Jyoti is also reported to have told the police that five people had witnessed the murder. These people - employees of the MP - were trying to work out a truce between Milan and Narendra after the two had a scuffle during a drinking bout.


TOI reported on sept 10, 2004 "The murder took place between 12 to 2 am . It's impossible that Jyoti while living in the same bungalow was unaware of it. She definitely helped her brother run away and later informed the police at 9 in the morning," said a senior police officer.

In her statement to the police, she claimed not to have met Narendra on Thursday morning after waking up. Jyoti, however, got stumped when her statement was confronted with that of the cook who prepared the dishes for the Wednesday night dinner at 118, Mehrauli-Gurgaon road farmhouse.

"The cook has admitted Narendra was present at home on Wednesday night. He, however, denied witnessing the murder but admitted to have heard a verbal altercation between Narendra and Milan ," the officer said. According to the cook Narendra was drunk after the dinner got over at midnight . The police apprehension of Jyoti's involvement in abetting Narendra to destroy the evidence grew after she refused to give a photograph of her brother. "The photograph which she gave to the police was hazy. Her brother's face is unclear in it," said the officer, adding, "Jyoti had made a call to her brother at 6.30 am on Thursday. Narendra had then claimed he was at the railway station." Police also suspect that Jyoti provided him the keys to the BMW car in which Narendra escaped.



Who is the richest Indian in 1997-98? Congress MP stakes claim

Did Forbes Global make a mistake in naming Dhirubhai Ambani as the only billionaire in India ? Is he not the richest Indian? Incidentally, the richest Indians in 1998 according to Forbes Global were L N Mittal and Dhirubhai Ambani, both self-made billionaires.


Congress MP Mani Kumar Subba from Tezpur in Assam , who is among the tainted parliamentarians, claims he is worth Rs 200 billion. Claiming that he has created a political fund of Rs 20 billion, Subba bragged that he has been donating generously to various political parties. ''Two to four central ministers are always indebted to me for my contribution,'' he told the magazine.


What is more, he seems to be ruling the roost in the North-East, where he claimed that he was instrumental in setting up the Prafulla Kumar Mahanta government in Assam , the S C Jamir government in Nagaland and the Gegong Apang government in Arunachal Pradesh.


This is the reason why have not claims drawn the attention of the home and the finance ministries, which have alerted the Central Bureau of Investigation and the income tax department. Though the agencies's investigations have revealed that he has been using several imported cars like Toyota Corolla 1.6 Super Select, Mercedez Benz and BMW, they can do little. For, there are no papers to show that he owns them. The ingenious MP, they said, has taken them on lease.



By Premendra Agrawal