Is Teesta Supreme than Supreme Court?

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By - Premendra Agrawal




After High Court, now Chief Justice of India(CJI)fumes over Teesta's article targeting SC. Teesta is encouraged by UPA government. TOI reports: Teesta Setalvad, who has been a crusader for Gujarat riot cases, on Feb 18, drew sharp criticism from the Chief Justice of India (CJI) Justice K G Balakrishnan for her article. Teesta accused the top court of unnecessary delay of four years in deciding the bail pleas of the Godhra train burning case accused. The CJI asked all the lawyers appearing for the Godhra case accused whether they had any truck with Setalvad, and if so, the Bench would not like to hear those petitions which had any link with her.




The CJI was clear that the innuendo in the article was unwarranted as the Benches were fixed and dates given through computer and not manually. "The article is shameful to say the least," the Bench said.

Gujarat High Court has said in its judgment, ‘‘it appears that attempt is being made by journalist/human right know how far it is proper but we can state that it is not permissible under law.’’ For this Teesta has got ‘Sadbhavna’ activist and advocates Teesta Setalvad and Mihir Desai to have a parallel investigation.


In May 2006: Wife writes ‘Murder of Sufi Soul’ after that husband writes -

“There’s a Taliban in Gujarat”. They write to evoke minority sentiments and to cover America’s statement: laden is in Pakistan.

Bottom of the both articles one line is published: (The author is the co-editor of Communalism Combat). 


Teesta is encouraged by UPA government:

Gujarat High Court has ruled there should be no discrimination when religious structures are demolished. Union State Home Minister Prakash Jaiswal's created discrimination. According to him old dargah situated in the road at Vadodara would not be destroyed but temples constructed after dargah could be destroyed to appease and to keep peace.

Teesta , text book deciding CABE member guides Arjun on Jehad.


Sonia’s ‘Sadbhavna’ award to Anti-Hindus

Sonia’s ‘Sadbhavna’ award is for spreading ‘Durbhavna (hate)’. This awrd is given to Hindu haters such as Teesta Sitalwad and Swami Agnivesh. Gandhi peace award is for vilolence. Mahatma Gandhi is represented by Gandhigiri of Anti-Mahatrma Gandhis. Insulting Vajpayee by Left and Congress

Sonia Gandhi said at London in the function organized by a Muslim organization related to the brother of Osama Bin Laden that NDA Govt. was governed by Hindu fundamentalists. Defamed in Gujarat Teesta Seetalvad guided Sonia at that function when Sonia was spreading falsehood against Hindus in her lecture in the Mulstim Conference related to the brother of Osama Bin laden. Sonia Gandhi was advised there for not using Jihad word because it would be linked to Islamist terrorists.


Jaheera Vs Teesta

Jaheera Sheikh invented by Teesta Seetalwad to heighlight Best Bakery case against Police and judiciary of Gujarat Government. Later Jaheera witnessed against Teesta and others.  Illiterate Jahewera was made a liar by advocates.  

Setalvad of NGO Citizens for Peace and Justice (CJP) smiles to see
bloodbath in J&K and Nandgram but cryes to hear a praising word for Vajara a police officer accused in an encounter of don Sohrabuddin. She feels sorrow to see the Afzal in the prison. Sohraabuddin: Save terrorism, hang khaki


“Teen Ticket (Anand) Maha Vikat”

AS Anand was, Chairman of NHRC. It is ’Muslim right Commission’. RK Anand, Congress leader, and was accused in 84’s riot. Javed Anand, husband of Teesta is a fanatic supporter of terrorism.

“I was clear that I found Teesta’s high-flying ways questionable,” wrote columnist Tavleen Singh. Teesta says: “I am born a Hindu. I know my conscience. I know from where my faith comes. I know the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena don't speak for Hindus.” Javed Anand & his wife teesta are spreading hate against Hindu comunity living in USA and UK by false propaganda. Teesta called Gujarat DGP Pandey a Godse.

Teesta and her terrorists supporter was ill intended to make a falsehood report Sabrang publications of Mumbai against IDRF to misguide the American Government.


Difference between Full and Half mad

Half mad are more dangerous than full mad. You can send full mad to Agra . But half mad will move freely to disturb the people. Like that Full Christians or else are less dangerous than the Half Christians such as Preeti Bansal chairs “The US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) , Rashmi Bansal, Sonia Gandhi, Teesta Seelalvad, Arjun Singh etc. They are spreading hate against Hindus and Hinduism. They are with Hindu name, make up and dress. So people can’t judge their decisive intention. Fake Seculars are culprits of Hinduism














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