FDI: Ghost of Midterm Poll + Cash for Votes

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Ghost of 2G Scam sings on the head of DMK instead of P Chidambaram. Don’t want government to fall, but can’t support FDI: Ghost of midterm poll on Mamata Banerjee. Cash for votes’ has come from Multi Brand in Retail. Government is all sided safe.


In the past CPM threatened on Nuclear-Deal. Could CPM’s threat give effect on the body of Congress? Number crunching has begun within the UPA government as the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is looking for new friends and allies as happened in the nuclear deal vote.



All knows divide and rule policy of Congress and ‘Cash for vote’ scandals. Congress knows:  none of the allies are engaging in brinksmanship by pulling out of the UPA government or offering “outside support” – a favorite bargaining ploy



On 18 November 2011 he was found guilty in a 1996 Telecom Scam.Sukhram as Telecom Minister and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as Finance Minister in P V Narsimha Rao’ cabined served the nation.  Sukhram toured in jail not being a congress minister. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is still in the service of nation on the guide line of Sonia Gandhi.



Amar Singh found guilty in cash for vote scam but not Satish Sharma being a family friend of Sonia Gandhi. Satish Sharmaji was involved in petroleum scam also.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was the Finance Minister in the Narsimha Rao Government. Shibu Soren and other JMM leaders were got bribery for giving votes in favor of Rao Govt to save it.


JMM scam, Bofors scam, Urea scam, Fodder scam, Petrol Pump scam, Jain hawala case, HDW submarine, Churhat lottery, Bitumen scam, Tansi land deal, Nagrwala scam, Sugar scam and as like other scams have been shielded in the bad barrel Congress.



There is an old saying that money is the mother’s milk of politics. Corruption is the easiest and biggest source for incoming money in the hands! Corrupt politician are giving monster- fight to Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Sri Sri Ravishankar!

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