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By Premendra Agrawal



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History race: Satyagraha Vs 1857; Secular and non-secular victim; Invisible bloody Satygrah of modern Gandhis; Embracing Mughal Emperorism; Compulsion Game; Foreigner Indian & Indians become foreiner.



History race: Satyagraha versus 1857

There was a controversy on Vadematram Day organized by the government on Sept 7, 2006 . PM and Super PM were underground on that day to be secular.

Not to be outdone by the Congress that is commemorating the ‘satyagraha centenary’, the Left today launched its own campaign to present the “people’s history” of India ’s Independence as part of the 150-year celebrations of the 1857 revolt. As opposed to the programme chalked out by the official committee overseeing events to commemorate 150 years of the revolt, the CPM declared it would present a comprehensive view of India ’s Independence . This would be achieved mainly through educational campaigns about people’s movements starting from the Battle of Plassey in 1757.


Patriots become terrorists and opportunists as Jaichand become rulers

Congress, its allies and Leftists are seculars, so they can’t touch history prior to British Imperialism. They touch history through ECERT and IGNOU books. In these books they mention Lokmanya Tilak and Veer Savarkar terrorists. Ask these seculars especially Sikh PM Manmohan Singh, what did they write in these books about the sacrifices of Sikh Gurus. Every one has right to jump in suicide well to vote these seculars. This type of suicide is not an offense under secular law. These democratic suicides are awardable by the government.


Embracing Mughal Emperorism

People should know who are the beloved heirs of Mugal emprorism in India ? Secular Congress, its allies and Communist Left parties are the heirs of them. Though, real heris of last Mugal Badshah are struggling for bread in the streets. For them, Rana Pratap is not martyr. They take breath through inhaler of ‘Babari bachao’ ‘Ram Janm Bhumi bhagao’. Mahatma Gandhi’s sons’ heirs are inside and that side as ‘Agyatvas of Pandavas’. Then who are these Gandhi to kill Gandhism?


Indian becomes foreigner and foreigner becomes Indian to rule

In vote bank politics weighting scale is getting votes any how to forget ‘Government is by the people of the people for the people’. Traditional national Indians become foreignes. And foreigners become Indians to rule India . Every thing is the name of compulsion in the democracy.


Game of compulsion

PM Manmohan Singh said to include tainted in the ministry was the compulsion of government of alliance.

Gandhi said inaugurating an international conference to mark the centenary of the launch of Satyagraha by Mahatma Gandhi: Noting that nuclear weapons have become even more of a terrifying reality since Hiroshima , she said that "they have become the very currency of power". She could not disclose this truth: “Gandhi bhajnam Gandhigiri as ‘munh men Ram bagal men chhuri’ has become the very currency of power for UPA and Lefts”.


Invisible bloody Satygrah of modern Gandhis

Gandhism of now days is more invisible bloody visible movement to follow Sachar type formulas. They are foreigner Gandhi to shake hand with Insurgent groups, Bangladeshi infiltrators, Mulim Leaguees, Naxalites and terrorists.When there was an election in Assam then they kept ULFA and Banglaeshi infiltrators on their head. They capture power in Andhra to facilitate Naxalites. Not hanging Afzal Guru is a policy to fight terrorism. These are only the samples of secularism of Congress.


Sacharee Nahale par Gorakhpuree Dahalaa of SP

Samajwadi Party’s secularism is ‘Cngressee nahale par Mulayamee dahalaa’. This has been seen on the issue of Ram Temple at Ayodhya and to make way for the release of dangerous banned SIMI leaders. Now SP plays secular game of appeasement to minority in Gorakhpur to remain in power. Congress and Samajwadi Party are the two sides of the same coin. Just before the UP assembly election, Congress withdrew the support to Mulayam’ Government to fool the voters. In the Central Government still they are both jointly to fight BJP!


Democratic bribe to appease

As reported on Jan 28, Centre is preparing religion-based demographic statistics aimed at smooth execution of minority welfare schemes to walk on the line of Sachar report. "Areas, for example, with more than 25 per cent of minority population will be then prioritised for fund flow," a source close to Minority Affairs Minister AR Antulay said. Govrnment has already announced Rs 7 lakhs per minority victim of Gandhi riots.


Secular victim and non-secular victim

There will be a sin in secularism if they will give a single paisa to the Karsevaks families who were burnt in the train compartment at Godhara. They will bot give a single rupee to the kin of those who died in the clashes in Gorakhpur . What could be the vruel secular seen when rioters pulled out Rajkumar Agrahari from the police vehicle and killed him in the presence of district administration officials?


Secular killing in Noida and now in changed shape at Gorakhpur

Uttar Pradesh BJP president, Keshari Nath Tripathi said that the appeasement policy of the SP was responsible for the clashes. Tripathi alleged that the police, at the behest of the SP, were providing shelter to the trouble-makers while BJP leaders, workers and Yogi Adityanath were being arrested and implicated in fake cases.

He said that miscreants had beaten up some Hindus in police presence while the procession of Moharrum was being taken out in Kazipur area on January 24 and the FIR was lodged only after the BJP threatened an agitation. The very next day, the same miscreants misbehaved with some women in Khoonipur Sahabganj locality while Agrahari was killed on January 26 and later, houses of Hindus were set on fire, Tripathi said. The police acted only on January 27 and imposed curfew after the BJP held a demonstration.



By Premendra Agrawal



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