Tendulkar, Rahul want to be in Text books vs Modi against move to include his life story in school curriculum

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Tendulkar, Rahul want to be in Text books vs Modi against move to include his life story in school curriculum


Rahul Gandhi ‘Joker’ in CBSE text guide books: The remark by former minister Congress leader of Kerala in Kerala T H Mustafa that Rahul Gandhi was a “joker” and he should be removed if he does not resign fuelled a controversy today with some party leaders condemning it and saying he alone cannot be blamed for the party’s poll rout.


Tendulkar the greater than Dhyan Chand magician of Hockey also pleased to see his life sketch in the school books.


But opposite to the above, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today expressed himself against the reported plans by some states to include the story of his life



The remark made by Mustafa, a former state minister, at a news conference in Kochi yesterday also figured at a meeting of the Congress party’s state executive in Thiruvananthapuram to review the party’s performance in the state.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi today expressed himself against the reported plans by some states to include the story of his life, especially his early struggles, in their school curriculum and said he believed the life stories of living individuals should not be included in such courses.


“I firmly believe that the life story of living individuals should not be included as a part of the school curriculum,” he said.


“India has a rich history of several stalwarts who made India what it is today. Young minds should read about these greats & emulate them,” Mr Modi added.




India has a rich history of several stalwarts who made India what it is today. Young minds should read about these greats & emulate them.

9:03 AM – 30 May 2014


Mr Modi’s tweets came in response to media reports in recent days that Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat were planning to introduce his life story in their school curriculum. All three states are ruled by Mr Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is now in power at the Centre, too, after the recent Lok Sabha elections.


Now the above said ministers drop the idea to include life sketch of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the school text books.




The Maharashtra government led by Congress and NCP has added a chapter on Sachin Tendulkar in the school syllabus so that children are inspired by the iconic cricketer.


Class IV students in Maharashtra would now get to learn about the living ‘god’ of cricket as part their curriculum from this academic year, since a chapter on Sachin has been included in Marathi and English subject textbooks, Maharashtra School Education Minister Rajendra Darda told.


“The government was considering adding Tendulkar in school syllabus so that children are inspired by him,” he said.


This is not the first time that students in the state would have to study the life history of a cricketer as part of their syllabus. The likes of Chandrakant Gulabrao “Chandu” Borde and Sunil Gavaskar have found themselves in the pages of school syllabuses.



Narendra Modi in Guinness book and Rahul Gandhi in CBSE guide book:


After Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has also made a “grand entry” into CBSE class 5 guide book. Question arises why has Rahul Gandhi’s Spanish Gairl Friend Veronica not got space in that book?  Why gender bias in this matter.


India Today writes “Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi seems to have got another feather in his cap. He is now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Mahatama Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru in what is said to be a Class 5 guidebook published by Rachna Sagar publishers.”


A full passage and relevant questions are dedicated to Rahul Gandhi in the book titled “Together with English” (CCE Based 5).


The passage in the book titled “Together with English” (CCE-based 5) reads, “Part of fifth generation of India’s most reverend, influential and charismatic political family, Rahul Gandhi is also, like sister Priyanka, natural at public life.


The passage continues, “The low profile Rahul surprised the nation with his energy, humility and charisma when he plunged into electoral politics winning from Amethi on a Congress Ticket.”


DNA reported on July 26, an English comprehension book prescribed by several CBSE schools across India has a passage on Rahul which pays glowing tributes to the party vice-president.



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