Sharif Invited Talibani-Kejriwal for talk

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Sharif Invited Talibani-Kejriwal for talk


Mullah Zaeed co-founder of Taliban is the political adviser of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Should Zaeed also be political adviser of Indian Government? Is Taliban not a great threat to India as in the past? If yes then why was Mullah Zaeed allowed to attend THiNK festival at Goa organized by rapist Tejpal of Tehelka? Why Kejriwal was in Goa at that time? Why was there secret meeting between Unon Minister Chidambaram and Mullah Zaeed?

Why was ‘CIA’ represented in that THiNK?


Obama wants to pull US army from Afghanistan. America wants to pull its hands from Pakistan. For that due to U S effort Nawa Sharif and India’s Congress government pushed for the talk with Taliban. This is favorable in Pakistan interest but against the interest of India.

Taliban Khan (former cricketer president of PTI Imran Khan) was included for going on meeting between Pakistan Government and Taliban behind the door. But now Imran Khan refused to participate in that meeting.


As Taliban Khan in Pakistan here in India is also Talibanee-Kejri..This is the Pakisrtan PM Nawaz Sharif invites Kejriwal as well as Manmohan Singh.


There is a talk in Pakistan on the similarity between PTI and AAP:

 compared Imran’s PTI in Pak and Kejri’s AAP in India at Tribune of Pakistan in his blog on Dec 24, 2013


The Aam Admi Party: An Indian version of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?


Even after 65 years the public in both countries has lost all hope from their respective political elite and it is a common perception that politicians come into power only to fill their own pockets, misuse their positions and spread venom against other parties, and groups.


Political parties have become ‘family limited companies’ and there is no way for the common man to take part in the affairs of the state. In India BJP is not as family limited company.


Dear Mr Khan and Mr Kejriwal,

It does not matter that PTI and AAP could not form the government, in Pakistan and India respectively, because this is the beginning and not the end. Your supporters need not be disappointed with this defeat.

The sympathies of every common man lie with you and you represent hope to millions of your supporters who hope to rid themselves of the prevailing corrupt system one day. You are the only platform they have.

Remember that it is the common man who made you what you are today. If you act in the same way as any other typical politician then it is my firm belief that this same common man will take you down. So, don’t ever underestimate the power of a common man.

Most importantly, now that you have made an impact on the overall politics of Pakistan and India, you should strive to fulfil all the promises you made before the elections. You have to prove that you are the best because mere rhetoric will not let you reach the top.

Do you think India’s Aam Admi Party is similar to Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf?



Sharif Invited Talibanee-Kejriwal for talks

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