Book: Accused & Jihadi Neighbour: Synopsis and Preface

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Book, Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour, Synopsis, Preface

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Synopsis: Sunanda Tharoor is accursed, she is accused to ruin her life and she is victim due to all of us.

Sunanda Pushkar just few hours before her death tweets and sends sms to the senior journalists and wants to meet them to disclose conspiracy of ISI, IPL and Dubai MafiasNalini Singh as first witness speaks out. Sunanda’s death flames touch Leela Palace to hotel Aman.

Shashi Tharoor when in UN doesn’t sit on the gold bar loaded truck running from Iraq but saves the Congress and Sonia Gandhi from the Oil for Food scam and in reward gets the ministerial berth.

Mehr Tarar tweets for her country’s ISI as well as for her latest lover Shashi Tharoor.  What type of this love Jihad is? Her spying eye moves toward Omar also. Dr Gupta of AIIMS raises finger on Ghulam Nabi Azad beside Mr. Tharoor. Mehr follows the path of Arrosa Alam who has affair with Capt Amrinder Singh.

Why is Dubai focal point? Sunny Varkey nearer to Tharoor and Bill Clinton presents Sunanda Pushkar to Shashi Tharoor in Dubai. Sex is a game for high society celebrities and politicians.

Minister of State in the PMO, Jitendra Singh opens the debate on the Article 370. Iraq Afghan terror looms on Kashmir. PM Modi says a good neighbour is important for a country’s happiness.

Sheikh abdullah’s and Nehru’s present heirs remind us: “Nehru’s romance with Edwina gave birth to Art 370 and PoK: Let the priests go to Mecca, we will go to UK?

“We’re a tiny 3% in the valley; even then we remain refugees in our own nation because we are not vote bank. Is it not bloody paw on the back of secular structure of our India? Kashmir a paradise lost can be found again to abrogate Article 370″ —Pain of Kashmiri Pundits

When read conflicting tweets between Shashi, Sunanda and Mehr it seems and reach the final page: Shashi Tharoor’s sexual frustration leads him into an affair with the Mehr Tarar to leave ill Sunanda.




This book reflects to a sad end to a sad life of a daughter of Kashmir who voiced for the removal of Article 370. This Article has becomes the source for separatists and jihadi neighbour to spread bloodbath and communalism in Kashmir. Due to this Kashmiri Pandits become refugees. What former Union Minister’s better half had said about his controversial link with Pakistani woman journalist; what she wanted to disclose few hours before his death? Mr. Tharoor is praising Prime Minister, though he called him Hitler’s Goebbels before the mysterious death of his wife. What is the reason behind this change? Lesson to women is–“stay away from philanderers and Casanovas”. Womanizers may become threat to the security of the nation.  Why is Gandhi-Nehru surname dust more harmful than the dust….?

Target audience for this book is all nationalists who think ‘India is first’. Without independence what type of India was? Congress leader Mr. Tharoor in the video quotes “…..after all it was Mahatma Gandhi who declared before independence that sanitation was more important than independence.”

How many books are on Article 370 and rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits? There is a need for debate on Article 370 and successfully rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits. Iraq Afghan terror looms on Kashmir in the name of Islamic Jihad.

Accursed Sunanda was a common woman with controversial character. In this book Shashi Tharoor and late Sunanda Pushkar are medium not destination. These are the container in the battery of this book. Which are the cells? The answer is the opening batsman in this book.

Main source of this book is not only Accursed Sunanda Case but also the Gandhi-Nehru and Sheikh Abdullah dynasty. Mahatma Gandhi gifted Nehru and Nehru gifted Sheikh Abdullah. Due to both dynasties Jihadi neighbour Pakistan executing bloody dance in the name of Kashmir after kidnapping 1/3rd of Kashmir (PoK).  Mr. Modi’s speeches related to Kashmir in the Lok Sabha Election inspired the author to write this book.

www. and other websites, newspaper and news channels are the resources which are used to write this book. Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s statements are also much helpful for this. We are thankful to all of these. The author is neither the wing of Government nor keeping a


letterhead of any party or NGO. So this author is writing his ‘dil ki baat’ in this book to share his opinion with other known and unknown co-travellers to serve the nation.

Writing this book took hardly three months. The author is satisfied to write this book. Earning the good wishes of the viewers instead of monetary earning is our motto. Our intention is to share the book-contents with the Kashmiris also.

As a human being we share here few instances which help us for the matter of his book: (1) Accursed Sunandas’s tweets against the Article 370, corrupt politicians involvement in IPL, ISI’s net to catch the sexy politicians via woman journalists (2) Seeing the panic condition of Kashmiri Pandits in the streets of Delhi where our great leaders reside

Advice: First of all please read one page synopsis and two pages preface of this book. Then go to chapter 1, 2 , 5 and the last 14 respectively.  This way inspires the readers to read the remaining chapters, and recommend others for the book.

Three New Facts beside others disclosed in the book:

  1. Art 370 and PoK are the result of Lord Mountbatten’s hided enmity with

Nehru due to his romance with Edwina

  1. Why is Ram Lala still under Tent in Ayodhya?
  2. How the truck loaded gold bars related to Oil for Food kickback toured

from Iraq to Jordan? Few % of these gold bars sold in India besides other


  1. Russian poison used by the ISI man to kill Sunanda as this poison was

used in the food prepared for Lal Bahadur Shastri in his residence.

*Theme: Accursed* is full of conscientious people who can’t seem to find

their own consciences. It’s the sort of inextricable presence of evil in

good Kashmiri Muslims especially which they don’t acknowledge and which

they try to hide. Kashmiri Pundits have become refugees in their own

country due to ISI spying, infiltrations of terrorists and the presence of

Article 370.

Denial of removing Article 370 encourages separatism. Still presence of

this Article becomes hurdles for the progress of the people of Jammu and

Kashmir results in what we may call “incursions from the unconscious, or

incursions from, let’s say, the other side. That which is denied is

emerging. So we thought of this in terms of terrorists’ jihad, and these

forces from the unconscious, so to speak, erupting in this placid




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Accursed & Jihadi Neighbur

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                             Part – I

  Chapters                                                                             Page


  1. The Accursed Daughter of Kashmir             01-15
  2. Death flames touched 5 Star Leela to

Hotel Aman & Oil for Food                                             16-30

  1. Art 370 Sunanda to Supreme Court ? 31-45
  2. Iraq Afghanistan Terror looms on Kashmir             46-59
  3. Let the priests go to Mecca, we will go to UK 60-75
  4. Hindu Muslims restore 400-year-old temple in Valley,

Why not Ram Janmbhumi Temple?                                               76-88

  1. Kashmir a paradise lost can be found again to

abrogate Art 370                                                               89-103

                            Part – II

  1. Mysterious Death of Sunanda           104-117
  2. AIIMS vs AIIMS           118-136
  3. ISI Spying and Exporting Terrorism 137-152
  4. Sexism vs Sexism in IPL Controversy 153-165
  5. Mehr Tarar 166-175
  6. Sunanda & Marilyn Manore 176-189
  7. Tharoor follows UK’s War Minister Profumo 190-202



Previous book of author:  Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966 (Assassination of Lal Bahadur Shastri): Freely readable at:

This book brings new facts, evidences and records which show that poisoning to second prime minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri was happened in Tashkent. Mysterious death of Shastri was a state crime not only for India but also for USSR, Pakistan, US, UK and China especially who were directly or indirectly involved in Tashkent Summit. They are silent assassins. We should know: How J F Kennedy’s assassination cleared the way for the death of Shastri. Everybody has read arrest of only one Kremlin chief Cook Ahmet Sattarov. This is half truth. There was the arrest of Ahmet and other members of his team who raised finger on the arrested Indian cook for poisoning. Who was that Indian cook?  Was he an employee of Indian Embassy in Mascow ?  Where he went to hide himself? More questions and answeres are in this book.

NOTE: Toxic politics: The seceret history of Russian poison supply by ISI to contract killers ( Supari Killers) Russian & Indian cook for poising Lal Bahadur Shastri in food at Taskent and now the same happened to Sunanda Puskar as mentioned in the book: “Accursed & Jihadi Neighbour”

Chapt- 1:  Page- 1:  Books written on Shastri by Kuldip Nayar, C P Srivasta and Ram Chandra Guha have not a single word or photo of Russian cook Ahmet Sattarov who was arrested by KGB on the charges of giving poison to Shastriji. ..You have read arrest of only one Kremlin chief Cook Ahmet Sattarov; truth is there was the arrest of more (Four Russian+One Indian cook)…

Page-2 : In 1990, working in the archives of the Tashkent UKGB over the article on the emergence of the Soviet drug, Sergei Turchenko accidentally stumbled upon the thin red folder viewing still secret at the ­time of documents, entitled: “On the assassination of the Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri

January 11, 1966″: There was in the front page: “the chief conspirator” – senior captain Kremlin Akhmeta Sattarovicha SATTAROVA….