Old Wine New Bottle: Rahul as Cong Prez, Priyanka as UP campaigner?

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Old Wine New Bottle, Rahul as Cong Prez, Priyanka as UP campaigner, Amrinder Singh, Vadra London house, Sonia Gandhi 

Old Wine New Bottle: Rahul as Cong Prez, Priyanka as UP campaigner? 



Even as Congress party locked its outh, senior leaders on June 01, 2016 asked the high command to nominate Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as chief campaigner for the forthcoming UP elections. and accentuate the process of anointing Rahul Gandhi as president of the party.




Rahul Gandhi can be Congress Presdint to replace his Mother, Priyanka will be an asset to assist him: Amarinder Singh



Sources said some senior ministers in the government were busy cooking up stories against the Gandhi family, particularly Priyanka as DLF-Vadra cooked a/c books to hide their economic fraud.



“Politically, the best strategy is to take the battle upfront and bring both Rahul and Priyanka to the forefront,” the Congress leader said. Priyanka’s businessman husband Robert Vadra faces charges of owning ‘benami’ properties in London and having a close contact with arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari.



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