US Congressional Resolution backed India’s UN Security Council Bid vs Nehru declined such offer in 1953

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On June 15, 2016 a resolution has been introduced by Congressman Frank Pallone in the US House of Representatives supporting India’s bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council, with the lawmakers saying a permanent spot for the country on the Council would strengthen democracy around the world.

Frank Pallone is the co-founder of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans and Congressman Ami Bera, the only Indian-American in the Congress and current co-chair of the Congressional Caucus on India and Indian Americans.

India is the only country which has been endorsed by the Obama administration for a permanent member of the UN Security Council.





Comrade Nehru treated China as a well wisher! He did not attend the conference at San Francisco in 1951,to discuss the problem of Japan, because China had not been invited! In 1954, India signed The Panchsheel Agreement with China in Peking on 29 April 1954. India was represented by Mr Nehru while China by Zhou Enlai. The possession of Tibet was almost officially accepted by India. The slogan “Hindi –Chini  Bhai Bhai ” was echoed .



After gaining independence, China declared its intention to ‘cover’ Tibet, which was ‘originally’ its territory. Indian government verbally protested but supported China practically. We ventured to support China. Mr Jawaharlal Nehru took  a personal interest in introducing China as an emerging country.China started constructing  check posts in the area of Askai Chin. We ignored it.



Hindi chini bhai bhai’ slogan was given: Due to Panchsheel agreement our Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru became Dhritrasthtra. Chinese soldiers entered in the laddakh and our soldiers were defending with canvas boot that slid on the snow. Our soldiers did not have even snow glasses which led to snow blindness. Still friend of Kaul comrade V K Krishna Menon was saying “Oh! They are not going to fight” On September 8, 1962 Chinese has intruded into Indian Territory south of MacMahon line.


Nehru gave us slogan of “Hindi Chini bhai bhai” to embrace Chou en lye. In return China attacked India. And tragedy was that former defence minister of that time comrade Krishna Menor ordered our brave army for not shooting a single bullet on the force of China. Declined brave army was borne bullets of Chinese army on their chests in Indo China War. Tragedy was not ended. At that time communists were supported Chaina in many ways openly and doing themselves underground.


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