Many places in UP, Keral, Andhra, Karnatak, Tamil Nadu in the line of Kashmir means Mini-Pakistan?

Kashmir means Mini-Pakistan, Suicidal Thoughts, Secularism of appeasement, Kairana Kandhla, Changing face of Britain 


After Pakistan Britain is the second heaven for the terrorists. UK and USA citizens have been involved in terror with Al-Qaeda and ISIS now. Secularism of appeasement in India does not want to remain behind in this suicidal run




Many places in UP, Keral, Andhra, Karnatak, Tamil Nadu have taken in the shape of Kashmir means Mini-Pakistan…now we see the same trend in Britain, Norway, France, US and other Western Countries.



April 30, 2016: Pakistani daily The Dawn reported: the Minister for Urban Development and for Municipal Affairs in Mamata Banerjee’s Cabinet Bobby Firhad Hakim addressed Garden Reach as ‘mini-Pakistan’ while taking a Pakistani daily journalist for a stroll.
“Please come along and let us take you to mini-Pakistan in Kolkata,” The Dawn reporter Maleeha Hamid Siddiqui quoted him as saying.
The Dawn reporter further writes, “Seeing me loitering around with my notebook in hand, the men in the neighbourhood want to know what TV channel I work for. When I tell them I am from Pakistan, they break into broad smiles and tell me of their relatives who live back home.”



Around 350 Hindu families have fled from their homes in Kairana (UP) because they can no more live in fear of rape, kill, and torture. This has not happened overnight. This is what happened in Kashmir, Lahore, Dhaka, and innumerable other places in last 1400 years. If Indians don’t wake up, many Kairanas are waiting. Indians will have to fight back. Any fake liberal barking in favor of Jihadis must be silenced.





Why people are calling Kandhla the new Kairana and leaving the area? BJP MP Hukum Singh on Tuesday released a list of 63 Hindu families ‘forced out’ of Kandhla.  According to a local businessman and BJP worker, Tarun Agarwal, “Kandhla was the place where Karna’s dal (army) used to be stationed during the Kurukshetra war. Now, this has become an unsafe place for Hindus.”Reportedly, Muslim population that was 16,000 in 1995 has increased to 26,000. On the other hand, Hindus are now just 8,000 here


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