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Wikileaks: Nixon called Gandhi an "old witch"

By Premendra Agrawal at April 14, 2013 18:31
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Wikileaks US Cables: "I don't think you are supporting Pakistan. If you had taken a stronger line with (Pakistan military ruler) Yahya (Khan), you would have done more for Pakistan." In that conversation: Nimitz entry reminds toxic tongues of Nixon Kissinger



Wikileak of today is not new. A cable made public eight years ago by Wikileaks had said that Nixon called Gandhi an "old witch" when Henry Kissinger met him at White House hours after the talks with Gandhi.


I have written an article on July 2, 2007 in my website in detail which is in short as following under title Nimitz entry reminds toxic tongues of Nixon Kissinger:


Entry of Nimitz at Chennai reminds what Nixon calling Indira a witch and a bitch and Kissinger referring to all Indians as bastards, slippery, treacherous, insufferably arrogant people. Kissinger visited China and asked China to menace India in 1971 war. Is Indo-US Nuke Deal not a conspiracy to mortgage our Nuke sovereignty to America?


Toxic Tongues of Nixon and Kissinger

Recently declassified documents  reveal what Nixon and Kissinger thought about Indira Gandhi, with Nixon calling her a “witch” and a “bitch” and Kissinger referring to all Indians as “bastards.” [Guardian]

In a White House conversation with Mr Kissinger on 4 June, 1971 , President Nixon berated his ambassador to India , Kenneth Keating, for wanting to, as Mr Kissinger puts it, “help India push the Pakistanis out”.[BBC]


 Kissinger: While she (Indira) was a bitch, we got what we wanted too. You very subtly—I mean, she will not be able to go home and say that the United States didn’t give her a warm reception and therefore, in despair, she’s got to go to war.

Nixon: We really slobber over the old witch. [US State Department]

US wanted to keep Indira Gandhi in the dark

Gandhi had come to the US in the period just before the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. At that point, the US had a “special relationship” with Ayub Khan, the dictator of Pakistan , and India was flirting with the Soviets. The US did not want East Pakistan to form an independent Bangladesh .


Falsehood and inhumanity of Nixon and Kissinger

In a dramatic way Nixon praised Indira Gandhi to keep her in the dark: “On the many occasions when heads of government and heads of state have been welcomed at the White House, many very famous leaders have appeared here. Our distinguished guest today has the unique distinction, through the parliamentary system of India that more people have voted for her leadership than for any leader in the whole history of the world,”

Nixon and Kissinger-Partners in Power’

Well-known American author and historian Robert Dallek recalls the events in the White House during December 1971 in a just-published book ‘ Nixon and Kissinger-Partners in Power’.


Kissinger said, “We would take the gravest view of any unprovoked Chinese aggression against India .” Opposite to this he asked China to menace India in 1971 war.


Mr Kissinger further says: “Those sons-of-bitches, who never have lifted a finger for us, why should we get involved in the morass of East Pakistan ? “If East Pakistan becomes independent, it is going to become a cesspool. It’s going be 100 million people; they have the lowest standard of living in Asia .”

President Nixon replies: “Yeah.”

Mr Kissinger: “They’re going to become a ripe field for communist infiltration.” [BBC]

US threw Pakistan towards China

Indira Gandhi could not be fooled by Trios Pak-Sino-US

Victory of India on Pakistan to liberte East Pakistan

India could not solve Kashmir problem even in its two victories on Pakistan

Victories went in the vain


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Bird flu speads

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