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Battle of Maps: Nehru vs. Lal Bahadur Shastri

By Premendra Agrawal at November 27, 2012 21:42
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Battle of maps is going on between China and India. 

Why India faced defeat in 1962 and why India won war of 1965. This is fully explained

Battle of maps is going on between China and India. This is fully explained in Chapter 16 on Pages 363 and 364 of my book: Silent Assassins, Jan 11, 1966.The book is freely accessible and loaded at:


Nehru’s legacy

1.  Because of the Nehru tilt towards Soviet Union, India was alienated from the United States. Indian actions became suspect

2. Nehru alienated India’s immediate neighbors. He forgot the importance of geopolitics. He gave attention to globalism to forget South Asian Regionalism.

3. Nehru’s policy resulted in defense unpreparedness. It was after 1962 that the Department of Defense Production was setup within the defense ministry.

4. He left India internally weak and externally exposed.


Shastri -Period

While Soviet Russia was best public friend of India, Kremlin was also Pakistan’s best secret friend in times of crisis.

Shastri’s brief period produced military and diplomatic developments which not only shaped South Asian power relations but also formed the background of Indira’s security thinking and security policy.


The main security event in sub-continent during this period was Indo-Pak war in 1965. 

Shastri’s conduct of at the time of Indo-Pak war in 1965 campaign revealed a complete change in the approach of the new Indian leadership to Pakistan, and in the Indian military strategy. 


Shastri authorized the Indian army to take Lahore, if it could, and to achieve this aim, he authorized the Indian military forces to cross the international boundary, between India and Pakistan, and not to restrict military operations to the line of actual control in Jammu and Kashmir.


He demonstrated Indian Political will and thereby invalidated all major Pakistani assumptions in this crisis.  The Pakistani armor became bogged down in the flooded and open Punjab flatlands and it also became clear, in course of military operations, that Pakistani military personnel lacked the training and skill to operate sophisticated military armament. These facts are well known.


Less known perhaps more significant for our study in that Moscow intervened diplomatically against Shastri to make Pakistan by its Tashkent mediation diplomacy. Contrary to the public relations postures which both India and Soviet Russia, promote the policy of the USSR was to pull Pakistan from likely disintegration, as was possible in 1965, and Soviet conduct in this crisis reveals its hands. In other words, Soviet Russia, like Britain earlier, was pursuing a policy of Indo Pakistan balance of power in the Indian sub-continent. In this region, as in the Middle East, Moscow benefits from a level of instability between India and Pakistan.


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From where Vadra and Rahul hired their CORRUPTION-GUIDE

By Premendra Agrawal at November 06, 2012 22:38
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Robert Vadra and Rahul Gandhi are not expert in the corporate business as Ambani, Tata, Mallaya, Azim Premjee etc. Even Sonia Gandhi is also not so expert in the corporate business. Gandhis and Vadra gather wealth more than 1600 crores from 5o Lakhs with in less than three years. Being an inexperienced in business how they did so? Who guided them? They hired the corruption guide or coach for this 8th wonder, but from where? Why could this not get entry in the Greenish book? They are not CAs. Then who cooked-books?


DLF-Vadra and their defenders with cooked books; but this is not possible without the help of imported expert corruption guide or corruption coach 


Gandhis and Vadras have contacts all over world. They are frequently tour abroad without informing the proper authority as reported by media. So exactly we can’t say Gandhis and Vadras hire the corruption guide or coach from Vietnam or China or Italy.


All parties have keen interest in knowing this great secret because in politics corruption becomes necessary in India also. This is the reason Maya, Mulayam, pawar, Karunanidhi and others treat not controversial corrupt Congress leadership their corruption Guide or coach. Gandhi family is a corrupt banyan tree to take rest for other corrupt political families of the states such as Mulayam, Mayawati, Karunanidhi, Sharad Pawar etc.


Gandhis and Vadras have kept their footsteps on the highest peak of corruption. Other secret for this great success may be getting Aladdin’s chirag from father of Robert Vadra’s handicraft shop.

Otherwise this may be the magic of Gandhi surname if not Aladdin’s chirag.


A state of unrestrained political corruption is known as a kleptocracy, literally meaning “Rule of thieves”

Indian kleptocracy has gotten great success recently.


Rise of Vietnamese Kleptocracy – How 24 year old daughter of Politburo Member became CEO of a Billion Dollar State owned Company


Sonia Gandhi with her entire family including Rahul, Priyanka, her husband Robert Vadra went to China in their three days tour in August 2008. That was Sonia’s second trip of the year to China. Gandhi had said in China in her visit that India had too much learnt from China.

These frequently involve illegal acts and bribing to get work done.


The fall of Bo Xilai in China has shown how millions and billions of dollars have been illegally stashed in foreign banks accounts and real estate by corrupt Party officials. The children of the Party leaders occupy top positions in state owned companies. Now Vietnam too is seeing this corruption as the country has prospered. The most stark proof of the Vietnamese kleptocracy was the appointment of a fresh 24 year old graduate daughter of a Polit-bureau member to the CEO of a billion dollar state owned company. There are more instances of the children of the Party becoming the CEO's of other big state owned companies.


Sonia Gandhi thinks that by attacking others on corruption issue she can legalize the corrupt deeds of national son-in-law Vadra with DLF and US Hilton hotel group and herself as alleged by Subramanian Swamy.




Who runs Govt: Swamy attacks Sonia – Rahul, Kejriwal others! 


Thief-in-Chief vs Chief-in-thief: Fight between Congress & Swamy

Threat to sue, no contradiction of facts

Magic of grabbing Rs 1600 crores plus from 50 lakhs?

Actually Sonia Gandhi is tracking the path of corrupt China’s Prime Minister Wen’ Family Empire.


Possibility for hiring the corruption-guide or coach is from Italy. Because Gandhis were born in Italy and still they have Italian Citizen ship and houses also. They mostly vacation enjoy in Italy.

Gandhis go to Italy to celebrate Congress victory and Rahul’s birth day

"Rahul Gandhi presently in London would celebrate his 39th birth day June 19, in his ‘Nani village(Maternal grand parents’ home)’ near Turin of taly.


Sonia Gandhi is wealthier than three time premier of Italy Berlusconi

Forbes magazine reported that Berlusconi was Italy's sixth richest man, with a net worth of $5.9 billion. As per Business Insider, Sonia Gandhi is also the 4th richest politician who has stashed away $19 billion. Russian Premier is also behind our Sonia Jee.


Italy Corruption Growing Amid Debt Crisis, Says Justice Minister


 Italy's justice minister is warning that rampant corruption by politicians' pilfering public funds is reaching unprecedented levels, just as the government is demanding sacrifices from its citizens to keep the country from succumbing to the European debt crisis.


Minister Paola Severino says corruption is worse than during 1990s kickback probes, nicknamed "Bribesville," that brought down an entire ruling class.


In an interview Sunday with Sky TG-24 TV, Severino said corruption is "extremely widespread in a context of great political weakness."


The non-elected technocrat government of economist Premier Mario Monti has slashed public spending, raised taxes and made Italians work longer for their pensions.


Corruption probes have rocked regional governments in Rome, the financial capital of Milan, and elsewhere. Several political parties hit by corruption scandals face elections next spring.




Is no probe against Gandhis and Vadra a victory or defeat of democracy?


Book: “Corporate Kleptocracy:


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Silent Assassins  Jan 11, 1966 (Free version) by Premendra Agrawal

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