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Mao vs Gandhi




Among the giants of the twentieth century, Mao Zedong (1893–1978) and Mao’s famous dictum that “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” places him squarely in the tradi-tion of military might and physical force as the best methods to achieve social change, while Gandhi clung, all the while he engaged in his “Experiments With Truth,” to the value of Ahisma, or non-violence to any living thing.


Ironically Mao, the man of might, died a natural death at age 85; while Gandhi, the man of personal and political peace, died by an assassin’s bullet at age 79.


Both chose to identify with the poor villagers and farmers who made up a vast majority of both India and China during the first half of this century. Both men mobilized mass movements of common people, each faced a form of western imperial and colonial rule, both espoused not only political independence but insisted on changing the hearts and minds of people, not only in their own nations but around the world. Each man left lasting legacies in India and China as well as large ideological follow-ings around the globe.


Both leaders were challenged to expand their nationalist movements beyond the small middle class educated elite to the broad stream of mass support and participation. Each man sought in his own way. In that sense both hoped to resocialize their people to become a new “Maoist man,” and “Gandhian man.”


In the wake of the increasing irrelevancy of Mao an Gandhi, their own nations have drifted into a moral vacuum where self-interest and materialism largely shape cultural values.


Each had differing ideas about the place of industry and agriculture, the values and symbols needed to mobilize people, the place of violence and force in effecting social change, and the role of personal morality in the larger arena of public morality.


Self-sufficient village economy of Gandhi

Gandhi is of the view that full employment of human resources is the basic need of a country. It is true that national income will increase if each and every persons (whether skilled or unskilled) is employed fully. This cannot be possible only with the development of large-scale industries because of their labour-saving nature. Agricultural sector too cannot solve the problem of unemployment or underemployment due to its seasonal nature. Therefore mechanization and large scale production cannot provide the solution to the problem of poverty and unemployment. Self-sufficient village economy is an alternative solution and in this context the role of institutions in the rural sector like the village panchayat and rural multipurpose co-operative can play a vital role. We cite here an example of multipurpose co-operative society located at Sridharpur village of Burdwan district of West Bengal. The society is formed with the unlimited liability. It perform multipurpose activities All the welfare activities are so designed, identified and implemented that nobody is a loser and that everybody living in the villages emerges gainer. The society is able to create a benign atmosphere all around and members legitimately feel that it is their society upon which their development depends.

We therefore plead for Sridharpur type society which is free from political interference. This can fulfill Gandhi’s dream of self-sufficient village economy.


By Premendra Agrawal


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of Lal Bahadur Shastri’

Written by Premendra 

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China in Moscow

As we know, the Chinese are taking many, but not quality. But at the same time we learned, where there are Chinese noodles, drinking fresh Te Guan Yin, engage in Feng Shui and buy a brush for calligraphy.
First, what do the Chinese, being outside the country - open a restaurant.  With this little gastronomic victory begins any Chinatown, Chinatown with its own infrastructure.  In St. Petersburg, the twin city of Shanghai, operate 160 schools of Chinese cuisine, 90% of them owned by ethnic Chinese.  On the shore of the Gulf of Finland based official Chinatown "Baltic Pearl". In Moscow widespread kiosks with a Chinese fast food, and the north-east lay the first stone of the business center "Park Huamin.

 In the world of nearly two billion Chinese,  in Moscow, according to statistics of China's embassy – are not more than thirty thousand-  The same number of undocumented guest workers,  for a full-fledged Chinatown is not enough.  Minister of the Embassy of China in Russia Le Yucheng believes that the scale of illegal migration, even within Russia has been greatly exaggerated.  Now on the territory of our country from 200 to 300 thousand Chinese people, most of them live in the Far East.

 ‘Chinese people uncomfortable’,  is stated in the House of Nationalities during a roundtable on the prospects of development of the Chinese diasporas.  Reason formulated researcher Sciences George Dudnikov: "The Chinese in Russia is seen as the shuttle."
In Moscow, freely sold the magazine "China"  In the Tretyakov Gallery - Exhibition of white gold (Chinese porcelain), in the chambers of the Kremlin - exhibition devoted to silk.  Clubbers promised to "Night of the Chinese disco!  But Sinologist interested in culture, regardless of fashion, knows: China in Moscow presented a handful of poorly-dispersed institutions in different parts of the city.  Many of them, such as tea, the most widespread, living their own lives without the Chinese, here effort to select the salient points that will inevitably become part of Moscow's Chinatown, as soon as it we will.
 However, this year, the Celestial Empire in fashion,  not far off the Beijing Olympics-2008, after which talk about the poor quality fakes and SARS would be bad form.  It's time to be interested in Chinese contemporary art, cinema, circus, music ...

 With the advent of the Year of China in Russia to make it easy. 

 Chinese Products
 Perhaps now we'll reveal the secret and betray disclose the place where restaurateurs and chefs' Beijing duck "and" Chinatown "buy sauces.  At the right end of the house number 18 on the street Panfilov (restaurant "Chinatown" here, on the fifth floor) these catacombs full of Chinese.  Security at the entrance takes passport issued by a numbered tag and runs into an underground labyrinth.  And there - a Chinese woman in pajamas, not speaking in Russian, socks on the washing line, the unbearable stench of fish and, finally, the precious store.  Sauces - ginger, soy, sweet and sour - not get off: you must be prevailed upon to buy some more tea, green or a flower.  Not be able to stay - very nice packaging.
 Panfilov, 18 / 2, Sokol

Who wants repetition of 1962?



Comrade V K Krishna Menon was saying “Oh! They are not going to fight”. In 1962 Chinese had intruded into Indian Territory south of MacMahon line. Nehru, hided comrade believed. Now who are in the role of Krishna Menon and Nehru?

Bharat Verma, editor of India’s leading defense journal, predicted last month, the Indians can expect tougher Chinese actions in the years ahead. This month, Zhan Lue, a Chinese analyst connected to China’s Ministry of National Defense, suggested that Beijing try to divide India into as many as 30 states. The article, unfortunately, appears to represent the thinking of Chinese strategists and has been widely circulated inside China.

India, generally acknowledged as the weaker in comparison to China, has tried to maintain cordial ties, often following former Prime Minister Nehru’s “Hindi-Chini bhai-bhai” slogan, promoting the notion that the two Asian nations are brothers.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh completed his first official visit to China in January 2008. After the visit, Singh wrote in the guestbook: "…. I hope that the Olympic spirit and the warmth of the great city of Beijing will promote friendship, peace and understanding among all the participants and the countries they represent."

PM Manmohan Singh forets China’s protest on his visit to Arunanchal. China protests PM’s assertion on Arunachal. Gandhi monkeys represent: "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" and is a common phrase, usually used to describe someone who doesn't want to be involved in a situation.

So Congress want to follow three monkeys’s of Mahatma Gandhi on the China’s claim on Arunanchal

Sonia Gandhi with her entire family including Rahul, Priyanka, her husband Robert Vadra went to China in their three days tour in August 2008. That was Sonia’s second trip of the year. Gandhi had said in China in her visit that India had too much learnt from China.

They all embraced there to Chinese leaders to follow Nehru’s embracing with Chau en Lai to give slogan “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”. T N Kaul presented the draft and Nehru accepted ‘Panchsheel Principles’. What happened there after in 1962?

Just after few days in the same year 2008 in the same month August Maoist former P M of Nepal Prachanda made a tour to China for taking guide line against India.

Even after that Chinese officials see their nation on the rise and feel no need to compromise with India. The number of incursions by China’s troops into Indian-controlled territory appears to be increasing day by day. China is grabbing inch to inch on daily basis. 

The entire Indian leadership kept mum even when China annexed Tibet saying it was the internal matter of China. Worse was to follow. China was involved in modernizing its Red army.

Hindi chini bhai bhai’ slogan was given. Due to this agreement our Prime Minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru became Dhritrasthtra. Chinese soldiers entered the laddakh and our soldiers were defending with cotton shirts in the freezing cold of Ladakh and canvas shoes that slid on the snow. Our soldiers did not have even snow glasses which led to snow blindness.

Still comrade V K Krishna Menon was saying “Oh! They are not going to fight”. In 1962 Chinese has intruded into Indian Territory south of MacMahon line.

The misadventure proved costly and set off the spark that led to the full fledged war in 1962. Entire brigades were massacred in a matter of hours.

In the middle of the 1970s, China began helping Pakistan build a nuclear weapon to keep arch-rival India off balance. Since then, the Chinese have supported Islamabad’s campaign of terror against the Indian state.

The terrorists attacking Mumbai hotels last November used Chinese equipment–the distinctively blue Type 86 grenades, manufactured by China’s state-owned Norinco, which has continually supplied parties working with militants inside India. China has given Pakistan most of the ordinance that its notorious Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence–better known as ISI–gives to terrorist groups. Almost all of the sophisticated communications equipment used by terrorists in India, especially Kashmir, is Chinese-made and was routed through the Pakistani army. The training the Chinese give to Pakistani personnel is, with Beijing’s knowledge, leached to terrorists.

Today on August 16, 2009, Home Minister Chidambaram says Maoists-Naxalites have Chinese weapons. There is a nexus between them. In Chhattisgarh in the past Chinese weapons recovered from the Naxalites.

Question arises here what our Government is doing?

China? Mao used image of palm- Tibet and five fingers Bhutan Sikkim NEFA Ladakh Nepal. Suicidal genetic thrust of Indian ruling leaders for friendship.


Arunanchal: Hu Jintao visited to remind 1962?

Maoists have spread their dinasour feet from Assam to Chhattisgrh via Mynamyr.

On Feb 5, Chief Minister of Assam Gagoi admitted the presence of Assam, "We have information that militant groups like All Adivasi National Liberation Army (ANLA) has established links with Maoists which a matter of serious concern," PM Manmohan Singh is the Rajya Sabha member from Assam.

‘Daily Times’ Pakistan reports that Moaist-Naxal has spread their net work from

Chhattisgarh to Mynar.



Is this a friendly fight between China and UPA government?

Left is adopted son of China. Nuke Deal nukes honeymoon of Congress and Left

Everyone knows about the honemoon of Congress with Left.

U S and China both want to divide India.

Myanmar Mirror shows dubious faces of China and US


By Premendra Agrawal


Please wait, the book is in the press,

Contains more than 300 pages size 1/8 demy, 

Titled ‘killer and contract killers

of Lal Bahadur Shastri’

Written by Premendra 

You may send your opinion maximum in 75 words on the mysterious death of Shastriji up to Oct 10, 2009, at:

or on comment box here. Mention your name, postal and email address.

If we find suitable then that may be published in the book 


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prachanda wih church leaders


Second Post of the day

India on Thursday said it is lodging with China a strong protest against fake anti-malarial 'Made-in-India' drugs detained by Nigerian authorities, maligning the Indian pharmaceutical industry for consignments which actually originated from the neighbouring country. "Taking serious note of the action by scrupulous elements to malign the Indian generic pharma industry, Embassy of India in Beijing, has been requested to lodge a strong protest with concerned Chinese authorities and also to impress upon them to take stringent action against such scrupulous elements," a commerce ministry statement said here. It said the government's Drug Regulatory Authority (NAFDAC) has reported about the detention of a large consignment of fake anti-malarial generic pharmaceuticals labelled 'Made in India' but produced in China.