Copy of Letter written by Dr Manmohan Singh in 2002 opposing FDI in retail



The BJP on Sept 27, 2012  released a copy of letter written by Dr Manmohan Singh in 2002 opposing (FDI) Foreign Direct Investment in retail. This release of the copy of the letter happened at Surajkund near Delhi where 300 top BJP party leaders are meeting to finalise the party’s political strategy for Assembly elections in three states to be held in a few months and to build a counter to the Congress’ “reforms are here” agenda. 

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi suggested at Surajkund near Delhi that his party take the issue to the village level and offered a systematic plan to negate the Congress’ “reforms are back” campaign. He suggested that the party hold more than 5000 public meetings across the country to highlight the BJP’s objections, 10 in each Lok Sabha constituency.

Dhoni should learn how failed Dr. Singh succeeds by giving life to death malls of US





Many malls in America have suffered under the weight of the recession and ever-increasing competition from e-commerce outfits means online business. On line business is developing in America to nuke the malls in America.  


So vacate premises of the malls and unemployed youths there became the great problem for Obama who he and his party opposes the outsourcing because due to this Indians get employment. Being a President of America, he is doing whatever is good for America.

What is our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh doing through FDI on the guide line of UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi ?

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is nervous after facing the defeat of his cricket team in Australia. Now Dhoni should learn from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi how negative media comment can be turned into positive media comment.


Are dead malls coming into India through FDI good for America or India?

What type of American political pressures is for FDI on UPA government?

What is truth in the following clarification of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh?

Are dead malls coming into India through FDI good for America or India?

The failure multinational malls of America gives unemployment to America and now they will give the same unemployment problem to India.

Is Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Prime Minister of India or of else………?

What is the story behind the defending Manmohan Singh by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi?


Amid protests from UPA allies over the recent economic measures and a day after Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi charged him with working to please the US, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Saturday sought to assert that his Government will do what is good for the country and that the country doesn’t get dictated by others. The BJP, however, termed his defence a “pathetic attempt”.


There is a commentary of Peter Crane at ‘’:

I lived and grew up in Amsterdam and remember when the mall was built………. Now titled “The Amsterdam Riverfront Center” the old Amsterdam Mall is now almost nothing but offices…….. The mall owners, local politicians, NYSDOT, and even Amtrak were positive but lukewarm about the idea.


The other, perhaps ultimately preferable, option for Amsterdam would be to demolish the mall, highway ramps, and maybe even the parking garage and rebuild a traditional mixed use Main Street and street grid. At least we know THAT works.


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Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966: Leonid Shebarshin and ……. (Chapter 13)

Chapter 13

Pages 309 to 325

Leonid Shebarshin and …….



Shebarshin was Soviet diplomats in Pakistan at the time of Tashkent accord.


Shebarshin wrote:”I love Pakistan and I can say with a clear conscience that he had never done anything that would damage this country.” 


At the time of Tashkent accord Jan 1966 he acted for Pakistan on behalf of the KGB.


According to him, Kosygin had succeeded, January 10, 1966 was signed the Tashkent Declaration, but, unfortunately, that night, the Indian Prime Mi- Minister for Lal Bahadur Shastri died.


Leonid Shebarshin was the only Soviet diplomat who has moved into a new Pakistan’s capital – Rawalpindi. 


January 11 early in the morning, he called and instructed to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get a resolution on Soviet aircraft flying with the body of an Indian


(Please read full matter in the book)



Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966 (Chapter 12)

Part II Chapter 12 (Page 278 to 308) 


Shastri’s Death fact finding

committee of USSR


Where is the report of Shastri’s death fact finding committee of USSR ?

Why Submit in Tashkent after the War 1995?

Tashkent  is capital of Uzbekistan 

Muslim (Tatars) population  83%  

The Tatars inherited the religion from that state. Ahmet Sattarov was a tatar, served as a Chief of Kremlin Baquet. He was arrested by KGB just two hours after the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri. 

Outraged Kosygin: Are not we brothers to the Arabs? 

Uzbek Govt as Rashidov’s mafia organisation


(Please read full matter in the book)


Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966 (Chapter 18)



Page 386-404


Left leaning

Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s triped to India in 1955. Red is the favorite symbol of Marxiists of all over world because they want to rule in the name of labours through bloodshed. When Former President of USSR Comrade Khruschev visited in South India then betel leaf (pan) was offered to him as a part of hospitality, friendship and love. This was the tradition in the courts of the Mogul kings & other medieval rulers. Presiden went it chewing and spitted. He wondered to see red liquid. He remarked that he had fully convinced that Indians were Red. To hear the remark comrades smiled with wide redish lips. I don’t know they like or not: “Lal Pan ki Begam”(Queen of Red Betel) Blood

* In Russia one of the exhibit publicized, painting Christ against the background of a Coca-Cola advertisement with the inscription “This is my blood,”. In India MF Hussain is defamed for his offensive paintings.

“Drinking Coke is like drinking farmer’s blood in India” – Nandlal Master, of Lok Samiti and the National Alliance of People’s Movements. 

Red is the left Parties symbolism connected to bloodshed 

Red flag is an international symbol for the “bloody revolution”

“The flag of the CPI-M is a red flag of which the length and one-and-a half times its width. At the centre of the flag there is a crossed hammer and sickle in white.”

(Please read full Matter in the book)