Who gave Right to Information? Who kills RTIs?

UPA Govt of Gandhis gave birth to RTI. But UPA Govt is also killer of RTIs filed by Dhar and others related to the mysterious deaths of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Subhash Chandr Bose.

What type of mothers they are?


Hitting at the brouhaha created by anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, Sonia Gandhi said,on Nov 09, 2011:  Corruption cannot end by pointing fingers at others. Everyone should introspect. It cannot end if some think their corruption is better than others. This is what is happening these days. I want to ask these people who gave RTI? Who brought transparency in public life? We did,”  

News is also: Govt of India has no info about foreign tours of Sonia Gandhi?

No government department seems to have any information about the tours and travels undertaken by the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi as an RTI application kept moving to different ministries without any substantial response. The case relates to an RTI application filed by one Kailash Kanwar of Bhilwara in Rajasthan who sought to know about the foreign visits undertaken by the UPA and National Advisory Council Chairperson during the last two years.

He had also sought information about recent visit of Gandhi for her reported treatment in the United States of America through the application under the transparency law.

There is following news report of India today:

How Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi breaking the rules of democracy and keeping their trips secret

Early in June this year, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi took off for London and her native Italy as political heat from civil society activists over black money and corruption soared in the Capital. In mid-June, Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi ushered in his 41st birthday in London and topped up with a Swiss holiday. Both Sonia and Rahul’s trips were widely documented in the media but the Lok Sabha secretariat has no information on them. It’s common courtesy for MPs to inform the secretariat about trips abroad, even if they are of a personal nature. But since June 2004, the month UPA came to power, the Congress president and her son have not bothered to inform the secretariat about any of their foreign trips.

When India Today filed an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to the Lok Sabha secretariat asking for details of personal foreign travel made by MPs since the 14th Lok Sabha, it furnished relevant information for lawmakers other than the Gandhis. The reply from Harish Chander, Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha, was, “This secretariat attends to work relating to official visits of Indian parliamentary delegations going abroad and maintains record of foreign travel of members of the Lok Sabha in their personal capacity if such travel is intimated by them to the Speaker’s office.” India Today filed another RTI query specifically asking how many intimations/requests the Lok Sabha secretariat received regarding the foreign travels of Sonia and Rahul during the 14th and 15th Lok Sabhas. The response of K. Sona, under secretary, Lok Sabha, on July 4 was: “Nil.”

Even official foreign travel details of the Gandhis are a mystery. In February 2010, Hisar-based activist Ramesh Kumar filed an RTI query with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for details of foreign travel made by Sonia Gandhi and followed it up with a second appeal before the Central Information Commission (CIC). PMO and Cabinet secretariat representatives told CIC that they had forwarded the query to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Cabinet secretariat told Kumar on July 8, 2011 that his query has been forwarded to the National Advisory Council’s (NAC) Central Public Information Officer and PMO. In turn, NAC said it didn’t have the details.

“It is disturbing that institutions that run the government have no knowledge of the authority that can furnish details of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign travel,” says Kumar.

By Premendra Agrawal

What type of mothers they are?

Fighting corruption by corrupts

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Corrupts Lalu+Kejri+++united in Nitish’s oath function to fight corruption? @RajivPratapRudy @rsprasad@narendramodi https://t.co/U1Yy6ee1WO

On Nov 09, 2011 broke her silence on the issue of graft, saying corruption cannot be fought by speeches. Does it mean, corruption can be fight by corrupts’ corruption as published news about Gandhi dynasty?



After Rahul Gandhi now Sonia comes to fight Anna Hazare Hazare, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ram dev and others.



We see bull fight between Digvijay Singh and Anna Hazare team.



Sonia Gandhi said on Nov 9, 2011: “NAC was set up by the Prime Minister and I am in it. Lokpal Bill was first formulated here. The Prime Minister and government are committed to Lokpal, so what’s the noise about?”


Gandhis may be corrupt and not honest but still Gandhis have a right to fight against corruption. After all, Gandhis have inherited corruption from the Corrupt System of Gandhis’ Rule.


Indian Govt under Gandhis rule made and make the laws to benefit their corruption. How can Anna Hazare, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ram dev and others fight corruption through Lokpal?


Lawyer Ashok Agarwal of Delhi is right to comment: “laws are made to benefit corrupt people. How can you fight corruption in terms of these laws?”


Is deposit in Swiss banks for safekeeping? What is the difference between the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and dynasty of


Kazakhstan? In April 2002, Kazakhstan’s government finally admitted that the president, Nursultan


Nazarbayev, had foreign (Swiss bank) holdings, explained as money sent abroad for safekeeping.





By Premendra Agrawal

Spirtual Guru vs Congress Guru: Sri Sri can’t enter Amethi?

Spirtual Guru vs Congress Guru: Naxalite-Area welcomed Sri Sri, but “Amethi ke ham hain Rajkumar” could not do so. Congress tries to make Amethi a “Vatican City”. Today Nov 8, 2011, Spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said he could not visit Amethi during his ongoing anti-corruption yatra in Uttar Pradesh as the Ashram which had extended him invitation was pressurized not to call him.


“I was invited by Sri Hari Ashram to visit Amethi during my yatra but I had to change it (the plan) because my people there were facing undue pressure from political parties and they requested me not to come,” he said. On reaching Shri Mahua Baba Sewa Ashram in Jamsoti village in Naxal-infested Naugarh block of the district, the spiritual guru addressed a gathering, mostly comprising tribals, on the art of living.


Congress Leader said in the past “Nagaland is for Christ”.  Now what does Rahul Gandhi want to say?


Bush Administration has denied in America the entry of Narendra  Modi on political pressure. Modi is not American Citizen.

Now what does Congress want to do? Is Amethi  in America? Has Amethi become Vatican City?


“I was invited by Sri Hari Ashram to visit Amethi during my yatra but I had to change it (the plan) because my people there were facing undue pressure from political parties and they requested me not to come,” Sri Sri said. Amethi is the Lok Sabha constituency of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi.


Advocating a strong Lokpal Bill, Sri Sri said his yatra was not to oppose or support any political party.
On the Naxal issue, Spiritual GuruSri Sri Ravi Shankar said youths, who had been misled and were involved in such activities, should join the mainstream.


“All the children of this region must get education and no one should be deprived from going to schools. I will provide free of cost education to everyone in this region,” Sri Sri said.


By Premdendra Agrawal


Why secularists so cruel on Modi?

Article was written on April, 01, 2011

I wondered to read about Musharraf’s fight against global terrorism!
“Musharraf is a key player in U.S. President George W. Bush’s global war on terrorism and survived two assassination attempts by Islamic militants in Pakistan in December 2003.”
Musharraf was not a key player in Bush’s global war on terrorism
He may be key player in US war against Talibanee terrorism. Where is fight against global terrorism? Are we not facing Pak sponsored terrorism? Why our memory is so little that we forgot his warning of before two days that if Ksasmir issue not be solved then second Kargil would be happened.

Please find the record of ‘Big Fight’ of Rajdeep Sirdesai. In that one human activist said that attempt to murder of Narendra Modi was not terrorism, it might be called act of revenge. Then why we connect assassination attempts on Musharraf’s life to terrorism? Congress Spokesperson Singhvi called Gujarat police non-secular.He divided police also in secular and non-secular. Bangladeshi Muslim woman writer Tasleema could write “Lajja” (Shame). The book dealt with the ill-treatment of the Hindu minority in that country and its publication earned her the wrath of Islamic fundamentalists. But even secularists of India cann’t dare to follow him. Our media unable to ask why ‘Padmashree to Glady Staines and why jail to Kanchi Mutt seer? Why we gave visa and Govt honour to fraud Benny Hinn? Why America’s interference in our internal matters? US sighted a reason of revoking Modi’s Visa that he was enacting a law against conversion in Gujarat. Though such lawas are already exists in few states such as in Madhya Pradesh. US just published official report praises UPA Govt and critticiszes previous BJP led NDA Govt. US thought that it finds a mighty Christian Itralian Lady Sonia Antonia Maino, chairperson of UPA. With the help of her christian lobby including Margret Alwa, Oscar Fernadis, Antony, Chandy, Raj Shekhar Reddy, Jamir, Ajit Jogi conversion of Hindus are easy now.

Secular media cares about the health of Pope. Benny Hinn has no time to heal Pope. It hesitate to write about the ill treatment of Seers.

Why secular media is so humble on Musharraf and so cruel on Narendra Modi.
Our NHRC, Secular Govt., Secular media did too much harm to our national interest. All have tried with their best to poison our unity and tolerant nature. Now this nonsense should be stopped.
Kanchi seer is going to SC for transfer of his trial out of TN. SC placed a wrong precedent to accept Jaheera’s plea through Teesta & NHRC? Now same Jaheera raised her finger on Teesta & NHRC. Muslim-Christian right commission became NHRC.

‘Intellectual terrorism’ & ‘Demographic bomb’
Secular UPA+CPM’s supports to ‘intellectual terrorism’ against Tasleema & ‘Demographic bomb’ of Bangladeshis infiltration

K.P.S Gill has emphasized that more than terrorism, the major threat to India’s security is from the ‘demographic bomb’ exploding in Bangladesh. Advani has alleged that the CPM led WB Govt.has been turning ‘a blind eye’ to the ‘fast changing’ religious demographic balance in the border districts of West Bengal. CPM led WB Govt. has been turning ‘a blind eye’ to the ‘fast changing’ religious demographic balance in the border districts of West Bengal. Due to vote bank politics, CPM welcomed infiltration.
To appease these ISI sponsored Islamic fundamentalists WB Govt. forced to Central Govt. to turn down Taslima Nasreen’s plea for Indian citizenship.

Our Govt. is No.1 secular in the world! Congress Govt. was the first in the world who banned the book of Salman Rashdie. A Fatwa was also imposed on Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian novelist Naguib Mahfouz. Salman Rushdie was condemned to death by the former Iranian spiritual leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini on February 14,1989, after publishing SATANIC VERSES. The Nobel writer V.S. Naipaul described Khomeini’s fatwa as “an extreme form of literary criticism.” Salman Rushdie was born in Bombay, India, to a middle-class Moslem family. His paternal grandfather was an Urdu poet, and his father a Cambridge-educated businessman.

Calcutta High Court is hearing a case challenging the West Bengal government ban on Tasleema’s novel, Dwikhandito. This was challenged before the High Court by Bhadra, claiming that the book had nowhere drawn a comparison between any two religions. On April 30, 2004, the state withdrew the ban, but proscribed portions contained in pages 49-50 of the book afresh on the same day. A gazette notification stated that the portions of the book were being banned due to deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of Muslims in India or attempt to insult religion and religious beliefs of Muslims.

The pro-Taslima supporters carrying banners and posters shouted slogans against the West Bengal government alleging that freedom of speech was being throttled by the state by banning the book.
“Taslima Nasrin is a Bengali and she is admired in Bengal. So she should be given citizenship,” says Prakash Das, Pro-Taslima demonstrator. The West Bengal government’s views on the matter will be crucial. So far, its views are not officially known.


Who killed Netaji?

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Congress killed Netaji files. Why Nehru betrayed Netaji. Gold-Diamond loaded Trunks took Air journey. Where was wealth of Azad Hind Bank? What said JanmBhoomi editor? What said Nehru to UK PM?


Who were involved in the conspiracy to murder Subhash Chandra Bose, Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukerjee and Lal Bahadur Shstri? It is not possible to find out answers of all these in this limited worded article.


Researcher Professor Purabi Roy and her fellows, who have estimated the worth of INA funds and who are prominent deponent before the Mukherjee commission, have some light to throw on the issue. But Report of Mukherjee commission is totally rejected by Congress led Govt. without giving any reason. Congress ally CPM also suspects congress move and wants the discussion in the parliament on the Report.



Threatening to Researchers


Did Netaji really die in the 1945 plane crash? Incredibly hard facts have now emerged from Moscow vaults. Netaji was in fact very much alive till at least 1946 one full year after his supposed “death”. Russian archives had yielded two precious documents. The first concerned a discussion that Joseph Stalin had with his defense minister Voroschilov and foreign affairs minister Molotov in 1946. The second was a report filed by a Soviet field agent stationed in India, also in 1946.


One more British archive document also states that the entire theory of the plane crash, in Taihuku (Japan), was pre-planned and contrived. In fact as late as December 20, 1945, a Japanese newspaper even reported that Bose was on his way to the Soviet Union and passed through Tokyo.




Find the killer of Netaji


British Prime Minister Clements Attlee decided ‘Let him remain where he (Subhash C. Bose) is now’. This decision was taken in October 1945. It clearly indicates that he was alive even in Oct 1945.

Netaji was reported to be alive even after 1945 by the British intelligence from Teheran and Kabul quoting the Russian embassy officials. This was even stated in the Shah Nawaz commission report (File No. 10/ Mis/ INA-pp 38, 39).


In 1946, Gallacher, a British communist party worker publicly criticised the then Irish President D’ Valera for welcoming Netaji in Doublin! D’ Valera didn’t deny this. He visited India after 1946 and even commented publicly ‘I expected to meet Bose here’!


The British intelligence has reported that Nehru knew where Netaji was. Nehru took the Foreign Affairs portfolio himself and appointed none other than Vijayalekshmi Pandit as the ambassador to Russia!


After her term was over, Dr S.Radhakrishnan became the representative to Russia. Dr Saroj Das of Calcutta University told his friend Dr R.C.Muzumdar that Radhakrishnan had told him that Netaji was in Russia.


Former Indian ambassador Dr Satyanarayana Sinha once met Goga, the son of Abani Mukherjee, a revolutionist in the Russian communist party; who told him that his father and Netaji were prisoners in adjacent cells in Siberia. He also told Sinha that Netaji had assumed the name ‘Khilsai Malang’ there.


The most shocking of all information it contained was that Netaji had posted a letter from Russia to Nehru, telling that he wished to come back and he also asked Nehru to make amendments for his come back!


You may confirm this from the parliamentary records from 3rd August 1977; and the files published by the British government.


As reported in every newspaper at that time, daughter of Stalin Swetlana said in Delhi that Netaji was in Siberia’s yarkutaskjail. She also gave barrack No.45 also.

Netaji’s was detained in a VIP Camp- in Cell No. 45-46 of Irkutsk Gulag near Baikul Lake and Ural Mountains. Indian Revolutionary Abani Mukherjee was kept in Cell No. 53 in the same camp.
Ref: (i) Confirmation by Shri Goga (son of Shri Abani Mukherjee) to Dr. Satyanarayan Sinha (former Indian Ambassador to Russia)

We may refer further:  Page 112 of classified Top Secret File No. 2(64)/56-68-PM


Speaking to the Hindu, Prof. Guha lent evidence to the view that Subhash Chandra Bose died in a Soviet Prison. He noted that Joseph Stalin was crueler than Adolf Hitler’.

A Soviet agent named V G Sayadyants who was based in Mumbai reported home that “Bose is the only hope for Soviet Russia,”


The new findings are based on declassified documents in the Russian military archives in Paddolsk, and from the British archives. They were discovered by three researchers-Purabi Ray, Hari Vasudevan and Shobanlal Dutta Gupta-working on the history of communist movement in India. The plot has thickened even deeper with the admission by these researchers that they have been receiving threatening calls from unidentified persons asking them to suspend all further inquiries and end the government-funded research. Fear for security led the work on the project to be stopped shortly, around the middle of 2000. For Details: www.swordoftruth.com/swordoftruth/archives/byauthor/shamolimitra/tmbnd.html



Why Mukherjee Commission Report rejected?


Congress does not want the nation to know Jawaharlal Nehru’s actions and role in betraying Netaji. The previous two Commissions: Shah Nawaz Committee and the Khosla Commission were appointed by the Congress government. For bringing truth BJP let NDA Govt. appointed Mukherjee Commission.


“I saw Netaji alive after his alleged plane crash” is disclosed by Capt Abbas Ali, an old INA freedom fighter.  


“It was ‘unbelievable’ that Netaji died in an air crash” said by Suresh Chandra Bose elder brother of Subhash C.Bose. He deposing before the Khosla Commission charged Mr Shah Nawaz Khan with “playing Netaji false”


Deposing before the Khosla Commission, Dr Satyanarayan Sinha said Colonel Habibur Rehman had confessed to him at Patna in 1946 that he had had told a lie when he said that Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose died in a plane crash in Taipeh on August 18, 1945



Killing of Netaji files by Congress Governments


Most of the secret files about Netaji, that were maintained by Pandit Nehru himself as “P.M.’s special” files, one of which included all communications connected with INA Defense Committee, were reported by the Indira Gandhi Government as “either missing or destroyed”. It will not be easy to presume that Netaji’s communication to Nehru and a copy of Nehru’s letter to Attlee have also been destroyed. These files were dealt with by the personal secretary of Pt Nehru – Mohmd Yunus.



Nehru’s shocking role in betraying Netaji


Shyamlal jain, the confidential steno of the INA Defense Committee, in the course of his deposition, made a shocking revelation about Nehru’s attitude toward Netaji,”Later Nehru asked me to type a letter on his letterhead. Mr.Nehru addressed that letter to Mr.Clamment Attlee the then PM of Britain, in which Mr.Attlee was informed about the contents of that hand written note regarding Mr.Subhash entry into Russian territory.

“I solemnly affirm and state on oath that thereafter Shri Jawaharlal Nehru gave me four papers from his writing pad to make four copies of a letter, which he would dictate to me on typewriter, which I also complied. The contents of the letter, as far as I could remember, were as follows


Dear Mr. Attlee:

I understand from a reliable source that Subhas Chandra Bose, your war criminal, has been allowed to enter Russian territory by Stalin. This is a clear treachery and betrayal of faith by the Russians. As Russia has been an ally of the British-Americans, it should not have been done. Please take note of it and do what you consider proper and fit.

Yours sincerely,
Jawaharlal Nehru.



Col. Tada


Col. Tada, one of the principal architects of Netaji’s escape plan confided to S.A. Iyer in 1951 that the Japanese agreed to make necessary arrangements to convey Netaji to Russian territory across the border of Manchuria.



Late Amritlal Seth, editor ‘Janmabhumi’


Late Amritlal Seth, former editor of the Gujarati Daily Janmabhumi, who accompanied Nehru during his visit to Singapore told late Sarat Chandra Bose immediately after his return from Singapore that Panditji was warned by the British Admiral that, according to his report, ‘Bose’ did not die in the alleged air crash and if Nehru played up too high with the legends of Bose and demands for re-absorption of the INA (Azad Hind Fauz) in the Indian Army, he would be taking the risk of presenting India on a platter to Bose when he reappeared.




Journey of Gold-Diamond loaded Trunks:


What happened after August 18 remains shrouded in mystery. While conducting her research in Moscow and England Professor Purabi Roy pursued a war time major of MI5 who had snooped around Bose. Roy met the agent in Oxford and he told her that a huge amount of ‘INA money’ was handed over to Lord Mountbatten and a senior Congress leader in Singapore, and that is the key to Bose’s disappearance (and the subsequent reluctance to unravel the mystery) could be solved to a great extent by ascertaining the route that the funds travelled.” Read full story at: http://www.missionnetaji.org/newsite/page/treasure_treachery.html



Azad Hind Bank


Captain Wadhera sought to know the whereabouts of the huge wealth that was collected by Netaji for the freedom struggle and deposited in the Azad Hind Bank, which was specially opened to prevent misuse of cash and ornaments donated by Indians to strengthen the hands of the INA in its freedom struggle.


Recalling the events from his INA days, Captain Wadhera disclosed that a big rally was organized by the Indian Independence League at Singapore to welcome Netaji. “As the huge gathering of Indians in Singapore garlanded Netaji, nearly a truckload of garlands accumulated there”, he said.


After thanking the gathering, Netaji announced that he would like to auction the garlands that had been put around his neck.


“The bid started with Rs 1 lakh (in 1943 it was more than rupees fifty lakh of today). The first garland was auctioned for Rs 1 crore and 3 lakh, which was purchased by a Muslim industrialist of Malaya, Habibur Rehman. Later he volunteered his services to join the movement. The women offered their valuables and gold ornaments. Total collections at this auction were about Rs 25 crore”, Captain Wadhera nostalgically recalls”.





Mukherjee Commission submitted its report on November 8, 2005. The government sat on it for six months, then tabled it in Parliament on May 17, 2006, when it also rejected the report. Why such late in tabling the report?

Basically, the commission’s findings are the following:

(1). Netaji did not die in the August 1945 Taipei plane crash as reported.

 (2) The ashes at Tokyo’s Renkoji temple are not his.

 (3) The story of the crash was a trick to help him escape, and the Japanese and Taiwanese governments knew about it.

 (4) The Indian government suppressed a report by the Taiwanese government which stated this in 1956.

 (5) Netaji is now dead.



By Premendra Agrawal

‘Politics’ becomes trade due to dynastic rule

In an appeal on Nov 7, 2011 to all political parties spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who embarked on a three-day-anti-corruption yatra, said, “Politics should not become trade.”  In fact in India politics has become trade full of corruption due to the dynastic rule.


After years of Dynasties and Colonial rule India has been going through a period of shameful politicians and disastrous political culture which is affecting the life and living of common Indians in this country. This is the reason common people are coming in the support of Anna Hazare, Bab Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and others.


In fact corruption in Indian politics came and comes through the political dynasties in India. Seed of dynasty -rule was sowed, by Nehru. After years of Dynasties and Colonial rule India has been going through a period of shameful politicians and disastrous political culture which is affecting the life and living of common Indians in this country. Of late, well to do industrialists or rich persons enter politics, not to serve the nation, but to serve and protect them under immunity. 


Tatya Tope was hanged in British Rule, so his family members are now struggling to feed their stomach by breads. His heir residing in Kanpur could not get pension even after giving the bribe. Due to the poverty daughters could not get higher education.



Due to Ballabh Bhai Patel all kinds of pre-independence came under the umbrella of united India. After that Indira Gandhi finished privy-purses of the pre-independence of India’s kings. Were all those steps to make Kingdom Gandhi dynasty and other dynasties which are in its line, instead of those kings?


Under the June 3, 1947 plan, more than 600 princely states were given the option of joining either India or Pakistan, or choosing independence. Patel was understood the best man for the task of achieving unification of the princely states with the Indian dominion.



At present parliament of India is full of relatives more than ever before, fathers and sons, Mother and daughters, wives of the politicians, widows, uncles and nephews of the politicians. Has democracy in India become a monarchy?


The dynastic politics is not a good sign & the same is happening in film line.The talented people will keep struggling to come-up.


What do you say about the RJD, of the Lalu Yadav family, Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Yadav business, Shiv Sena? The late MG Ramachandran’s wife (Janaki) and mistress (Jayalalitha) battled to succeed him in AIADMK. Chandrababu Naidu and Biju Patnaik are not different. The DMK, is the property of  Karunanidhi family as Congress is the property of Nehru Gandhi family.


Former BJP prime minister Vajpayee wished that politics of india would live up to the age-old ideal of vasudeva kutumbikam (universe is a family ). In present scenario it seems that vajpayee’s wish has come true, and at list Indian politics has become a family business or family affairs.


In the matter of political dynasty India and United States America are competing to each other. In United States not only the Kennedys, Bushes, Clintons but others are also adopting dynastic politics.  From the start, American political life has been populated by dynasties that have dominated its conversation and civic culture.Consider these families: Adams (two terms as president, one as vice-president, one as secretary of state, one in the House); Roosevelt (two presidencies, one vice-presidency, one failed vice-presidential nomination, two governors of New York); Bush (two presidents, one vice-president, two governors, one senator, one chairman of the Republican National Committee, one head of the CIA, one ambassador); and Clinton (a president, governor, senator, secretary of state). That’s not counting the marriage of Elizabeth and Robert Dole, which alone comprises one House member, two senators, one chairman of the Republican National Committee, one presidential nominee, one vice-presidential nominee and two cabinet positions.



By Premdendra Agrawal


Mamta threats to quits, but not DMK, NCP!!






Mamta Banerjee, head of Trinamool Congress threats to withdraw support on Petrol hike as in the past CPM threatened on Nuclear-Deal. Could CPM’s threat give effect on the body of Congress? All know divide and rule policy of Congress and ‘Cash for vote’ scandals.


Will Trinmool withdraw its support? Will angry NCP and DMK withdraw support if Trinmool do so? CPM withdrew support then Samajwadi Party of Mulayam became ‘mulayam (soft)’ and supported Congress in the advice of Somnath Chatterjee who is waiting President.


Union Agriculture NCP leader Minister Sharad Pawar criticized  UPA-II to launch a fresh salvo against the Manmohan Singh government. NCP leader told a newspaper that UPA-II was weak.

It is right to say: “Either Congress is feeling the heat of its allies or allies are feeling that they are sailing on a sinking boat,”


DMK is not hiding its anger.  For what Karunanidhi is waiting?  DMK leaders are in jail.   Yesterday DMK MP Kanimozhi breaks down, asks journalists to leave her alone – Why the DMK suffering alone on corruption?


UPA allies, such as the DMK, NCP and National Conference, joined the anti-Centre chorus on yesterday, sending an already jittery Congress scurrying for cover


Congress, meanwhile, played down their opposition.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh seemed unmoved by the rising clamor against the fuel hike. Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the G-20 deliberations in Cannes, he said, “We must move in the direction of decontrolling more prices. I have no hesitation in saying markets must find their own levels.”



Congress knows:  none of the allies are engaging in brinksmanship by pulling out of the government or offering “outside support” – a favorite bargaining ploy – but feel strongly about softening the blow. Congress sources also feel that a part rollback is on the cards in view of political realities, with the Centre already under fire for price rise.


Congress think that it is an elephant and opposing parties are dogs to shout uselessly.


With petrol price rise, majority prefer diesel cars. But Congress is  thinking to hike the diesel price also.: “Tu Daal Dal Main Paat Pat”

By Premendra Agrawal



Imperialist China: Keeping Buddha’s hair but crushing Buddhists




Communist China keeps Buddha’s hair and tooth as well as crushing Buddhists in China and side by side spreading his imperialism by showing in maps Arunanchal as China’s part and PoK as the part of Pakistan.


As the published news of March 16, 2001, unearthed a miniature gold box in China believed to contain the hair of the Buddha. China’s Communist-controlled media have been in a frenzy of excitement over the discovery of the apparent Buddhist relic.


Journalists waited for days outside the local museum in Hangzhou for experts to open the heavy iron case which contained it.


The gold box case was found in a cellar under the ruins of the famous Leifeng Pagoda, which was built in 976 AD but collapsed after repeated attacks by relic thieves in 1924.


Communist China’s official news agency said the case contained a 35cm-high gilded silver pagoda, carved with scenes from the story of the Buddha Sakyamuni.


Reports also said this is thought to be the second piece of the Buddha’s hair found in China – a similar relic was discovered in the north of the country in the 1970s.

Pieces of the Buddha’s hair are also believed to be contained in temples in Burma, Cambodia and Thailand.


And a relic revered as a tooth of the Buddha, normally kept in a Beijing temple, attracted huge crowds when it was put on display in Hong Kong in May 1999.


There is also report destroying of monasteries and nunneries in Dalai Lama’s Tibet and crushing of Buddhists in China. In fact the emergence of communism sounded the death knell of
Buddhism. China which though religion a poison, has passed a law to force all Tibetan monks and nuns to follow rules on how to be good Buddhists.


Communism like Islam and Christianity is an expansionist dogmatic religion which always saw indigenous traditions and cultures with aversion. In the past we saw British imperialism. Now we see the Chinese imperialism. China invaded Dalai Lama’s Tibet and declared it to be part of China. On Nov 3, 2001, Chinese Ambassador to India Zhang asked the journalist to “shut up” as he repeatedly questioned him about the map on the cover of a Chinese firm’s brochure that showed Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh as part of China and Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) as that of Pakistan .


According to a secret Chinese military document, the PLA crushed 996 rebellions in Kanlho, Amdo, over the period 1952-58, killing over 10,000 Tibetans, Dalia Lama’s followers. [Work Report of the 11th PLA Division, 1952-1958] Similarly, the population of another Amdo area of Golok had its population reduced from about 130,000 in 1956 to about 60,000 in 1963. [China Spring, June 1986]Chinese army intelligence reports admit that the PLA killed 87,000 members of the Tibetan resistance in Lhasa and surrounding areas between March and October 1959 alone. [Xizang Xingshi he Renwu Jiaoyu de Jiben Jiaocai, PLA Military District’s Political Report, 1960]


On 9 September 1965, China formally established the so-called Tibet Autonomous Regional government, placing under its administration the whole of U-Tsang and parts of Kham area. China stripped numerous ethnic Tibetans like the Sherpas, Monpas, Lhopas, Tengpas, Jangpas, etc, who consider themselves to be Tibetan, of their Tibetan identity, classifying them as distinct Chinese minorities.


Out of Tibet’s total of 6,259 monasteries and nunneries only about eight remained by 1976. Among those destroyed were the seventh-century Samye, the first monastery in Tibet; Gaden, the earliest and holiest monastic university of the Gelugpas; Sakya, the main seat of the Sakyas; Tsurphu, one of the holiest monasteries of the Kagyus; Mindroling, one of the most famous monasteries of the Nyingmapas; Menri, the earliest and most sacred Bön monastery, etc. Out of 592,558 monks, nuns, rinpoches (reincarnates) and ngagpas (tantric practitioners), over 110,000 were tortured and put to death, and over 250,000 were forcibly disrobed.

Chinese army intelligence reports admit that the PLA killed 87,000 members of the Tibetan resistance in Lhasa and surrounding areas between March and October 1959 alone. [Xizang Xingshi he Renwu Jiaoyu de Jiben Jiaocai, PLA Military District’s Political Report, 1960]


“All’s Well that Ends Well” & “Shakuntala”





Shakespeare is known as the ‘Kalidas’ of England.


“All’s Well that Ends Well,” by William Shakespeare is a play about a young woman who finds a way to marry a rich lord, but is not loved by him. Kalidas’s “Shakuntala” perhaps inspired Shakespeare to write this play.


Rachel saltz says in his theatre review on “Shakuntala and the Ring of Recognition”: You don’t need to be an expert in Sanskrit aesthetics to enjoy the Magis Theater Company’s imaginatively staged production of “Shakuntala and the Ring of Recognition” at La MaMa E.T.C. The director, George Drance, understands that at its core, “Shakuntala” is about enchantment.

“Shakuntala” has a long history in the West. Goethe wrote: “If you want heaven and earth contained in one name/I say ‘Shakuntala’ and all is spoken.” Mr. Drance, like Goethe, is clearly a fan, and he does the play a service: he shows what an accessible, delightful work it can be onstage.

While on a hunting trip, King Dushyant of the Puru dynasty meets the hermit-girl Shakuntala. They fall in love with each other at first sight and, in the absence of her father, Shakuntala weds the king in a ceremony of ‘Ghandharva’-a form of marriage by mutual consent with mother Nature as the witness. As a fond remembrance he gave her a signet ring.

One day when hermit Durvasa stops at her hut for hospitality, Shakuntala, lost in her love thoughts, fails to hear his calls. The temperamental sage turns back and curses her: “He whose thoughts have engrossed you would not remember you anymore.” On request the sage added a condition: “He can only recall you upon producing some significant souvenir.”

Days roll by and nobody from the palace comes to fetch her. Her father sends her to the royal court for their reunion, as she was pregnant with Dushyant’s child. While travelling, Shakuntala’s signet-ring accidentally drops into the river and gets lost.

When Shakuntala presents herself before the king, Dushyant, under the spell of the curse, fails to acknowledge her as his wife. Heart-broken, she pleads to the gods for help. The spell is broken when a fisherman finds the signet ring in the stomach of a fish – the same ring that Shakuntala had lost on her way to the court. The king suffers from an intense feeling of guilt and injustice. Shakuntala forgives Dushyant and they are reunited happily. She gives birth to a male child. He is called Bharat, after whom India gets her name.


 “All’s Well that Ends Well”

In this play of Shakespeare, a woman is set an almost impossible task, and if she succeeds in completing it, she will get her dearest wish. You find in this play, a convoluted story of guys who want to marry the girl who doesn’t want to marry them, but wants the guy that doesn’t really want her but, wants to go off with another guy.

Helena of “All’s Well that Ends Well”, the orphan daughter of a famous physician, is the ward of the Countess of Rousillon, and hopelessly in love with her son, Count Bertram, who has been sent to the court of the King of France. Despite her beauty and worth, Helena has no hope of attracting Bertram, since she is of low birth and he is a nobleman. However, when word comes that the King is ill, she goes to Paris and, using her father’s arts, cures the illness. In return, she is given the hand of any man in the realm; she chooses Bertram. Her new husband is appalled at the match, however, and shortly after their marriage flees France, accompanied only by a scoundrel named Parolles, to fight in the army of the Duke of Florence.

Helena is sent home to the Countess, and receives a letter from Bertram informing her that he will never be her true spouse unless she can get his family ring from his finger, and become pregnant with his child–neither of which, he declares, will ever come to pass. The Countess, who loves Helena and approves of the match, tries to comfort her, but the distraught young woman departs Rousillon, planning to make a religious pilgrimage.

Meanwhile, in Florence, Bertram has become a general in the Duke’s army. Helena comes to the city, and discovers that her husband is trying to seduce the virginal daughter of a kindly Widow. With the connivance of the daughter, named Diana, she contrives to trick Bertram: he gives Diana his ring as a token of his love, and when he comes to her room at night, Helena is in the bed, and they make love without him realizing that it is her. At the same time, two lords in the army expose Parolles as a coward and a villain, and he falls out of Bertram’s favor. Meanwhile, false messengers have come to the camp bearing word that Helena is dead, and with the war drawing to a close, Bertram decides to return to France. Unknown to him, Helena follows, accompanied by Diana and the Widow.


By Premendra Agrawal


Wait for the book written by Premendra on mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri, coming in Jan, 2012



Bull fighting between Anna Hazare and Digvijay Singh



Congress freed Digvijay Singh to fight Anna Hazarre and his team


Digvijay has said that Rahul’s help not needed. He is sufficient to fight alone with the Anna Hazare and his team.

Is Digvijay Your Spokesperson?: BJP Asks Sonia, Rahul – Outlook

Does Digvijay Singh battle for himself or Rahul? – Rediff.com News



Digvijay Singh described Anna Hazare as “a
mask of all anti-Congress parties”,


New Delhi, Oct 27: With Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh’s spat with anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team grabbing media headlines every single day, the latest rhetoric to come from Singh is when he tweeted, “Plan A – Baba Ramdev. Crashed. Plan B- Anna. ? Plan C – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar soon to start his campaign.”

With the jibe hitting an all-time low, the latest lambast has caused the irk between Congress and Team Anna to widen further. With the Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s name being dragged into the matter, Digvijay Singh alleged that the RSS first used Baba Ramdev, then Anna Hazare and is now all set to use


Videos for anna hazare team vs digvijay singh: Direct: Digvijay Singh targets Team Anna – YouTube

Hazare blasts Congress leader Digvijay Singh – Arab News: Digvijay Singh’s remark is highly objectionable and slanderous. Being a member
of Anna Hazare team, I would like to voice my concern …. We will also not post
comments that advocate breaking the law or committing crimes.


Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain, Portugal, southern France and
some Latin American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and
Ecuador), Bullfighting is the most indefensible type of animal abuse… The art and history of Bullfighting in Spain, a popular custom and tradition., Now it is going on Indian Political scene.


Man vs Bull is also common in India. In fact this was in the news recently, because first the Supreme Court banned the four-century-old ‘Jallikattu’ – event that attracts thousands of people (including tourists) during the Pongal harvest festival in the state of Tamil Nadu, as a “barbaric” way of treating animals, and then due to pressure from Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister, the ban was overturned. Karunanidhi said it would be hurting the religious sentiments of people – and this is the same person who has made statements against the Hindu religion! More likely that he knows that too much money rides on this sport to ban it all of a sudden. It’s also a popular sport and that will cost him votes.

Jallikattu by the way is different from the Spanish bull-fighting as the bull isn’t killed, and the man does not use a weapon. What happens is (Wiki):


India Inc says scams, corruption hitting growth


India’s top industrialists appear increasingly concerned over procedural bottlenecks, corruption, delayed reforms and the logjam in Parliament impeding long-term growth and driving investments away from the country. In an “open letter” to “leaders” on Monday, 14 eminent corporate captains related stories

Lokpal bill soon, PM tells Anna

and policy analysts described the nexus between certain companies, politicians, bureaucrats and power brokers as the “biggest threat” to the economy.


The eminent citizens, including Deepak Parekh (chairman, HDFC), Azim Premji (chairman, Wipro), Jamshyd Godrej (chairman Godrej and Boyce) and Bimal Jalan (former RBI governor), said citizens and small entrepreneurs face “continuous daily harassment” in almost every interface with government officials.


This was the second letter by them since January highlighting issues concerning governance deficit and corruption.


“We support the need for urgent passage of a well-crafted lokpal bill by Parliament,” the group wrote, adding that the draft bill could help deal with “episodic corruption” but is unlikely to have any significant impact on “day-to-day corruption, which is insidious and demeaning”.

Mr N Vaghul             Mr Deepak  Parekh                Dr Ashok Ganguly
Mr Jamshyd Godrej Justice Sam Variava   Prof M Narasimham
Mr Yezdi Malegam     Ms Anu Aga    Dr A Vaidyanathan
Dr Bimal Jalan Mr keshub Mahindra  Mr Azim Premji
Mr Nachiket Mor  Justice B N Srikrishna

Above signatories believe that through urgent, concerted action in which we are ready to lend a hand, positive change can be achieved.





By Premendra Agrawal