Pakistan buried Akbar Bugti?

Bugti’s followers and family members’ suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Mush Govt to hand over the body of Bugti. Baloch even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. “They ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on my son’s hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him” said BJP MLA D N Kori in May 06. Discuss!


Tribal chief Nawab Akbar Bugti has been buried in Pakistan‘s Balochistan province six days after being killed in a military raid. No relatives were among the handful of people who saw the sealed coffin laid to rest in his home town of Dera Bugti. The only person to see and recognized the body during the funeral was the mullah who performed the ceremony. All unhuman cruelty to crush the sentiments of the family and the whole Baloch community is done in hurry by the Mush army.


Imagine what will be the anger of the deceased leaders’ followers. You can’t calculate sorrowness of the sons, greatsons and other family members.


I recall past incident of May 2006:” “They dragged my son Triloki out of the house and stabbed him to death. Then they ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on his hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him. To substantiate their claim, they even circumcised his dead body. All this was done because the officials wanted to prove that only Muslims had been killed in the Aligarh riots. One man even tried to claim my son’s body so that he could get the compensation,” said BJP MLA Devki Nandan Kori, and then broke down in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly


India is a democratic country and free media. So mischief can be rectified in some extend in democratic way. So, buried dead body was digged and handovered to Devkinandanji.


Pakistan is ruled by cruel Fauji dictatorial culprit of ‘kargil’. So, Pakistani army wrote black history on black Friday. The burial took place amid a nationwide strike called by opposition parties to protest Bugti’s killing. Bugti’s son-in-law Agha Shahid Bugti said the family had asked the Government to hand over the tribal leader’s body for burial. “It is inhuman and unacceptable. It is even un-Islamic to bury a person against the will of his family,” he said before the funeral took place.


I recall:”black Friday” film of Anurag Kashyap in the production of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd, is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book which has been wrotren on 1993 Bombay Blasts. Find article “Black Friday & Bloody Blasts” at my blog:


Late Nawab Akbar Bugti was a great leader of Baloch. It is great blunder there did not be a public funeral in Quetta as Bugti’s family wished. Bugti’s quiet burial next to the graves of his son and his brother took place against the wishes of the family, who were not among about two dozen people who attended the ceremony. One of Bugti’s sons, Talal, said they were not even asked to identify the decomposed body and queried whether it was that of his father. For the time being tribes could be kept silent to surround them by the troops. But how much time and in what way the situation will be calm?


Deceased followers and family members suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Government to hand over the body of Bugti. They even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. Suspsion is not without base. As we saw one youth employed in a Muslim contry abroad died. When his family member demanded then after too much delay they sent a body of a dead woman instead of that youth. After making much efforts untimately they found the death body of the dead youth.


Army officials said four more bodies had been retrieved from the rubble. “But they have been in a state beyond recognition. Baloch knew that in the past hundred and hundreds were butchered to the extent that Children were killed and their bodies were not allowed to be buried and hungry dogs were left to feast on them. This was done by the same patriotic army who refused to learn any lesson from East Pakistan departure. Alive people were thrown down from choppers on their villages to set example as a mark of love for the people of Balochistan.


Above mentioned allegation might have truth. Pakistani army and its trained terrorists are habitual for the cruelty. I recall my article “Multilate two brothers”written on June 2006:

Two youths Ram and Rahim are struggling to understand why brutalility has happended in their neighbour village. Lashkar-e-Taiba militants on June 14 night, 2006 killed a man and injured 15 others, chopping off the noses and ears of two of them. As revealed by the Times of India on June 17, 2006: In a gory act of revenge, Laskar terrorists slaughtered a 65-year-old man and chopped off the tongues, noses and ears of two brothers. The terrorists also left 11 others brutally injured in Nehoch-Dunga village of Gulabgarh area of Mahore tehsil in Udhampur district on night of June 14


By Premendra Agrawal

Why not ‘Vandematram’ in Lok Sabha on Sept 07?

Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee has denied permission to the request of BJP minority members to sing the national song in the precincts of Parliament on September 7, 2006. This Article has full discussion on this.


Lok Sabha Secretariat sources said the Speaker had denied permission citing the rules governing the Parliament to 200 BJP Minority Morcha members to sing Vande Matram, the national song to commemorate its centenary.


Aug 07, 2005 and Sept 07, 2006?

In 1905, the freedom movement had taken an organized shape and the same year country’s politics took a new turn with the announcement of Swadeshi Movement on August 07, 1905 at Calcutta. The declaration of Swadeshi movement is completing its 100 years on August 07′ 2005. But we could not get fully ‘Swadeshi’ Govt. We are under Congress led Left supported UPA government. Election symbol of Congress is ‘Hand’ which is now in the control of Videshi hand.


It may be recalled that the song of Vandematram was adopted as National Song on September 07, 1905. On the occasion of completing 100 years of this historic occasion National Committee for the centenary celebration of Vandematram and Freedom Movement Memorial Committee was celebrating this event. With a view to creating awareness among students regarding national integration and love for the country, all State Government have been informed by the Central Govt. for taking the decision to celebrate September 07 as Vandematram Day.


Here I want to draw attention towads Mahatma Gandhi and Dr.Hedgewar. The prayer meetings of Mahatma Gandhi used to begin with ‘Vande Mataram’. Founder of Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh Dr. Keshav Baliram Hedgewar was expelled from school in Nagpur due to “Vande Mataram agitation”. Is this the reason for Arjun Singh and lalu declaring the ‘Vandematram’ singing a subject of choice to support Gandhi and to oppose Dr Hedgewar? Who doesn’t want to sing, keep themselves in their homes? Why patriotism is a subject of choice?


Is Fatwa against singing Vandematram not jihad?

Why not a single maulvi sends a fatwa aginst those who do not sing ‘Vandematram’? Why not secular Muslims say thow who don’t sing ‘Vandematram’ will go to hell? Is fatwa greater than the law of the land and the order of the central government? Is jihadi maulvis want to establish parallel govt. as doing by Naxalites? Naxalites are brothers and children of Home Minister and they are not criminals as said by Lok Sabha speaker.


These fatwa’s should be treated as the conspiracy against India. Don’t the Muslim children go to Christian schools sing psalms from the Bible in the morning assembly like ‘Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name’? Do they come back home losing their faith?

Are Maulvis not making ’sijda’ (bow) before anyone except Allah. Where’s the controversy except in the minds of the misguiding fundamentalists?


In March 2004 Fifty-four Muslims have been excommunicated and their marriages nullified by a priest in Agra after they reportedly expressed the view that singing Vande Mataram was not un-Islamic. While issuing the fatwa, Mufti Abdul Quddus Rumi declared that singing of the national song ‘would lead those (Muslims) to hell.’


Opposite to the above now in August 2006 in Agra Muslim youth ended his eight-day fast to protest a fatwa (religious ruling) against the singing of India‘s national song Vande Mataram in schools.


Parliamentarians are for making law

Then why Lok Sabha Speaker not allowed BJP to sing ‘Vandematram’ in the parliament? Why parliamentarians don’t make law before Sept 07, so BJP can fullfil its wishes? Why only BJP? All should come forward in this cause.

Parliamentarians make law to raise their salaries. They can avoid the instructions of the President on Office of Profit Bill and can pass the bill to save Somanth Chatterjee and others.


They can pass privilege motion against the well known personality in parliament proceedings Subhash Kashyap on the instruction of Lok Sabha Speaker. Congress unsuccessfully tried to move privilege motion agains former external minister Jaswant Singh.


They could not pass the law to bar the PM for including tainted members in his cabinet.


Is there no law and authority in the Home Ministry to serve the non-bailable warrant to Sadhu yadav brother in law of Railway Minister? Why Delhi Police did not arrest him when whole world saw violence of Sadhu Yadave in the Loksabha? Was there any fatwa from super pm?


Now Abu Salem is going to be a gentleman in coming UP assembly election. Why such law by which these anti-nationals would not be a candidate. Otherwise time will come when a terrorist will be a PM one day as Italian origin tried in the past.


NAIK, SHRI RAM: first Member of Parliament to get consecutively Elected four times in Mumbai. He succeeded in introducing national song, ‘Vandematram’ in Parliament and also in changing the name of Bombay to Mumbai. In previous election filmi ‘Govinda aala re’ came to defeat Naikji. He became ‘Neta’ to sing ‘Vande Matrome’.

Now voters may issue warrant against Govinda. They are anxiously searching him.

In the next election Naik should come again, so we can see the law by which, singing ‘Vandematram’ will be compulsory for every Indians every son of Bharat mata.


Was Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Anti-Islam?

While listening to a rendition of Vande Mataram in 1952 by a renowned maestro, Krishna Kumar, in Delhi, Maulana Azad admired it saying it was graceful and inspiring as great luminaries like Rabindranath Tagore, Surendranath Banerjee, Satyabhushan Gupta, R.N. Bose and others had sung it.  Muslims should not get carried away by a few lines of the song as nobody is asking them to bow down. They must learn a lesson from Maulana Azad. On the occasion of the inauguration of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Maulana sahib’s forehead was smeared with a tilak at which Dawn, a Pakistani daily, commented in a cartoon that he changed his religion to Hinduism. At that, Maulana said that in fact by such participation, his faith in his religion strengthens more. Muslims must learn from his example.


Muslim Leaders espedially of Congress should remember Pt Nehru:

‘Vande Matram’ has history of revolutionaries went to gallows singing vande matram (that includes asfaqullah khan). It was a major inspirational song during freedom struggle. D V Paluskar sang vande Mataram at a Congress meeting in 1915. Subsequently, freedom fighters persuaded him to sing it regularly at the annual Congress conferences


‘Vande Mataram’ is obviously and indisputably the premier national song of India, with a great historical tradition, and intimately connected with our struggle for freedom. That position it is bound to retain and no other song can displace it. It represents the position and poignancy of that struggle.


By Premendra Agrawal


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President’s Marriage from the Prison



Japanee origin Fujimori Peru President looted then flied Japan. Later he reached Chile. On Peru’s request he was arrested. From prison he married his girl friend. Run Fuzi cola plant for re-election.


Alberto Jujimori had vowed to return to Peru to stand in the 2006 presidential elections – despite being banned from office until 2011. His supporters launched a soft drink called Fuji-Cola, to help finance his re-election campaign.


NCERT in IT age havemade available all the chapters as electronically downloadable PDF files:

NCERT is being used by the present Govt with the support of leftists as political weapon. But this weapon will be sucidical for them.


The new Class XII syllabus for the next academic session may include controversial issues like the Gujarat Riots and the Ayodhya dispute.

The Class IX Political science text book for example, begins with unsubstantiated innuendo on American involvement in a coup in Chile.


There is a “bark without biting”competition in India. Anti-Americanism of UPA and leftists is for getting whole sale vote of Muslim through various ways. One of them is NCERT books.


Prof Yogendra Yadav should feel free in including following facts in the NCERT book. This is freely downable. 


Similarities of Sonia Gandhi & Fujimori

“Japanese origin former PM of Peru, Alberto Fujimori looted Peru and when enquiry was going on he flied to Japan. Alberto Fujimori was prisoned in chile. From prison how he weded his girl friend? Answer is in the bottom of the article.


Accoring to the supporters of Former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori was the president who saved Peru from the twin evils of terrorism and economic collapse.


Sonia Gandhi is also in the eyes of Congressmen “Tyag Murti”. Time to time they symbolized her ‘Durga’ in posters, banners and hoarding as they did in recently held Kanpur rally.


To his opponents, Fujimori was an authoritarian strongman who rode roughshod over the country’s democratic institutions in order to preserve his hold on power. Sonia Gandhi has also these qualities.


Peru has compiled 12 cases against Mr Fujimori, including the death squad killing of 25 people in two incidents known as La Cantuta and Barrios Altos, illegal phone tapping, siphoning of state funds to the intelligence service, bribing of politicians and the transfer of $15m (£8.6m) to his spy chief, Vladi economic collapse miro Montesinos. Find these qualifications in the Congress leaders also.


Find the details of his marriage from the prisnon in the bottom

He arrived in Chile in November 2005 hoping to launch a new bid for the Peruvian presidency in 2006 elections only to be arrested on request of the Peruvian authorities. Throughout his political career, Mr Fujimori was surrounded by controversy. When he won the presidential elections in 1990, few Peruvians knew what to expect.

No doubt Sonia Gandhi followed most steps of Fujimori in India. Opponents know what Sonia will do in future. Her Italian passport, her house in Italy, one by one Bofors to Oil for Food scam and other suspicious roles are indication of her future planning.  


2001-4: Japan refuses repeated attempts to extradite Fujimori

2005: Fujimori arrested on arrival in Chile on Peru’s request


An agricultural engineer born of Japanese parents, Mr Fujimori was a political unknown until weeks before the vote.

With bogus Certificate of Cambridge born of Italian parents in Italy, Sonia Gandhi was a political unknown and known only after the death of Sanjay Gandhi. He became Indian Citizen in 1984 and congress member in 1997


In 1992, with the support of the military, he dissolved the Peruvian congress and courts and seized dictatorial powers. He justified the measure by arguing that the legislative and judiciary had been hindering the security forces in their fight against the rebels. Is the same situation is not created by Indian Fujimori?


‘Moral incapacity’ of Fujimori Vs Sonia Gandhi’s Renounce

1995: Fujimori estored congress and overwhelmingly won a second term.

In 1995, Mr Fujimori stood for re-election and won an overwhelming victory. Most voters cited his victories over left-wing insurgents and hyperinflation as the reason for giving him their support.


Compare this India’s Invisible fiendly fight between Congress and Lefts supported.

But a growing number of Peruvians began to voice concern that the methods used against the insurgency were also being employed against the president’s democratic opponents.


UPA blocked 21 blogs related to American and Hindu organization to prevent further 7/11 Mumai blasts! Govt. is uing its CIB against maneka Gandhi, ED against natwar, Telephone tapping of Mulayam, police and intelligency service against against Deputy CM of Haryana and many other against its opponents. 


His critics accused him of using the intelligence service – led by his shadowy security adviser, Montesinos – to intimidate and spy on political opponents. They said he exerted unfair control on the mass media and the judiciary, and used government resources to support his own political campaigns.


Compare this in the present political cinario of India.

Please remember how Sonia Gandhi in the past tried to be PM. But due to uproar of NDA especially Sushama Swaraj, Umabharati and othe NDA leaders including George Fernadis; Sonia Gandhi played a cunning political game of “Renounce”. 


2000: Re-elected for a third term amid allegations of ballot rigging

Although he won the May 2000 elections, amid further allegations of vote-rigging, the prized third term in office began the start of his downfall.

After the Montesinos scandal broke, the opposition gained control of congress for the first time in eight years.


2000: Flees to Japan after Montesinos scandal breaks

Congress dismissed Mr Fujimori on grounds of “moral incapacity”, refusing to accept the resignation he offered after fleeing to Japan.


Marriage from prison with his girld friend

Alberto Fujimori, the former president of Peru incarcerated in a prison in Chile, wed his girlfriend, Satomi Kataoka, a well-connected hotel owner. She filed marriage documents in Tokyo from Peru, where she was supporting the election campaign of Fujimori’s daughter Keiko. “I’m determined to stake my life on protecting him,” Kataoka said.


To see the above incident, and past records of high profile leaders, many questioning the owning of a house in Italy by Sonia Gandhi. Rahul could use Italian passport for journey to America in the past being a Congress MP. Economic bandit Quottrochi and leaders of bad name are also misusing passports. So there should not be more than one passport. Sonia Gandhi should also renounce her Italian Citizenship. They should be only Indian by acts besides wearing and makeup.”


People should be aware of one Alberto Fujimor Japanese origin, former president of Peru as well as Italian Origin Sonia Gandhi.


After 10 years of misrule, he did lots of non sense including looting the country’s wealth and enters japan when the Peruvian justice started questioning him and finally Japan, being a crooked country invokes a hidden Japanese rule that any Japanese ethnic person can become a Japanese national at any time. From there, he faxed in his resignation and took up Japanese citizenship. A number of cases of corruption, human rights violation and misuse of authority were filed against him in the courts of Peru. A request for extradition too was made with the Japanese government. It was shot down by Japan on the grounds that its laws did not allow the extradition of any Japanese citizen for crimes committed elsewhere. Today Fujimori leads an opulent lifestyle in Japan, never having to worry about cleaning up the mess he left behind in the country which had reposed faith in him.


By Premendra Agrawal

Nuke Deal to handcuff future generation

America is Macca & Ayodhya for few NRIs such as Arunachalam & Tellis, supporters of Nuke deal. PM is in their grip. No use of Telgi’s fake stamps & cheque of assurance of bankrupt leadership.


No doubt that Arunacalam is not mole in Rao’s PMO. But he and Ashley Tellis another NRI were co-speakers at a Carnegie Endowment program last year. Futher both are such noble scientists who are giving their services in their above 60 aged life to America instead of India. America is for them Macca, Ayodhya and Amritsar. They are guiding India for the benefit of their America. I will not giving other names here. Our Mr. Clean is with dirt of such advisers. And PM says believe on him. People should not believe on these American followers. 


Tellis version: The competition between China and India is moderated by these countries’ small arsenals and public commitments to no-first-use policies with both countries routinely maintaining their nuclear capabilities at relatively low levels of readiness. He added “Pakistan is a ‘weak state’ that is highly concerned about Indian threats to its security.”


Shoulld we forget the nuke attachment of Musharraf in Kargil and his   so many continuous threats for nuke war. Our leaders also take advantage of this aguement to cover increase in jehadi attacks and pak sponsored terrorism. Congress knows CPM only barks. Musharraf also knows Indian leaders only bark. U S and Israel did not ask to attack Afganistan and Lebanon on the same cause of terrorism. But we want permission of US to attack terrorist training camps in PoK. We are habitual under Congress leadership to follow foreign hands.


All have to go to leave this world icluding MM and Sonia. Every religion accepts this. But India is immortal. No body should try to blow knife on the back of our country. Gandhi treated Pt. Nehru and Subhash Bose equal because he was a saint. Pt. Nehru was admament to accept divided India to be PM, so we are lucky to celebrate Indepedence day.  Time treated us to accept the reality for peace and to go ahead. May we get peace? Our leaders accepted partition. We are still facing terrorism. Which is great panic between both? “Bujho toa Jane”: find the answer.


Gandhi’s last wish was to abolish the ‘Congress’. Even last wish of hanging accused is heard but last wish of Gandhi was not fulfilled and Congress became the property of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to overlook the martyrism of others. This is the reason Sonia and Mani Shankar Aiyar got authority to raise finger on the patriotism of Veer Savarkar. Subhash Chandra Bose and other freedom fighters became ‘Extreemist (ugravadi)’ in the school books. Sikh Gurus are being insulted in CERT books. New India and new history is being written on the direction of Soniaji. She has thorough knowldeg of Indian culture. Rajiv has written that before marriage Sonia feared to understand India a country of snakes and elephants.  


Nehru (his Ceasefire) gave us PoK and sweet music of ‘Hindi-Chini Bhai Bahi’. Indira gave us how ‘emergency’ can be utilized to be a dectator. So democratic MM is Sonia and Sonia is India equal to dictator Musharraf. Rajiv followed his predesesors to gift us Super PM. Atalji gave us crossing LoC bus. Now MM and Sonia’s flaging to buses every devil or holy human being can go and come back withourt terror & passport. They will go with their children by “Chhuk Chhuk gadi”. Great leaders give great things. We should gum them on our souls.


MM and Sonia Gandhi want to give any how Indo-US Nuke deal. They are adamant. Who can stop their Aswamegh-horse? Congress allies including Lefts in the situation of snake which caught chhachhundar (specie of Rat). Snake never feeds chhachhundar. Lefts caught the Congress. Neither they can leave (free) congress nor can they digest it. PM assured and will assure again and again. Believe on MM and Sonia. This is democracy. India is safe in Sonia’s hands for a long long period. Navin Chawla is safe in Election Commission to conduct general election of 2009. Kangaroo is safe to keep its head in the sand. What is harm if we become Kangaroos. 


Lefts have objection on nuke deal but they have allergy with BJP. Did ‘Kansh’ like ‘Krishna leela”? To sing in UP Mulayam-Amar needs SIMI and CPM. Present weak Congress is not past powerful Congress. BJP’s past has gone for some time due to top two. Except CPM other limited parties are the property of their families. So, MM is comfortable to sign Indo-US nuke deal.


He is bureaucrat. He has habit to do whatever he likes being a bureaucrat instead of politician. So, why he will give weight arguments of our scientists? He may meet them and also may hear them. Flower is to see its beauty. We should not pluck them. Indo-US Nuke deal is romantic. 


Why ‘resolution related to said nuke deal’ would come in the parliament for discussion and voting? PM in the Rajya Sabha delivers his lecture, well directed by Bush. Hear and discuss but don’t hear inner voice. All have to follow the dictates. MM and Sonia have veto for this. India could not be sixth country with veto power in UN. But in home ground MM-Sonia have veto. Hitler and Mao were also democratic. Natwar Singh wants to see MM’s name in the Greenish book because MM never won even an election of Municipality.  Sonia is supreme because of Gandhi dynasty.


MM will give us Inoo-US Nuke deal to handcuff future generation. No doubts at present stars are favorable to Sonia. So they have no challenge at present. “Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should assure the country through his statement in Parliament tomorrow that there will be no changes in the Indo-US nuclear deal at the instance of America,” CPI (M) leader Sitaram Yechuri said to mislead people.


American congress is not foolish as the Indian Congress. American Congress passed the Indo-US Nuke on the condition that they have right to change the deal whenever America needed but India is not with such power.  MM and Sonia Gandhi are also not immortal. Are Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and others removing their mistakes from heaven? Will MM-Sonia and others rectify from heaven or hell?


One bankrupt by accident damaged the property of another person. When person claimed then bankrupt offered his cheque to compensate damage. But is that cheque cashable? Are fake stamps of Telgi and his other friendly leaders sellable after the exposure?


KGB, Bofors, Wheat import through AWB ltd., Oil for food and so many scandals;  LeT in army and Air force and now in CRPF deputed in PM’s security; Moles in PMO and so many other secure places and other ghostic discoveries can’t allow people to believe in their assurances. Further they are not immortal. How handcuffed future generation would wash our sins? So scrap Indo-US Nuke Deal immediately. MM and Sonia are adamant because of hidden agenda of money matter in nuke deal.



By Premendra Agrawal


Hizbul in CRPF for PM’s safety?

Exposure: Paki jehadi are in CRPF. Names are Meharajuddin, Mansoor & Gulzar lon. They have been deputed at 7 Race Course outside PMO gates. They guarded PM. Recall Black car Comedy on PM House door!


That is the point from that PM could be in the target of these dangerous bloody jehadis. They have been outside PMO in 7 Race Course. These Pakistan trained terrorists after surrendering got posting, two in 1998 and one in 1995 in our CRPF under the secular UPA’s healing touch program. Names are Meharajuddin, Mansoor Ahmed and Gulzar Ahmed lon. Carbine of CRPF havaldar Rajkumar was stolen by these. FIR No.306/2004 of Rajkumar with carbine number and other details is still in police register.


Instead of punishing terrorists irresponsible officers of CRPF/Delhi police dismissed the complainant Rajkumar but jehadis are still in CRPF though they accepted that they are Hizbul jehadis trained in Pakistan. No enquiry, no arrest further. Punishment is only that their posting after knowing about them is now in North East CRPF. Known govt. sources said that this is not big mistake. Right! But what is big mistake then?


Indiatv senior journalist Rajat Shama wanted opinion of D.Raja of CPI. He answered that there should not discussion in the parliament. Further enquiry can be made in this matter. What a great our leaders are? He said like this because before this Vijay Kumar Malhotra expressed that this lapse of security will be discussed in coming working day of parliament. Latest news is that Maoists friends of leftists kidnapped two tourists of Chandigarh. Who supports Maoists (Naxalites) in BJP ruled states?


This is learnt from the two assassinations of our two late PMs and the Pakistan sponsored terrorism which we are facing since two decades. This was exposed by indiatvnews channel in the night of Aug 15. This not-excusable lapse in security will be questioned in the parliament day after to marrow. We celebrate Independence Day. Are we safe under present mindless aimless Govt. which is directed by Super PM? Our ‘swadesh’ our ‘swadeshi’ our ‘Swadhinta’ are under threat. Take back the sword of governance from incompetent pseudo-secularists. Their job was only to divide unity of our country to play vote bank politics.


Anger opens man – mind: Oh, Almighty (Ishwar) give anger to every Indian but not coward ness and hate without differentiate religion and caste, secular and non secular.

Oh anger is a substitute of coca cola for the world class energy. Tolerance..tolerance…don’t talk for this in present atmosphere: Might is Right. Nobody hear cowards. Use your anger very, very well in right patriotic direction of nationalism. It is an excellent, excellent tool more powerful than the Kadar khan’s nuke and the uniform of Musharraf with a pistol tucked in the pocket.  Confused fake nonsense coward government and secularists should not be kumbhkaran. Otherwise don’t hesitate to throw this nonsense government.


Moles were in the PMOs of Indira Gandhi to Narsimha Rao and still in PMO of Manmohan Singh. I have fully discussed these in my previous articles. Two Rajasthani Girls with a youth have been crossed the most secured barricades of PM’s house when the meeting with senior ministers was going on. These girls were air hostesses in the Jet Air Ways. Recently one officer of the same Jet air ways have been arrested by London police in connection with foiled liquid bomb plot.


In my previous article I have written:

Defense Minister said in the parliament that arrested three spies in Kashmir are of Army but before this in the same parliament Shivraj Patil had denied.


Priya Ranjan Das Munshi declared in the parliament that order for enquiring the leakage of Pathak Report have been given but there after he said decesion has been dropped.


Teesta guided Sonia in London when Sonia was spreading falsehood against Hindus in her lecture in the Mulstim Conference related to the brother of Osama Bin laden. This is the reason Union Home Minister reacted shrarply on Amercican Embassy’s warning. He said that there was no possible attack of Al Queda in India. Opposite to this National Security Advisor MK Narayanan admits al-Qaeda network in India.


Who are foes and Friends?

Speaker Somnath says naxalites are not criminal. Hindu organizations are icommunal for the Speaker, though his father had been a respectable leader of Hindu Maha Sabha. “We consider those who have taken up arms due to economic reasons as brothers. We are trying to bring them into the mainstream,” Shivraj Patil said during a discussion in Rajya Sabha on internal security. The Minister’s intervention came when Prabhunath Singh (JD-U) said Patil had referred to terrorists as brothers.”


Secular & Non Secular Division

Abhishek Sangvi supreme court lawyer (lier?) and Congress spokesperson called Gujarat police non-secular and the police of UPA ruled provinces are secular. Sachhar Commission of secular ‘Parkhnali’ have come out to count Muslim heads in army, judiciary and in every field of the nation to divide Hindu and Muslim.


Hate is neither an energy nor bravery, hate is a closed door and self-defeating and very, very self-destructive. Path of Hinduism have no hate for any human being. We love even animals rat to lion. We should go ahead to wake up these useless slept leaders by drum beating or lighting fireworks to invite Diwali. Otherwise show them a sight for which they are liable.


Our simple people are led into a cozy belief that everything’s fine when it isn’t. Present Leadership is what will destroy us in every direction. Human nature has a tendency to look for leadership, to look for guidance. Leaders think Rules are for fools. They know the rules and then know how to ignore them. See how Super PM making fool to sacrifice in novel ways. We created Bhasmaur – leaders. Office of Profit Bill has been sent again to the President for signature. Natwar misused his authority because he gave introductory letters to his relatives but Sonia Gandhi used safely her authority by giving introductory letter to Natwar addressed to Saddam. What a sugar coated falsehood?  It’s very difficult to go forward unless you know what the structures are and how to change those structures.


We are in the grip of globalization of our Govt., our premiership to leave our independency, our culture every thing because of those we were ‘Jagatguru’. And now our Govt. of Italian leadership is going to sign Indo-US Nuke Deal. After that we shall sit for getting pemission outside the waiting room of US. There will be no Pokhran if needed.

This is Novel globalization! This is Adaptation of fake and false images.


That’s the foolishness we face. We have to get out of that?


Why these leaders are misleading people? Why we are treating them leaders?


Anger, reforms, revolution create but hate and coward ness destruct?


By Premendra Agrawal

Mole: Indira to Rao All the Way

Mole was also in Indira Gandhi’s PMO. Black car’s breach at PM House, War room leak, LeT in Army & Air force even then Sonia, Shivraj, Pranav, Lalu, SSP, CPM are able to save India. Why PM know mole?


There are facts in the public domain that there was mole in PMO of mostly PMs including Indira, Rajiv & Narsimha Rao. This is clear that the powerful civil servant presently living abroad and excluding V S Arunachalam and P.C.Alaxander is a mole.


There is every possibility of the leakage of information that might come in handy for the vested interests to fish in the troubled water of the Ganges and Yamuna. But one should set their house in order before telling others how to behave.



Dr. Singh perhaps has known the mole


Manmohan Singh is in mistaken if he denies that there was no mole in Narsimha Rao’s PMO. He was finance minister in the cabinet of Rao. He wanted name of mole from Jaswant Singh in the beginning. Now PM is silent perhaps on the advice of former law minister Jethmalani. Otherwise PM has known such mole and now he himself want to hide this because of political or other reason. Jaswant kept mole’s name a secret despite having taken an oath not to do so. Trio wants to take each other in the legal and political grip. But the people want to know.



Mole in Indira Gandhi’s PMO


Indira Gandhi held a meeting with Ramanna and Venkataraman as well as her new science adviser V.S. Arunachalam, and her top advisers Principal Secretary P.C. Alexander and Cabinet Secretary K. Rao Sahib, to decide on whether the test would be conducted.

The Kargil Review Committee Report [Kargil 2000] states that “Former President Venkataraman and the then Scientific Adviser, Dr. V.S. Arunachalam, both said that Indira Gandhi agreed to a nuclear weapons test in 1983 but called if off under US pressure.” Chengappa offers a interesting (and somewhat dubious) account.

Question arises here was there the nuke test secrets leak to US at the time of Indira Gandhi?


There are three publications: George Perkovich’s India’s nuclear bomb (California University Press, 1999) Raj Chengappa’s Weapons of Peace (Harper Collins, 2000) and From Surprise to Reckoning, the Kargil Review panel’s report (Sage Publications, 2000). These three publications make it clear that beyond conducting successfully the twice-postponed nuclear tests, the BJP contributed little to Indian nuclear weapon development or policy, the policy was mostly formulated by Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao with contributions from V P Singh, Chandrashekar, Deve Gowda and Inder Gujral and later finally executed successfully by Atal Behari Vajpayee.


In fact, there had been no difference between the Congress and the BJP in respect of nuclear strategy before present PM Manmohan Singh. Dr. Singh is now going to reverse the nuclear policy of his all preceding PMs. Why he is adamant to sign Indo-US nuke deal to overlook the protest of all parties except Congress? Will CPM stand on its stand in future? CPI who supported whole heatedly Indira’s Emergency now has come in the support of Dr.Singh.



More may be in the list of suspects


Manmohan Singh and Jaswant Singh should come out immediately with the name of actual culprit to avoid confusion in the media and public. They should be forced to do this. Even after that exclusion of two as mentioned in the beginning, following are quite a few who could be on the list of possible suspects according to Jaswant Singh’s claims: Amarnath Verma, former principal secretary to PM and one who was described as one of the most powerful man in his times; Ram Khandekar, addlitional private secretary to the PM; Jitender Prasad, political advisor to the PM; Matang Singh, a minister of state in the PMO; Aslam Sher Khan, a minister of state in the PMO; Surendra Singh, former Cabinet secretary; RK Prasad, press information advisor to the PM; R.K.Dhawan and Bhuvanesh Chaturvedi, a minister of state in the PMO who also denied as Arunachalam. There may be other subordinate also.



Keki Daruwala uphold existence of Mole in Rao’s PMO


A former chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee Keki Daruwalla has confirmed to the Hindustan Times that he believed that a top-secret Intelligence briefing was leaked to the United States by a senior official in 1994 during the PV Narasimha Rao regime. Keki Daruwala is a famous writer, poet with collection of poems, ‘The Map-Maker’ ‘The berth of Maya’ and son of English Professor Daruwala who had taught Khushawant Singh English in Government College, Lahore.


Narasimha Rao was worry to know about the missile threat to India from Pakistan and its allies. Rao instructed to the Chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee. Daruwalla.  Accordingly he prepared a full presentation with slides which was attended by the prime minister, the principal secretary to the prime minister, the cabinet secretary, the home secretary, the defense secretary, the three service chiefs, APJ Abdul Kalam who was then scientific adviser, the secretary, R&AW, and the director of the Intelligence Bureau. The presentation focused on India’s ability to repel possible missile strikes and our vulnerability to such attacks.


A week after the briefing, Daruwalla came to know that Kenneth Brill, then US diplomat in India, familiar with the details of the complex presentation. Brill said he had asked for an appointment, to assure Daruwalla that his perception of India’s vulnerability was needlessly pessimistic. He then went on to offer what was almost a point-by-point rebuttal of the presentation. Kenneth Brill is now US ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and serves as ambassador to the UN in Vienna.


Daruwalla was horrified by this apparent leak and immediately wrote a note to the cabinet secretary recording the meeting and expressing his concern. He says that until he retired in January 1995, he received no response to his note and nothing to indicate that any action had been taken. Dauwala in light of Jaswant Singh’s revelations, is that “Yes, the Americans certainly had access to top-secret information at the very highest levels of Government.”



Highest Honest dignity in PMO


Indira Gandhi after 1980 requisitioned the services of a low-key bureaucrat, P.C Alexander, from Brussels to serve as her Principal Secretary. In a span of less than two years, he had become Indira Gandhi’s confidant on political and administrative matters. He had little experience in handling ticklish political issues. Alexander was left without support after Indira Gandhi’s assassination on October 31, 1984.


A few weeks after Rajiv Gandhi was became Prime Minister; he made a dramatic disclosure in Parliament that the entire personal staff of Alexander was involved in selling state secrets from the PMO to foreign agents. The youthful Rajiv Gandhi cleared the name of P.C Alexander in Parliament and appointed him as India’s High Commissioner to London. On his return from London after a 33-month stint, Alexander was given a gubernatorial assignment in the Raj Bhawan in Chennai and there after he was the Governor of Maharashtra. Alaxander was possible candidate for President Post on behalf of BJP.


After Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in May 1991, P.V Narasimha Rao emerged out of nowhere as it were to lead the Congress and the party. It was during Rao’s prime ministerial from 1991-96 that liberalization of the economy became a reality under the finance ministerial of Manmohan Singh. Buta Singh and Sibu Soren was most corrupt politician at that time.



Political leaders of Mafia gangs: Vora in his report


Narendra Nath Vohra, the former home and defense secretary, was all set to take over as Gujral’s principal secretary on July 1. Vohra headed a committee in 1993 submitted his report to the then prime minister P V Narasimha Rao: ‘Some political leaders become leaders of Mafia gangs or armed Senas and over the years get themselves elected to local bodies, state assemblies and the national Parliament. Resultantly such elements have acquired considerable clout seriously jeopardizing the smooth functioning of the administration and the safety of life and property of the common man.’


There was uproar after the report was made public, but no action followed. Many believe when Vohra settles down in the PMO as the most powerful bureaucrat in the country, he would make far-reaching suggestions to Gujral in bringing about much-needed legislation to bar politicians with a criminal background from contesting elections. But nothing could be done. As a result now there are so many tainted ministers in the cabinet of so called Mr.Clean Dr. Singh.


By Premendra Agrawal

ISI Jihadi Naxal Nexus

Naxalism is Terrorism indeed, don’t allow terror to win. ISI uses naxals. Who demanded separate Muslim State in UP? Who banned ‘Slogan of Bharat Mata’ in Poonch & allow painting of nude Bharat Mata?


Handicapped Tunda is red alerted most wanted terrorist from pakistan.


52-year-old from New Delhi, with a flowing henna-dyed beard Abdul Karim Tunda has been arrested in Mombassa, Kenya — and will now stand trial for his role in so many bombings that had killed hundreds of lives. Born to a lower middle class family in Delhi, Karim is believed to have moved to Pilkhuwa, near the town of Ghaziabad, in his teens. He then shifted base to Mumbai, where he set up a dyeing textiles business.


Pseudo-secularists evoke the sentiments of Muslims to high light the demolition of Babri Structure. They even continue the hate program playing vote bank politics to add unfortunate Gujarat riots in every talk and walk of life to divide Hindu and Muslim. What did Congress, Lefts and Mulayam yadav in the past every one knows? Still Mulayam gives certificate of patriotism to banned SIMI. Now Congress led Govt. is instructing to every province for banning SIMI. But in the past Sonia Gandhi, Ambika Soni, Shri Pakash Jaoswal opposed the NDA Govt. for this.


According to the investigations, Ghauri — who had a Naxal past — was present at a meeting organized in Bhiwandi soon after communal violence had ripped it apart in 1985. Ten years later, Ghauri, a young man from a Hyderabadi Muslim family, and his close associate Karim ‘Tunda’ (handicapped), set up a proper terror network for the Lashkar.


Just after December 6, 1992 Ghauri, Tunda and Ansari established a dangerous terror group to attempt terrorism with the help of ISI, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Pakistani nationals. India’s perhaps first Lashkar cell executed 43 small bombings in Mumbai and Hyderabad and seven separate explosions on inter-city trains. Ansari was arrested 13 days before he was to set off a second series of bombings, this time on Republic Day in 1994.


Ghauri, Tunda and Pakistani Lashkar operative were able to draw on cadre from the now-banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and other such organizations with ease.


Abdul Rahman, an activist of the Dulkan organisation of ethnic Uighurs in China‘s Xinjiang region who was arrested by the Kolkata Police in January 2000, was sheltered in the city by two SIMI members, Aziz-ul-Haq and Nazrul Islam. He escaped from prison and fled and was recruited by the LeT, and brought to Calcutta en route to Dhaka for an explosives course under Tunda.


In what is being described by intelligence agencies as disturbing, the Pakistan-backed Lashkar-e-Tayyabba (LeT) has established a close rapport with the Naxalites operating in the backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region of the State.


Key accused Aamir was allegedly an activist of now-banned SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) in 2001. He even headed a ‘Ikhwan conference’ on November 5, 6, and 7, 1999, where he disseminated hate propaganda and gave a speech on Islamic nationhood, titled “Islam is our country and not India.”

According to Aurangabad police officials, over 5,000 Muslim students from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Rajasthan, gathered at Maulana Azad High School during these three days.

Even recorded speeches of higher-ups in the Palestine terrorist organization Hamas were played to mislead students to take up violence.”

Notorious Lashkar-e-Toiba’s commander Azam Ghauri, who was shot dead in an encounter in 2000 by the Karimnagar police, was also present in that conference.


Tunda has two wives and two sons. The younger one, Shahid, helps him in the perfume business, while the elder son is a LeT activist.

He was also instrumental in brainwashing Jalees Ansari, a doctor with the Birhan Mumbai Municipal Corporation, who triggered over 40 blasts in Mumbai and Hyderabad during 1992 and 1993. When Jalees was arrested in January 1994, Tunda fled to Bangladesh and set up his hideout at Jatra Bari in Dhaka.


In comparison to the indiscriminate violence perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, the Maoist menace (also infamous as Left-wing Extremist or Naxals) has been plaguing India for quite some time, posing as the other biggest internal security challenge. Shivraj Patil said that Terrorists are our brothers. Lok Sabha Speaker said that naxalites are not criminals. Congress and Communists both want votes so they support infiltrations. On the instruction of Sonia Gandhi Congress supported naxalites in Andhra with the help of YRS and captured the power there.


Congress took support of Muslim League in Keral and Insurgent separatist groups of S.E. Provinces. The same policy was adopted by Left parties. Congress and left both promised to release terrorist Madani from Coimbatore prison. Govt. instructed states themselves to fight naxals separately. It don’t want to make policy for joint efforts of the states which are in the grip of Naxalites because these states Chhattisgarh, Orissa, jharkhand and karnatak are BJP ruled.


However, the question remains, why the tribal who are part of the government sponsored anti-Naxal campaign started by Congress opposition leader Mahendra karma (Salwa Judum) were left unarmed against their powerful attackers in that fateful night? How they can defend themselves with bow-arrows and Lathis when the naxalites have Pakistani rifles and Chinese grenades. These facts have been already given to Centre Govt. and the same confirmed by I.B. chief Narsimhan. Why Lonely MP of Chhattishgarh Ajit Jogi, left parties and UPA govt. interested to impose President Rule in the Chattisgarh to oppose historical ‘Salva Judum’?


NDA Govt. established village defense committees in J & K and provided them arms. Many soldiers left army service to defend their villages from terrorists. But UPA Govt. is doing nothing to encourage them. On July 4, 06 Two Muslim youth had held for supplying 14 pistols to Naxalites.


This is the old history of Congress to encourage terrorists, insurgents, separatists and violent armed groups and individuals for taking help in the election and later went against them. Because of this country pained to see the assassination of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi. Indira Gandhi in the starting encouraged Bhinderwala and later ordered army to enter Golden Temple. Rajiv Gandhi in the starting supported LITTE and latter foolishly Indian troops were sent to Sri Lanka in 1987.


We cannot pursue our electoral calculations at the expense of the abiding national interests. Since the Congress and the Left have competed with each other for a few parliamentary seats in the border districts, they have abetted unhealthy forces and trends. Now both owe it to themselves and to the country to move away from potential security hazards.


Each one of demand-makers such as pseudo-secularists, supporters of domestic or foreign jihadis, makes his or her own calculation about the Center’s capacity or incapacity to deal effectively and efficaciously with difficult customers. Those who assess the Centre to be weak or incapacitated move in with artillery. So we have last chance to take tough decisions. Owing to perceived threats from Jihadis and Naxalites, Mr Bush’s security has decided to take him to the various destinations in the city by air. Five year planning of Naxal-jehadi combination is to grip more than half of the country in their influence. What is the policy of Indian Govt.?


After the defeat in Bangladesh liberation War Pakistan made policy to fight in the land of India. Now Pakistan adopted brain washing process through terrorists supporters, Naxalites and votes greedy politicians in India in the name of to save Islam, demolition of Babri structure and Gujrat. It wants to create Civil War like situation in India.


Who will punish terrorists, Islamic fundamentalists & naxalites? Please don’t allow Arjun Singh Mulayam Singh pseudo-secularists, followers of jinnah to divide people in the name of religion and caste. The persons who don’t want to adopt berth control then take responsibility to fulfill the wishes of their children. Nation should not suffer for this nonsense. The demand of separate Muslim Province in UP should be thrown in the sea. To see our tolerance Anti-Indians dares to paint nude Bharat Mata and to ban in Poonch Dist of Jammu to raise slogan of ‘Bharat Mata ki Jay’ in the way of ’Budha Amarnath’ to please terrorists. Please don’t encourage Anti-Indian traitors. We are such Indians who drove British. feel coward ness or helplessness.


By Premendra Agrawal

Pak signed treaties to forget: PM on wrong foot

 Tags: Pak signed treaties, Signed Treaties to forget, PM on wrong foot, Pak adopted terrorism, Terrorism to fight in Indian land, POTA, Bangladesh, Kashmir

Pak signed treaties to forget. Every wing including ISI & Army is independent to attack India. After Bangladesh creation Pak adopted terrorism to fight in Indian land. Watch Shariff Musharraf word-war.


Great scholler Mr. Singh said in G-8 that the terror attacks in recent months had nothing to do with the repeal of the Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA). What is the need of that clearance? No one ask for this. To make law is our internal matter. Does America or Pakistan ask like this?


After Mumbai and Srinagar, Dr Manmohan Singh is to urge with foliding hand, at a G-8 summit, an “unambiguous, united international response” to extirpate terrorism. World dumbs for cowards. Since those who behave like sheep are eaten by the wolves, only a strong deterrent action, and no amount of tolerance or emotional shrieks, will save India from continuing Pak-Bangla aggression. Enemies must be crushed; not embraced. Only the strong deterrent action can defeat the aggressors.


We should learn from Israel. It is striking to release its three soldiers. It did this even for the safety of its citizen in single degit. Bush has refused to urge Israel to halt its offensive on Lebanon to punish Hezbollah guerrilla attacks across its border.


At the time of Kargil war, Bush & Tony instructed us “ Don’t cross LoC”. Have we courage to destroy terrorist camps in PoK?


India, Pak must find new ‘pathways’ for peace: Manmohan

Mr.Great PM don’t advise Pakistan. After the creation of Bangladesh. Pakistan sellected a path of terrorism. 70.000 Pakistani soldiers had imprisoned by us after defeating its forces. Our brave army had waved Indian flag on Lahore. Pakistan experienced that its army never win in conventional war.  So Pakisan decided to fight in Indian lands in the shape of terrorism.


I had a tremendous headache when I read:Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Pakistan always gives firm commitment. Even It signed treaty to forget. Have you doubt in this?


Watch Shariff & Musharraf word-war. Now Pakistan is recruiting Indian Muslim youth for their terrorist strikes. These terrorist strikes are also beyond J & K.


Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in India are terrorists.  “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir, Nov 2001


On July 17, 2006 when pointed out that India believed that LeT, which is backed by Pakistan’s ISI, could be involved in the Mumbai blasts, Benazir Bhutto said, “certainly LeT is a militant group…I believe such groups are undermining Pakistan’s integrity…, giving Pakistan a bad name… And endangering Pakistan’s very existence… During my tenure (as the Prime Minister), there were no attacks outside Kashmir


Our pity PM has demanded a firm commitment from Pakistan against terror. Who is in Pakistan sole responsible authority? Fighting words between Nawaz Shariff and Musharraf show that in Pakistan every wing is a force onto itself to attack India. Shariff said that Musharraf is biggest terrorist in the world. Musharraf said that he did ‘Kargil’ on the instruction of Shariff.


Administrative authority in Pakistan declared in the Karachi court that they have no control on ISI. Benazir said that ISI is a force onto itself, and she had no knowledge of what ISI was doing when she was PM.


Benazir Bhutto has frankly admitted that while in power she had no control over Pakistan’s nuclear program.


“Terrorist groups… seem to have better international cooperation among themselves than the countries… facing the scourge,” Foreign secretary Saran said.


We ourselves are disunite in India.


Why POTA removed? Who are demoralizing police, army of our country when they are fighting against terrorism? Are we punishing such media which are evoking Muslim against Hindus to target Gujarat? Jehadis spread Terrorism in India in the mask of pseudo-secularist, human activist, journalist, NGO. Teesta Sitalwad & Abu Azmi are dancing with terrorism & became NGOs & journalists. Is Anti-Hindu only way to save this country? If yes then why Anti-Hindus wear Hindu dresses and keep Hindu names? Why they are deceiving?


If we can’t find answer of all these then no might to save us from  dinosaur of terrorism. Please don’t act drama. If you want to be actor or actress then you have to go Bollywood, Hollywood, Lollywood or other wood.


India should strongly demand that Pakistan should be declared a terrorist nation immediately on the basis of following facts:


(1) The British put Pakistani organizations openly engaged in terrorism
on their official list of terrorist organizations.

(2) December 1999: George Tenet, Director of CIA and Michael Sheen, State Department Coordinator for Counter Terrorism, Michael Sheen testified before a Senate Sub-Committee that :

US intelligence has sufficient evidence that Pakistan is a state-sponsor of terrorism against India


(3) Non-Kashmiris engaged in killings in India are terrorists.  “If I had been Prime Minister of Pakistan, (the events of) Sep. 11 would not have happened” – Benazir Bhutto, November 2001.


(4) American Taliban, John Walker, has admitted to fighting in Kashmir. This could not have happened without the help of ISI, which created and nurtured the Taliban.
Robert Blackwill: US Ambassador to India, Nov. 21, 2001 New Delhi, stated in a press conference for foreign media that “all persons involved in killings in Kashmir
were terrorists and that they were no freedom fighters.”

(5) 1948: US Secretary of State Gen. George C. Marshall told the British that Kashmir’s accession with India was legal and final as far as US was concerned. Therefore the lie of “Kashmir being a disputed territory” is very disturbing while it has further emboldened the position of Islamic militants


We should remind the world:


Bangladesh is also a State-Sponsor of Terrorism


The world is also silent about harrowing abuse and ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Bangladesh.  Amnesty International has publicized horrible atrocities against Hindu women in Bangladesh, such as gang-rapes in front of their fathers and husbands, resulting in floods of Hindu refugees from that country.  Bangladeshi government does nothing beyond denying facts



By Premendra Agrawal


Nuke in Kargil : Shivaji & Shastri

History is Past. News is old.


Santosh Kanwar, widow of Martyr Mangej Singh swore ”I shall not hesitate to send all my three sons to the front and will be proud if they die defending the country like their father”

High than Mount Everest height emotional words of the martyr-memorial at Kohima:


When you go home
tell them of us
And say
for your tomorrow
we gave our today


(1) LONDON, MAY 12, 2002:

The Pakistani Army mobilised its nuclear arsenal against India in 1999 — during the Kargil conflict — with the full knowledge of its then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, the Sunday Times reported today, quoting Bruce Riedel, who was a senior adviser to the then US President Bill Clinton on India and Pakistan.


While Clinton reminded Sharif how closes the US and Soviet Union had come to nuclear war in 1962 over Cuba, Sharif agreed it would be a catastrophe even if a single bomb was dropped.  


John Pike, director of the Washington-based Global Security Organisation, said intelligence channels could have become aware of the trucks that carry Pakistan’s nuclear missiles being moved from their bases at Sargodha, near Rawalpindi.


(2) MARCH 29, 2005:

Ex-defence minister Jaswant Singh said a former US ambassador was responsible for spreading paranoia about an impending India-Pakistan nuclear war during the 1999 Kargil war. There was this US ambassador, whom I shall not name, who was saying these things. And I asked (former minister of state for defence) Arun Singh to go and have a word with him,” Singh said.


(3) As news agencies reporting on July 7, 2006: 

There was a deployment of certain variety of missiles that Indian Authority saw. Jaswant Singh has sighted that site in his book which is under print and will come in public soon.


(4) “American Diplomacy and the 1999 Kargil Summit at Blair House,”

by former White House official Bruce Riedel, says whole truth of the kargil War:


Prime Minister Sharif had seemed genuinely interested in pursuing the Lahore process when he met with Vajpayee…he wanted an end to the fifty year old quarrel with India. His military chief, General Pervez Musharraf was said to be a hardliner on Kashmir, a man some feared was determined to humble India once and for all.


When Clinton later reveals the extent of Islamabad’s nuclear preparedness, Sharif “seemed taken aback and said only that India was probably doing the same,” Clinton then berates Sharif, asking “did he know how crazy that (getting nuclear missiles ready) was?”

An angry Clinton had asked repeatedly for Pakistani help to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice from Afghanistan. Sharif had promised often to do so but had done nothing. Instead the ISI worked with Bin Laden and the Taliban to foment terrorism, Riedel discloses Clinton as telling Sharif. (More recent reports say Musharraf sabotaged a CIA project to train Pakistanis commandos to catch Bin Laden).


Sherif tells Clinton that unless the US gives him some face-saving formula for withdrawing from Kargil, the fundamentalists back home will gun for him and this might be his last meeting with the US President.


Sharif had a choice, withdraw behind the LoC and the moral compass would tilt back toward Pakistan or stay and fight a wider and dangerous war with India without American sympathy.


Finally in September 1999, Sharif sends his brother Shahbaz. But all that Shahbaz wants to discuss is what the US could do to help his brother stay in power. “He all but said that they knew a military coup was coming,” recalls Riedel. It did, a few weeks later, when Musharraf toppled Sharif.


The above printed version of Riedel is now in public domain.

Spokesman, Colonel Bikram Singh, said there was every reason to believe the Pakistanis were equipped with chemical weapons as they had left behind some gas masks. Pakistan is a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention and has declared that it does not have any chemical arms.


In the summer of 1999, India and Pakistan fought a 73 day military conflict merits intensive study.


(1) Shivaji and Afzal Khan

Shivaji to follow ‘Tit for tat’ policy, pretended to be extremely afraid of Afzal Khan and his army, and offered to surrender personally to him provided his well-being was guaranteed. When the meeting took place, Afzal Khan (a big, stocky and giant of a figure, compared to short and agile figure of Shivaji) tried to kill Shivaji with a big embrace and stab at Shivaji in the back, but ‘Hindu Rashtra’ founder was quick and he passed his arm around the Khan’s waist and disemboweled the Khan with a small and sharp dagger called the ‘bichwa’.


(2) Lal Bahadur Shastri

He was also of short figure as Shivaji. Shastri promised to meet force with force, and by early September the second Indo-Pakistan war had commenced. He instructed the army if needed march towards Lahore. Though the Indian army reached the outskirts of Lahore, Shastri agreed to withdraw Indian forces.


(3) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Heading the Cabinet Committee on Security gave the armed forces a simple unencumbered task: to evict the intruders without crossing the Line of Control.


(4) Why religious head count in Army?

We should salute our soldiers when they are alive, not just when they become martyr?


(5) General Ved Prakash Malik

He said in an interview: Also, though India and Pakistan are nuclear nations, it is not true to say there cannot be a conventional war between them. Kargil proved that. There is a threshold under which a conventional war is possible. We must always be conscious of the fact that terrorist operations and militancy are part of a conflict spectrum. It can escalate and shift into a conventional war quite easily. It happened in 1947, it happened in 1965 and it happened in 1999. Today’s law-and-order problem can turn into a war tomorrow. We need to monitor the situation carefully and be prepared physically and mentally in case it escalates.


‘Kargil is not the end. Militancy is not going to die down’ Lieutenant General Y N Sharma (retired), who lost a leg in the 1971 Indo-Pak war, said Pakistan had fought five jihad wars, including a proxy from 1985-98. The neighbour was repeating ‘a cycle of hate and aggression’.



By Premendra Agrawal

Book on mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri written by Premendra, is coming soon, probably in Jan 1912