Book: Silent Assessins: jan 11, 1966 [Chapter 1: Truth of two neighbors]

Book: Silent Assassins: Jan 11, 1966

Chapter 1 (Page 1 to 35 )

“Most of the time, what you read doesn’t matter. It’s what you don’t read that’s important.”  

“the chief conspirator” – senior captain Kremlin Akhmeta Sattarovicha SATTAROVA? 

How many cooks were arrested at that time?

There was also the arrest of one Indian cook, who was that?

Find answers here in this chapter.

Perhaps you don’t know he is still alive or not?

Where he lived, where he is living?

What he did in Kremlin as Kremlin Chief Cook?

Perhaps you are anxious to know more and more about him and other cooks, who were arrested alongwith him. 

Read here in this chapter, full details of him whith his photos,  if you not read in:

“India after Gandhi “written by historian Ramachandra Guha 

Biography of Indira Gandhi by Katherine Frank

SCOOP! Inside stories from the Partition to the Present or Beyond the lines written by Kuldip Nayar

Lal Bahadur Shastri. Life of Truth by C P Srivastav

Or any other book or any news article  besides above 

Kashmir: churning Centre of the World




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Book is going to be released in the first week of coming October 2012

Silent Assessins: Jan 11, 1966 [Truth in Memory Hole]



Hardcover: 460 pages

Chapter 20 in Two parts

Language: English

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MPs’ Angry: Insult to Lord Krishna in Russia

Manmohan Singh was shaking hands with Putin on Dec 17, 2011, then Bhagvad Gita faces ‘extremist’ branding in Russia. Cambridge has finally closed the door on Sanskrit. When Cambridge honoring Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a doctor of law degree in Oct 2005. In 2006 leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Nikon called the Hindu God, Lord Krishna an ‘evil demon’ around the time of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan’s state visit to Moscow to meet Russian President Putin.

A local saying, jahan jahan pare charan santan ke wahan wahan bantadhaar is seen at the time of foreign visits of our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.


My forthcoming book let you remind the “Good Day To Black Night To Die Hard



(Reuters) – Angry

MPs forced parliament to close on Dec 19, 2011, and protesters gathered outside a Russian consulate over a Siberian trial calling for one of Hinduism’s most holy books to be put on a list of banned literature that includes Hitler’s Mein Kampf.

The case filed by state prosecutors in the Siberian city of Tomsk says a translation of the Bhagavad Gita is extremist because it insults non-believers, local media in Russia say.

“We will not tolerate an insult to Lord Krishna,” members of parliament shouted, until the house speaker adjourned parliament for several hours.

The Bhagavad Gita takes the form of a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna prior to a battle. Its philosophical insights were praised by Albert Einstein and forms a bedrock of the Hindu belief system

Hare Krishna adherents in orange robes shouted slogans and danced outside the Russian consulate in Kolkata,


Only Hindu temple in Moscow had been demolished

Hindus all over the world expressed outrage and anger after a leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Nikon called the Hindu God, Lord Krishna an ‘evil demon’ around the time of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan’s state visit to Moscow to meet Russian President Putin.

The only Hindu temple in Moscow had been demolished last year, leaving some 15,000 Indians and 10,000 Russian followers of Hinduism without a place of worship. Now the Mayor of Moscow and the Russian Orthodox Church are together trying to stop Hindus from

“Now, the Russian Hindu community in Moscow have no place to house the consecrated Deities they had worshipped for the last decade,” claimed Dr Mihir Meghani, President of the Hindu American Foundation.



I have written an article on Oct 12, 2005 “Cambridge honored Dr. Singh to close door on Sanskrit, Hindi”  

Cambridge has finally closed the door on Sanskrit as a hallowed subject of undergraduate study, nearly one-and-a-half centuries after it first established a chair in the 3000 year old language.


The decision within hours of Cambridge honoring Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a doctor of law degree, in what some scholars believe to be the most cynical form of “tactless academic marketing”.


Smith, who has taught Sanskrit to Cambridge undergraduates for 22 years said the decision was “tactless” in its timing and skewed in its objectives. “They are doing this at a point of time when they are honoring Manmohan Singh, soliciting benefactions from wealthy Indian businessmen and seeking students from South Asia,” he said. He said he had no new undergraduate students seeking to learn Sanskrit in this academic year, which began a week ago.

Smith added with unconcealed anger at Cambridge and other Western universities’ increasing propensity to run themselves as businesses that employ MBA-speak: “There are some subjects simply worth doing. This is a language that has been going 3,000 years and hasn’t stopped yet. You cannot understand the culture of the Indian sub-continent and the world outside it without learning Sanskrit”.


* This side that side


Dishonor of Bharatmata

Hindu God Goddesses

And Gandhi by Gandhigiri,


Oh Lord Krishna

Re-born re-born again

to fight Mahabharat again

We can’t wait

Can’t wait no long

Hear my pray

Oh Lord krishna


* Body burns, but the soul flies away

Paper burns, but the words fly away

Every word of book enlightens others

Every patriot martyr enlightens others  


* Holika burns, Bhakt Prahlad was safe

Yet Sanatan Hinduism Hindutva is safe

Hirnakasyip wished all to worship him

Maoist Leftists want all to follow them 


* They crush flower perfume spreads

Can break Violin but music spreads

Can kill human, not remembrance

Hinduism preaches much tolerance

Crack down on Yoga Guru Ramdev supporters

Centre and police implemented it on Yoga Guru Ramdev supporters to please their “political masters”:

 Leaders and their executors become like the emperor in the fable by creating a toxic situation whereby Supreme Leader’s their policy implementers are rewarded for being ‘yes man’ ‘Yes Madam’. Leaders believe they are doing the best for the nation and leading at well. They even believe their people are 100% behind them.

We know the fable the emperor who glorified in himself and considered no one to be above him. Having been told that the clothing he would be wearing could only be seen by some one wise, he proceeded to ‘wear’ his new clothes.


The Supreme Court was today told that the decision on midnight crackdown on yoga guru Ramdev and his supporters was taken in advance by the Centre and police implemented it to please their “political masters”.


Who is above the centre and police?

Is 10 Janpath above the PMO?

Is Nehru Gandhi family not above all?

Who remember Lal Bahadur Shastri?

Who allowed letting Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mysterious death?

Who are invisible hands not accountable but doing all?

Who are grooming them?

 “Sonia Gandhi surprises many when she shook a leg with tribal dancers”


In ancient Roman the emperors took over the Senate’s political and legislative power, but they needed the help of legislators/parliamentarians who had experience in diplomacy, government, and military command. Since the emperor designated candidates for all government positions, legislators /parliamentarins had no other access to super high command except through loyal service. A shrewd emperor could turn legislators/parliamentarians pride and loyalty to the advantage of the political emperor (Nehru Gandhi family). By simply allowing senators to wear a broad purple stripe on their togas, for example, the emperor marked them as rulers of the Mediterranean and added to their prestige.


However, most legislators/parliamentarians remained loyal to the emperor because the constant danger of displeasing suspicious emperors outweighed the remote chance of success. As the old noble families died out, the emperors found new blood among the local elite of Italy and the provinces.

Svetlana: Ex-Foreign Minister vs his two uncles

Brijesh Singh, husband of Stalin’s only daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva, was the uncle of Ex-Foreign Minister Dinesh Singh. His other uncle Suresh told Svetlana Alliluyeva that he wanted to do something for Kalakankar in memory of her brother Brijesh Singh , and he asked Dinesh Singh  to accept at least a memorial room in college. But Dinesh Singh, disposing of all public funds in the country, did not support it.

“We would have done it ourselves, but we have no money,” – concluded hopelessly Suresh and Prakash.

Then Svetlana Alliluyeva came up with an unexpected idea – if she stayed in India, she could publish anywhere abroad, her first manuscript “twenty letters”, and then she would not be a burden to anyone here, and could help all these people..

She wrote for the publication of “Twenty letters” to Paris Luba Krassinoy, Emmanuel d’Astier wife, with who was seen three times before in Moscow.

A few days later came a short telegram: “Yeah, maybe.” Later came a letter from Luba, who wrote in Russian, that she fully understands. But no practical advice in the letter was about “Twenty letters”. Could Svetlana Alliluyeva trust the people they barely know?


Svetlana Alliluyevarecalled: Emmanuel d’Astier suddenly rang around her door in July 1962 he introduced himself, saying that he wrote an essay about her father Stalin and Svetlana would like to clarify with her some biographical information. After some hesitation, Svetlana invited him into her apartment and both talked for several hours……… D’Astier then wrote a lot of our conversations and repeating what Svetlana need most to write a book about his life. A year later he published his book about Stalin,” where I found (without attribution) my photos and stories, with confused names, dates and facts.

Then d’Astier was in Moscow two or three times, and came to see me. Every time after that I was summoned to the Central Committee and politely asked – “what does this Frenchman?” And do not believe that he just brought me a letter from the Luba or French perfume.

Of course, Svetlana violated the “party rules” without telling first of these visits. But she was not going to follow them. For them, hermits fenced in the Russia from the world – and especially for her – this unexpected and unusual opportunity to communicate with the outside world was a precious experience. I treasured it and believe in sympathy with the French writer and his Russian wife, although, in general, I was very little about them is known.  

My forthcoming book on the murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri contains much material on left leaning Indian leaders. 

A Good Day To Black Night To Die Hard

Perhaps Mr. John McClane lifted the title in 1988 for his movies ‘Die heart’ after the assassination of JKF Kennedy or Lal Bahadur Shastri. JAN 10 might be called Good day due to the signing of ‘Tashkent Accord’ means ‘No War Treaty’. Lal Bahadur Shastri was murdered in the black night of that day. My forthcoming book on the assassination of Shastriji highlights this angle with so many uncovered facts.  


The Die Hard series is a series of five action films beginning with Die Hard in 1988. All five films are centered on the character of John McClane (portrayed by Bruce Willis, a New York City police detective who finds himself fighting a group of terrorists in each episode. There are also several video games based on the films, as well as a comic book series released in August 2009


Die Hard 5 would, clearly, be too simple a name for the further adventures of Mr John McClane. And, clearly fuelled by the need to uncomfortably wrap the words Die and Hard into as clunky a title as possible, Fox has announced the name of the fifth instalment in  the Die Hard franchise.


It’s going to be called A Good Day To Die Hard.


“Since the first Die Hard in 1988, John McClane has found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, with the skills and attitude to always be the last man standing, making him enemy #1 for terrorists the world over. Now, McClane faces his greatest challenge ever, this time on an international stage, when his estranged son Jack is caught up in the daring prison escape of a rogue Russian leader, and father and son McClane must work together to keep each other alive and keep the world safe for democracy.”


A few decades ago, political, medical and other vectors are intertwined so tightly that some of the sad events of historians, politicians and citizens of friendly countries interpret ambiguous. USSR for many government and public figures could be a country not only attractive, but dangerous. In pre-war times there have been occasions when the distinguished guests who came to visit USSR, did not know whether they will ever return to his home. Someone could have died under mysterious circumstances; someone died or simply vanished from sight. Even with government officials, especially during the “Great Terror”, we have not been made to stand on ceremony.



Sanjay-Rajiv: Accidental death and Assassination

Stan Winnick remembered Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s visit with her son Rajiv Gandhi to Russia after the mysterious death of then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri in Tashkent.  



They drove to the factory Antonov wanted to keep an eye out there for the purchase of aircraft. Rajiv Gandhi worked for a time as a pilot in “Indian Airlines”, and then he set about trying to test the aircraft in the air.



That’s where Indira Gandhi secretly whispered to his escort: “No way should this not be allowed!” Indian aircraft a guard did not check.

They gave us a command:” do what you want”, but Rajiv hold on the ground. The “nine” was convinced that for Rajiv Gandhi there was no threat, but the move had to invent excuse, saying that the flight was not provided to diplomatic protocol. Rajiv Gandhi obeyed.

The next day before leaving Kiev, Indira and Rajiv had breakfast at the residence on Rosa Luxemburg Street, 4, opposite the hotel “Kiev”. Suddenly Indira Gandhi called Stam Winnick to her and gave a figure of ivory with the words: “May this divine statue protects you as you are guarding my son.” Of course, it was very touching.

Subsequently, it became clear that Indira Gandhi was not in vain afraid planes: an aircraft crash killed her younger son Sanjay Gandhi, whom Indira Gandhi saw as his successor in politics. But Rajiv Gandhi was killed by LITTE, when he became Prime Minister.


The personnel security officer of 35 years in the KGB for 10 years led a division of the 9th USSR KGB service, Stanislav Fedorovich Winnick, talks about what it is – take care of a senior official Forest apple of his eye, duty and betrayal, secrets are usually hidden from the prying eyes of service. This is being described in my forthcoming book on the murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri.



Updated on April 11, 2013: 

Unatural death of Gandhies: Brothers competed as middlemen for IAF deal: Wikileaksn



Three assassination attempts were made on Sanjay Gandhi: WikiLeaks 


Income inequality and corrupt leadership

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) says India has the highest number of poor in the world. India is top in Swiss bank A/c. Anna Hazare says: “My Dream Is That Inequality Is Reduced”.  Do you know what type of singing and acting of Rahul Gandhi and others is to attract the poor in U P election?


OECD says the top 10% of wage-earners make 12 times more than the bottom 10%, compared to six times 20 years ago. Some 42% of India’s 1.21 billion people live on less than $1.25 a day!



Price increases have made it difficult for the poor to afford basic necessities, such as education. Because the poor are not even able to invest in education for their children, an unfortunate cycle in which the poor remain at the bottom of the economic pillar persists.




Fighting corruption by corrupts is going on in India


Two crimes of corrupt politicians


Crime No. 1: Price increases had consequences that exacerbated inequalities inasmuch as they widened the income gap


Crime No. 2: With the acceptance of globalization, India’s labor force has become increasingly divided as some areas benefit while others are exploited and their income gaps widen.



It is widely understood that income equality can provide stability for a nation, which can only help in fostering long-term economic growth. More directly, income equality enables many more individuals to participate more fully in the economy. This is due to income equality providing opportunities for employment, product consumption, access to borrowing, and the ability to invest and save.


Therefore, it is necessary to understand the income distribution effects in India. Thus, the implications for income equality are indeed significant in maintaining stability in such a large and diverse nation.


Price increases have made it difficult for the poor to afford basic necessities, such as education. Because the poor are not even able to invest in education for their children, an unfortunate cycle in which the poor remain at the bottom of the economic pillar persists.


Culprit 1:

These price increases had consequences that exacerbated inequalities inasmuch as they widened the income gap


2: With the acceptance of globalization, India’s labor force has become increasingly divided as some areas benefit while others are exploited and their income gaps widen.



Effects of corruption

Corruption affects the poor by diverting resources and holding back development

Corruption impacts the poor through public service delivery

Corruption affects poor’s basic livelihoods

Corruption can affect poor’s political choices and participation


Corruption affects income inequality and poverty as well as affecting economic efficiency corruption can also have distributional consequences. This affects income inequality and poverty by reducing economic growth, the progressivity of the tax system, the level and effectiveness of social programs, and by perpetuating an unequal distribution of asset ownership and unequal access to education.



Survey evidence indicates:

(1)  The lives of poor to be most affected by corruption

(2)  Direct correlation between income levels and incidences of bribery encountered


Memory hole: “right to be forgotten online”

People ask Kapil Sibal who removed the documents related to Lal Bahadur Shastri,and Subhash Chandra Bose? My forthcoming book on the murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri contains so many hided/removed facts? Why those facts are not in the government records of India and Russia?


Now Kapil Sibbal asked Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Facebook to remove disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory content before it goes online.


Sonia Gandhi through Kapil Sibal is forging ahead with its plans to create a “right to be forgotten online” means Orwellian memory hole. Who wants to say Anuj Dhar that Right to Information (RTI) means Right to forgotten?



Why Kapil Sibal and his boss in government and in his Congress Party want to create Orwellian memory hole into which unwanted facts can disappear as they did time to time in the past? 



Kapil Sibal is a Supreme Court Lawyer. Has Kapil Sibal not seen how a court in Germany successfully petitioned to have convicted murderer Wolfgang W.’s name removed from the German edition of online encyclopedia Wikipedia, along with attempts to gag the US edition of the web site?


With numerous injunctions against online archives, the two killers were trying to achieve the deletion of their names. Such a deletion was made in the German Wikipedia.


In November 2009 the Federal Court the application of one of the murderers on non-mention of his name at the website of an Austrian media company before the European Court of Justice to clarify, among other things, the jurisdiction of German courts.


The Federal Court ruled on 15 December 2009 that the convicts are not entitled to remove their names from Internet archives, this would mean an undue restriction of expression and media freedom.


The attempt to prohibit the lawyers, even the American Wikimedia Foundation, naming the names on the English page of Wikipedia was unsuccessful – in the English article the names are still available. By seeking the deletion, saw American newspapers like the New York Times prompted to name the names and expressly noting that the citation was protected the name by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (free speech).