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India on Thursday said it is lodging with China a strong protest against fake anti-malarial ‘Made-in-India’ drugs detained by Nigerian authorities, maligning the Indian pharmaceutical industry for consignments which actually originated from the neighbouring country. “Taking serious note of the action by scrupulous elements to malign the Indian generic pharma industry, Embassy of India in Beijing, has been requested to lodge a strong protest with concerned Chinese authorities and also to impress upon them to take stringent action against such scrupulous elements,” a commerce ministry statement said here. It said the government’s Drug Regulatory Authority (NAFDAC) has reported about the detention of a large consignment of fake anti-malarial generic pharmaceuticals labelled ‘Made in India’ but produced in China.

India should remind Obama

Obama Renews openness about his Muslim roots ahead of Egypt Speech.The president, who is a Christian but whose Kenyan father came from a family that includes generations of Muslims, stressed his Muslim roots in a way that he never did during his presidential campaign last year, when it might have been seen as a political liability. 

Now, Obama appears to be citing his Muslim roots as a tool for encouraging more moderate elements of Islamic society to rise up and ally with the United States. 

Obama told his audience in Egypt that the U.S. is home to nearly 7 million Muslims, who enjoy income and education levels that are higher than those of the average American. 

He referred to his childhood in Indonesia in an interview with the BBC ahead of his trip. Adviser Denis McDonough did the same on June 5,09. 

In an interview with a French television network, Obama also stressed the need for a better dialogue and the common ground between East and West. 

Obama should stress the need for a better dialogue and the common ground between Pakistan and India also. He should suggest Pakistan for stopping the infiltration of terrorist in to India. 

“One of the points I want to make is, is that if you actually took the number of Muslims Americans, we’d be one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,” Obama said. 

Obama should know the following statistics: 

Indonesia: 200 million Muslims. India: 156 million Muslims. Pakistan: 150 million Muslims. United States: 2.3 million Muslims (according to the Pew Research Center). Muslims make up between 1.5 to 3% of the US population.

We should remind Obama that India of Hindu majority is home to the world’s biggest minority, and that there are more Muslims in India than in all of Pakistan 

And while addressing the Turkish Parliament two months ago, Obama said the United States has been “enriched” by Muslims. 

“Many other Americans have Muslims in their families or have lived in a Muslim-majority country — I know, because I am one of them,” Obama said. 

Let Obama should realize: Hinsuism is the mother of secularism 

We should remind Obama an incident of April 2005: A group of Indian Muslim leaders told former Pakistan Prime Minister Shujat Hussain that India was a secular country “because of Hindus”. Hindu by nature can follow the law of the land and uphold the constitution of any country. The goal of a true Hindu is not to become religious but to become self-realized. Indian Muslims, who think themselves as brothers of Hindus and sons of Bharat Mata, can follow the same line. Hinsuism is the mother of secularism. Ancient Hindu society was based on absolute freedom to search the truth without getting attached to any particular belief system and that is the goal of Dharma. Ancient India realized the purpose of secular thinking long before West discovered secularism. Thus it is very easy to be secular for a Hindu. 

Obama speech stirs controversy in his home state U S 

Obama’s citing of his own background invited mockery from some quarters with the Politico’s Mike Allen calling the comments ‘by far the most extensive he has made about his Muslim roots.’ Michael Rubin of conservative weblog The Corner also found fault with Obama’s studious avoidance of the word ‘terrorism’. Questioning Obama’s ‘balanced tone’ on the the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Matthew Brooks said: ‘American policy should not be balanced – it should side with those who fight terror, not those who either engage in it or are too weak to prevent it.’

By Premendra Agrawal


Britain’s Curry King vs 26/11 brain Saeed

Britain’s ‘Curry King’, one of the hostages at Taj hotel during the 26/11 attack, is back in Mumbai. 26/11 brain walks Saeed free in Lahore after six months of house arrest.  “We are in greater danger from people inside our country than from foreign terrorists entering India” Said Sonia Gandhi at an election rally in Khunti (Jharkhand) on April 11, 2009.


Dr. Singh becomes greater than Scientist Albert Einstein to invent “Joint anti-terror mechanism with Pakistan” Every December 6 (Down fall of Babri strucure) vote bank politicians flow tear in return Taliban imposed ‘zazia tax’ on Sikhs and other Hindus in Swat. Why didn’t PM Manmohan Singh lose sleep?



Know in my article of May 22, 2007,  the tips of the Congress for gaining power again.

Manmohanji, we salute you

Welcome PM,

We salute you,

we salute your

Economic Excellency

Indo US Nuke Deal Courtsey

Unplanned Joint Mechanismcy

Welcome Prime Minister

Welcome your fourth birth day


We salute your democratic vision
your total tolerance devotion

Your vivid confusion
Oh logical delusion
we salute you!


We salute your Super PM’s commandment

A dutiful loyalist in government (again in 2009)

Secular minority appeasement

Gandhigiri’s flowery bombardment

On terrorism Naxal Maoism

We salute you!


We salute your cabinet without comment
of empty brain intelligent
We salute without hesitant
God save our great country

Now in the hands of zeros

We salute you!


We salute your allies

We salute your ulta pulta outsiders

We salute your foreign hearts

We salute your cabinet, Mr. PM!

We salute you!



Curry King one of the hostages in Taj back in town as Mumbaikar


As media eport of Jun 4, 09: Britain’s ‘Curry King’, one of the hostages at Taj hotel during the 26/11 attack, is back in Mumbai, having not only put the nightmare behind him but also come out with those memories in print.

Sir Gulam Noon’s book, Noon, With a View, was published in Britain last year. A special edition being released in India will have an additional chapter on his escape, not only from 26/11 but also from the 1993 serial blasts.

Of the Taj experience, he said, “I remember looking out of my room window and seeing bodies being carried out on luggage trolleys. But even that horrific sight couldn’t keep me from coming back.

“The attack made the people of Mumbai join hands and speak out against the government. This was a revolution of sorts and I have never seen anything like that. I am very proud of the city and still call myself a Mumbaikar,” said Noon, 72.

Noon was born in a one-room house on Mohammed Ali Road and lived most of his early life sharing it with eight others. He managed to get to Britain and then started selling chilled authentic Indian meals. He founded Noon Products in 1989 and is now not only a millionaire but a respected philanthropist.

He was knighted by the Queen in 2002. He went on to be nominated for peerage in 2006 but was embroiled in the ‘cash for honours’ scandal along with Tony Blair, Lord Levy and others. He has donated more than 530,000 pounds and was interviewed by police before being cleared during a “cash for honors”



By Premendra Agrawal


Handcuffed Japan India, not North Korea

Japan should not depend on U.S. nuke: Ex-Australian Minister Gareth Evans

Pak-China-North Korea’s open nuke threat to India

Withdrawing support on N-deal not a good idea: Bardhan

North Korea ready to sell Nuke Missile technology to anyone to any country for dollars



Japan should not depend on U.S. nuke: Ex-Australian Minister

‘‘Can you really be serious about nuclear disarmament while at the same time thinking nuclear weapons should be available not just to deal with other nuclear weapons’ threat from other countries,’’ Ex-Australian Foreign Minister Gareth Evans said, adding that the longstanding Japanese government policy is a double standard. Evans, co-chair of the International Commission on Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, visited Japan following its regional meeting last week in Beijing.



How handcuffed future generation would wash our sins?


Should we forget the nuke attachment of Musharraf in Kargil and so many continuous threats for nuke war by other Pak-rulers .

MM will give us Indo-US Nuke deal to handcuff future generation. No doubts at present stars are favorable to Sonia. So they have no challenge at present.




Nehru Gandhi family loyalist CPI’s general secretary A B Bardhan today admitted that withdrawing support to the UPA over the Indo-US nuclear deal was perhaps “not a good idea”. CPI remains B team of Congress since Pt Nehru.



Pak exchanged Nuke-tech for N Korean long range missiles: US


North Korea received designs for uranium enrichment centrifuges from Pakistan’s disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan in return for its long range missile.


US China Helped Countries Like Pakistan, North Korea Build Nuclear Bombs


US officials helped Pak steal nuke secrets


Senior US officials have helped Pakistan to steal nuclear weapons secrets. Pak’s father of atomic bomb sold nuclear centrifuge designs, 18 tons of centrifuge parts and even 2000 complete units to North Korea, Libya and Iran.


Intercepted communications showed former ISI chief Mahmoud Ahmad and his colleagues stationed in Washington were in constant contact with attaches in the Turkish embassy, according to The Sunday Times.

Intelligence analysts said that members of the ISI were close to al-Qaeda before and after the 9/11 attacks on the US. Ahmad was accused of sanctioning a 100,000 dollars wire payment to Mohammed Atta, one of the 9/11 hijackers, immediately before the attacks, the report said.



Rumsfeld sold North Korea nuke tech for profit


Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, sat on the board of a company which three years ago sold two light water nuclear reactors to North Korea – a country he now regards as part of the “axis of evil” and which has been targeted for regime change by Washington because of its efforts to build nuclear weapons.



Is India heading towards one party rule to follow N Korea?


North Korea is a single-party state under a united front led by the Korean Workers’ Party. Though nominally a socialist republic, it is widely considered by the outside world to be a de facto authoritarian/totalitarian Stalinist dictatorship.


Except BJP, all parties including SP, BSP, RJD,LJP, NCP, TMC and all other such are sitting in the Lok Sabha on the benches of ruling party or its supporters.

Credible opposition vs Sheep race after May 16



Is India heading towards one family rule to follow Kim Jong?


Kim Jong-il inherited power when his father, North Korean founder Kim Il-sung, died in 1994. In doing so, he established the first dynasty in the communist world.

Since Mr. Kim reportedly suffered a stroke last year speculation has centered on his successor most probably for his third youngest son.

Dynasty rule by democracy becomes the fate of India. It is oxygen for Congress but hereditary disease for the common people.


Would Japan be nuked again as Nagasaki – Hiroshima?

There may be or may not be secret nuke accord exists between Japan, US. But in any case US save Japan, if Nuke attack occurred in future on Japan.

Japanese–Korean relations Japan-North Korea relations turned more antagonistic in the late 1980s. The two governments did not maintain diplomatic relations and had no substantive contacts. The opposition Japan Socialist Party, however, had cordial relations with the North Korean regime. Japan allowed trade with North Korea only through unofficial channels reportedly exceeding US$200 million annually in the 1980s.

North Korea is readying to test-fire one of its mid-range missiles that can hit all of South Korea and most of Japan, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency quoted a lawmaker on June 2, 09 after a defense briefing.


North Korea may this month also test a missile designed to fly as far as U.S. territory and may also be gearing up for skirmishes with the South around their disputed sea border, South Korean media reported on June 1, 09.


The United States and Japan, which is concerned because it is within striking range of North Korean missiles, have pushed hardest for tough new measures, but China and Russia — traditionally closer to the North — have been more restrained.



By Premendra Agrawal


Late abortion in US and Indian alliance politics

Should late abortions data (of political alliances in India) remain secret, as today argued by the Department of Health (DoH) in American court?


On May 30, 2009 George Tiller, a doctor who provided late-term abortions in Kansas of America is shot dead. A Kansas woman was found guilty on Oct 22, 2007 for Cutting womb to kill or Kidnap Unborn Child.



Late abortion issue of America has taken a different shape in Indian politics of alliances. After BJD of Orissa now JD (U) of Bihar is preparing itself for abortion after more than three years sharing power with BJP!  


As news reported on May 30 by PTI, a meeting of JD (U), called here to discuss the poll performance of NDA, today heard demands for snapping of ties with BJP with several leaders attacking the alliance partner for raking up its pet issues like Hindutva in the Lok Sabha elections.


“BJP did not give any cooperation to us in Jharkhand. The BJP state unit supported those candidates who were fighting against us at two places. Even in Bihar, we did not get the expected support from the the party,” JD(U) spokesman Shivanand Tewari  said. JD (U) sources said some sections of the party even demanded snapping of ties with BJP.



Wife womb for hire

I recall the news published on June 18, 2006: Certain people, especially in tribal belts of Gujarat, have smelt an irresistible business opportunity in the skewed sex ratio in the state. If many tribal daughters are being sold in marriage, there are also reports of husbands agreeing to their wives staying with higher caste men, who are not able to find a wife in their own community, for a monthly rental. In Netrang taluka in Bharuch, police officials quote the recent instance of Atta Prajapati allowing his wife Laxmi to stay with a Patel in Mehsana for a monthly rental of Rs 8,000.


In the name of secularism in Indian politics democratic crime of vote bank politics is being done by the leaders and political parties for getting votes.



Who are not ashamed of their alliances and from their past?

Alliance partners or outside/inside supporters share power as husband and wife share bed. The first alliance partner should consider when deciding about late term abortion means breaking the alliance after sharing power for a long period is that it is carrying a life inside.

That may be an unwanted pregnancy. Or maybe their baby has been diagnosed with a defect or even an illness that will be fatal outside the womb.

Half heartedly RJD+LJP and Congress accepted late term abortion due to the seat sharing dispute and they faced the shameful defeat in Bihar. Left and Congress accepted late term abortion on the issue of Indo US Nuke deal, in the result Congress could be beneficial in Kerala and West Bengal both but not Left parties.


Late Term Abortion – The procedures

There are three general procedures of late-term abortions and partial birth abortions. One of them most popular is called D&E (Dilation and evacuation). Once the cervix is dilated, the fetus is removed by inserting forceps into the uterus. The Fetus is then separated into pieces. These “pieces” of your baby will be removed one at a time. Vacuum aspiration is then used to ensure no tissue remains in the uterus.

Ram Vilas Paswn, Ajit Singh, Trinmool Congress, DMK and others enjoyed the power in both the NDA and UPA government in the centre. Left parties enjoyed the same indirectly without accountability.

God knows what type of procedure for late abortion the above politicians and parties adopted time to time.

Now Janta Dal (U) is in the queue for adopting late abortion to follow Navin Patnaik of BJD!


Late-term abortions are abortions which are performed during a later stage of pregnancy. Late-term abortion is more controversial than abortion in general because the fetus is more developed and sometimes viable.


Like that after sharing power long term, abortion of alliance partner is more dangerous and painful than the abortion of newly alliance partner.


Definition of “late-term”

A late-term abortion often refers to an induced abortion procedure that occurs after the 20th week of gestation. However, the exact point when a pregnancy becomes late-term is not clearly defined. Some sources define an abortion after 12 completed weeks’ gestation as “late”.Some sources define an abortion after 16 weeks as “late”.


The point at which an abortion becomes late-term is often related to the “viability” (ability to survive outside the uterus) of the fetus. Sometimes late-term abortions are referred to as post-viability

It is very difficult to define, the exact point when a pregnancy becomes late-term in the alliances which are going in Indian politics


Should abortion (breaking of alliances) details be public?


Should details of breaking the alliance of political leaders and parties be public u/Right to Information?


An anti-abortion group is continuing its fight for the publication of details of late medical abortions.



By Premendra Agrawal


Sweater ? u/RTI about Sonia’s caste–religion

Tags: RTI about Sonia, Sonia’ religion, Sonia Gandhi, Force Rajiv to convert, Rahul, Christian, Indianness, Jinnah, Liyakat Ali Khan

‘Election Commission’ is flowing sweat in finding the answer. U/Right to Information Act Pratap Agrawal, Advocate of Jagdalpur (CG) is still waiting the answer since April 2, 2009 from the Government officers about the caste and religion of Sonia Gandhi. 

Information can’t be censored in the information age? “Trying to control information in the network age is about as successful as pissing into the wind.” – Keith Henson. A judge of US Supreme Court said, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” We saw USSR where typewriters and copying machines were banned, yet hand-copied smuggled information was widely distributed.

Is ‘Right to know, right now’?

Minister of state for personnel, public grievances and pensions Prithviraj Chavan, who took over formal charge on May 29, 2009 said: RTI will be made more accessible. Government of India would soon facilitate RTI queries through the phone and internet by adopting the Jaankari model, albeit with “more refinements in technology.”

What did UPA and Sonia make a solemn pledge?

The UPA Government’s Common Minimum Programme (CMP) made ‘a solemn pledge to the people of our country to provide a government that is corruption – free, transparent and accountable at all times, to provide an administration that is responsible at all times and to make the Right to Information Act “more progressive, participatory and meaningful”. 

Sonia Gandhi stating “The main object of the proposed amendments is to ensure maximum disclosure and minimum exemptions consistent with constitutional provisions; independent appeal mechanisms; penalties for failure to provide information as per the law; effective mechanisms for access to information, and disclosure by authorities.”

No record on Netaji’s role in freedom struggle: Govt

In the past Mr Bhattacharya approached the Union home ministry with five questions in which he had sought information on what role Bose had in the freedom movement. “The information on points in your letter is not available in the records,” Mr SK Malhotra, deputy secretary in the home ministry said in reply to Mr Bhattacharya’s petition. “It was shocking for me to have this response,” Mr Bhattacharya said. Netaji Subash Chandra Bose may have contributed immensely towards India and make people aware about their strength to fight British man-to-man but the government says it has no documents to substantiate this, said Mr Bhattacharya.


Is Rahul follower of Sant Kabir? 

Rahul said a person should be judged not by his caste, religion or roots, but by his qualifications and abilities. Sant Kabir: (Jaat na pucho sadh ki, pucho sadh ka gyan, moal karo talwar ki, pari rahan do mayan) (Do not ask the caste of a holy man, ask about his knoweldge, bargain the price of sword, leave the scabbard alone.)
Who divided people through caste religion based quoata reservation?
Who plays vote bank politics?
Who wanted religion based head counting in the army?

*Mask of Indianness on Nehru Gandhi Dynasty*

Nehru wanted that Indira Gandhi should be married with Hindu Youth, so she could be easily accepted as PM of India . But Indira married with Phiroze Khan. Perhaps Mahatma Gandhi solved Nehru’s problem with the help of his ‘Gandhi’. Italian origin Sonia is Christian. Priyanka’s mother-in-law is also Italian Christian. This time Sonia Gandhi is trying to advise his son to marry with an Indian girl, so he can be accepted easily for PM post. Rajiv Gandhi could not find more beautiful lady than Sonia Maino in India . Like that Rahul Gandhi is also unable to find Indian girl more beautiful than the Spanish Girl.

Did Sonia or other force Rajiv to convert? Q arises in the mind of common people

Liaquat Ali Khan and Jinnah converted their wives into Islam. Why could Ranjiv Gandhi not follow Liyakat Ali and Jinnah to convert Sonia into Hindu dharm? Did Hindu oppose marriage of Indira Gandhi with Phiroze? Did they oppose marriage of Rajiv Gandhi with Christian Sonia? Would Hindu force Phiroze and Sonia for converting themselves in Hindu religion?

Sonia Gandhi was born to a Christian and follower of Mussolini Maino family. She is still Christian. Due to her, Rajiv Gandhi also followed Christanity. Rajiv Gandhi’s drawing room had photo of only one religious head and that was ‘Christ’. Why had he allergy with Hindu religious heads?

Robert Vadra (also spelled Wadhera) son of Rajinder (a Punjabi) and Maureen Vadra (a European Christian). Robert grew up largely influenced by his mother, and is a baptized Catholic. Robert, a worker in a garage, married Priyanka Gandhi, the daughter of Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi on February 18, 1998. It was reported that the Sacred Heart Cathedral at Delhi did not permit a Christian marriage since Priyanka was not baptized[ citation needed], they were married in a Hindu ceremony. He converted to Hinduism at this time, They have two children.

Don’t hide your identity to deceive people

Everyone has liberty to follow any religion whatever he/she wants. But leaders should not hide their identity to deceive people. 

Hindus accept more than reject: Hinduism is the mother secularism.

Hindus tended to borrow more than reject. Bharucha, J. in Dr. M. Ismail Faruqui and Ors. etc. Vs.Union of India & Ors. etc., 1994 (6) SCC 360 (Ayodhya case), in the separate opinion for himself and Ahmadi. J. (as he then was), observed as under: “…Hinduism is a tolerant faith. It is that tolerance that has enabled Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism to find shelter and support upon this land,”

For example,Congregated on the banks of the Ganga and the Yamuna is a variety that speaks respectfully of the diversity of the Hindu faith to permit people to celebrate their faith in their own way

So it is a good question asked u/ Right to Information by Advocate Pratap Agrawal of Jagdalpur (CG). Election Commission of U P and others are still flowing sweats in finding the answer. Advocate Pratap Agrawal asked this by sending a letter on April 2, 2009 to Election Commission of India through the Collector of Bastar

By Premendra Agrawal

Racist Australia: Supreme Court Q UPA Govt?

Racial attacks on Indian students continue. Why Australia born Padmashree Glady Staines is still silent? Why didn’t PM Manmohan Singh lose sleep, as in the past? 

The latest attack came as Shravan Kumar, a 25-year-old student from Andhra Pradesh. As Sravan Kumar battles for life in Australia after being brutally attacked, his family is battling odds back home, struggling to fund his medical treatment. 
As new of Indian Express an Indian community leader has claimed that over 20 incidents of “curry bashing” have taken place in Sydney in the past 30 days, and said there is an urgent need to address the issue as most students are reluctant to lodge any complaint out of fear. 

Violent incidents also happened time to time towards foreigners in India but we can’t call them racial. Here attacks on foreigners are not due to their brown skin or other racial reasons. There is continuing racist attack in Australia on the Indian students. 

Double standard of PM 

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on one Thursday night of July 2007 rushed Minister of State for External Affairs E Ahmed to Bangalore to meet Mohammad Haneef’s family and reassure them of all possible assistance from the Government of India for a fair trial in Australia. 

What assistance or financial aid is given to the racial victim Shravan Kumar’s family which is struggling to fund his medical treatment?. 

PM Dr Singh had lost his sleep since when Dr Hanif was detained in Australia. He could not sleep thinking about the families of UK terror suspects. 

Racist Australia vs Padmshree Glady Staines 

Gladys Staines (born 1951), widow of the slain Australian missionary Graham Staines, came back in Baripada town of Orissa, after being in Australia for nearly nine months in the year 2004 to stay with her daughter and father. She returned on the request of Sonia Gandhi though she left India forever. Glady Staines got Padmshree award from the President of India on the advice of Sonia Gandhi. 

Have we given Padmshree to any noble human who tried to block forcefully conversion? Govt gave padmashree to

Bearing racism and creating raism both should be treated a crime against huminity. Congress was born by Lord Hume a foreigner and still in the presidentship of Italian origin. Congress takes dip in the well of Nehru Gandhi dynasty as a frog. They can’t come out from this well of racism. Mahatma Gandhi faced racism. What did his beloved Nehru and after him his heirs? Nehru Gandhi dynasty and Congress is not less racist than James Watson. I openly without hesitation discussed this with facts. I want contradiction of these with facts. Why is drama of democracy if Congress want to be slaves for forever of Gandhi-kigdom? 

Big B turns down Australian honour 

Deeply moved by the attacks on Indian students in Australia, Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on Saturday (May 30) turned down an offer of an honorary doctorate from the Queensland University. 

The superstar said, “I have been watching TIMES NOW for the past 24 hours on the inhuman violence that has been meted out to some of our students in Australia and I have been very disturbed seeing all those visuals and reading the stories and also seeing the visuals of their parents and the anguish.”

Just last week the Queensland University of Technology took a decision to confer a doctorate to me, an honorary doctorate for my contribution towards Indian cinema and I just felt that it is a little inappropriate at this juncture to go down and accept it,” added Big B. 

By Premendra Agrawal

Glady Staines whose main job is to convert tribes into Christianty?


Bearing racism means encouraging racism 

Baba Ramdeo vs Majboot PM+

What about the ‘Sankalp’ of Baba Ramdeo on the Swiss Bank Deposits issue? 
Would Majboot PM Manmohan bring back money deposited illegally in Swiss Bank?

$ 1.45 deposits of Indians in Swiss banks

News report published on Oct 10, 2008 in the E economictimes: According to the Swiss Banking Association report of 2006– India topped the world with $1.45 trillion deposits in Swiss banks. Other countries were Russia $470 billion, UK $390 billion, Ukraine $100 billion and China $96 billion. 

Bharat Swabhiman Andolan

“The money deposited in the Swiss banks is our national property and we will get it back at any cost………Hum sadak se lekar sansad tak andolan karenge, ye meri chunauti hi nahi sankalp hai”. What will be the step now of ‘Bharat Swbhiman Andolaln’?” 

On April 23, 09, he unfolds his reasons for supporting the Swiss bank issue … “72,80,000 crore black money is kept in Swiss banks which can change the destiny and the picture of our nation. The biggest issue of the country today is Black money. In 300 years this is the first time that the Swiss Bank has stated that if required they shall share the information about the account balance. The opportunity that we have got for knowing about the status of the accounts should be used in the right way”. 

Majboot Neta vs Majboot PM

BJP’s ‘Majboot Neta, Nirnayak Sarkar’ campaign has failed. Advani could not be a PM. So he is unable to fulfill his promise: “within 100 days of a BJP’s government coming into place, he would bring back money illegally parked in tax havens,” 

But still the efforts of Advani as a leader of opposition will be continue: On May 25, 09 in Gujarat Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha L K Advani has made it clear that the Black money issue which was the focal point of BJP campaign in the Lok Sabha elections will be its main weapon in the Lok Sabha against the UPA government. He said further that he would grill Congress on its promise to bring black money back from Swiss banks within 100 days. 

Majboot PM?

Election result shows that victory of Manmohan as a PM again proves that he is ’ Majboot PM’. 
Would Majboot PM Manmohan bring back money deposited illegally in Swiss Bank? 
Is PM Manmohan Singh majboot to kill the Quatttrocchi issue?
Is PM Manmohan Singh majboot to be loyal for his boss who apponed him as PM?
Is PM Manmohan Singh majboot because he is loyal towards only one family of 10 Janpath?
Is PM Manmohan Singh majboot to bat for Rahul 2014?

Swiss bank agrees to scan Quattrocchi’s detail

Former CBI Director Joginder Singh on April 27, 2009 claimed that the CBI had proof that Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi had allegedly received $7.32 million as kickbacks in Rs 64 crore Bofors scam. 

“There are documents with the CBI showing that Quattrocchi received USD 7.32 million. The documents have been given by the Swiss authorities themselves,” the former CBI Director, who brought the documents from Switzerland, told PTI here. 

He claimed that the documents were with the government and the CBI and also part of records in Delhi High Court. 

Joginder said after bringing back the documents he had sent a report to the government in three months. Asked why the government did not do anything, he said, “It is up to the government to accept it or not. I don’t regret because I did my job.” Asked if the decision of dropping the name of Quattrocchi from the Interpol’s Red Corner notice was wrong, he said “the government has all the rights…the CBI is not an independent agency. It has to carry out whatever the government says. You may not agree with it but there is option than to carry out whatever they say.” 

Misuse of CBI which gave clean chit to Mr. Q Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhiwho is watiting PM 2014, on May 6, 2009 conceded that political parties tend to misuse CBI. “Every party in power can pressure institutions. Every government tries to push its people into such agencies. It is a fact, it is a reality of Indian politcs,” Mr Gandhi said. 

Senior Congress leader and former Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh has been booked for violating the model code of conduct after he allegedly threatened to “use” the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati, police said on April 22, 2009. 

Should still any dout be remain or not about the Majbooti of PM Manmohan Singh?

by Premendra Agrawal


Do Yoga before Marriage: Obey wife, says SC

Minimize the Gender bias, killing of female foetuses; solve the problem of women’s reservation by doing Yoga and obeying as per Supreme Court’s advice “Obey your wife and rule the world!” 

Compulsory yoga training: 

Husband wife and even bachelors must learn yoga before marriage ; so that many unwanted situations can be avoided….as we all know that yoga provides us mental peace and good health. So husband and wife enjoy their married life more happily than nefer before and give birth to beautiful and brave chilren.

Maya Jaya Mamta ? 

Unfortunately Tridevi can’t get bemefit of the advice of the Supreme Court because they are unmarried. But they can learn yoga for mental peace. They  can help in passing the law to follow the adice of Supreme Court which is given to the husbands. And thus they can take lead in solving the problem of women’s reservation..

Every big name even Shilpa Shetty and Mallika Sherawat have been in the que to learn Yoga from Ramdeo Baba for getting mental peace and good health. 

Yoga might save Mayawati from imposing and later dropping NSA against the Varun Gandhi. 

Yoga might save Jayalalitha, a Hindu religious minded woman from sending the prison to the Shankaracharya Jayendra Sarswati 

Yoga miht save Mamta from going against the ‘Naino’. 

Tridevies acted rightly, if they could get yoga preaching from Ramdeo Baba for getting mental peace. 

Not only violent MLA’s of Orrissa but also LTTE have learnt ‘Art of living’ from Shri Shri Ravishankar. 

What does obey mean? 

The origins of the word obey can be traced back to the Latin dictionary and means “to listen deeply,” while the Oxford dictionary defines it as to “do what one is told.” But what does it really mean when included in the marriage vows? 

Seven Vows In Hindu Wedding 

The bride and the groom take the first step of the seven vows to pledge that they would provide a prospered living for the household or the family that they would look after and avoid those that might hinder their healthy living. 

During the second step of the seven pheras, the bride and the groom promise that they would develop their physical, mental and spiritual powers in order to lead a lifestyle that would be healthy. 

During the third vow, the couple promises to earn a living and increase by righteous and proper means, so that their materialistic wealth increases manifold. 

While taking the fourth vow, the married couple pledges to acquire knowledge, happiness and harmony by mutual love, respect, understanding and faith. 

The fifth vow is taken to have expand their heredity by having children, for whom, they will be responsible. They also pray to be blessed with healthy, honest and brave children. 

While taking the sixth step around the sacred fire, the bride and the groom pray for self-control of the mind, body and soul and longevity of their marital relationship. 

When the bride and the groom take the seventh and the last vow, they promise that they would be true and loyal to each other and would remain companions and best of friends for the lifetime. 

Act of self preservation 

There are times when the husband will rightly obey the wife because she knows better. 
Obedience for married person is really an act of self preservation! Wife offers kindness, compassion, caring, and service. 
She has husband’s best interests at heart, why wouldn’t the husband obey her wife? 

All arguments will end when he says “Yes, my sweet heart: I will obey your every dream, please lead me back to your heart,” 

Wife happy Life happy! 

yoga before marriage between husband and wife may give longer life as the research finds. For example: After a quarrel, a wife said to her husband, “You know, I was a fool when I married you.” The husband replied, “Yes, dear, but I was in love and didn’t notice.”

Is still any doubt or question? 

There is news of May 19, 2009: The Supreme Court has a recipe for a successful marriage, more so for men: Obey your wife and rule the world! 

‘Bibi joh boltee hai woh sunno (Listen to whatever your wife says). We all listen,’ a vacation bench of Justice Markandeya Katju and Justice Deepak Verma observed while hearing a lawsuit by Indian Air Force officer Deepak Kumar, who had complained that his estranged wife Manisha had ruined him and his family by implicating them in false criminal cases including sodomy. 

‘Hum sab bhuktbhogi hai (We all have undergone that experience), ‘ the bench observed. ‘If your wife wants you to see this side, see this side. If she wants you to see the other side, do obey her,’ said Katju, adding: ‘One who obeys his wife rules the world.

‘ Deepak Kumar had married Manisha 17 years ago but the couple soon landed in court with marital discord erupting between them. The bench, however, posted the case for further hearing in the last week of July, 09, saying there was no urgency in dealing with it. ‘You have waited for 17 years, so wait for a few more days,’ the bench contended. 

By Premendra Agrawal