War on Terron’ means ‘War for Terror’

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War on Terron’ means ‘War for Terror’

Why US State Department Report on Terrorism, has been thrown in dust bin by the American Government? Nehru to MM all did not use the opportunities to take back PoK and abolish terrorists training camps. If India wanted to try then what were the role of US and UK government? White papers should be come for all victims and who are fighting ‘War on Terror”. So victims of the terrorism would see their faces of suicide in the mirror of whitepapers.


Nexus in CIA Saudi Arab Bush Sonia and Bin Ladens

Newsnight program of BBC’s one sighted program was based on a secret fbi document, numbered 199i wf213589 and emanating out of the FBI’s washington field office, alleged that the cynicism of the american establishment and “connections between the CIA and Saudi Arabia and the Bush men and Bin Ladens” may have been the real cause of the deaths of thousands in the World Trade Centre attacks.


The BBC program further said that fbi was told to “back off” investigating one of osama Bin Laden’s brothers, Abdullah, who was linked to “the saudi-funded world association of muslim youth (wamy), a suspected terrorist organisation and India claiming it was linked to an organisation involved in bombing in Kashmir”.


“Newsnigh”t said there was a long history of “shadowy” American connections with Saudi Arabia, not least the two presidents’ Bush’s “business dealings” with the Bin Ladens and another more insidious link revealed by the former head of the american visa section in Jeddah. the official said he had been concerned about visas issued to large numbers of “unqualified” men as a part of a scheme in which young men “recruited by Osama Bin Laden” were being sent for “terrorist training by the CIA” after which they were sent on to afghanistan.


It is more disturbing that more disturbing assertion that both presidents Bush had lucrative stakes along with the Bin Ladens in carlyle corporation, a small private company which has gone on to become one of america’s biggest defence contractors. Bin ladens sold their stake in Carlyle soon after September 11, it said. American politicians later told the BBC programme that they rejected the accusation

Why Sonia Gandhi cancelled her trip of
Sept 18, 2005 to US? Reason sighted some where that media and Clinton Foundation was alerted about Sonia Gandhi’s links to Islamic organizations and her vulnerability to pressure from such quarters. Her speech was also schedule in this Foundation. In November 2001, when the world was still recovering from the shock of the 9/11 attacks, Mrs. Gandhi gave a talk at the Bin Laden family founded Oxford Center for Islamic Studies at London.


Supari Pan in Mush Mouth

* It was Churchill who once famously said that he had never suffered from indigestion by eating his own words. Same dictum is applied by Mush in his: In the Line of Fire means In the Line of Lyer.


* Parliament attack: Afzal smiled on hearing his death then why tears for death penalty to Parliament attacker Afjal and why silence on 30,000 Hindus killed and more than 500,000 Hindus have fled Kashmir in terror besides the innocent Muslims and Sikhs.


* Musharraf made time bomb while in college. Mush on Sept 28, 2006 said: “I totally, 200% reject it. I reject it from anybody – MoD or anyone who tells me to dismantle ISI.” Pakistan press reported in Dec. 2001 that Pak dictator Musharraf was a Director of Rabita Trust, a terrorist organization masquerading as a charity and and US had to warn him to step down before adding this organization to a terrorist list.


* I cried after East Pak“s fall: Musharraf. Why not he cried when Pak invaded present PoK and he himself installed nuke at Kargil.


* Karjai asked Mush to close the madarsas. “madrassas” are the breeding ground of terrorists who supported Al Queda and the talibans and were responsible for the 9/11 attacks on US and also terror attacks on India.


* Osama bin Laden had received his kidney dialysis at their Pak military hospital on the eve of 9-11.


* CNN reported on 1-12-02, that 50 Pak soldiers, arrested at Kandahar, admitted to fighting under Pak officers against US coalition Force in Afghanistan.


* NY Times and the Boston Globe have reported that 4,000 Pak army officers were involved in Pak ISI conducting terrorism against India.


India UK & US have democracy of Secularism & Peaceful co-existence

When Blackwill asked then Bush replied, “A billion people in a functioning democracy!  Can you believe it?  Can you believe it? Further (1) To India just like the US, secularism with a peaceful co-existence with cultural, ethnic and religious diversity is the most important issue.

(2) Pakistan calls itself an “Islamic Republic”, and its stated  raison d’etre  is the theory” that Moslems cannot  and ‘must not be allowed to co-exist’ with other religions.


US State Department Report on Terrorism says:

What is the Kashmir Issue?

* UN Security Council resolutions 38-40, and particularly the resolution of August 13, 1948, said that Pakistan had attacked Kashmir, and ordered Pakistan to withdraw its forces and its tribals. 


* In 1948, the then US Secretary of State Gen. George C. Marshall told the pro-Pak British that Kashmir=s accession with India was legal and final as far as US was concerned.


* In 1952, the Kashmir legislature, elected in elections recognized by observers as free and fair, with 100% of the legislators Muslim, voted to ratify Kashmir=s accession with India.


* Pakistan gave away large part of the POK to China, which now claims those lands as its own.


* In 2000, a bipartisan Congressional commission on terrorism recommended to the State Department that sanctions be imposed on Pakistan for its role in terrorism, but this report was ignored.


Pakistan Refused to Withdraw

* Pakistan has consistently refused to withdraw its forces from the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir portion.


* Instead, Pakistan joined big power blocks of US & UK and received massive military and economic aid from the West.


* Still US giving military, arm and monetary help to the Pakistan by both hands.


* Present wrestling between Bush and Mush is a ‘noora kusthi (Friendly Fight) as Laloo and Sonia’s party fighted in Bihar or fight of love between laila and Majanu.


The list of all three countries is very long. I have sighted few as a symbolic. People of these countries should know the facts before punishing.


United Nations: Jan 1, 1948 A Black Day for India

Pt. Nehru on the advice of Sheikh Abdullah stabbed the knife on the back of the India to complain to the UN so as to get Pakistan to end Pakistani aggression against India in Jammu and Kashmir. This was being done when our brave army was droving the Pakistan’s army on the mask of the kabailies.


Pakistan Attacked India in 1971

The war which Mr. Bhutto had said could not last for ever in fact lasted for twelve days. 16 December, 1971 the Pakistan military and auxiliary forces more than 93000 surrendered unconditionally with its vast territory to India. Indira Gandhi could not utilize this opportunity to taking back PoK from Pakistan. And thus she wiped out her victory in an easy way: ‘Ham hi khele ham hi mitaye (She made and she wiped as a game)’.


Why Death=murder of Lal Bahadur Shastri could not be investigated?

Pakistan’ Dictator Ayub Khan Attacked India in 1965

* Dictator Ayub Khan sent 34,000 Pakistani soldiers into Kashmir and Gujarat in massive land and air attacks against India.


* Targets: (1) Jammu-Kashmir, (2) New Delhi


* Of 3 Indian soldiers awarded the “Param Vir Chakra” (all posthumous) for heroism, one was Moslem – Havildar Abdul Hamid.


* Pakistan was defeated by India and signed the Tashkent agreement with India.


In all three wars, Kashmiris rose to the defense of India. They joined the Indian army to defeat the Pakistanis


FOURTH Invasion by Pakistan: 1999 Kargil War

* When Prime Minister Vajpayee went to Lahore, Pakistan for signing a peace agreement in a BUS-Diplomacy tour, the Pakistani army secretly invaded India and even occupied a portion of Indian territory in Kashmir.


* Subsequently Clinton & Nawaz Sharif met at Camp David & Clinton asked Nawaz Sharif to withdraw Pakistani army from Kargil, India.


* With support of the world community India went to a limited war and had it vacated.


Why not limited war being used to destroy terrorists camp in PoK and Pakistan?


Nehru to Atal and now Manmohan could not utilize the bravery of our army and the opportunity which god gave to us.


Gandhi Bhakt angered on Gandhigiri dadagiri of ADM Janardan Baranwal who allegedly in Lucknow commented before the Gandhi caps-protesters,” Gandhiji chale gaye aur apni auladein chhod gaye.” Then other comment perhaps could be heard “Rajivji chale gaye aur apnee Italian patni chhod gaye”.


By Premendra Agrawal


SUPARI Killer, In the Line of Fire Lying

This is not the review of SUPARI film or Betel nut killers in USA. I try to enlarge the tag of – in the line of Fire means in the Line of Lying.



Tainted politician takes bribery himself. In India Natwar says he never touched a barrel of oil of Iraq. Sonia also said she deputed Natwar but not herself went to Iraq to take kickback. She also said that Quottrochi could take but she is safe. Though, her cousin sister is the wife of Q.




Betel nut Killers: A Synopsiss

What happens when Indians in the USA decide to add a bit of crime to their culture?
 Mr. Shah realizes that he just does not have what it takes to compete with Sushma in business. So he wanted the services of a Supari killer (literally: a betel nut, figuratively: a contract killing) from India. Osman Bhai, the Supari killer, has dreams of making it big in America, and offers to do the job for free if they help him emigrate. As astute business people, the Shah’s cannot resist this freebie. The Shah’s put in Osman’s immigration papers, requesting an H1 Visa for the Supari man. The law requires the Shahs to prove that Osman has skill-sets no other American can offer. An advertisement in the local papers says the Shah’s are looking for Betel Nut Handlers. Thus Osman’s entry into the United States became legal but film perhaps could not be completed.


Quake money’ sent to Pak used to finance UK plane bombing plot

As reported on Aug-13, 06, money sent to Pakistan for quake rehabilitation was used to fund the Heathrow bomb attack plot that was foiled by British authorities following inputs from their Pakistani counterparts. According to the report, two of the recipients are British citizens of Kashmir origin while the third is an Islamabad-based builder, also of Kashmir origin.


Jharkhand Governor acted as Supari killer

On Mrach 4, 2005 L.K.Advani told a meeting of all NDA MPs that the Governor of Jharkhand was a “supari killer” who was given the “contract to murder democracy.” He clarified that signed editorial on the front page by Chandan Mitra in The Pioneer, March 3, 2005 had used the phrase “supari killer”.



‘Supari’ killings at behest of NRIs:


This is media report of April 12, 2002 related to Punjab. The ‘supari” killings gang of terrorist linking allegedly eliminated Darshan Singh, a resident of Lallian Kalan village near Lambran in Jalandhar, at the behest of none else but his son Amrik Singh. The grudge of Amrik Singh was that he was divested of the family property by his father. He, allegedly, managed to get his father murdered through Didar Singh Billa, Sabi and Tony, who were paid an amount of Rs 2.5 lakh as “supari” by Amrik Singh. In another case, the gang received an amount of Rs 6 lakh from an England-based woman and murdered her sister-in-law Joginder Kaur, a 40-year-old woman at Phagwara. The former suspected illicit relations between Joginder Kaur with her husband.


Supari for Cricketer Azharuddin

Former Indian captain Mohammed Azharuddin was facing grave danger from a hired mafia killer who was stalking the cricketer to execute a ‘supari’ given by crime don Chhota Shakeel.


Laloo also polished his lathi with oil to show channels

Today country liquor giants employed lathaits. Paltan Mallah Murdered Shankar Guha Niyogi in Bhilai Chhattisgarh was hired by a country liquor giant and an Industrialist. In Mumbai Vardharaj Mudaliar was popularly known as Vardha Bhai in the early ’60s. He organized bootlegging in a systematic manner, spreading an umbrella of protection to several lesser gangs dealing in illicit liquor.


Robinhood like image

Organized crime is not new. Gangs of robbers and dacoits, some of whom acquired a Robinhood like image, have also existed for centuries. In Bombay, Governor Aungier formed a militia of local Bhandari youth to deal with organized street-level gangs that robbed sailors in 1669.


When Daud became Don?

After that Matka king Hazi Mastan and Patel made their millions in gold smuggling.  Lala, a Pathan don, dealt in drugs. At this time Dawood Ibrahim and his elder brother Shabir, sons of a Bombay police constable, worked as musclemen for smugglers. When during the Emergency there was a crackdown on Mastan et al., Dawood filled the vacuum by emerging as a gang leader himself. However, he had to flee Bombay in 1985 in the wake of increasing police pressure and threat from new enemies.


Now ATS has said there is a link between 7/11 serial blast in the local trains and Malegaon Blasts with ISI connection and Pakistan trained terrorists involvement.


Even though, Dawood (Daud), Tiger and Dossa are on the run, they continue to remote operate from Dubai and Karachi. Their henchmen still extort huge sums of money from builders and film producers, resort to Supari killings and settle disputes for a consideration. As alleged Shilpa Shetty’s parent hired Abu Salem. Gutka King Manek Chand Dhariwal is accused to supply Gutka mfg plant to Daud. Underworld Romesh Sharma has given threat to Mahesh Bhatt. Mumbai, Sep 10: Mumbai police today arrested Preeti Jain, an upcoming Bollywood actress allegedly paid former underworld don and present MLA Arun Gawli supari to kill Bhandarkar. Mafia activity is finding greener pastures and virgin territory everyday.


No violence Follow Gandhi & Fight Terrorism

Today, politicians not only hire anti-social elements to assist them in elections but also to kill their rivals. Bablu Shrivastav launched his book related to underworld activities in a big function inaugurated by Dalilt leader Sonalal Patel


Abu Salem is from tailor to Don going to be a “Neta”

He will follow tainted ministers in the cabinet of manmohan Singh via UP assembly. Secular Govt think treating brotherly terrorists, naxalites, separatists, infiltrators, fatwa-maulvis and brokers of vote bank is necessity of the time. Call Lokmanya Tilak, Subhash C. Bose and V eer Savarkar terrorist. Slogan of ‘Bharat mata ki jai’ is illegal in J&K.


Dog wagging its tail but now the reverse

Also gone are the days when gangsters were pawns in the hands of politicians. Today, underworld dons, terrorists, criminals are them-selves fighting elections and getting elected as MPs or MLAs, sometimes even from the confines of jail such as Shabuddin of Siwan. Laloo and his brother in law showed wrestling in the Lok Sabha. Police can’t serve Non bailable warrant to Sadhu. Name Sadhu but act of A-sadhu.  It is no longer a case of the dog wagging its tail but the reverse.


UP Minister’s Supari for heads of Danish cartoonists

Hajji Yakoob Qureshi put a price of Rs 51 crore (plus incentive in gold) on the heads of Danish cartoonists. Refusing to acknowledge it as ‘supari’ (contract killing money, as BJP’s Lalji Tandon described it) he defended his decision, on a private television news channel, as deriving legitimacy from Islamic law. No case registered against this secular minister. But Congress CM of J & K Gulam bhi Azad bhi filed a case against Vinay katiyar and Verma for their declaration to give one lac to such village defense committee members appointed by the government if they kill a terrorist. 


By Premendra Agrawal

Loyalty beyond their country

By that ‘secret ochre recipe’ of life or death
You drink and raise your glasses
Full of sweet alien promise,
As you dream a bright new craze
That bombards the mind with images

Comrade Khrushchev has boasted that this country had anti-missile weapons which could “hit a fly in space,” Andhra Pradesh police on Malegaon’s Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who are being killed?

Khrushchev & betel leaf (pan)

* Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev’s triped to India in 1955. Red is the favorite symbol of Marxiists of all over world because they want to rule in the name of labours through bloodshed. When Former President of USSR Comrade Khruschev visited in South India then betel leaf (pan) was offered to him as a part of hospitality, friendship and love. This was the tradition in the courts of the Mogul kings & other medieval rulers. Presiden went it chewing and spitted. He wondered to see red liquid. He remarked that he had fully convinced that Indians were Red. To hear the remark comrades smiled with wide redish lips. I don’t know they like or not: “Lal Pan ki Begam”(Queen of Red Betel)



* In Russia one of the exhibit publicized, painting Christ against the background of a Coca-Cola advertisement with the inscription “This is my blood,”. In India MF Hussain is defamed for his offensive paintings.

“Drinking Coke is like drinking farmer’s blood in India” – Nandlal Master, of Lok Samiti and the National Alliance of People’s Movements. Why not this type of advertisement to stop cuel killings of tribal.

Red is the left Parties symbolism connected to bloodshed 

Red flag is an international symbol for the “bloody revolution”

“The flag of the CPI-M is a red flag of which the length and one-and-a half times its width. At the centre of the flag there is a crossed hammer and sickle in white.”

The hammer and sickle is a symbol used to represent communism and communist political parties. One of World War II’s iconic images was the Hammer and Sickle being flown over the Reichstag building as there was a fall of Berlin to the Red Army. The hammer and sickle also appears on Communist Party of China flag


‘Tribal-cock fight: Naxals are Hindu Militants

“Red” refers to the blood shed by the working class in its struggle against capitalism.

But In Nepal red refer to the blood shed of Nepalis by Armed Maoists.

Cock fight is famous in tribals of Bastar and other naxal affected tribal areas.

Leftists armed wing Naxalite kill tribal to form ‘gurilla force’ of tribal. Pak is also doing the same to train Kashmiri youths and infiltrating its Amy jawans in Kashmir and now all over India.  And thus cock fight is at present ‘Tribal blood shed.


Worldpress.org lists the Hindu as a left-leaning independent newspaper. Naxalites Maoists are left leaning armed organization. They murdered more murders of innocent people especially tribal than Jihadi terrorists. They are Hindu Militants. Why not N.Ram, Pravin Swamy and Anupama called them in their newspaper ‘naxal terrorists’ and Hindu Militants? Why their senior comrade Somnath Chatterji says that naxals are not criminals? Somnath and othes gave certificates of ‘No office of profit’ to each other. Andhra Pradesh police on this Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who would be killed?


Loyalty beyond their country


For instance Congress and Lefts both have loyalty to Italian origin.

Congress was born by foreigner and still is being under the presidentship of Italian Origin. Communist partieswere born from Russian and Chinese left idealogy. Their love is always out side.


* Every body knows comrades openly helped China at the time of Indo-China war. Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon at that time gave order to army for not to give reply the bullets of Chinese soldiers and thus our brave soldiers bore bullets in their chests without giving reply. KGB also funded Krishna Menon’s election in 1962 in the hope that he might succeed Nehru was also not surprising.


They are being paid for this from foreign

* Jawaharlal Nehru had taken up with the visiting Soviet leaders, Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev, the impropriety of the CPI acting under the “instructions” of the Soviet Union. He had then spoken to B & K, not once but twice, about the CPI also getting “considerable sums of money from outside”. Khrushchev blandly denied this, of course. “Selected Works of Jawaharlal Nehru, Second Series”, Volume 31, pp. 333-339.)


* When there was a blame season related to KGB then CPM patriarch, Mr Jyoti Basu alleged in ‘palatwar’ that Indian Congress was always financed by CIA. In the past also he had drawn attention to the claim by a former US Ambassador to India, Mr Daniel Moynihan, that the US had financed the Congress to defeat the Communists in Kerala and West Bengal. Indira Gandhi had tersely denied this.  


By Premendra Agrawal


Hiroshima to Pak Nuke nexus


LeT Daud ISI joint Giant in future might use nuclear or radioactive materials or resort to attacking nuclear installations. Is should not a real fear for even present secular Indian government?


With the support of ISI at present LeT threat, becomes more dangerous then the Atom Bomb dropped by America on Hiroshima in World War II. Is it the final touch of Cold War III? Cold War II was fought in the leadership of Clinton with the involvement of Pakistan and Taliban to hammer the unity and crush the economy of USSR and its support base Afghanistan. Hollywood film “The path to 9/11” shows the mistakes done by Clinton from 1993 to 2001.


ATS indicates possibility of LeT involvement in Blasts, 7/11 Mumbai blasts and Malegaon Blasts. All accept that mastermind of the 93 Bom Blasts was Underword don Daud who executed that through the delivery expert Tiger Memon. In news channel still Memon’s neighbors say that they could not believe that such a noble good man and his family were done 93 Bom Blasts.


Will laloo’s next mission Malegaon after Jharkahnd

In news channels maulvis were saying that Muslim could not do Blasts in Malegaon. CPM, The Hindu Daily and supporters of Jihadis are still barking on Bajrangdal. Perhaps they are weak without laloo. Now after doing democratic job of UPA in Jharkhand laloo is free to throw his ‘Danda’ on Bajrangdal. He along with his brother in law Kaliyugi Sadhu gave best fight to Kaliyugi Prabhu. Now ‘sadhu’ and ‘sadhvi’ definition has been changed: ‘balihari hai’ Bihari Sadhu is sadhu and Sonia is Tyagmurti (Sadhvi). 


LeT and Daud joint of ISI favicol

But facts are fact which comes from the government investigation agencies. LeT and Daud joint of ISI favicol is alarming. This Joint giant LeT enjoyed more deadly resources than Al-Qaida. There is report even at the time of NDA Govt that Pakistan-based underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim, has of late been working very closely with LeT.


“Delivery mechanism” of Memon in 93 Bomb blasts

As I have said Memon was with “delivery mechanism” among whom one Abu Salem is now in the prison and wishing to be a ‘Neta’. He will be in the que of Gawali Bablu and tainted ministers in the cabinet of Mr. Manmohan.

lage raho munnabhai was the munna at that time. So I have given the title of my one article “Will terrorist be a PM of India”. Many people are saying foreigner can be worshipped than why not Indian origin terrorist? Our ‘Bhakti Bhav’ is great! 


“Dawood Delivery Mechanism Systme” for LeT

“Dawood Delivery Mechanism Systme” has been successfullty employed by LeT to spread jihad in large parts of the globe especially in North Africa, the Balkans, and Western Europe as UKand the Black Sea ports.


Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s (JuD) armed wing, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT), is, once again, under global scrutiny following the uncovering of the diabolical plot in London.


Policy of Secular Govt to fight Jihadis

After flying from Mumbai with the help of Politicians, Daud had appointed a kind of CEO (Shakeel Lamboo) who not only managed D-Company affairs in India but also oversaw landing of arms, ammunitions and explosives, shipped to the Indian coastline by the ISI. While two Dawood henchmen deported from Dubai in 2003 were freed by the court in the past, a former Dawood lieutenant, Lamboo Shakeel, did not even have to go through this formality. This is the policy by which secular Govt wants to fight jihadis.


LeT wings world wide

There should be no doubt that ISI have succeeded to bring LeT and the D-Company together with the former executing terrorist operations with materials supplied by the latter. This linkage would have larger ramifications worldwide as Dawood’s network in the Middle East and Europe could act as the explosives and munitions supply chain for LeT. We see this in foiled Plot liquid bomb blast at London. After that to please or deceive leaders of ‘war against terror’ LeT head was arrested then release and then now again house arrested.


‘Jiski jooti usi ke sar par’:

Pakistan is running a big plant of terrorism with the currency an other assistance of US UK and other European countries. They are helping to think as ‘Kangagoo’ think to keep its head in the sand.


LeT is more resourceful than Ak-Quaida

It suits the ISI’s strategic interests to make LeT a global outfit like Osama bin Laden’s Al-Qaida. The ISI is well aware of the fact that in the post- September 11 scenario, it is just not possible for Al-Qaida to have an entire country at its disposal. Therefore, the Al-Qaida is being forced to function as an umbrella body of scores of cells, each cell a sort of an independent unit. So recent blasts also executed by many independent units not known to each other. LeT can fill this vacuum, obviously with the help from a powerful and cash-rich agency like the ISI and US knowingly or unknowingly flowing its dollars to ISI through Pakistan as it did in the past for Taliban: “kal ka dost aaj kaa sabse bada dushman”


Is Jihad of LeT is the only guarantee for the security of Pakistan?

On February 6, 2004, Daily Times of Pak reported LeT supreme Hafiz Mohammad Saeed as saying that “Atomic weapons, traditional weapons, a strong army and voluntary mujahideen are obligatory for jihad and the Jamaat-ud-Dawa will continue protecting and arranging these resources for jihad against Hindus.” That Daily further reported,” He shared the technology for the supremacy of Islam and he acted on the Allah’s command. He is our hero, will remain our hero, and the Government can’t undermine his honor under American pressure.


Hafiz Mohammad Saeed further said: “Muslims throughout the world have a bond of kalma. From Lahore to Srinagar, Kabul to Baghdad, Basra to Chechnya, they are fighting under this kalma, but the infidel world doesn’t like it and describes it as terrorism. He said only jihad could guarantee the security of Pakistan and the whole Islamic world,”

A Q Khan Nuke Scientist with LeT
Pakistani columnist, Khaled Ahmed has referred to Khan’s presence in massive rallies and annual congregations organized by LeT at Muridke. AQ Khan attended these meetings not alone but along with his other colleagues in the nuclear establishment, including Sultan Bashiruddin Mehmood, former director of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and the man who enriched uranium at Khushab (Washington Times, December 30, 2003) and Abdul Majid, a close associate of AQ Khan.

Technology of Nuclear or radiation weapons reached to Osama bin laden

US troops discovered documents relating to the construction of nuclear weapons which indicated that Majid and Bashiruddin had met, Osama bin Laden. Washington Post (March 3, 2002) reported that the then CIA chief George Tenet had rushed to Pakistan to investigate the matter. The US fear was that Osama bin Laden might have procured the technology and materials to build nuclear or radiation weapons. Bashiruddin, who spent 20 years of his career at Kahuta enriching uranium, was an ideal source for such knowledge transfer.

Chemical weapons in a LeT camp

A French-born terrorist named Willie Brigitte arrested in Australia, three years ago, admitted being a member of LeT and disclosed that his targets were the electrical grid, Lucas Heights nuclear research centre outside Sydney and other military facilities and natural-gas pipelines. Investigations revealed that Brigitte and his associate, Faheem Lodhi, were funded and controlled by a LeT commander by the name Sheikh Sajid. Brigittee disclosed to the investigators was that he had seen a Chechen terrorist Abu Salah experimenting with chemical weapons in a LeT camp.


Planning to detonate a radioactive bomb in US

LeT has connection with Joe Padilla alias Abdullah Al Muhajir and he was planning to detonate a radioactive bomb in US on the orders of Al Qaeda. Padilla had trained how to wire explosive devices and researching radiological dispersion devices at LeT safe houses in Pakistan. His handler was Abu Zubaida, a key Al Qaeda operative. Zubaida was arrested in 2002 from a LeT safe house in Faisalabad, Pakistan


Do Secular leaders still treat terrorists their brothers?

LeT in future might use nuclear or radioactive materials or resort to attacking nuclear installations. Is should not a real fear for even present secular Indian government?

Clinton did not give order to his army to arrest Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan. Though laden was in the grip of US army. Now Jethmalani said that Daud was ready  to surrender if not being tortured but Shard Pawar then CM of Maharashtra refused. There is long black list of wounds which were given by Congress to India.


By Premendra Agrawal

Peace Raises of Malegaon


You can’t block air, water and fire!

You can’t hide peace wave

Your hands can’t block the peace raises

Sow peace seeds! Serve the nation




Parallel Investigation of media to hide truth

‘The Hindu’ daily English Newspaper publisher N.Ram (Narsimhan Ram), published an article on Sept 9, titled “Malegaon: the road to perdition” written by Praveen Swami who is of its Delhi bureau & Anupama Katakam. They are in hurry to blame others to whom they treat enemy. They jumped to the conclusions without even a single clue.  Doing this they exposed themselves. Investigation is going on by Anti Terrorism Stock. Sniffer dogs are moving in the search. But with in few hours after the tragedy of Malegaon, English media became astrologer. This astrology may fuel the peace. Being a most sensitive town there is peace. Don’t give table news.


Gujarat High Court has said in its judgment, “It appears that attempt is being made by journalist/human right activist and advocates Teesta Setalvad and Mihir Desai to have a parallel investigation. We do not know how far it is proper but we can state that it is not permissible under law.’’


Yes Naxals are Hindu Militants

Worldpress.org lists the Hindu as a left-leaning independent newspaper. Naxalites Maoists are left leaning armed organization. They murdered more murders of innocent people especially tribal than Jihadi terrorists. They are Hindu Militants. Why not N.Ram, Pravin Swamy and Anupama called them in their newspaper ‘naxal terrorists’ and Hindu Militants? Why their senior comrade Somnath Chatterji says that naxals are not criminals? Somnath and othes gave certificates of ‘No office of profit’ to each other. Andhra Pradesh police on this Black Friday has claimed its biggest arms haul in two years, recovering 600 rocket missiles from the Naxal-infested forests in Mahabubnagar district. By these arms who are being killed?


Black Friday

“Black Friday” film of Anurag Kashyap in the production of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd, is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book which is the real story of 93 Bombay blasts. Islamic Pakistani army wrote black history on black Friday to kill Islamic Baloach leader Akbar Khan Bugti.


After black Friday, since next morning politics tries to cover peace raises of sun. Politics is on flood then on ‘Vandemataram’ and now on Malegaon. Pseudo-secular print media and electronic media should not evoke the sentiments of society. ‘The Hindu’ English daily and NDTV should lead to spread peace flowers instead of publishing and sounding uncalled hating messages. They have done their sufficient duty at the time of Gujarat riot. Still they are barking on that. Now they should not give their same anti-national journalistic duty for Maharashtra. Don’t burn hands in the hate fire.


In May 2005 Ram Vilas Paswan, cabinet minister in UPA said on electronic channel that ‘Hindustan’ word is communal. ‘The Hindu’ or ‘The Hindustan Times’ did not write a single word against this. Both papers are being called anti-Hindu newspapers. So many civilization and so many invaders tried to wipe ‘Hinduism’ but they could not be success.


Catching up the tail of foreigners

Followers of Lord Macaulay can’t solve our problems of unemployment; terrorism etc. They can produce MF Hussains and Arjun Singhs. Don’t try to cover India’s bright past and future by ‘Praising British rule’. The founders of The Hindu newspaper were anglophiles. In an editorial of 1894, The Hindu held that British rule had been beneficial to Indian people. To follow this Manmohan Singh praised British rule in India at the time of accepting honorary Doctorate degree from Oxford University, London on July 8, 2005, when millions of us died fighting against it which did jallianwala bagh massacre  which looted “Sone Ki Chidiya” and in exchange now in Congress ‘Hand’ only ‘Sonia Gandhi’. “Ham kya the Kya ho gaye aur kya honge abhi”



Joint Managing Director N. Murali said in July 2003, “It is true that our readers have been complaining that some of our reports are partial and lack objectivity,” On September 3 and 23, 2003, the reader’s letters column carried responses from readers saying the editorial was biased. The Hindu gives unjustifiable unequal coverage to news events, as in the case of reporting the particulars of the Ayodhya dispute. In 2003, Jagannathan mentions a “general feeling” that some of its reports are “anti-Hindu”.


Kashmiri Pt Nehru said,”Accidentally born as Hindu, I have my education by British and brought up in Muslim culture” We can see this truth to see the refugee Kasmiri pandits of Delhi streets. Manmohan Singh says he is accidently in politics otherwise he was an academic. Rahul baba also will be PM accidently. Why all accidents in India? “Ghar me aag lag gai ghar ke chirag se”


Conspirady to divide society

‘Vandemataram’ is for unite. But coming UP and other states election makes our national song controversial. Sonia Gandhi intentionally boycotted the Historical ‘Vademataram Day’.


Like that election for the MMC is scheduled in the next four months. This forced the leading English newspaper of South to publish an article to divide Hindu and Muslims in Malegaon. “Kishi ka ghar jale aur koi aag tape”.


There are some with mask of Hindu names to deceive people. Their religion is to spread hate against Hindus and Hinduism. Malegaon is the town where Muslims are in majority and ourtsider from Kashmir and Bangladesh are moving and residing there in suspicious condition. So here riots between both communities may find ground easily.


With in less than 15 days there are four incidents of hair sheering happened to widen the rift between Hindu and Sikh. Cetainly there is a conpiracy against Hindus.


Efforts of all communities to help victims

Members of Muslim community held an anti-Pakistan demonstration at Kalupu locality of Ahmedabad to protest Friday’s blasts in Malegaon town of Maharashtra. Bloods were donated even by non-Muslims. Terrorists made half century of murders and double century of wounded in Malegaon. About 150 members of the minority community came out on the streets and shouted anti-Pakistan slogans.




What does your name mean?


A good name for a child is considered equally important. The Chinese think a name may somehow determine the future of the child. Therefore, all possible factors must be taken into account when they are naming their children. In India, for thousands of years, the selection of the name was performed according to a traditional system, one that eliminated personal bias and reflected, according to astrological principles, the best qualities that the child was supposed to grow up with.


After considering all times of thoughts parents of us including Narshimhan Ram (N ram), Pravin Swamy, Swamy Agnivesh and Teesta gave us name.


Why not fulfilling the wishes of our parents? Why N Ram is not Ram and Praveen Swamy is not Swamy? Swamy Aginivesh originally of Bilaspur is against the Hinduism. Another Anti-Hindu Teesta Setalwad says: “I am born a Hindu. I know my conscience. I know from where my faith comes. I know the BJP, VHP, Bajrang Dal and Shiv Sena don’t speak for Hindus.” Teesta married with jihadi Javed Anand. Sonia toured with her to spread hate against Hindus abroad. All they did anti- Hindu activities in the name of Hindus.

For this Sonia Gandhi gave Teesta ‘Sadbhavna’ award and instructed her govt. for rewarding Glady Staines ‘Padmashree’. People blame that Sonia is non-Hindu with Hindu name and makeup to deceive people intentionally. Andhra’s Christian CM’s name is YS Rajasekhara Reddy. Former Christian CM of Chhattisgarh is Ajit Jogi. All are frequently openly directly or indirectly devoted for the conversion of Indians in the Christ.


They are with mask of Hindu names to deceive the people. Their religion is to spread hate against Hindus and Hinduism. Is news paper with ‘The Hindu’ name for Hinduism? 91-year-old artist MF Hussain has been awarded Padmashri in 1955, the Padma Bhushan in 1973, Padma Vibhushan in 1989, and nominated to the Rajya Sabha in 1986. In return he made nude paintings of ‘Bharatmata’ and ‘Goddess Saraswati’. His lesson is in NCERT books.


There is a tradition in northern and eastern India known as ‘Bahurupiya’. A ‘bahurupi’ is a person of many forms and guises, a polymorph, a shape-shifter, a fantastic masquerader and pantomime, a primal ‘Fantômas’. ‘Bahurupis’ of present Indian politics rules by the performance of different roles by itinerant practitioners, for the entertainment, edification and mostly defrauding of the general public.


If Non-Hindus with Hindu names and makeup to honor the Hinduism instead of deceiving the people then they are welcomed? Otherwise their masks should be torn. There must be organized movement to expose fakes. They are more dangerous then Telgi’s fake stamps scam. They should be exposed by wiriting articles, books, agitation and all other democratic ways. Youths who want to serve the nation should come forward this holy cause. This is not the holy cause of Conversion to Christ or training for terrorism. This is the cause of nationalism. Hindu organizations should guide the youths for this movement.


By Premendra Agrawal

Pakistan buried Akbar Bugti?

Bugti’s followers and family members’ suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Mush Govt to hand over the body of Bugti. Baloch even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. “They ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on my son’s hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him” said BJP MLA D N Kori in May 06. Discuss!


Tribal chief Nawab Akbar Bugti has been buried in Pakistan‘s Balochistan province six days after being killed in a military raid. No relatives were among the handful of people who saw the sealed coffin laid to rest in his home town of Dera Bugti. The only person to see and recognized the body during the funeral was the mullah who performed the ceremony. All unhuman cruelty to crush the sentiments of the family and the whole Baloch community is done in hurry by the Mush army.


Imagine what will be the anger of the deceased leaders’ followers. You can’t calculate sorrowness of the sons, greatsons and other family members.


I recall past incident of May 2006:” “They dragged my son Triloki out of the house and stabbed him to death. Then they ignored the ‘Om’ tattoo on his hand, declared he was a Muslim and buried him. To substantiate their claim, they even circumcised his dead body. All this was done because the officials wanted to prove that only Muslims had been killed in the Aligarh riots. One man even tried to claim my son’s body so that he could get the compensation,” said BJP MLA Devki Nandan Kori, and then broke down in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly


India is a democratic country and free media. So mischief can be rectified in some extend in democratic way. So, buried dead body was digged and handovered to Devkinandanji.


Pakistan is ruled by cruel Fauji dictatorial culprit of ‘kargil’. So, Pakistani army wrote black history on black Friday. The burial took place amid a nationwide strike called by opposition parties to protest Bugti’s killing. Bugti’s son-in-law Agha Shahid Bugti said the family had asked the Government to hand over the tribal leader’s body for burial. “It is inhuman and unacceptable. It is even un-Islamic to bury a person against the will of his family,” he said before the funeral took place.


I recall:”black Friday” film of Anurag Kashyap in the production of Mid-day Multimedia Ltd, is based on S. Hussain Zaidi’s book which has been wrotren on 1993 Bombay Blasts. Find article “Black Friday & Bloody Blasts” at my blog: http://premendra.sulekha.com/


Late Nawab Akbar Bugti was a great leader of Baloch. It is great blunder there did not be a public funeral in Quetta as Bugti’s family wished. Bugti’s quiet burial next to the graves of his son and his brother took place against the wishes of the family, who were not among about two dozen people who attended the ceremony. One of Bugti’s sons, Talal, said they were not even asked to identify the decomposed body and queried whether it was that of his father. For the time being tribes could be kept silent to surround them by the troops. But how much time and in what way the situation will be calm?


Deceased followers and family members suspicion is fuelled by the reluctance of the Government to hand over the body of Bugti. They even suspects that buried body might not be Late Akabar Bukti. Suspsion is not without base. As we saw one youth employed in a Muslim contry abroad died. When his family member demanded then after too much delay they sent a body of a dead woman instead of that youth. After making much efforts untimately they found the death body of the dead youth.


Army officials said four more bodies had been retrieved from the rubble. “But they have been in a state beyond recognition. Baloch knew that in the past hundred and hundreds were butchered to the extent that Children were killed and their bodies were not allowed to be buried and hungry dogs were left to feast on them. This was done by the same patriotic army who refused to learn any lesson from East Pakistan departure. Alive people were thrown down from choppers on their villages to set example as a mark of love for the people of Balochistan.


Above mentioned allegation might have truth. Pakistani army and its trained terrorists are habitual for the cruelty. I recall my article “Multilate two brothers”written on June 2006: http://premendra.sulekha.com/

Two youths Ram and Rahim are struggling to understand why brutalility has happended in their neighbour village. Lashkar-e-Taiba militants on June 14 night, 2006 killed a man and injured 15 others, chopping off the noses and ears of two of them. As revealed by the Times of India on June 17, 2006: In a gory act of revenge, Laskar terrorists slaughtered a 65-year-old man and chopped off the tongues, noses and ears of two brothers. The terrorists also left 11 others brutally injured in Nehoch-Dunga village of Gulabgarh area of Mahore tehsil in Udhampur district on night of June 14


By Premendra Agrawal