China’s protest on PM’s visit in Arunachal

Now look China’ unhappiness with PM’s visit to Arunanchal. China protests PM’s assertion on Arunachal.

Gandhi monkeys represent: “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and is a common phrase, usually used to describe someone who doesn’t want to be involved in a situation.


So Congress want to follow three monkeys’s of Mahatma Gandhi on the China’s claim on Arunanchal for the bargaining.

Highly placed sources in the government have told that the Chinese government has lodged an informal verbal protest on Jan 31, 2008 with New Delhi over the Prime Minister’s recent visit to Arunachal Pradesh, the first ever by a Prime Minister in almost a decade.

The Chinese till Hu Jintao’s visit in 2006 use to refer to Arunachal as Chinese territory. China uses claim on Arunachal for a bargaining chip in the Sino-Indian border talks.

Who are ready to donate the body part of their own mother land to transplant China? Mao used image of palm- Tibet and five fingers Bhutan Sikkim NEFA Ladakh Nepal. Suicidal genetic thrust of Indian ruling leaders for friendship.


Arunanchal: Hu Jintao visited to remind 1962?

Maoists have spread their dinasour feet from Assam to Chhattisgrh via Mynamyr.

On Feb 5, Chief Minister of Assam Gagoi admitted the presence of Assam, “We have information that militant groups like All Adivasi National Liberation Army (ANLA) has established links with Maoists which a matter of serious concern,” PM Manmohan Singh is the Rajya Sabha member from Assam.

‘Daily Times’ Pakistan reports that Moaist-Naxal has spread their net work from Chhattisgarh to Mynar.


Is this a friendly fight between China and UPA government? Congress and their allies icluding its outside supporter China’s political ideological adopted son Left are habitual to fight friendly in the assembly election to rule in the Centre.


Nuke Deal honeymoon of Congress and Left


Why was PM silent about talks between India, China


BJP is rightly suspect on Feb 1, 2008, and alleged Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was silent about talks between India and China for resolution of the border dispute, especially with regard to Arunachal Pradesh, during his visit to the state. Left supported UPA government is silent on this because it has come in the grip of China as Pt Nehru came in the past. Pt Nehru was in the grip of that time Defense Minister Comrade Krishna Menon, now UPA is in the grip of Left. What is the difference between 1962 and latest events?

Sonia Gandhi had said in China in her visit that India had too much learnt from China. Thiis is learnt by India in the rule of Congress

Who makes India a weak country?

An amusing incident occurred a few years ago when Gegong Apang was chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh. He had been invited to a conference in China. When he requested a visa from the Chinese embassy in Delhi to attend the function, he was told he did not need a visa as he was a Chinese national!

America who claims a preacher of democracy canceled the visa of a Chief Minister of India who won election democratically two times in the Gujarat.

This is imagined in international circle that Iran is as an ally of UPA outside of India.  On Feb 5 Iran voiced its unhappiness over the launch of an Israeli ‘spy’ satellite by India, saying New Delhi should have considered the “political” dimension of the move. Can India proceed according to the wishes of Iran or other Middle East countries for its external matters? Can Iran follows guide lines of India on its external matters?

UPA’s allies inside and outside India upset


By Premendra Agrawal