Spider-Man 3: Dr. Singh’s team up!

A French skyscraper climber nicknamed “Spiderman” was arrested on June 2, 2009, after scaling a 41-story building in downtown Sydney with his bare hands, stopping traffic on the busy street below. Is Gandhi dynasty in the role of Spiderman, krish etc?



Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 superhero Movie


Spider-Man 3 is a 2007 superhero film which is being released in Indian politics from to time.

Spiderman 3‘s central and perhaps subliminal message is reactionary and anti-democratic. The mass of people are inert, victims of vast forces that are beyond their control.

Democratic culture cannot flourish if we keep looking to the sky for answers. We are hoping Harry Potter teaches Spiderman a thing or two about the uses of solidarity.


‘Spider-Man 3’ is a 2007 superhero film written and directed by Sa Raimi, with a screenplay by Ivan Raimi and Alvin Sargent. It is the third film in the Spider-Man film franchise based on the fictional Marvel Comics character Spider-Man.

The Movie film begins with Peter Parker basking in his success as Spider-Man, while Mary Jane Watson continues her Broadway career.

There is a curious religious dynamic at work in Spiderman 3 that reinforces the absence of viable social networks. Spiderman’s struggle with the dark seductions of power is an isolated and individual one.

Look, up in the sky! While the well-known phrase is from the comic book and movie hero Superman, it could be applied to the world-wide blockbuster Spider-Man 3 as well. The film, which broke box office records in its opening weekend, is set in New York. To the extent that the broad masses of New Yorkers are represented in the Movie (film), their primary function is to gaze helplessly upwards, waiting for Spiderman to swoop in to save the day.



If power corrupts, then absolute power or masculine power (women gather round when Peter Parker wears the black Spiderman suit) corrupts absolutely.


Spider-man, Krish etc means ……………..


Leadership in India has become a monocracy of filmy superman or superwoman which is never happened in real life. Are Big B, Shotgun, Dram girl and others filmy acting happened in their practical lifes?

Superman (Superwoman or Super PM) is written with a nearly infinite number of ridiculous and unrelated super powers that make him so close to completely invulnerable that there is never really any stress or drama around him. Without the invention of his allergic reaction to kryptonite, and his occasional “loss of powers” there would never be anything even remotely interesting to read. In addition, over time, they just keep writing new powers for the guy.

Indian news channels India tv, star tv and others show blind faiths of tribal, illiterate and so called backward communities. But they never want to show the blind faith which is going on in the so called dynasty and pseudo-secular politics.

Missile man on earth………………





‘Spiderman’ arrested for scaling Sydney skyscraper



SYDNEY – A French skyscraper climber nicknamed “Spiderman” was arrested Tuesday after scaling a 41-story building in downtown Sydney with his bare hands, stopping traffic on the busy street below.


Around 200 people gathered to watch as Alain Robert, known for scaling some of the world’s tallest and best-known buildings without ropes or other equipment, climbed to the top of the Royal Bank of Scotland Tower.

Police closed off a section of the busy street below, causing gridlock. The crowd cheered as Robert reached the top. He climbed back down, where waiting officers arrested him.



‘Spiderman 3’ Packs Political Point


July 9, 2008:  The Daily News reported on its Web site that it had received a call from a man identifying himself as Malone. He said he was a 29-year-old college dropout from Connecticut who had studied al-Qaida for years. He said he wanted to draw attention to his belief that al-Qaida’s “intentional provocation of the U.S.” was the greatest threat to American national security.

At one point, the climber unfurled a banner on the “T” of the Times’ sign on its building that referred to Osama bin Laden, the Times reported on its Web site. Malone is the author of a book, “Bin Laden’s Plan,” that argues that Sept. 11 was part of a plot by al-Qaida to provoke the U.S. into invading Iraq, according to a summary on the Amazon.com bookseller site.


Mini dramas acted at 10 Jan Path

I recall a drama acted at 10 Jan Path in the past by blind followers of dynasty: Ex-MP Gangacharan Rajputtood on top of a car and took out a revolver attached to the drawstring of his pyajama and pointed it towards his head. ‘‘Sonia Gandhi ko yahan aane ko bolo. Nahin to main goli chala dunga (Call Sonia Gandhi or I’ll shoot myself),’’ he screamed while waving a stick to keep rescuers at bay. Rajput lost recently from Hamirpur in the Lok Sabha elections.

He was later brought down by workers and the police took him into custody. He claimed he had actually fired a shot at himself but ‘‘missed’’.

Another Congress worker climbed onto the tree outside 10 Jan path and refused to come down. A policeman attempted to reach him but failed.


By Premendra Agrawal