Bull fighting between Anna Hazare and Digvijay Singh



Congress freed Digvijay Singh to fight Anna Hazarre and his team


Digvijay has said that Rahul’s help not needed. He is sufficient to fight alone with the Anna Hazare and his team.

Is Digvijay Your Spokesperson?: BJP Asks Sonia, Rahul – Outlook

Does Digvijay Singh battle for himself or Rahul? – Rediff.com News



Digvijay Singh described Anna Hazare as “a
mask of all anti-Congress parties”,


New Delhi, Oct 27: With Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh’s spat with anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare and his team grabbing media headlines every single day, the latest rhetoric to come from Singh is when he tweeted, “Plan A – Baba Ramdev. Crashed. Plan B- Anna. ? Plan C – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar soon to start his campaign.”

With the jibe hitting an all-time low, the latest lambast has caused the irk between Congress and Team Anna to widen further. With the Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s name being dragged into the matter, Digvijay Singh alleged that the RSS first used Baba Ramdev, then Anna Hazare and is now all set to use


Videos for anna hazare team vs digvijay singh: Direct: Digvijay Singh targets Team Anna – YouTube

Hazare blasts Congress leader Digvijay Singh – Arab News: Digvijay Singh’s remark is highly objectionable and slanderous. Being a member
of Anna Hazare team, I would like to voice my concern …. We will also not post
comments that advocate breaking the law or committing crimes.


Bullfighting is a traditional spectacle of Spain, Portugal, southern France and
some Latin American countries (Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and
Ecuador), Bullfighting is the most indefensible type of animal abuse… The art and history of Bullfighting in Spain, a popular custom and tradition., Now it is going on Indian Political scene.


Man vs Bull is also common in India. In fact this was in the news recently, because first the Supreme Court banned the four-century-old ‘Jallikattu’ – event that attracts thousands of people (including tourists) during the Pongal harvest festival in the state of Tamil Nadu, as a “barbaric” way of treating animals, and then due to pressure from Karunanidhi, the Chief Minister, the ban was overturned. Karunanidhi said it would be hurting the religious sentiments of people – and this is the same person who has made statements against the Hindu religion! More likely that he knows that too much money rides on this sport to ban it all of a sudden. It’s also a popular sport and that will cost him votes.

Jallikattu by the way is different from the Spanish bull-fighting as the bull isn’t killed, and the man does not use a weapon. What happens is (Wiki):


India Inc says scams, corruption hitting growth


India’s top industrialists appear increasingly concerned over procedural bottlenecks, corruption, delayed reforms and the logjam in Parliament impeding long-term growth and driving investments away from the country. In an “open letter” to “leaders” on Monday, 14 eminent corporate captains related stories

Lokpal bill soon, PM tells Anna

and policy analysts described the nexus between certain companies, politicians, bureaucrats and power brokers as the “biggest threat” to the economy.


The eminent citizens, including Deepak Parekh (chairman, HDFC), Azim Premji (chairman, Wipro), Jamshyd Godrej (chairman Godrej and Boyce) and Bimal Jalan (former RBI governor), said citizens and small entrepreneurs face “continuous daily harassment” in almost every interface with government officials.


This was the second letter by them since January highlighting issues concerning governance deficit and corruption.


“We support the need for urgent passage of a well-crafted lokpal bill by Parliament,” the group wrote, adding that the draft bill could help deal with “episodic corruption” but is unlikely to have any significant impact on “day-to-day corruption, which is insidious and demeaning”.

Mr N Vaghul             Mr Deepak  Parekh                Dr Ashok Ganguly
Mr Jamshyd Godrej Justice Sam Variava   Prof M Narasimham
Mr Yezdi Malegam     Ms Anu Aga    Dr A Vaidyanathan
Dr Bimal Jalan Mr keshub Mahindra  Mr Azim Premji
Mr Nachiket Mor  Justice B N Srikrishna

Above signatories believe that through urgent, concerted action in which we are ready to lend a hand, positive change can be achieved.





By Premendra Agrawal

Dead Silence on the killers and contract killers of Lal Bahadur Shastri?


 Read Book by clicking here: Silent Assassins of Lal Bahadur Shastri, Jan 11-1966



The Soviet newspaper Tass put the cold message: «The Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR and the Council of Ministers of the USSR is sad to notice that 11 Jan, 1966 in 1 hour and 32 minutes in Tashkent died a distinguished statesman, Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri ».



The USSR government presented a façade of investigation by arresting the Soviet cook Sattarov and also others, on suspicion of poisoning the Indian Premier, but later absolved them of the charges.  Are these facts not throwing dim light towards the killers and contract killers?


In 2009, Anuj Dhar, author of CIA’s Eye on South Asia and India’s answer to the X-Files, asked the Indian Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) under a Right to Information (RTI) plea that Shastri’s cause of death be made public. In July 2009 the PMO refused to oblige, claiming this would lead to harming of foreign relations, cause disruption in the country and cause breach of parliamentary privileges. The PMO did reveal that it had in its possession one document related to Shastri’s death. Why it should not be in public domain?



The PMO admitted that it had a classified document on Shastri’s death, but refused to declassify it. The PMO argued that declassifying the Shastri document could harm foreign relations, create disruption in the country and cause a breach of parliamentary privilege. It not only acknowledges having something to hide about Shastri’s death, but also indirectly admits that the secret is explosive.


The above refusal of Indian Government clearly showed that Lal Bahadur Shastri’s death was not by heart attack.


In fact there were bloody hands of the heads of country or countries and those might be CIA, KGB, ISI or ……. That was a war-time prime minister who died suddenly not just while in office, but while attending a critical summit in a super power foreign country to discuss terms to end the war. Why dead silence still on the Shastri’s death?


Who hired arrested suspected killers to kill Lal Bahadur Shastri? Who had kept and still is keeping dead silence on the mysterious death of Shastri jee?

Analysis by Premendra Agrawal


Similarity in the assassination of JF Kennedy and the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri


Kennedy and Shastri

People have a right to know the truth as they have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.



What are the similarity points in the assassination of JF Kennedy and the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri?


‘Johnson will not be on the ticket’
last words President Kennedy dictated
to his secretary before departing for Dallas

Conspiracy in Camelot: the complete history of the assassination of John Kennedy

 By Jerome A. Kroth
Chapter 4. Conspiracy


Conspiracy theories have now fallen into “schools.” Some secrets it was a “get- even- with -Bobby” vendetta featuring the Mafia in the lead role. There is a more Dostoyevskian drama, emphasizing the themes of retaliation perfidy, spotlighting CIA and angry anti-Castro Cubans. A more traditional view sees a ‘coup d’etat’ staged by Lyndon Johnson. And finally, we have what might be called the “What-goes-around-comes-around” theme played out by Fidel Castro-who is said to have endured eight separate assassination attempts before striking back. This chapter will confine itself to examining the most persuasive theories.


1.       The Johnson theory

“I told it up: One out of every four presidents has died in office. I’m a gamblin’ man darlin’, and this is the only chance I got.”

Lyndon Johnson in a conversation with Clare Boothe Luce after accepting the Vice Presidential nomination in 1960


                                            Conspiracy in cam dot


Actually each theory sounds, plausible, in itself. It is only when you pause and look at what the theory doesn’t explain that shortcomings emerge. One of the most recent theories that is both convincing and yet has quite a few unfilled holes comes from Craig Zirbel, author of the Texas Connection.


Essential ideas



Lyndon Baines Johnson gained the most from the assassination of President Kennedy. He rose to power from the comparatively impotent position of Vice President. Prior to Kennedy’s victory, Johnson had been majority leader in the Senate, one of the most powerful men in the government, graduating to the Vice Presidency, actually placed him a position in a position which office could be exploited far less than his prior positions in government, but he made up for the lost time.



When Republican senator Barry Goldwater was asked his recollections of LBJ; he hesitated, then he crowd, finally, that Johnson had made more money as President than other presidents in history. …………………………… as Vice President he was handicapped. There were few important appointments he could make, except for the Secretary of the Navy. Johnson nominated Fred Korth. Korth, in turn strongly agitated for the largest defense contract awarded by the Pentagon…………… 



Not only did Johnson loose his power base as Vice President, there were clear signs that, Kennedy was not going to have him on the ticket in 1964. In fact, the last words Kennedy dictated to his Secretary, before his assassination, were to that effect.

Further Johnson’s own political career was increasingly threatened, as Kennedy’s Presidency marched forward. …………………





Lyndon B. Johnson


American President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a carefully planned sniper attack at high noon on November 22, 1963, during a motorcade through downtown Dallas, Texas.  Over 100 people witnessed the assassination.  However, no one witnessed the concealed snipers.  To this day, the explanation of this assassination has been controversial.

President John Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Texas Governor John Connally, and Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman in the presidential motorcade in Dallas, Texas, minutes away from the sniper attack.

There are two basic explanations for the assassination of President Kennedy. 

The first explanation is that Lee Harvey Oswald, a 24 year old former Marine with no criminal record, was the lone assassin.  This explanation is supported by the United States government and by the mainstream media.





[Up till now news reports says that suspected poisoner would have the Kremlin banquet cook Ahmet Sattarov was arreste and later released. My book on Shastri is going to discloses that besides more facts.). The arrested accuses had no criminal record. Further they have no enmity with Shastriji. This explanation may be found out from the record of Russian and Indian governments. Accuses were government servants. So there would not be hurdle or confusion of any kind.]




The second explanation is that President Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy located inside and outside the United States government.  This explanation is supported by many researchers and citizens.  If this explanation is true, the implications are enormous and alarming.  This would indicate that a secretive illegal group controls much of the US government.




(The second explanation in this book also that the mysterious death of lal Bahadur Shastri might be killed by a conspiracy located inside and outside the India. If this explanation is true, the implications are enormous and alarming. This would indicate that secretive illegal group controls much of the Indian government.)




We believe that sufficient evidence exists to prove that President Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy.  We believe that there is insufficient evidence to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin.  We believe that the assassination of President Kennedy was an act of treason committed by a powerful group within and without the United States government.  We believe that members of the Zionist ruling class assassinated President Kennedy.




(Many in India and abroad believe that sufficient evidence exists to prove that Lal Bahadur Shastri faced death to heart attack by … They believe that the suspected assassination of Shastriji was an act of treason committed by a powerful group within and without the India. )


The importance of the Kennedy assassination case is that it exposes the criminal group that controls the United States government.  The assassination reveals the massive corruption of this group and the criminal methods that they use to maintain their power.


(The importance of the Shastri suspected assassination exposes the killers+ contract killers/ Supari killers that control the Indian government. The suspected assassination reveals the massive corruption of this group as also mentioned in the The Mitrokhin Archive II that they use to maintain their power.)




Times reported on September 18, 1996: Documents tells Soviet theory on JFK death* inquiry: panel releases information showing KGB thought Johnson may have responsible for the assassination


The Assassinations Record Review Board released a previously Top Secret FBI Document which showed the Soviet KGB has evidence, and believes, that President Lyndon Johnson was responsible for the Assasination of President John F. Kennedy: http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/pics/KGB.gif


By Premendra Agrawal