Eat and live in India but sing for foreigners and enemies

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Modi to Camroon “Make in India” but Dr Singh said “Sonia Gandhi made me””Cambridge made me””I alike Caesar’s wife?

Modi recalls Shyamji Krishna who fought against British Rule but Manmohan Singh praised British rule in the Oxford? …
4:07 AM – 14 Nov 2015

The Indian IT sector, which gets 60 per cent of its export revenue from the United States, has come out strongly against US moves to ban outsourcing. While the Prime Minister has dug his heels in over the FDI in retail issue, it is open support for the Cabinet decision from America.


United States President Obama is stepping up his campaign against outsourcing. Batting for FDI in Multi Brand Retail, United States Ambassador to India Peter Burleigh said it will not affect small traders. On which side is Indian Prime Minister batting?


Few days back, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called Pakistan Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani as a “Man of Peace”.

My article of Nov 25, 2011: “Sonia Gandhi made me” “Cambridge made me” “I alike Caesar’s wife” now inducing Multi-Brand Retail as Walnut giants is slavery heredity.

Anna Hazare endorsed my views today ““Britishers came to India for trade but then ruled us for 250 years. You want to make us slaves once again? Are we inviting them to make us slaves again?”

Dr. Manmohan Singh praised British rule in the Oxford. Radhakrishnan was called to Oxford University, England, to deliver the prestigious “Upton Lectures” on “The Hindu View of Life.”


Stalin’s cruelty in the achievement of his goals created paranoia. Several times
he accused some of his closest supporters of counterrevolutionary ideas. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan does not want to hear his allies and voice of common people.

Dr. Radhakrishnan visited Russia. There Dr. Radhakrishnan patted Stalin on the cheek and on the back. Stalin said, “You are the first person to treat me as a human being and not as a monster.” After all Manmohan Singh and his boss Sonia Gandhi are also human beings.


Common people including small shop keepers are living peacefully.  FDI in Multi Brand Retail inters in the peaceful life of common people as truck rammed into a school building at Dhamangaon of Nasik killing students.


Raja of Amethi on revolt: Rahul may be run out!

“I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India”, is the oath taken by parliamentarians. Kapil Sibal and his UPA go against this oath. Our Indian Prime Minister includes tainted in his cabinet and in Japan Son of gangster Toru Hashimoto won the Osaka’s mayoral election.



Hashimoto is against the hereditary rule. 



Indian Government hammers the sovereignty of India by taking one sided dictatorial decision for selling FDI in Multi Brand Retail. 


Lal Bahadur Shastri’s name has been written in golden words in post independent India’s history. On the Lal Bahadur Shastri’s premiership tricolor could be flagged by our army on the Lahore. My forthcoming book on Shastri’s assassination will tell the truth behind the dead silence of our Indian government.  Enemies of India took Shastri’s life because he upheld the sovereignty and integrity of India. 


“Having taken an oath to the Constitution our job is to discuss debate and inform. If we do not do that, then in a sense we are not doing things consistent to the oath that we have taken,” Minister Sibal told reporters outside Parliament House.



Do Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi before taking decision on FDI in Multi Brand Retail consulted with their allies DMK, Trinmool and others? Even Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi do not take their congress members in confidence.



Keeping tainted elected member in his cabinet is the compulsion and alliance dharm but what is on the FDI in Retail?



Is this the democratic way upholding integrity of India?



Congress parliamentarian Sanjay Singh Raja of Amethi left his gaddi for Rahul Gandhi. Now Raja Saheb of Amethi  Parliamentarian of Sultanpur  is on the path of revolt on the matter of FDI in Multi Brand Retail. What will be the fate of ‘Ham hain Amethi ke Rajkumar’ alias Rahul Gandhi?


It is fine to remember that Sanjay Singh was kidnapped by the Congress from BJP for giving safe parliament-seat to Rahul Gandhi.

 By Premendra



Unsafe Pakistan nukes threat to India

Nov 28, 2011: Former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said, Pakistan’s nuclear program was not safe under President Asif Ali Zardari’s leadership. Should we forget the nuke attachment of Musharraf in Kargil and so many continuous threats for nuke war by other Pak-rulers?


The Pakistani Army mobilised its nuclear arsenal against India in 1999 — during the Kargil conflict — with the full knowledge of its then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, the Sunday Times reported today, quoting Bruce Riedel, who was a senior adviser to the then US President Bill Clinton on India and Pakistan.


Qureshi’s remarks today come on the heels of warnings by Western experts that Islamabad’s nukes could fall into the hands of Taliban terrorists.


After Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in Karachi, the world seems to be concerned over Pakistan’s nuclear safety. At first it was a concern for USA but now it has gripped India.

Pakistan’s major nuclear plants are located at the terrorism escalated North-West area. US, which lent an aid of a whopping $100 million to raise Pakistan’s nuclear security, is puzzled now asking one big question to itself that how it helped Pakistan?

Meanwhile, David Coleman Headly’s revelation during Mumbai terror attacks trial in Chicago, makes a more picture about the ISI officials, perhaps the whole spy unit having connections with terror outfits. The initial probe into the Karachi attack has revealed that a few insiders facilitated the militants to carry out the mission. This makes the role of insiders more evident in backing al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in the garrison town Abbottbad.


Osama’s killing and Headly’s revelations confirm the deep connection of ISI with terror networks and coordinating attacks in India. The increasing cause of worrisome is, what will happen to the world if at one point of time, insiders facilitate terrorists and provide access to nuclear weapons?


Pak-China-North Korea’s open nuke threat to India

Pak exchanged Nuke-tech for N Korean long range missiles: US

 North Korea received designs for uranium enrichment centrifuges from Pakistan’s disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan in return for its long range missile

A Q Khan, root of Pak- nuke was in Bhopal up to 1952. He became enemy of India to migrate Pak and became Nuke villain.


North Korea received designs for uranium enrichment centrifuges from Pakistan’s disgraced nuclear scientist A Q Khan in return for its long range missile



Pakistan not only has more warheads than its long-time adversary (India), but also has more capability to actually use them, says US military and intelligence officials. Indian Defence Minister AK Antony earlier said that militants attack on Pakistan’s naval airbase is a matter of India’s concern.

Considering China’s liberal help also to Pakistan in developing nuclear power, it is of no doubt that it has better nuclear arsenal than India. Now, this fact has become an annoyance for India. Reports claim that Pakistan is head-on with up to five nuclear warheads compared to India.

NATO Pak Nexus & Selling FDI in multi-brand retail

Due to NATO Pakistan nexus, Pakistan buries 24 troops killed in NATO airstrike. Now our commerce and industry minister Anand Sharma on Sunday Nov 27, 2011 launched a campaign to sell advantages of FDI in multi-brand retail for cutting our economic root.


Pakistan is habitual in selling her sovereignty in the hands of United States, NATO, China and others. Our government is habitual in selling our economic sovereignty,  


Pakistan kidnapped 1/3 portion of Kashmir from India and named it PoK means Pakistan occupied Kashmir.  


Parliament passed a unanimous resolution in February 1994 that PoK is an
integral part of India.


Why would Pakistan be panic? Pakistan is handing over de facto control of the strategic Gilgit-Baltistan region in the northwest corner of disputed Kashmir to China. Pakistan is doing so, because it belongs to India.



NATO and Pakistan have developed regular exchanges at various levels, including visits by senior officials and leaders in civil society. High-level political exchanges regularly take place, including visits by the former and current NATO Secretary General. President Asif Ali Zardari has previously visited NATO HQ to address the North Atlantic Council on his vision for cooperation. Military consultations also take place, and NATO has agreed to open selected training and education courses to Pakistani officers.




Advertisements of Deaths:

Good health coated poisonous advertisement were in the USSR press:

So, it was noted that mustard gas, the king of gases, has a beneficial effect on the treatment of tuberculosis … Lewisite – the dew of death – is already used in the treatment of paralysis, with good results … “(” Krasnaya Gazeta “- December 14, 1927)

Is it necessary to explain that it was far from the truth? Scientist” poisoners “needed volunteers’ simpletons who could not even aware that their health coffin toxic drugs for cruel experiments with poisons.This is being discussed in my forthcoming book on the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri.


 Instead of Walmart and other Multi Brand Retail, our government is giving advertisement on behalf of multi brand retail by spending money of Indian people.


Said advertisement is a trick to fool the people of India.

In a full page advertisement in newspapers, the commerce and industry ministry said foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retail will help farmers, create more jobs and benefit consumers. This advertisement is a trick to fool the people of India. All opposition and even UPA ally Mamta Banerjee of Trinmool Congress and DMK are against this decision. Still Government is adamant. Why? 


FIR against Kiran Bedi, not on complaint of Lalita Shastri in 1966

Delhi Court gives orders Delhi police to register FIR against Bedi. In Jan 11, 1966 Lalita Shastri alleged that her husband was poisoned. Is there in Delhi Police Station any FIR on her complaint?


Court order is on a complaint by Delhi-based lawyer Devinder Singh Chauhan, but the court rejected her complaint seeking further probe into Commonwealth Games-related graft cases.


Lal Bahadur Shastri died in Jan 11, 1966. Lalita Shastri crying shedding tears before the death body of Lal Bahadur Shastri and persistently alleged that her husband was poisoned. Was there in Delhi Police station any FIR on the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri?


Like Devendra Singh Chauhan, we were 80 crores including Bharat Ratna Guljarilal Nanda and ‘Indira is India’ on Jan 11, 1966. Had we no relation with Shastriji after his so called assassination?


An FIR is a very important document as it sets the process of criminal justice in motion. It is only after the FIR is registered in the police station that the police take up investigation of the case.


Who can lodge an FIR?

Anyone who knows about the commission of a cognizable offence can file an FIR. It is not necessary that only the victim of the crime should file an FIR.


A police officer who comes to know about a cognizable offence can file an FIR himself/herself.

Sue Moto FIR might be filed by the police officer on duty or on the instruction of Government headed by acting Prime Minister Guljari Lal Nanda 


Then why is not even a single sentence in the Delhi Police Station on the death of lal Bahadur Shastriji? Lal Bahadur Shasti’s sons were minor at that time, but all 80 crores were not.


I am now no minor, so definitely I am going to complete my book on alleged assassination of Lal Bahadur Shastri in coming January 1966.


Will Walmart weep in India as in Germany……


After “Sonia Gandhi made me” “Cambridge made me” “ I alike Caesar’s wife” now inducing Multi-Brand Retail as Walnut giants is slavery heredity.


In 1929 Mahatma Gandhi was arrested for burning foreign cloth under the non-co-operation
movement in British Rule. Now Uma Bharti would be arrested for burning Walmart in the rule of ………..


Multi-Brand Retail as Wal-Mart have gone to countries like Brazil and failed — the same way they’ve gone to countries like Korea and failed, the same way they’ve gone to countries like Germany, but could not smile– mainly because of not understanding the local culture. The same fate of Multi-Brand Retail Walmart and others should be here in India.


Wal-Mart of America, the biggest retailer in the world: Acquisitions and joint venture with local businesses became a problem in nationalism country.  Thus, strict governments’ rules and regulations blocked business operations.  Misreading competitors and late in entry destroyed location opportunities the same as harmed relationship with local suppliers.  Inadaptable to local culture become a big problem in global business.  Moreover, low wages, unions and sex discrimination brought Wal-Mart to be an evil in employees’ perspective.       


Multi-brand Retail Walnut foray into the German market, has so far turned out to be a”fiasco. Main reasons are: 

Management by “hubris and clash of cultures”

Neither “everyday low prices” nor “excellent service”

Repeated Infringements of German Laws and Regulations


In Germany the company seems to be the prey

rather than the hunter.  


According to Chinese media, Wal-Mart’s latest international failure might be Wal-Mart China – which, within its 15 years in China, has failed to become profitable. 


Mighty Walmart failed to capture the hearts of South Korean consumers, ultimately withdrew in 2006 after eight years in the market.


Gandhi taught: offer other cheek for a second slap


Anna Hajare being a true follower of Mahatma Gandhi suddenly reacted “He got slapped! Only one slap?” Tushar Gandhi is great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, not his follower. Tushar is blind follower of Nehru Gandhi dynasty. Tushar said, Anna Hajare should stop visiting the Raj Ghat.


 Tushar should go through:

“During his stay in India, Japanees PM Abe instead of going to Rajghat will head to the eastern city of Kolkata to meet relatives of Indian freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. He is a dutiful grandson of a wartime minister and passionate advocate for making his nation prouder of its past opposite to the Nehru Gandhis and their Congress. Should we learn something from Japan, worshiper of Subhash?”


Gandhi samadhi memorial of Mahatma Gandhi has the epitaph He Ram, People may go through the movie of Anupam Kher “Maine Gandhi ko nahen maraa’. Godse killed Gandhi only one time but ‘“har roz har pal…baar baar apne haathon se gala ghot kar mara hai. Par mujhe koi dukh nahi (everytime i killed gandhi).’


Who wanted to ruin ‘Ram Sethu’?


If Tushar would criticized the following incidents then Slapping on Pawar might not happened:

Minister P Chidambaram on Aug 26, 07 in Lucknow said the books that propounded the glorious past of India were liable to be burnt.


“hamari marji ham yah Karen voh Karen”.

The slapping on a journalist incident has happened on the sets of Money Hai Toh Honey Hai in Mumbai.The actor was giving a shot for the film when he found that journalist roaming on the sets and looking at him intently. Govinda, means parliamentarian, a MP,
people’s representative, Lawmaker slaps his voter.


Neither slapping nor corruption should be allowed in democracy

Hereditary corrupt politics and cancer curing by Ramdev Baba

Congress in the leadership of Gandhi dynasty remains a deeply hereditary party – 37% of the MPs of Congress are hereditary compared to 19% hereditary MPs in the main opposition BJP. Real power – as with most other Indian political parties – still rests with unimaginative, geriatric leaders.


Patrick French, author of the book ‘India: A Portrait’ says, “Every MP under the age of 30 is hereditary. I don’t think it’s a bad thing having political families in any democracy. The problem really is the scale of what is happening. For instance, the quite inspiring grassroots leaders who came up in the past—certainly in the Congress—would have no chance of winning a ticket for a Lok Sabha seat now. You have this ironic situation where democracy is deeply entrenched and yet, at the same time, for the top reaches of certain parties, you have to be the son or daughter of an existing leader in order to get anywhere.”


Rahul of Gandhi dynasty was born in Italy, raised abroad and here in India live in 10 Janpath of Delhi but he talks about the poverty of Uttar Pradesh. India remains poor under the rule of Nehru Gandhi dynasty more than 50 years. India can become No. 1 in corruption by keeping accounts in Swiss Bank.  Now Rahul says, he wants to make Uttar Pradesh No. 1.


Why do people shy away from entering the Indian politics? Why corrupts mostly coming entering in the Indian politics to spread corruption.


Hereditary corrupt Indian politicians’ rule becomes the fate of India. It is oxygen for Congress but disease for the common people. Is this incurable? 


Monopoly of Political parties in the shape of Monarchs 
Unfortunately instead of 565 princely states now we have individual or family ruled political parties.


Absolute power corrupts absolutely “
Indian politicians in their bid to remain in power permanently have converted ‘democracy’ into ‘hereditary democracy/political monopoly/ one family rule in India’; Sonia, Karuna, Mulayan, Maya, Mamta,Jaya, Thackeray, Ajit Singh, Chautala, Badal, Naidu, Patnaik, Shard Pawar, Sheikh abdullah, Laloo, Paswan and few others or in this democratic dictatorial line. 

Has Ramdev baba any medicine to cure the cancer of hereditary corrupt politics?


What P M has to hide: All’s of Gandhi

As BBC reported on Jan 20, 2011, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has said: “he has nothing to hide, “I sincerely believe, like Caesar‘s wife, I am not afraid of the CBI” “As a lawyer, I will abide by the law”.


P M Singh wants an excuse as drinker wants an excuse to drink again!  


“I sincerely believe, like Caesar’s wife, the prime minister should be above suspicion, and it is for this reason that I am prepared to appear before the Public Accounts Committee,” he said.  Caesar had three wives named Cornelia, Pompeia and Calpurnia. Whose clone is he?


Why does Manmohan Singh always cite western examples and sayings, not our own? Why would he not want to give agni pariksha as Sita did? Why any does Indian want to be clone of British or Italian? 


Soon after the defeat of the P V Narasimha Rao-led Congress in the 1996 election, Singh had used the phrase at a meeting of the parliamentary party and was then seen as a bid to distance himself from Rao and the JMM scandal enveloping the late leader. It is somewhat ironic that Singh chose to use the same phrase to defend himself at the Congress plenary.


Our Prime Minister said before five years in the Oxford to follow other alumni alumni Lord Macaulay and Mohammed Iqbal : “Cambridge made me”  “India’s experience with Britain had benefited too”


Here our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is right to say: “I am not afraid of the CBI


In fact CBI is always afraid of every government as Rahul Gandhi himself accepted.

Who hides the facts?: former law minister Bharadwaj allowed the 21 crore de-freezing to uncle Quattorochi from London account facilitated by none other than addl. solicitor general of Supreme court. Why did CBI’s investigating officers come back India to keep their legs on their head to hear the victory of Congress by 7 more seats than BJP in 2004?


“As a lawyer, I will abide by the Law”:  Does Prime Minister Singh abide to include tainted ministers in his cabinet? Which law abides Prime Minister Singh to disclose in public the classified documents related to the mysterious death of Lal Bahadur Shastri?


Cambridge honored Dr. Singh to close door on Sanskrit, Hindi

Article of Oct 12, 2005


Cambridge has finally closed the door on Sanskrit as a hallowed subject of undergraduate study, nearly one-and-a-half centuries after it first established a chair in the 3000 year old language.


The Times of India sought – and received – confirmation of the university’s decision within hours of Cambridge honouring Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with a doctor of law degree, in what some scholars believe to be the most cynical form of “tactless academic marketing”.



Slap on MM cheek in Cambridge


1977 Atal Bihari Vajpayee, External Affairs Minister of India, addressed the UNO General Assembly in Hindi language. Dr. Singh proudly spoke in English at the time of getting Doctorate Degree at Cambridge. If he has shame for National language Hindi, than he should use Punjabi in her speech. He and Sonia Gandhi knowingly to dishonor the Vandemataram remained absent on September 7, 2006when whole nation was singing Vandemataram as decided and instructed by the HRD Minister Arjun Singh on behalf of his Govt..


If we ourselves dishonor our language, our Sanskrit, our culture, our national song to honor others’ then how can we expect from others.


Smith, who has taught Sanskrit to Cambridge undergraduates for 22 years said the decision was “tactless” in its timing and skewed in its objectives. “They are doing this at a point of time when they are honoring Manmohan Singh, soliciting benefactions from wealthy Indian businessmen and seeking students from South Asia,” he said. He said he had no new undergraduate students seeking to learn Sanskrit in this academic year, which began a week ago.


Smith added with unconcealed anger at Cambridge and other Western universities’ increasing propensity to run themselves as businesses that employ MBA-speak: “There are some subjects simply worth doing. This is a language that has been going 3,000 years and hasn’t stopped yet. You cannot understand the culture of the Indian sub-continent and the world outside it without learning Sanskrit”. Full report on this can be read at:


Worshipper of Golden Temple dared to speak in Oxford golden words “India’s experience with Britain had benefited too” to forget Jaliawala Bagh. Now he is joyous to remind his slavery days in Cambridge


Congress led Govt tributes martyrs and honor Supreme Court to stay hanging of Afzal.


Are alumni of Cambridge Manmohan Singh follower of his predecessors other alumis Lord Macaulay and Mohammed Iqbal who were greatest enemies of India?

Thomas Babington, Lord Macaulay (1800-1859) Historian’s followers are now writing history of India to enter in HRD Ministry’s NCERT and IGNOU.


Mohammed Iqbal: Right hand of Jinnah to divide India on the basis of two nation theory through the Muslim League which is still taking breadth in India and sharing power in the Central Govt with the Congress.


As a chief guest of the Jamia Millia Islamia’s convocation the President A.P.J. Kalam quoted Macaulay’s 1835 speech in British Parliament, ‘I do not think we would ever conquer this country (India), unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation.'”


Macaulayites Congress leaders

Macaulay’s biographer G.D. Trevelyan wrote: “A new India was born in 1835. The very foundations of her ancient civilization began to rock and sway. Pillar after pillar in the edifice came crashing down.”


Now remaining Macaulayites Congress leaders want to born a new India to ruin our glorious ancient civilization as described by the Supreme court in its various judgements and Foremer President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.


Manmohan should follow Bugti a Oxford Alumi

Oxford-educated tribal chieftain Baloch freedom fighter Bugti became vociferously critical of the military dictatorship after General Musharraf assumed power in a bloodless coup on 12 October 1999. Bugti’s key legacy lies in his patriotic death, and in Musharraf’s apparent miscalculation of the tribal elder’s popularity.


Wilful betrayal implies some sort of hatred

At the time of praising Oxford and Cambridge he feels shame to mention our historical Institutions which are now being made ‘camp of gundaism’ by the congress and comrades. There are three notable Oxford alumni of India: Indira Gandhi, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan president 1962-67 and Manmohan Singh. Manmohan Sinh should read Radha Krishnan what he said about Hindutva and Hinduism. Is India made by Oxbridge returns? I never say patriots to those who are unable to see their inner side.


I recall an incident. Before 40 years in my young age I was puzzled to run press and to publish my Hindi weekly. Every time I needed money from my father to run these. The principal of the school in which I was the student was helping nature to me. He guided me and said that I saw always outside towards your father instead of your inner side. He asked me to make a list of such persons to whom I had to recover bills against ad or stationery. I made a list and I went to collect money. I wondered that I had collected much recovery. Our govt looks always abroad instead of to develop our recourses.


If PM is still slaves of British Rule then he should resign at-once.


Christian Missionaries are giving good education to call spirit of Christ in the schools so they can be converted in Christ in due course. Dacoit kidnapped in revenge a son of another, gives him food and education and makes him dacoit to take the revenge.


A thief snatches money purse of the pocket of a co-passenger. On demand the co-passenger is unable to give money for the ticket to the conductor. Then thief in curtsey gives Rupee five note to the conductor for the co-passenger.


Are these praiseable services with good intention? If not then why highly qualified dignitary says “Cambridge made me”


Salute those who invented Manmohan, Sonia and like other clones!


PM Manmohan Singh’s remarks praising British Raj in Oxford University was a wake up call for nationalists and patriotic. Repetition of it is today to say “Cambridge made me”. Really he is a mixture of loyalty to 10 Janpath and slavery for British rule. He is a great freedom fighter along with Sonia Gandhi to blame Hindu organizations.

“When I became the Finance Minister of India in 1991, our Government launched the Indo-British Partnership Initiative.” PM said in the Cambridge.  And when he became PM in 2004, his government launched the Indo-Pak partnership to counter terrorism by joint mechanism and wants to sale nuke security and secrecy of India in the hands of America.


 “Ghar Phoonk tamasha dekh”

I recall an incident. My friend told me a real story of his uncle. His uncle was too much loyal towards his friends. He took costly things including cash from his home to give his friends. He caught and beaten by elders. Then he called his friends in a certain time in the night out of his home. He threw the cash and other materials from the upper story roof to outside. His friends collected them. Our govt is like that.


Farmers’ suicide

UK is a Christian country but a Catholic queen can’t be heir of the British throne according to the prevailing lawa there but we Indians are the great in the world. Families of the farmers who are doing suicide have loaded Cathoic Christian Italian directed government on their heads. There should be a white paper of Govt how many suicides of farmers were in NDA rule and how many are being now. Sonia say his son says to rule the country is the birth right of Gandhi dynasty. Photo of Rahul Gandhi has been fixed now in the Congress Office along with others who ruins the country. Secular part of fouth pillar media is overlapped by the photos of such leaders. Still they say themselves ‘Buhijivi (intelligencia)’.



Jaggery attracting ants-terrorists

Sonia Gandhi is busy in grooming her son. Manmohan is jumping everywhere. Monkey cuts a little corner of fruit and throw it. Repetition of this is the habit of a monkey. Our PM never fulfill any promise or any policy. Luckily he got a sword of PM post. Bad luckily he is wounding the security of our country and safety of our people. His sound and walk is sweet jaggery attracting ants-terrorists.


Change for PM chair

Dr. Singh already said that intead of a politician he is an academic. Then why he should not resign from PM post. Pt Nehru said that he is accidentally Hindu but his name begins with Pt.  He never decalred publicly that he was not a Hindu. Even his daughter married Muslim or Parsi but Nehru made her Indira Gandhi to declare her as a Hindu. Nehru was a Kashmiri Pandit but now Kashmiri pandits are in the streets of Delhi as a refugee. How can be possible for me to write here sins and mischiefs of Nehru Gandhi dynasty in this article?


Bureau-tic PM

 “There is External Affairs Minister’s vacancy. There is Labour Minister’s vacancy. I have to (fill them) and I will do so shortly.” – – – Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told journalists on board his special flight while returning from Johannesburg to New Delhi.