NIA follows CBI: Terrorist Ishrat vs Innocent Sadhvi Pragya Bharti

In the Ishrat case and other encounters UPA government is misusing CBI and IB. In the same way UPA government is misusing NIA, ATS and other agencies against the Pargaya Bharti and others.


Home Minister of India, P. Chidambaram urged Indians to beware of “Saffron terror” on the 25th August 2010 at a meeting of state police chiefs in New Delhi After that Shinde Acted like Pak by his Hindu terror remark for getting Muslim votes


UPA government is now in full speed to executing its Saffron terror and Hindu terror policy to appease the Muslims. Root is capturing vote bank and adopting divide rule policy of British.


Today on July 01 TOI reported: The nine Muslim men arrested and charged in connection with the 2006 Malegaon blast case may soon find an official stamp of their “innocence”. The NationalInvestigation Agency (NIA), which has chargesheeted Hindutva radicals in connection with the case, is likely to tell a Mumbai court that the arrested men do not stand accused in the Malegaon blast case. 


NIA is acting Malegaon blasts similar to CBI in Ishrat case.


The NIA’s statement will be in reply to a discharge application filed by two of the nine accused in Mumbai’s Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act ( MCOCA) court on the basis of NIA’s chargesheet. The two accused, Mohamed Ali Shaikh and Asif Bashir Shaikh, on Wednesday filed an application seeking discharge from the case stating the NIA chargesheet had proved the involvement of a right-wing terror group. 

“As and when the court asks us for a reply, we will state that they are not accused in our case. The court has two more chargesheets (one filed by Maharashtra ATS and another by CBI) to look at. It will be the court’s prerogative to discharge them,” a senior NIA officer said. 

The statement will be a big relief to the nine men and of great significance to the case as investigations are still on. It will, in a way, be the first official clean chit to the nine men, seven of whom are out on bail. The other two, Mohammed and Asif, who have moved court, are still in Mumbai’s Arthur Road jail in connection with the 7/11 train blasts. 

Mohammed and Asif said in their application that the NIA chargesheet had contradicted those filed by the ATS and CBI. “The supplementary chargesheet of the NIA prima facie reveals that statements of all witnesses recorded by the ATS was taken under duress,” the accused said in the plea. 

According to NIA’s chargesheet, Lokesh Sharma, deceased Sunil Joshi, Dhan Singh, Rajendra Chaudhary, Manohar Narwaria and absconding accused Ramchandra Kalsangra and Nanded resident Ramesh Venkat Mahalkar alias Amit Hakla are responsible for the blast. 

Meanwhile, sources said Dhan Singh, one of the accused chargesheeted by NIA, has contested the discharge application filed by Mohammed and Asif and has also questioned investigations done by the agency. 

After the blasts, Maharashtra ATS had chargesheeted nine Muslim men in the case. On the day it filed the chargesheet, the case was transferred to CBI which later filed a supplementary chargesheet supporting ATS’s case.

However, following Aseemanand’s confession of Hindutva radical hand in the blasts, the case was transferred to NIA.




Why is Pragya “Bharti” not being in “Italian color” being tortured? Why is Pragya “Sadhvi” being tortured due to  vote bank policy? Bombay High Court notice to NIA, ATS on false implication of Malegaon accused as reported by DNA today on April 28, 2013


Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, in jail for the past five years without any case of ‘Hindu terrorism’ being made out against her, has refused to take medical treatment for cancer unless released on bail.


Sadhvi Pragya Bharti’s early life is a model of women self defense

Sanjay Dutt vs Pragya Bharti vs Dead-injured in 93 Blast: Katju’s humanitarian ground


Modi favors Right to Reject Candidate and Compulsory Voting

Modi favors Right to Reject Candidate and Compulsory Voting


Narendra Modi pitches for right to reject candidate and compulsory voting, saying these measures would bring good people to politics. 

Scottish independence: Referendum voting age to be lowered: MSPs are to pass a bill to give 16 and 17 year olds the right to vote in next year’s independence referendum.

Electoral Reforms: If lowering the age is happened in India than Congress Party would hide itself in to Italy.


Speaking at ‘Young Indian Leaders Conclave’ here, he said his government had introduced a bill on compulsory voting in local bodies which also provides for right to reject.

“Electoral reforms like compulsory voting and right to reject are necessary for bringing good people to politics,” Modi said addressing around 150 young professionals here. 

“At present the voters have to select from a candidate put up by the party irrespective of his background. But if right to reject is given, they can reject all candidates.” 

“Political parties, fearing the rejection, will be forced to give tickets to good people which will bring good people to the politics,” Modi said, responding to questions on how the Indian democracy can be improved. 

However, “sadly” 
Gujarat Governor (Dr Kamla) had not given ascent to this bill, he added. 

He also mentioned that Gujarat had introduced online voting in local bodies. 



Scottish independence: Referendum voting age to be lowered, BBC reported. Lowering the age for voting will give those born on or before 18 September 1998 the right to vote in the referendum.

But a proposal supported by the Lib Dems and Greens to give prisoners serving short term sentences the right to cast their vote is likely to fail.

Reducing the voting age has been a long standing policy of the SNP, which forms the Scottish government.


The party has said it has been backed by organisations including Scotland’s biggest teaching union, the EIS, as well as the Scottish TUC, National Union of Students and the Electoral Reform Society.


Biggest stake

The UK government previously opposed votes for 16 and 17-year-olds in the independence referendum, although the measure was eventually included in the Edinburgh Agreement, which set out the terms for the vote and was signed by both Westminster and Scottish ministers.

Announcing the measure as part of the The Scottish Referendum (Franchise) Bill earlier this year, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said young people had the biggest stake in the future of the country.


The Conservatives oppose extending the franchise to 16 and 17-year-olds, with the party’s former Scottish leader Annabel Goldie previously saying young people would only have a “very restricted” opportunity to test their knowledge and opinions against life experience.

The franchise bill, which is due to be given final approval by MSPs on Thursday, will base voter eligibility on Scottish parliamentary and council elections.


That means groups of people entitled to vote include people living in Scotland who are British, Irish or from other EU countries, “qualifying Commonwealth citizens” and members of the armed services serving overseas who are registered to vote in Scotland.


But a controversial proposal to give prisoners serving short sentences the right to vote is likely to fail after being dismissed by the Scottish government, with Ms Sturgeon saying those who commit a crime serious enough to be denied their freedom should also be denied the right to vote.


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All Hindu Rights Forum, a new org formed in Pakistan

IBN reported on June 30, 2013: Hindus in Pakistan are not equal citizens of the state but victims of a “religious apartheid”, a newly formed Hindu group has said, demanding a special session of Parliament to probe persecution of Hindus and other minorities in the country. Hindu community feels insecure in this country due to continued acts of injustice and atrocities against them, especially women, Mohan Manjiani, president of All Hindu Rights Forum (AHRF) said.


The new organisation was launched on Friday in the port city of Karachi with the aim of securing due and constitutional rights of Hindus, the largest minority group of Pakistan. AHRF, a non-political organisation, has Kishanchand Parwani, a former member of the National Assembly, as its chairman, the Daily Times reported. Hindu community feels insecure in this country due to continued acts of injustice and atrocities against them, especially women, Manjiani said. “All the Hindus are hounded and humiliated to force them to leave Pakistan,” he added.

“Hindus are not equal citizens of the state but victims of a religious apartheid. They live in a state of perpetual dread with their daughters, property and religious places being constantly targeted,” he added. He said that thousands of temples were vandalised, wealth of minorities was looted, women and children were abducted, but none of it has been tried before the court of law to give them justice. Referring to incidents of forced marriages of Hindu girls in Sindh, he said that the courts generally do not consider the fact that most of the girls were minors, and simply accept the certificate of conversion without any investigation.



Ask seculars: Is Mecca in Pakistan or Saudi Arab?


Pakistan’s minority Hindus feel under attack

For the second time in less than two months, this month a Hindu temple has been attacked on the outskirts of Karachi. The small minority community already marginalized is now living in fear saying their cries of help from the Pakistan government are falling on deaf ears. 


Hindus make up about 2 per cent of Pakistan’s population of 180 million people. They have been facing endless atrocities and injustice in the country. The independent Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has noted a worrisome increase in kidnappings of Hindu girls who are forced to embrace Islam


Persecution of Hindu, Christian & Other Minority Women in Pakistan Highlighted 


“One of the primary structural hindrances for Hindu women in Pakistan has been the state’s refusal to officially register Hindu marriages, which has deprived Hindu women access to basic rights and services,” said Tekchandani.  ”The passing of a Hindu Marriage Act, therefore, is imperative to the safety, and civil rights of Hindu women living in Pakistan.”

Willing to die in India than return to Pakistan: For Our Seculars Mecca in Pakistan?Asylum-seeker left behind infant in Pakistan: “I am willing to die here than return to Pakistan. I have had enough,” says Sohan Das (62), who is here with his son, daughter-in-law and three granddaughters,” For our Nitishi Kumar like seculars Mecca is in Pakistan.


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Right to Education and Right to Remain Hindu

Congress Nitish tries to convert Delhi and Bihar in a Mini-Pakistan

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Caged parrot via Ishrat becomes trapped throat to tear the hair of Govt as in Coalgate




Fate of P C Chidambarm may be as Ex-Law Minister Ashwani Kumar in removing the heart of the CBI report related to Coalgate. Being a Home Minister Chidambaram filed affidavit on August 6, 2009 in the High Court to accept the finding of Gujarat Govt that Ishrat was a terrorist. Centre’s affidavit confirmed LeT links of Ishrat


After filing that report, pressure was started on the government by NGOs so called secularists and human activists such as Shabnam Hashmi who at that time remained the member of National Integration Council (NIC). NDTV and Tehelka reporting also evoke the Government to dig a pit for itself. Now the Ex and present both home ministers are trying to be out from that self made pit. Shabnam Hashmi even demanded Home Ministry to apologize for filing affidavit against Ishrat Jahan


On above sited pressure MHA ( P Chidambaram) filed another affidavit within two months, on September 30, 2009, one which generated a lot of controversy, to say that MHA has no sufficient proof against ishrat. Due to that affidavit High Court instructed CBI enquiry in the case which is going on now. Government want such type of report from CBI on the basis of which the Govt may involve Modi and Amit Shah by hook and cook to say that that was fake encounter in the knowledge of them.


CBI now questioned former under-secretary RVS Mani earlier this week, after writing to the home ministry on June 21 that it wanted to speak to him and sought a copy of the two affidavits along with other related documents.


As happened in the CBI report of Coalgate one is original and another is changed report on the instruction of Ashwani Kuma that time law Minster.


As caged parrot saved himself to take the sacrifice of Ashwani Kumar, this time also that caged parrot wants to keep himself safe to tear the hair of the Home Ministry.



Home Ministry runs in hurry on the path of Jama’t-ud-Da’wah, the mouthpiece of the LeT.


After the encounter on June 15, 2004, the Jama’t-ud-Da’wah on July 14, 2004 was quoted in Ghazwa Times of Lahore as having said, “The veil of Ishrat Jahan, a woman activist of LeT, was removed by Indian police and her body kept with other mujahideens (terrorists) on the ground. Ishrat was with her husband on the front seat of the car.” And this was effected as evidence of her links with the terror organisation after she was killed to support the Gujarat police operation.

However on May 2, 2007, the Jama’t-ud-Da’wah carried an apology to Ishrat’s family on its website. The affidavit has annexed this apology by its spokesperson Abdulla Muntazir on the internet edition of the paper saying he was on leave when this admission was published and called it a “journalistic mistake by my staff”.

Apologising to her family and all Indian Muslims, he wrote, “It has now been proven that Ishrat Jahan was not a member of Lashkar-e-Toiba and she was an innocent Muslim girl who was murdered by the Modi Sarkar.” What took the Lashkar three years to make the amendment is not explained.

Muntazir claims the Ghazwa monitoring cell extracted news about Ishrat Jahan from Indian newspapers at the time of the encounter, and published them. “Herein lies the blunder. The source of this news item was not mentioned along with the news.”

as you sow, so shall you reap


“The change in affidavit by the Home Ministry in this encounter case took place when Chidambaram was the Home Minister. This change almost coincided with the change of stance of LeT on Ishrat Jahan. I believe that the change in affidavit by the Home Minister was a clear example of political interference. My article on this issue only exposed that,” Jaitley, of BJP and Supreme Court lawyer said on June 6, 2013.



Before that on four years on Sept 30, 2009:Ravi Shankar Prasad of BJP Supreme Court lawyer said ““Change in stand (new affidavit) is a textbook example of how vote-bank rules over national security,” Prasad said, hinting at minority appeasement being the reason.


CBI creates fear among Abhitabh and Abhishek with White and Black beared

Semifinal: CBI vs IB vs Home Ministry vs Congress party

Rs. One Lakh to Ishrat’s Mother calling her Martyr in 2004, now again

Profile Asif Ibrahim IB chief: A move that came to haunt the Congress

Ishrat: Caged Parrot Salim Ali vs Patriot IB Chief Ibrahim

Who gets punishment for changes in the Coalgate CBI Report?


10 Jan path to 7 Race Course: Sikh protests and Writing Coalgate 1 lakh 76 thousand crores


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Tea Vendor Modi vs Hotel Waitress Sonia

Tags: Tea Vendor Modi, Hotel Waitress Sonia, Antonia Maino, Sonia Gandhi, Cambridge, Narendra Modi, Gujarat

“Mrs Gandhi was 18-year-old student at a small language college in Cambridge in 1965, making ends meet by working as a waitress in the Varsity restaurant, when she met a handsome young engineering student.” When he was six years old, the man who could be India’s prime minister helped his father sell tea to passengers whenever an odd train came into the small Vadnagar station in Gujarat, says a recently released book titled “The anatomy of Narendra Modi – the man and his politics” authored by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay.

“As our eyes met for the first time, I could feel my heart pounding . . . as far as I was concerned, it was love at first sight,” she wrote later in a rare moment of self-revelation, the paper said. “I had a vague idea that India existed somewhere in the world with its snakes, elephants and jungles, but exactly where it was and what it was really all about, I was not sure.


Antonia Maino (Now Sonia Gandhi) later told her family: “I’ve fallen in love with an Indian. He is a sportsman. He’s the blue prince I always dreamt of.”

Three years later, Sonia Maino, the daughter of a modest Roman Catholic family from Orbassano, near Turin, married Rajiv Gandhi , who went on to become India’s prime minister two decades later.

In 1965, Sonia Maino was briefly a student at the Bell School of Languages. It is understood that she studied for the Cambridge diploma, a now defunct six-week course in English literature and language for overseas students, the paper said.


‘The young Miss Maino took work babysitting and as a waitress at the Greek restaurant and found life in the University City quite different from small-town Piedmont.  She was eating at the restaurant one evening when Gandhi – whose place at Trinity College had been achieved through family connections with the Master, Lord Butler of Saffron Walden – slipped into the chair beside her,’ said the article.

But her time in Cambridge also created some political difficulties for Mrs Gandhi.  Her entry in the Indian parliamentary Who’s who contains the false claim that she was a Cambridge University scholar, an “error” repeated frequently in the media. Cambridge has confirmed that it has no record of her attending the university, the Times said.


Former defense minister George Fernandes accuses Mrs Gandhi of allowing the confusion to arise.  “Cambridge does not have a diploma course in English,” and the incorrect biography showed that Mrs Gandhi was “a woman who lies about even small things,” he said.

Mrs Gandhi’s supporters dismiss the controversy saying the Who’s Who entry was either an editorial error or just a “thoughtless mistake,” and say that she is being singled out for vitriol because of her foreign origins, Catholic religion and gender, said theTimes.


‘Coaxed out of her reclusive lifestyle to save the Congress movement, Mrs Gandhi, 57, now finds herself on the brink of power. She will become the fourth Gandhi to hold power in India and the first European to rule since Lord Mountbatten of Burma. It has been a long journey from the days when she was a carefree teenager who once shocked India by wearing a miniskirt. Today,  she regards herself as “completely Indian,” ‘ said the Times.




Indiatoday reported: Narendra Modi was an ordinary boy from a middle class family, the third of four children, and life was literally dark when he was young. The family house was poorly lit and had little natural light; the kerosene lamp added to the smoke and grime.

There was nothing remarkable about Modi’s childhood except that he got attracted to the RSS – which later helped him grow politically. At 18, he decided to wander in the Himalayas, leaving behind his family and an unconsummated marriage.

According to Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay, who has authored a gripping biography of the Gujarat chief minister, the years from 1967 to 1971 “are somewhat mysterious” in Modi’s life. He would disappear at times for months at a stretch. The trait remained with him. In 1995-96, Modi went to the Gir forest on his own and slept in an old temple. “I actually enjoy loneliness.”

It was after the 1971 war with Pakistan that Modi formally joined the RSS and moved into the Hedgewar Bhawan. His early responsibilities included making tea, breakfast and evening snacks for senior colleagues. He also swept and cleaned the building, which then had eight-ten rooms.

Modi proved his mettle while doing risky underground work during the 1975-77 Emergency, often travelling in disguise and on a motorcycle. (Soon after, he completed M.A. as an external student from Gujarat University.) Seniors in RSS soon realized his excellent organisational skills and analytical mind.

Modi’s rise in the RSS was rapid – in part because “he was also equally adept at picking his mentors and making use of them for furthering his career”. He was among the first two Pracharaks who began working full-time in the BJP.

His role in helping the party win the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation election in 1986 raised appreciative eyebrows. Within two years, he was the organising secretary of the Gujarat BJP. Modi learnt the ropes of party politics by attending BJP public meetings – quietly sitting in the back and listening to speeches.

He also built an extensive network across the state – a move that later helped him to checkmate all his rivals and take control of the BJP in Gujarat.

L.K. Advani’s Rath Yatra was Modi’s first national-level political assignment. But it was Murli Manohar Joshi’s Ekta Yatra to Srinagar where he had a more major role to play. Not everyone in the Gujarat BJP liked him though; Keshubhai Patel, Shankersinh Vaghela and Kanshiram Rana resented Modi’s lateral entry into the BJP’s top echelons.

But “over time, Modi used the contradictions and rivalries among these leaders to his own benefit by using one against the other.” When Keshubhai Patel was the chief minister, Modi was known as “super CM”. It caused him problems. But after some isolation, he bounced back, in part with Advani’s blessings.

In 2001, the boy who once sold tea to train passengers became its chief minister – and then presided over one of India‘s worst communal frenzy.

The Godhra killings gave Modi a distinct identity – “a label which he has displayed brazenly ever since”. According to Mukhopadhyay, Modi strongly believes that if minorities wish to feel safe in the state he governs, they will have to abide by the value systems of the Hindu community. It is this Hindutva politics Modi represents as he prepares to lead the BJP in the 2014 Lok Sabha battle.

Modi – the book says – is one of the trendiest male politicians in India. He was among the first to possess a digital diary. He is always well groomed. He goes for made-to-order Modi kurta with hand-tailored button holes. He is at home in Western attire too. He has a weakness for designer fountain pens – Montblanc.

A workaholic, he also never forgives anyone who has wronged him. Those who have known Modi tell the author that he is an authoritarian who won’t allow anyone to grow beyond a point. He is ruthless — with ruthless efficiency.

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Modi’s tea shop

Representational Image of Child Narendra Modi

Modi’s visit was a sin, but what about Rahul’s visit to Amethi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday June 29, 2013 arrived in Amethi and met the family members of IAF officer Akhilesh Kumar Singh who died in Tuesday’s chopper crash in Uttarakhand. 


When Narendra Modi went Uttarakhand with the disaster management officers and took the help of Gayatri Parivar chief PandyaJi then congress with the help of Doordarshan and paid media began to attack Modi to say that he saved only Gujaratis. Though Gujarat officers saved others also as I have mentioned in my previous articles.


Now not only paid media silent on the above partial Amethi visit of Rahul Gandhi is being praised by media. Before Amethi why did he not try to meet other martyr army soldiers and flood victims?


People are making comment that CM Bahuguna has kept in reserve of 50 to 100 crores rupees for the media turning media towards Congress. People will judge the reality of this humor after today in newspapers and news channels especially. 


There was a ban on going of Narendra Modi in wounded Uttaranchal, but this ban was not on Rahul Gandhi at that time.


Rahul Gandhi remained 9 days out of the country to celebrate his birth day when there was havoc in Uttaranchal which was partially natural but man made disaster mainly due to the policies of the UPA government.


Just after coming back in India, he along with his mother flagged truck loaded relief materials for giving the publicity.


Then Rahul flied to the Guptkashi of Uttarakhand under the SGP protection.


There after a portion of the ITBP camp was being vacated where the army officers engaged in lifting the flood victims were camping. Due to that disturbance A Mi-17 V5 helicopter of the Indian Air Force (IAF) on a rescue mission from Gauchar to Guptkashi and Kedarnath on return leg from Kedarnath crashed north of Gaurikund on June 25.

Five IAF personnel, nine National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) and six Indo Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) men were killed in the accident.


Four days after the crash incident Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday June 29, 2013 arrived in Amethi and met the family members of IAF officer Akhilesh Kumar Singh who died in that. What about other martyrs and flood victims?


Modi stayed two days in flood affected Uttaranchal. He with Gujarat team and the team of Gayatri parivar saved 15-150-1500-1500 which so ever is the figure but they saved.


How many life Rahul saved in his stay in Uttarakhand. Instead due to the disturbance of his visit there above said chopper was crashed.


The Congress vice president and local MP of Amethi U P arrived at Fursatganj airport here this afternoon and drove to Pure Nago village under Deeh area to meet the family of the junior warrant officer. 

Gandhi met Akhilesh’s father Vikramjit Singh and wife Anju Singh and assured all possible help to the bereaved family. 

When pointed out that the deceased officer was keen on providing quality education to his young kids, the local MP said he would do everything to ensure it. 

Gandhi told the family to talk to him directly in case of any problem. He also attended the cremation in the village later. 

The body of the martyr was brought to his native village here in the forenoon. 

An Indian Air Force helicopter crashed on June 25 during a rescue mission in Uttarakhand. All 20 people, including its five crew members, were killed in the mishap. 

Two of the IAF personnel belonged to Uttar Pradesh. 


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CBI creates fear among Abhitabh and Abhishek with White and Black beared

“On June 14, Mr Vanzara allegedly told a colleague that he had gotten the go-ahead from “white beard” and “black beard”. CBI sources say that this is code amongst Gujarat’s cops for Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. This is framed trick or not, court will decide and it will take time. But the aim of Congress via CBI’ aim does not know the truth.  Their aim is to evoke Muslims to stand against the Moid means BJP.


I have reminded CBI and Congress the code words contain in the diary of Ishrat. That diary is still in the possession of Police or court.  Ishrat in 2004 was called martyr by the Congress and his ally NCP. The same certificate is being given by the Congress now to reject the court verdict and past findings of the responsible authorities. Now caged parrot wants to sing in Ishrat Case to involve his defamed character with the divide and rule policy adopter Congress.  


Code Words: Advani was ‘Lala’, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was ‘Mubarak’, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Secretary General Dr Pravin Togadia was ‘Tinku’, Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray was ‘Kutta’, Uttar Pradesh BJP president Vinay Katiyar was ‘Kanta’ and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Uma Bharti was ‘Behenji’. Delhi was ‘Maika’ and Ahmedabad, ‘Sasural.’They wanted to kill these leaders because they viewed them as enemies of Islam.


Hajis, Sikha, Religious saints are with black and white both beard. These white and black beard are religious symbol. Congress is pleased to go against the Hindus but Congress can’t go against others. So nothing to worry for them is. Caged parrot can’t go against them.


CBI Creates fear for the white beard Abhitabh Bachchan and black beard Abhishek Bachchan. But Congress can’t go against them. They are famous among the people more than the Gandhis. So, caged parrot can’t take risk. Sun Sun Bole Kya Bachchan: Vote bank politics vs. Development Politics


Up till now media explains about the Modi phobia in Congress. Now Congress has specifies phobia of Modi’s white beard. Amit Shah has become the in charge of Uttar Pradesh BJP. This is most important in the election point of view being the largest state of India. Amit Shah of black beard has also now become the phobia for the Congress.


Due to Al Qaeda Osama bin Laden beard with long hair cloth covered had become the phobia in European countries. Short skirt and Russian name were not digestible in India. So Antonia became Sonia with saree to replace the short skirt. But every one can’t do this. Kareena Kapoor has become now Kareena Kapoor Khan. Mostly converted adivasi triabal Hindus do not change their name.



“Congress has a pathological hatred against Narendra Modi even though the people adore him for impeccable integrity and outstanding record of governance. In spite of repeated defeats in elections, the CBI is being abused as an instrument to frame him on questionable, collusive and spurious testimony,” BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad said.

“In the Ishrat Jahan and the Sohrabuddin encounter cases, CBI has been changing its stand. It brought one set of allegations against Amit Shah (former minister of state for home in Gujarat and a Modi confidant), and a completely different one against Gulab Chand Kataria, former Rajasthan minister belonging to the BJP,” Prasad said.

Prasad said the CBI, which takes its cue from Congress, has even tried to implicate the IB, citing SP leader Mulayam Singh Yadav’s allegation about UPA’s misuse of CBI for political coercion.

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Semifinal: CBI vs IB vs Home Ministry vs Congress party

Ishrat case 2004: There is bullfight going on not between two but more than four. Before two days referring to the questioning of top Intelligence Bureau official by the CBI in Ishrat Jahan encounter case, Modi said that the Congress Party has pitted the CBI and IB against each other.


“People, who are not guilty…should not be worried…If they (BJP) are clean, why they are afraid of probe? Why do they expect that law should not take its course?” Congress


Congress evokes Muslims at the time of every election in Gujarat and out of Gujarat. Ex-Communal becomes secular now for Congress. Congress gave slogan of ‘Maut ka Saudagar’ against Mode. But that slogan did not work. Few weeks back Congress called Modi “Yam raj’ but that slogan also encourages the popularity of Narendra Modi. So Congress is facing cowardice situation which becomes the shameful for them before the eyes of the people.


Last November ostensibly with an eye on Muslim vote in its race for minority votes with the likes of Mulayam Singh and his Samajwadi Party, Home Minister Sushil Kuma Shinde appointed Syed Asif Ibrahim new Chief of IB by saying “”Look, we have made a Muslim the Central IB head, something which no Government of Independent India including those of Pandit Nehru and Mrs Gandhi had ever done” Shinde wanted to arrest the IB officer Rajendra Kumar to make Ishrat a martyr to please Muslims by fixing Narendra Modi in the 2004 Ishrat Jahan fake encounter case by hook or crook. But this Muslim card has come back to haunt the Congress. Ibrahim has shown his true nationalist colours to the great discomfiture of the Congress:  Profile Asif Ibrahim IB chief: A move that came to haunt the Congress

IB chief does what the Congress didn’t want, counters CBI on Ishrat case


Now Home Ministry is going against its prior determination to take about turn. CBI Chief caged parrot is very cunning. In coalgate he saved himself to involve PMO which ultimately became the reason of law Minister Ashwani Kumar’s resignation. Now the same may be happen with Shushil Kumar if he will follow CBI chief Singh. Congress is totally confused in the matter of Modi. It is unable to understand where the way for Congress to go.


Home Minister Shinde in appeasing the Muslims, has made ‘Hindu terror remark’. Later he took about turn. The same Shinde did in the case of wounded Uttarakhand by banning Modi and giving entrance to welcome Rahul Gandhi in Uttarakhand which ultimately become the reason of the Army helicopter crushes there. Later Shinde took about turn.


Reason of Shinde’s about turn has been told by Shinde himself. He did not use his brain independently. He is the blind follower of Gandhi family as Minister Charandas who even ready to sweep on the order of Gandhis.


In this week Gujarat Congress leaders with Shankar Singh Vaghela met the President Pranab Mukherjee to complaint Gujarat BJP Government. Congress has no time to meet the President when he was hospitalized in the previous week due to minor heart attack. There was State Goveerment advertisement in the wounded Uttarakhand by showing smiling face of CM and Sonia Gandhi to spread salt on the wounds of food victims. Government ad is not given with the photo of PM Manmohan Singh with the President who holds highest constitutional post.


After not working of the slogans of ‘Maut ka saudagar’ and ‘Yamraj’ Congress wants to sing with the caged parrot of CBI who changed CBI report in coalgate and prior to this caged parrot had done to change the report of ‘fodder scam’. Both times Bihari succeeded to save himself. Singh is appointed as CBI Director two-three months back for two years. So CBI will political-nude dance to please that and that please CBI.

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Dance of Rahul Gandhi for womanhood

We are a nation with short memory. So, Sonia said: ‘Cong is the most pro-women party’ Now his son Vice President of Congress Yuvraj talking of womanhood, increasing of women participation. 8 days abroad: Rahul has his hair cut and such things- Renuka Chaudhary


Rahul Gandhi paid a surprise visit to a workshop of women sanitary staff where he faced questions like why was he seen mostly during elections?  Rahul, whose name was not among the participants at the day-long ‘National Workshop on Awareness of Rights and Upliftment of Women Safai Karamchari’, was also told by the gathering that he will not get ‘Dalit’ votes unless he works for them.


‘Drunk’ Congress MP with women! Nudy reveler MP in train: 


Congress MP Gulam Osmani’s drunken revelry in train: Congress leader AF Goman Osmani who is a member of parliament from Assam created a scene on board Rajdhani Express as reported in media on Feb 24m 07. He was absolutely drunk and created such a ruckus that families in compartment had to be shifted elsewhere. 75-years-old AF Ghulam Osmani is a lawyer by profession and studied at Dacca University, Calcutta and London.



On 28 April, 2006 in the midst of electioneering Sonia Gandhi’s Lok Sabha constituency, 1000 bar dancers met Rahul and demanded opening of dance bars in Rae Bareli or some other job for them. These were only few, living in the area. Rahul follows Romeo and Juliet: The story of young Romeo and Juliet has been fodder for some of the most beautiful ballet works in existence in Italy. As was reported in Sept 29, 2005, for Rahul Gandhi, women’s empowerment was the key to development. The young MP was planning to start a self-help group movement among the women of his constituency in the next couple of years. Since 2004 Rahul Gandhi every time election time says about the increasing of women participation. Even for that he took long jumped to Spain.


Talk of today is about the BJP National General Secretary Vani Tripathi had a horrific outing on Delhi’s roads when she was assaulted by a gang of five drunk men over a minor road accident. Talk in the past was Manu (son of former Congress minister of Haryana) and Tandoor (Susheel) Sharma former Youth Congress leader. There were also talks of Madhumita, Kavita Rani and Congress councilor Sharda Jain who along with other five co-accused got life sentenced


2009: Indira Gandhi’ ‘Monkey sena’ was for getting freedom of India. Now congress wants to convert it in ‘Political rapist sena’. Navbharat daily reported that Rita Bahuguna Joshi sister of wounded Uttarakhand CM Vijay Bahuguna said to rally gathering that you throw these money on their face and said that if rape happened against Mayawati then you give one crore Rupees. Seculars gave Rs one lakh to the mother of Ishrat calling Ishrat martyr.


Tribute of Congress to the womanhood

Pt Nehru to Manu and Tandoor Sharma are symbols of “A tribute to the womanhood”. Besides the CIA documents, discloslure of Pamela Mountbatten’s about the love affairs of her mother Edwina Mountbatten with Pt Nehru was the beginning of giving tribute to womanhood by the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and the Congress.

Umeed: a GOI funded flagship project to empower women in conflict ridden Kashmir, was launched by Congress scion Rahul Gandhi amids cheers.


Have you any “Ummeed’” from Congress drama of women empowerment talk at the time of election?

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CBI-Parrot should repeat Ishrat-Diary Code Words Advani(Lala), Modi(Mubarak),Thakeray(kutta), Katiyar(kanta), Togadia(Tinku)

As media reported in June 2004: The telephone tapes and diary of gunned down terrorist girl Ishrat revealed these codes: Advani was ‘Lala’, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was ‘Mubarak’, Vishwa Hindu Parishad Secretary General Dr Pravin Togadia was ‘Tinku’, Shiv Sena leader Bal Thackeray was ‘Kutta’, Uttar Pradesh BJP president Vinay Katiyar was ‘Kanta’ and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Uma Bharti was ‘Behenji’. Delhi was ‘Maika’ and Ahmedabad, ‘Sasural.’They wanted to kill these leaders because they viewed them as enemies of Islam.


he Gujarat Police on claimed it had ‘clinching’ evidence in the diary of Ishrat Jahan Sheikh to prove that she and Javed Sheikh, two of the four alleged Lashkar terfrorists killed in an encounter in Ahmedabad on June 15, were involved in terrorist activities and received Rs 480,000.




“Ishrat’s diary has a detailed handwritten account of financial transactions, including receiving Rs 480,000 and that she passed Rs 106,000 of it to Salim, one of the Pakistani terrorists killed with her,” Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime Branch) D G Vanjhara told PTI.


The police claimed to back all this evidence with a tape recorded “confession” of Ishrat’s mother Shamima Shaikh, who was grilled by crime branch when she had come to collect her daughter’s body two days ago.

Transcripts of her interrogation had been released to media.


The diary also contained information about reconnaissance conducted by her and Javed of some persons houses, whose names are not mentioned but just some coded alphabets, the ACP said.


Ishrat, Javed and two Pakistani nationals, all alleged LeT militants sent to assassinate Chief Minister Narendra Modi, were shot dead in an encounter with crime branch personnel in the wee hours on June 15.


Officials had recovered an AK-56 rifle, a satellite phone, material for making explosives and cash.

Mr. Vanjhara said that Ishrat along with Javed had earlier come to Ahmedabad twice and the last time they came here, on May 13, they stayed at the Shivganga hotel. They visited Gandhinagar to study the movements of the Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, the security arrangements around his residence and his offices and the routes he took to reach the Secretariat. Police have seized the register of the hotel.


During the last month, Salim had been staying at Ishrat’s residence in Mumbra and her mother was aware of his identity. Contrary to what she told the media, she had admitted before police that Ishrat had left home with Javed at least twice earlier. She had stayed away for about seven days at one time. Ishrat(dead in encounter) had told her mother that she had gone to Lucknow and stayed with Javed’s relatives.


Mr. Vanjahara said that police had recovered proof of “oral, written and circumstantial evidences” to establish Ishrat’s relationship with Javed and their close links with the alleged Pakistani terrorists