Truth of Gadkari’s exposure: Sonia’s Delhi Chuch becomes bridge for the deal between Kejriwal and Cong


Truth of Gadkari’s exposure: My writing on this is continue to turn the same in book form before Jan 31, 2014

Sonia Gandhi’s Christian Lobby’s role against ‘India First’



Shivsena’s Dainik Saamana ePaperis published following (Hindi Hindi news) desclosuer on the undemocratic unethical marriage (as between gays unnatural sex) of AAP with Congress:






Besides the above please find following two photos:

Delhi Diocese of Jacobite Syrian Church


Sonia Gandhi and Dr. Manmohan Singh photo church


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Breaking-News of Dec 31, 2013: Happy New Year: PM would bless Rahul as Prime Ministerial Candidate of Cong

   Bade be-aabru hokar Tere kuche se nikalnaa padega hamein


Happy New Year: Jan 03 is For PM to bless Rahul for Cong Prime Ministerial Candidature Election 2014

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Dr Manmohan Singh won’t resign on Friday, will set stage for Rahul Gandhi as 

Manmohan Singh making way for Rahul: Why it’s a bad gamble

‘AAP govt giving free water to people who can pay’

Virbhadra Singh took bribe from power co, Arun Jaitley writes to Manmohan Singh

BJP calls UPA government non functional, demands early polls

Fearing anti-Congress wave, over 45 MLAs set to quit party

Chidambaram wants Congress to name its prime ministerial candidate

AAP, Congress may field new unexperienced faces in LS polls

Stop scaring us about Modi: Madni to Cong, SP

China, Pak, US & Cong – All Hate Modi ‘Indiafirst, not Italy, Pak,Cgina’

Congress leaders have put the party on life sup..

Tansparency? Kejriwal tweets about “loose motions”

Hindu Arrested for Hosting Hindu Samhati Meet


AGP to contest LS polls alone

‘Will return to BJP, strengthen Modi’s hand to make him PM’

Maha Cabinet to accept Adarsh report

UP: 420 riot victims shifted from camp to buildings

2500 women converted to Islam in Kerala since “06


Diplomat row: US says ‘won’t drop charges against Devyani’, to go ahead with 

Don’t want diplomat issue to impact ties with India: US

Top British honour for Indian-origin woman who taught herself English by watching TV




Gold futures down on weak global cues

Odisha: Mafia controls Rs 500 cr bonded labour market



Retired life isn’t so bad, Tendulkar tweets

Kallis is a ‘true champion’ of the game, says Tendulkar


South Africa beat India by 10 wickets in second Test and win series 1-0 to hand 

BCCI not to change DRS stance despite Virat Kohli’s controversial dismissal 



What should be our celebs’ New Year resolutions?



NASA astronaut takes selfie from space with Earth behind him



Peer pressure may influence food choices

Healthy? Check heart rhythm to avoid stroke


Key to beating high BP – Lentils



Hsppy New Year: Jan 3, PM would bow head to bless Rahul for Cong Prime Ministerial Candidature


Manmohan Singh is not going to resign on the occasion of New Year but being a devotee of 10 Janpath may give the singnal of Rahul Gandhi as the Prime Ministerial Candidate of Rahul Gandhi, announcement of which would be on Jan 27 by the ‘Maa” of Salman Khurshid and other Congress leaders.



IDLE Rahul as PM ideal choice for whie haired devotees of Gandhi dynasty?

Covering his white hair under blue turban Manmoha Singh has more than once said that Rahul should lead the party and that he was willing to work under the son of his boss! “I have always maintained that Rahul Gandhi would be an ideal choice for the PM post after 2014 elections. I will be happy to work in the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi,” he had told reporters on his way back from the G-20 Summit in Russia in September.


Who does akashvani to hide him

If Rahul takes charge when the going is the toughest, he can be projected as a leader who does not run away from unpleasant tasks.


Rahul Gandhi torn Nonsense Ordinance of Nonsense his Cong’s Govt

Who does akashvani to hide him

If Rahul takes charge when the going is the toughest, he can be projected as a leader who does not run away from unpleasant tasks. 

Manmohan Singh is humiliated not only by Rahul now, but also by Rajiv Gandhi in the pastRahul Gandhi is habitual acting offender of documents tearer. Rahul Gandhi did this before 18 months as now on Sept 27. Rahul did this towards Manmohan Singh as his father Rajiv Gandhi did in the past.


Shedding his reticence in recent days, Rahul has been pro-active 


The speculation was triggered by the Prime Minister’s decision to hold a rare press conference in the capital on January 3, which will only be the third of his current tenure and most probably it would be the last.


In his second term in office, which began in May, 2009, Manmohan Singh has separately met five editors and a group of TV editors. He has held two full-fledged press conferences during his 10-year tenure. 



There has been a growing clamour within Congress to name Rahul as its prime ministerial candidate, particularly after the reverses suffered by the party in recent assembly elections to Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Senior leader and finance minister P Chidambaram on Monday said “… in my view, the party (Congress) should project a person as the leader of the party who will become prime minister if the party forms the government. That is my view, but it is for the party to decide.”

Lalu most confidential of SoniaJi, is now out of Birsa Munda Jail on bail to promote Rahul


Manmohan is going to throw out because he forgot to learn from from the bigger monetary remormeer Robert Vadra, where does money grow. 



Sonia Gandhi said Manmohan at the meeting of core group that Rahul Gandhi, his son is right.Political divorce is between Gandhi dynasty and PM Manmohan Singh. It is temporary of forever it would be seen..


Rajiv Gandhi had called Manmohan a joker in public, what mom and son have to say on this?Yesterday, Sept 03 in the press conference at Ahmedabad Rahul Gandhi shows himself even at 43, a Mumma’s boy! One journalist pointed out his recent outburst at a press conference where he said that the Ordinance was nonsense and it should be torn up. Rahul Gandhi answered, “You know what my Mom said? She said… The words I used were strong. As an afterthought, I agree the words were strong. But the sentiment wasn’t wrong.”



AAP welcomes supporter of terrorist who wanted to Nuke Surat?

Tags: AAP, Terrorist, To nuke Surat, Indian Mujahideen, Yasin Bhatkal, JDU Bihar

Who wanted to Nuke Surat? Who has opposed Yashin Bhatkal’s arrest? AAP ka haath with Kamal Farooqi!

Farooqui was sacked by the Samajwadi Party as its national secretary in September for his controversial comment that Indian Mujahideen co-founder Yasin Bhatkal was arrested because of being a Muslim.


AAP leader Sanjay Singh, who accompanied Farooqui for the meeting, said the party had definite criteria for those willing to join and that it would be strictly followed. However, he added that Farooqui was a leader of high calibre and his presence in the AAP would definitely help the party.

Indian Mujahideen wanted to nuke Surat, Yasin Bhatkal tells cops: Dec 30, 2013


“Is Bhatkal arrest based on crime or religion,” Mulayam’s man Farooqui asked?

“If he is a terrorist then he should not be spared but if he has been arrested just because he is a Muslim, then caution should be exercised as we don’t want to send a wrong message to an entire community that we are trying to malign the community’s image without a thorough investigation,” Who said these words on the arrest of 30-year-old Bhatkal who is wanted in several blast cases?


UPA Govt and ‘Nuke on Surat disclosure’


Nullah Zaeef is the co-founder of Taliaban and presently political adviser of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif who endorsed Musharraf for Nuke on Kargil.


Was there any conspiracy against Modi at Goa in THiNK organized by Tejpal Tehelka?

Who gives supari to kill BJP PM Candidate? Who want to pass C Violence Bill?

After Ishrat Bihar ki beti, today Bihar ka beta suicide bomber to target Modi’s Hunkar Rally

Assassins of Subhas Bose rule India now want to let killing of Modi?

Yasin Bhatkal, the founder of IM, was arrested on Wednesday night from India-Nepal border, Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said.

On the day a Delhi court convicted suspected Indian Mujahideen (IM) member Shahzad Ahmad in the Batla House encounter, Minority Affairs Minister K Rehman Khan said the

Teesta is linked with Zakia Jafri whose plea is just rejected by Ahmedabad court.


Muslim community in general did not believe in the existence of the Indian Mujahedeen outfit. He, however, added that he was only reflecting a “feeling” among the community.

Here it should be noted that his property Minority Commission has awarded Kandhmal Priest for his efforts to convert tribal in to the Christianity? This Minority Commission has also awarded Teesta for her move againstGujarat government.



JDU Bihar Govt and ‘Nuke on Surat diclosure’

After calling Ishrat ‘Bihar ki Beti’, who treated Bhatkal Bihar ka Beta?  

Now Bhatkal confessed that Ishrat was IM module: Should FIR be filed against Chidambaram, Pawar, CBI and..

After Ishrat Bihar ki beti, today Bihar ka beta suicide bomber to target Modi’s Hunkar Rally

Yasin Bhatkal, the founder of IM, was arrested on Wednesday night from India-Nepal border, Union home minister Sushilkumar Shinde said.

Here it should be noted that Bhatkal married in Samastipur of Bihar.

Bhatkal is believed to be the main recruiter of IM and has set up countless sleeper cells in Bihar as well as find new hide-outs.


Bihar ADG, special branch, Rajesh Chandra said, “There was no case against Bhatkal or his accomplice on Bihar soil and as the NIA already had a look-out notice for him based on a non-bailable warrant issued on July 18, the Bihar Police could not hold him,” he said

Asked about arrest of 11 IM operatives from Darbhanga and how the area was becoming a hub for anti-national activity, a police official said all arrests in the case were carried out by state forces from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Karnataka and Chennai in close cooperation with the NIA and the Bihar forces had no part in them.

Tweets of Tuesday; Dec 31 at:

Tweets of Tuesday; Dec 31 at:


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Truth of Gadkari’s exposure: Deal executed by Kejriwal with Congress leaders in mediation of Munjal at 5 Star Hotel Aman


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???????????????????????????????????????????? @ArvindKejriwal ???????????????????????????????????? #CM ?????????????



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Breaking News of Monday Dec 30, 2013: Who wanted to Nuke Surat?


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Let’s follow @NaMoChaiParty – Interesting movement taking shape; Like the FB page @M_Lekhi

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On my way to Dahod to join ‘Tribal Rights and Empowerment Programme’

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@suryakantpandey @BJPLucknowBJP @AnupamkPandey @NaMoChaiParty @M_Lekhi Tea vendor Modi vs hotel waitress


Who wanted to Nuke Surat?



adiscover @adiscover11m

@narendramodi Your assassination attempt will be made publicly like kennedy to hurt India’s collective psyche

Assassins of Subhas Bose rule India now want to let killing of Modi?


Priti Gandhi @MrsGandhi17h

Pathetic!! “@intweeple: Don’t vote for Congress-NCP : Maha farmer in suicide note


Suicide starts in UP Village adopted by Rahul Gandhi


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None could upset BJD applecart – The Times of India BJP should concentrate


Odia CM can’t speak, Gujrati CM with flawless Odia in Puri


Priti Gandhi @MrsGandhi26 Dec

NIA finally accepts that police have arrested wrong people!! #SadhviPragya

Vibha —- ???? @vibhask128 Dec

. @rajneesh_saini Sadhvi Pragya –a victim of vote bank politics & secularism #Jayhindu #NaMoInRanchi


NIA is all set to drop charges against Sadhvi Pragya: ???????????????????????


Alok Pandey @HinduPatriot17m

Andhra Pradesh : Fearing anti-Congress wave, over 45 MLAs set to quit party MSM silent ! No Blow to Sonia ??


In Hyderabad: Modi with Lotus BJP vs Congress Poster kashmir in Pakistan



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????? 2014 ???????????????, ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????|

Avinash Bhat @avinashbhat0125m

2014 may be the worst year in Congress history

Alok Pandey @HinduPatriot20m

Tarun Gogoi : Modi factor will fail in Assam itna panic kyun bhai ? .lol


One Vote, One Note:Modi-for-PM: BJP Campaign on the lines of JP Movement



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Rajdeep busy licking AAP ass hopeful of South Mumbai Lok Sabh ticket.But already Meera Sanyal has laid her handkerchief

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The way paid media 2day covered AAP ‘s free water in Dellhi, nationally, it appears paid media isbeing paid 4 anti-BJP than, pro cong

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“In a city like Dilli also people are giving vote on the name of Free Water, Electricity etc. No wonder why…” — Akash

“Come on I am an AAM AADMidon’t insult me .. Modi is AAM AADMI who came from the most backward community…” — Modi


PERUMAL PILLAI N @56perumal1h

To get cheap publicity KB is behaving like PM candidate & want to contest agt Modi & RG the PM candidates of national parties

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???????????????????????????????????????????????? #AAP ??????? Achievement >> 24 murder 29 Rape 51 extortion congrats .

S N TIWARI @sntmanju1m

@indhyeaa aap me jane ke bad sab pawitra ho jata hai



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And Muslim politics in flux too #DistanceFromDelhi


“He had promised that all citizens of Delhi would get free water. But around 50 percent of Delhi does not get water at all. He should ensure that every citizen of Delhi gets free 700 litres of water per day,” Congress spokesperson Sandeep Dikshit told reporters.

At the time of announcement of free water KumarBishwas (being not any Govt Post)  is seen with Delhi Jal Board official:


Narendra Modi @narendramodi29 Dec

Urged people to give all 14 seats of Jharkhand to BJP so that Jharkhand’s development does not lag behind

With support of Congrss: Corrupt Madhu Cong ruled Jharkhand two and half years, Lalu of RJD ruined Bihar 15 years and now AAP hammers Aam Aadami of Delhi


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GREAT NEWS! Publisher says my new book, INDRA’S NET: Defending Hinduism’s Philosophical Unity, to be printed & ready Jan 4. Details 2 follow

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@RajivMessage Congratulation on the publication of your this new book:

Truth of Gadkari’s exposure: Deal executed by Kejriwal with Congress leaders in mediation of Munjal at 5 Star Hotel Aman


Truth of Gadkari’s exposure: Aam Aadami Poor man executed undemocratic deal at 5 Stat Hotel Aman of Delhi in the mediation of Industrialist Pawan Munjal. Who acted Drama of reaching Ramlila ground by Metro?


Hindu Patriot #HDL@InternetHlNDU

@newsanalysisind @rajuparulekar Hotel Aman is 5 star?


There was a undemocratic corrupt deal between the AAP (Aaam Aadami Party) and the Congress party for the formation of Government in Delhi. A meeting was held at luxrious Aman hotel of Delhi between Arvind Kejriwal chief of AAP, Inustrialist Pawan Munjal and Ajay Maken besides Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed. This is disclosed by Anna Hazare’s former confident Raju Parulekar.


Though Kejriwal vehemently denied all allegations of any deal being brokered in a hotel in Delhi or of meeting any industrialist for the same, sources reveal that Kejriwal had indeed met three popular persons of the business world at Hotel Aman in Lodhi Road.


Among the industrialists whom Kejriwal met, one owns a fancy retail chain in Khan Market while the other owns a company that manufactures two wheelers. The third is a frequent in the Delhi corporate lobby and party circuit.


Here it shouold be noted:


The AAP and Congress on Sunday Dec 29 hit out at BJP leader Nitin Gadkari for his remarks about a deal between the two parties for forming a government in Delhi, asking him to furnish evidence.


New Delhi minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Manish Sisodia asked the Bharatiya Janata Party’s former president to name those involved in the supposed deal.


Read more at:


Gadkari, the head of the BJP election campaign in Delhi, had alleged that the AAP and Congress had struck a deal to prevent his party’s government in Delhi.


This deal, he added, was also aimed at derailing the appeal of BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and the information had been conveyed by a person who knew about a supposed meeting held at a five-star hotel between representatives of the AAP and the Congress.


Delhi BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana supported him.


“There is truth in what Mr Gadkari has said,” Khurana told IANS.


Congress leader Shakeel Ahmed, however, said Gadkari’s remarks were “ridiculous and a complete lie”.


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had on Saturday refuted Gadkari’s charges and said that it was very unfortunate that a senior leader is making such unfounded allegations.


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As per @rajuparulekar: Arwind Kejriwal & Industrialist Pawan Munjal:Venue – Hotel Aman, Ist meeting on 9th




Dalai Lama goes to the cave of his Guru Nagarjuna with mud snakes scorpions


Golden statue of Nagarjuna at Samye Ling Monastery

Born    ca. 150 CE Southern India

Died     ca. 250 CE India

Occupation     Buddhist teacher and philosopher

Known for        Credited with founding the Madhyamaka school of Mahayana Buddhism

Religion           Buddhist


Full details of Nagarjuna may be found at Wikipedia:

Wikipedia describes fully about Nagarjuna: 150–250 CE) is widely considered one of the most important Buddhist philosophers after the historical Buddha. Along with his disciple Aryadeva, he is considered to be the founder of the Madhyamaka school of Mahayana Buddhism. Nagarjuna is also credited with developing the philosophy of the Prajñaparamita Sutras and, in some sources, with having revealed these scriptures in the world, having recovered them from the nagas (dragons). Furthermore, he is traditionally supposed to have written several treatises on rasayana alchemy as well as serving a term as the head of Nalanda University.


Nagarjuna as Ayurvedic physician


According to Frank John Ninivaggi, Nagarjuna was also a practitioner of Ayurveda, or traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. First described in the Sanskrit medical treatise entitled Sushruta Samhita (of which he was the compiler of the redaction), many of his conceptualizations, such as his descriptions of the circulatory system and blood tissue (described as rakta dhatu) and his pioneering work on the therapeutic value of specially treated minerals knowns as bhasmas, which earned him the title of the “father of iatrochemistry



Very little is reliably known of the life of Nagarjuna, since the surviving accounts were written in Chinese and Tibetan, centuries after his death. According to some accounts, Nagarjuna was originally from Southern India.Some scholars believe that Nagarjuna was an advisor to a king of the Satavahana Dynasty. Archaeological evidence at Amaravati indicates that if this is true, the king may have been Yajña Sri Satakar?i, who ruled between 167 and 196 CE. On the basis of this association, Nagarjuna is conventionally placed at around 150–250 CE.


According to a 4th/5th-century biography translated by Kumarajiva, Nagarjuna was born into a Brahmin family, and later became a Buddhist. Some sources claim that Nagarjuna lived on the mountain of Sriparvata in his later years, near the city that would later be called Nagarjunako??a (“Hill of Nagarjuna”). Nagarjunako??a was located in what is now the Nalgonda/ Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. The Caitika and Bahusrutiya nikayas are known to have had monasteries in Nagarjunako??a



According to Jay Garfield, Nagarjuna is a ‘titanic figure’ in the history of Mahayana Buddhism:

…his in?uence in the Mahayana Buddhist world is not only unparalleled in that tradition but exceeds in that tradition the in?uence of any single Western philosopher. The degree to which he is taken seriously by so many eminent Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese philosophers, and lately by so many Western philosophers, alone justi?es attention to his corpus.


In contrast, Richard P. Hayes writes:

Nagarjuna’s writings had relatively little effect on the course of subsequent Indian Buddhist philosophy. Despite his apparent attempts to discredit some of the most fundamental concepts of abhidharma, abhidharma continued to ?ourish for centuries, without any appreciable attempt on the part of abhidharmikas to defend their methods of analysis against Nagarjuna’s criticisms. And despite Nagarjuna’s radical critique of the very possibility of having grounded knowledge (pramana), the epistemological school of Dignaga and Dharmakirti dominated Indian Buddhist intellectual circles, again without any explicit attempt to answer Nagarjuna’s criticisms of their agenda. Aside from a few commentators on Nagarjuna’s works, who identi?ed themselves as Madhyamikas, Indian Buddhist intellectual life continued almost as if Nagarjuna had never existed.


Also Gadjin M Nagao writes: Nagarjuna was a great philosopher and a monk-scholar second only to the Buddha. It was owing to him that Mahayana Buddhism got a firm philosophical foundation and almost all forms of Mahayana schools of later times regard and accept him as their founder. Madhyamika and Yogacara by Gadjun M Nagao



Nagarjuna is often depicted in composite form comprising human and naga characteristics. Often the naga aspect forms a canopy crowning and shielding his human head. The notion of the naga is found throughout Indian religious culture, and typically signifies an intelligent serpent or dragon, who is responsible for the rains, lakes and other bodies of water. In Buddhism, it is a synonym for a realized arhat, or wise person in general. The term also means “elephant”.


News Dec 30:

Is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan 23 years old and fromChhattisgarh?

Modi talks development, gives Ranchi example ofChhattisgarh

hhattisgarh govt set up enquiry committees in graft cases: AG

Chit fund companies under scanner in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh: Why Raman Singh reminds analysts of Indira Gandhi

Chhattisgarh: Jawan killed in Maoist ambush


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Breaking News of Monday Dec 30, 2013: Who wanted to Nuke Surat?


Breaking News of Monday Dec 30, 2013: Who wanted to Nute Surat?


Indian Mujahideen wanted to nuke Surat, Yasin Bhatkal tells cops


Rahul not for PM Would be super PM to replace his mother:

Follow Manmohan`s example on how to run coalition with corruptio-gates inflation and so on: Shinde to Kejriwal

Tehelka case: CBDT begins probe into functioning of Tarun Tejpal firm, share transfers under watch

Express 5: Taxmen take on Tejpal and two sides of AAP’s urban victory

Ten killed in second blast in two days in Russian city of Volgograd: Official

Police kill 8 terrorists in Xinjiang

F1 drivers wish speedy recovery to Michael Schumacher on Twitter post skiing 

Strong Indian response shocks US officials 

‘Give US visa to Modi, or none for Barack Obama’

Yeddy Decides to Return to BJP, Formal Announcement to be Made Soon

Comrades Anti-Hindu Anti Sikh Pro Kashmir separatist Ysogendra Yadav, Prashant may fight LS polls

or an excited nude statue, finally a little bit of privacy

Kapil Sibal blames seniors in Delhi Congress for rout

Maharashtra: Sharad Pawar to finalise candidates for 22 LS seats in Jan meeting

22 more Tamil Nadu fishermen arrested by Lankan Navy

Proofs: Left link of AAP:

Bhushan assures AAP’s support to agitation against nuke plant

Harried Kingfisher Airlines employees to turn to Kejriwal for help

Separists SP leader Kamal Farooqui`s decision to join AAP likely today

Religious leaders welcome SC verdict on gay sex

Centre mulls US$ 3bn fund to give education to Muslims

Delhi CM Kejriwal unwell, question mark over decision on free water



Gold futures down on global cues

Rupee falls on Asia forex weakness

Five things to know while buying a car



Review Lenovo Yoga Tablet: Excellent ergonomics and battery, but an inferior 

Defence ministry asked to recruit crew for Isro’s ‘Man to Moon’ mission



Jacques Kallis admits he was nervous in the nineties, but experience mattered

Winter Olympics: Indian flag hopes on ice ahead of Sochi Games

Fight for Delhi cricket



Dhoom: 3 crosses Rs 200 crore, races for Rs 300 crore

Tight security outside Amitabh Bachchan’s house after parties slam his meeting with Raj Thackeray



A good book can rewire your brain



Indian Mujahideen wanted to nuke Surat, Yasin Bhatkal tells cops: Dec 30, 2013


NEW DELHI: The prospect of terror organisations getting their hands on a nuclear device has long concerned both security agencies and thriller writers. Now, it seems Indian Mujahideen India chief Ahmad Zarar Siddibappa alias Yasin Bhatkal too was thinking along similar lines. Bhatkal recently told interrogators that he was planning to explode a nuclear bomb in Surat, according to sources.


Bhatkal was arrested on August 27 in Pokhra, Nepal and has been constantly questioned by the NIA, Intelligence Bureau and police of several states. TOI has accessed the interrogation report.


Bhatkal told the interrogators that he had asked his Pakistan-based boss, Riyaz Bhatkal, over phone whether the latter could arrange a small “nuclear bomb”. According to him, Riyaz responded, “Anything can be arranged in Pakistan”.


“Riyaz told me that attacks can be done with nuclear bombs. I requested him to look for one nuclear bomb for Surat,” Yasin told the officials.


“Riyaz told me Muslims would also die in that (nuclear bomb blast), to which I said that we would paste posters in mosques asking every Muslim to quietly evacuate their families from the city,” Yasin said, according to the report.


However, the plan could not be initiated since Yasin was tracked by the IB and arrested in August.



Surat has always been on Yasin’s radar and he had also played an important role in preparing 27 bombs along with Atif Ameen in 2008 when serial blasts took place in Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad.


Yasin himself was the bomb expert of Indian Mujahideen and the outfit’s bomb-making capabilities have been affected after his arrest, say intelligence officials.


The IM leader has also given details of army level training of IM cadres and other terrorists in Pakistan, which shows that advanced training is given to terrorists with the help of Pakistan. Elaborating on training schedule for IM members in Pakistan, Yasin said, “Training included morning PT, weapon handling and explosive/IED training, pistols to revolvers, AK-47 etc. Indian weapons like LMG, SLR and sniper rifles and so forth”.


Yasin further stated that “we were also exposed to handling of explosives like PE3A (black colour explosive), C4, C3, TNT, etc. Besides this, we were also exposed to fabrication of IEDs with the help of ammonium nitrate, hydrogen peroxide, gelatin stick and so forth. This training schedule was for 50 days”.


For all the plans and active operations, Yasin remained in touch with Riyaz Bhatkal. Riyaz, according to sources, had sent Yasin Rs 17 lakh in 2013 out of which his personal expenses every month were Rs 25,000.


A senior intelligence official said, “We have been coming across different kinds of IEDs over the years. The reason is that terrorists are undergoing all kind of advanced army level training in Pakistan with the help of ISI. ……


Tweets of Monday; Dec 30 at:

BHARAT NaMoMyPM #HDL @bbgarg79m

News Analysis India | Ajmer blast to Malegaon bombings: Political pressure to defame Hindutva exposed


PERUMAL PILLAI N @56perumal13m

“Dear Raghu, some updates from newspaper ……1. Mr Kamal Farooqui from SP ( who is corrupt) , said…” — AAP ka pAAP


BHARAT NaMoMyPM #HDL @bbgarg715m

News Analysis India | Punish those who sent jail to innocent Sadhvi Pragya and Shakracharya Jayendra


PERUMAL PILLAI N @56perumal31m

Narendra Modi to address rally in Himachal Pradesh on February 16


newsanalysisindia @newsanalysisind46s

@bbgarg7 Next pillar of 10 Janpath waiting for falling is


Virendrasinh Rathod @VirendrasinhBJP2m

Rahul wants to learn from Kejriwal. Shinde wants AK to learn fom MMS. Why can’t pappu directly learn from MMS?


Vishal Patel. @realVishaL7h

“When #NaMoInRanchi ‘ll speak, it will appear like #NaMo is addressing people from parliament ” amazing concept 🙂


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A big businessman of Delhi close to Mr Jindal of Congress made the deal between AAP and Congress. We r collecting more detail


TODAY – Watch Vijay Sankalp Rally LIVE from Ranchi on via @narendramodi#NaMoInRanchi@1pm


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????????????????? 2014 ?????????????????????????????????????#NaMoInRanchi #NaMo4PM


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“The deal according to strong source .. Kejri with PIL expert bhushan had asked Rahul Bajaj for few crores…” — Akram

“He has ridiculed lord Shiva and Vishnu in this video. What an arrogance? winning 28 seats…” — Debiprasad Satapathy

“The deal according to strong source .. Kejri with PIL expert bhushan had asked Rahul Bajaj for few crores…” — Akram



KrishnaBaalu @KrishnaBaaluu51m

AAP followers pl don’t blindly keep supporting AK;

sources close to Bhaskar News reveal Kejriwal had indeed met 3 popular business ppl at Hotel Aman in Lodhi Road




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@DhamaVishal @goelsatish ????????????? 3-5??????? 1???????????????????????, ???????????, ??????????????????????????????? RtPls


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Arvind Kejriwal is Rahul Gandhi of AAP! Considering that Kumar Vishwas is Digvijay Singh of AAP!


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AAP’s spokesperson Sanjay Singh has been an associate of SP MLA Anoop Sanda &used to handle his petrol pumps and PR.


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#Tehelka case: CBDT begins probe into functioning of Tarun Tejpal firm, share transfers under watch


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@timesofindia Paid media who listen to u?N jindal, A Ambani please look after u r new baby boy Naxalite communits @ArvindKejriwal THANKS


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Still in doubt what kind of a party this is? MT “@timesnow: Kamal Farooqui (ex-SP) in talks with AAP, likely to join Aam Aadmi Party.”


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Wonderful view of Arunachaleshwara Temple taken from Virupaksha cave.



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Nitish when communal with BJP covered head, but when secular now refuses to cover head at Patna Saheb


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@newsanalysisind @bond_2014 @DrKumarVishwas @narendramodi So Don’t Expect anythings From Congress SURROGATE AAP/Arvindk. Two Side of COIN .


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Archaeologists in Indonesia have uncovered a 2,000-yr-old Ganesha statue shed light on the country’s Hindu past


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@sharadpandeygzp @GPagnihotri Chcken thela operator terrorist linked to Patna blast is arrested in Raipur:

@sharadpandeygzp @GPagnihotri Chcken thela operator terrorist linked to Patna blast is arrested in Raipur:


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Modi roar from Parliament in Ranchi vs. Who does akashvani to hide him


‘People need development, not division’

Congress only doing akashvani, says Modi in Ranchi rally


BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi on Sunday Dec 29 targeted Rahul Gandhi without naming him yet again; saying while nothing is being done to check price rise and corruption, the Congress leader has been only coming out with “akashwani” (celestial voices).



This is a historic rally. When I was watching it from the chopper, I could see a sea of humanity queued up for this rally. I can see the future clearly. The 2014 polls would be a revolution against misgovernance.




Modi’s made ‘Akashwani’remarks at a rally here apparently referring to the Congress Vice-President’s meeting with Chief Ministers of Congress-ruled states in Delhi on Friday during which he asked them to check prices and implement the Lokayukta Act on the lines of Lokpal and Lokayukta Bill. Gandhi had disapproved of the Maharashtra government’s decision to reject the Adarsh Commission’s report on the society building scam.


“In ancient times, people heard akashwani (celestial voices) that came as if they (voices) were not concerned about the happenings around….Today, there is akashwani that CMs will do this, CMs will do that. People who are involved in corruption….if there is honesty in the words of people who do akashwani, then they should respond as to how corruption developed under Congress in Jharkhand,” Modi said without naming Gandhi. He said Congress leaders were doing the same today. Attacking Congress, Modi said the ruling party at the Centre has become a “liability” and a “crisis” for the country as it has lost connection with the masses.



Modi concludes his rally by ensuring that the BJP will usher in a better and brighter future for Jharkhand. And the people (Congress) who just believe in doing ‘Aakashwani’, will be of no use.



Modi, who has recently got a clean chit from an Ahmedabad court in a Gujarat riots case, also attacked the Centre over price rise.The BJP’s PM nominee candidate stressed the Congress had lost contact with the people of the country.


Attacking Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the issue of inflation, the Gujarat Chief Minister said despite holding a meeting of Chief Ministers on price rise three years ago, the government has so far failed to take any steps in that regard.


He claimed that he was made a head of a committee to recommend steps to curb price rise. “There were two other CMs from UPA and Congress-ruled states. We gave 62 actionable points and recommended 20 initiatives. The PM said we did a good job. But two-and-a-half years have lapsed and no action has been taken. The central government has been paralysed,” Modi said.



The country needs development, and not division. People of the country need opportunities, not opportunistic politics. The youth need employment and not political chaos. People need development, not division. People need skills, not free sops. people need security, not the poison of communalism. The elders need support and not struggle.


Jharkhand’s people were heard only when (veteran BJP leader) Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to power. It was Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji who had a vision for Jharkhand, that vision needs to be realised.


Three states were formed at the same time – Jharkhand,Chhattisgarh & Uttarakhand. Why is it that Ch’garh is on a development trajectory but other two are lagging way behind?


We have to fulfill the dreams of Vajpayee


We will be thankful to Atalji for he gave us Jharkhand, gave us the opportunity to write our own destiny.



Jharkhand has rich natural resources. It is blessed with skilled manpower too


Jharkhand people would have not been poor if there was a BJP government in the state. People are poor here despite abundant resources.


Why is there poverty here? The answer is in hands of the party that ruled the nation since Independence.


If a state has so much, then what must be its economic status? Any pundit will say that this state should be among the developed states



What is needed not just promises, but intentions. Nor does Congress have good intentions, neither morality in their intentions.



In 2014, we have Lok Sabha Elections. Let all 14 Lok Sabha seats come to the BJP.


Jharkhand’s electorate must support the BJP and we ensure it a bright future. Otherwise, its young can never be ‘Bharat ke Bhagya Vidhata’.



Delhi government has been paralysed. The Centre has done nothing for Jharkhand since Independence.


Can you count on those seated in Delhi when they haven’t heard your voice since 50 long years?


The Congress is a burden for the nation. The party is cut off from the people. Their leaders can’t hear the public’s voice.



People ask me what’s your vision? Jharkhand has coal but no electricity stations. Where is the vision? If there were power stations here, then Jharkhand could create so much electricty so as to illuminate not only Jharkhand, but the entire nation. But today the state is in darkness. The Centre doesn’t care.



Can you trust those sitting in Delhi? Can they change the future of the youth? Absolutely not!


Congress has become a problem for the nation.


Youth need opportunity, not political opportunism.


Gujarat chief minister highlighted Jharkhand’s unemployment problem and said the central government had done nothing to bring about change.



“Chhattisgarh has developed a lot. Chief minister Raman Singh has scored a hat-trick (of assembly poll wins). Why are Jharkhand and Uttarakhand lagging behind?” Modi said at the rally, which saw a huge gathering.



Heavy security arrangements were in place for the rally in the Jharkhand capital, which had grabbed the headlines two months ago for links with the October Patna blasts accused.


Kamaluddin Ansari, the father of Patna blast accused Imtiyaz Ansari, has expressed his wish to seek Modi’s forgiveness for his son’s alleged act during his visit to the city, reported Prabhat Khabar, a Jharkhand-based daily. BJP leaders have invited Kamaluddin Ansari to attend the rally.



Rajnath Singh addresses the rally. He says the Congress has put up a super chief minister in Jharkhand. The central government has not done anything to solve the Maoist problem in Jharkhand, he says. He appeals to the rebels to contest elections. “The more the Congress hatches conspiracies, the stronger Modi will emerge,” he says.


Modi, BJP chief Rajnath Singh and party leaders Yashwant Sinha and Arjun Munda arrive at the rally venue.



The BJP booked five trains and 2,000 buses to ferry the supporters from different districts.


The stage was a replica of Parliament building. A message ‘Mission-2014: 272 +’ was displayed at the top.


“It’s a Modi wave and the benefit of the wave will be seen in the 2014 elections in Jharkhand,” said former chief minister Munda.



Earlier, Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari enthralled the audience with patriotic songs and slogans. “India sees hope in Modi and so do I,” said Tiwari.



Here are the highlights of his speech:


Modi asks what has centre done for Jharkhand

Jharkhand has not developed despite its rich natural resources

Congress stealing coal from J’Khand: Modi

BJP will win all 14 seats in next Lok Sabha elections

UPA reason behind price rise and regress of Jharkhand

Gujarat CM says Congress cannot be trusted

Gave solutions for inflation, but nothing has been done