Guj elections: RSS on active mode, to unite Hindus: Corrupt Cong hugs to womanizers..

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Alpesh, Jignesh, Hardik jockeying for Cong tickets for their supporters: Confused Rahul acts as Christian, Muslim, Hindu but not behave as true Indian

Alpesh, Jignesh, Hardik Patel, Cong tickets for supporters, Confused Rahul, Acts as Christian in Assam, Muslim in Karnatak, Hindu in Guj, Not true Indian, Saudi Arab accept Yoga, Fatwa against Yoga in India, Sri Sri mediation for Ram Mandir, Sticks on Gandhi-Nehru , Bhagat Singh-Kartara hanged, Follow Xi Jinping not Jesus Cross

PM Modi in ASEAN summit, says India strives for world peace: World super powers dragged India in Chkravyuh..

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ASEAN Summit: The ‘quad’ meets in Manila: Going to Israel anti-Muslims myth is broen by PM Modi

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GST rate cut, talks on for shift to two-rate: Javed Akhtar Farooq Abdullah for Mugal Akbar, Aurangjeb, Taimoor Jayanti as Tipu..

GST rate cut, Javed Akhtar, Farooq Abdullah PoK of Pak, Akbar, Aurangjeb, Taimoor Jayanti, Tipu, Hindu Rahul Gandhi, Akshardham in China, Christian Sonia, Mugal Tyranny on Hindu Sikhs, Pak funded Separatist Hurriyat, P M Modi talks Maut ka saudagar, BJP worker

Now GST on 177 items from 28 to 18 percent: Opposition parties should not be in tne net of Pak-China by spreading violence..

GST Council, 177 items from 28 to 18 percent, Opposition parties, In net of Pak-China, preading violence, Bharatratn to K M Cariappa, Tipu jayanti, Auranzeb of South, ABVP, Chalo Keral, Keral-Tripura bloody violence, Karnatak, W Bengal, Punjab, Murder of Hindu leaders

Railway tops in digital transaction: Rahul-Hardik fall in the pit which they dig for BJP

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Ryan Pradyumn Murder: CBI Charged 11th class Student: Confused opposition suffering Modi phobia

Ryan Pradyumn Murder, CBI Charged, Confused opposition, Modi phobia, Hindu terror, Kamal Haasan meets Kejriwal, Shivsena with Congress, Uddhav Thackeray meets Mamta, Hindu kingdom, Combodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Tamilnadu super star, Congress left in 2019