AAP’s Yogendra Yadav Political Guru of Rahul Gandhi: Maoists invade Congress



AAP Leader Yogendra Yadav says Republic Day parade is outdated


AAP’s Yogendra Yadav Political Guru of Rahul Gandhi: Maoists invade Congress


A I Congress may be turned in to Rahul Congress by AAP as in the past Indira Congress.  Otherwise Congress and AAP merged each other to be one. At present this gay couple is “doa sharir ek jaan” as we saw them at 5 star Aman hotel.


Yogendra Yadav served Congress party especially Sonia and Rahul personally for Years – also a part of Sonia’s NAC – now in AAP to guide Rahul Gandhi. a political analyst with the Center for the Study of Developing Societies in Delhi.


Communists entered Congress via Indira and turned Akhil Bhartiya Congress into the Indira Congress. Now Maoists and liberal Marxists have entered the Congress via Rahul Gandhi. Mao-Marxist team has become Rahul Brigade to work as the poltical guru of Rahul Gandhi. Yadvendra Yadav is one member of that left leaning Rahul Brigade.


He is now with white original beard. In the past he was with black dyeing beard. Did Vanjare hinted toward him to CBI by saying black beard and white beard?



There was a Yogendra Yadav who came time to time in Christian Missonaries sponsored had left leaning NDTV of Pranoy Roy and CNN-IBN of Rajdeep Sardesai with exit poll as psephologist. On his guidance Indian political history is being re-written to highlight Gujarat riots. AAP’ Yadvendra Yadav did not mention a single line on 1984 Sikh riots to be impartial. Like that films and news channels are presenting the poisonous food before the people.


In the past CPI (M) government of WB has mentioned in its schools books that Bhartiya janta Party is communal. It means BJP ruled states Gujarat, MP, CG, Raj, and Uttarakhand should mention in their school books that Communists are traitors and so on. It is bigger crime than corruption. They should also be hanged along with the corrupt leaders on the pole in public.


One example of the crime of these so called intelligencia is: “Prithviraj Chauhan was a coward who ran away to save his life during the second battle of Tarain with Mohammad Ghauri.” “Jaichand (generally believed to be a traitor) was, in fact a ‘hero’ who gave up his life while fighting the forces of Ghauri.”


“There is no harm in studying the Gujarat riots, Ayodhya or the Sikh riots but we should keep in mind the age of the students. This should not create a feeling of hatred among the students,” said Comrade Abani Roy, MP, RSP. Here it should be notable that Sikh riot is referred only in one setense to be fair impartial historian.

“It is our duty to inform children about these events in history. Some of it is positive, some negative, but one can’t pick on only one part of the syllabus and say the entire thing is worthless. The syllabus must be seen in entirety,” said Yogendra Yadav, Syllabus Advisor, NCERT.


NCERT is being used by the UPA Govt with the support of leftists as political weapon. But this weapon will be sucidical for them.


The new Class XII syllabus for the academic session might include controversial issues like the Gujarat Riots and the Ayodhya dispute.

The Class IX Political science text book 


A noble movement of Anna Hazare was going on which was ruined by Kejriwal for his self. His party after all to strengthen the hands of Sonia Gandhi against her he never uttered a single word. Now Yadvendra, and Bhushan like manush are his taran haar.


Who called Prithviraj and Bhagat Singh traitors and who are Heirs of the killers of Bose to make a Deal in Hotel of Delhi to stop BJP?


“One of the big industrialists of our country helped make a deal between Arvind Kejriwal and some senior Congress leaders at a big hotel in Delhi. I was personally told about what talks had transpired in that hotel and what all was eaten by the same person”

“The person who was working as the mediator told me that the policy being made is that BJP has to be stopped at any cost,” Gadkari claimed.


Training his guns at AAP which formed the government in Delhi, Gadkari also termed it as a “right-wing Maoist party” which wants to “destroy” the democratic system.



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@nir_27 @mistrymania @httweets ford financial helper to Kejriwal, nearer to sonia’s italian village:  http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/post/Ford-Foundation-of-Sonias-Italian-village-Donation-to-Kejriwal-who-never-utter-against-Sonia.aspx#.UooMY9LDBX1 …


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@dhanjitgiri @navrang KejriwalJi never uttered a single word against Sonia Ji, why?

newsanalysisindia.com/post/KejriwalJi-threw-black-ink-on-Annas-Noble-Movement-and-never-uttered-a-single-word-against-Sonia-Ji-why.aspx#.Up3UGNLDBX0 …


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@irajdeep 5 starAman owned by DLF- Vadra scam, so marriage AAP_Cong completed there:  http://newsanalysisindia.com/post/Why-was-5-Star-Aman-choice-Gulam-Nabi-Azad-DLF-Vadra-nexus-behind-AAP-Cong-Marriage.aspx#.UsQ1PtIW36A … pic.twitter.com/EjIozbxLPN


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@VinodTaparia1 @rajneesh_saini Issues Farooqi of Bhatkal, Prashant for Kashmir Separatists, Yadvendra for Maoists: http://newsanalysisindia.com/post/Why-was-5-Star-Aman-choice-Gulam-Nabi-Azad-DLF-Vadra-nexus-behind-AAP-Cong-Marriage.aspx#.UsQ1PtIW36A


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@mayankjain100 @irajdeep know why congress supports AAP due to IM lover Shakeel Ahmed:  http://newsanalysisindia.com/post/IM-Money-Fund-raiser-from-Pak-for-Patna-Blast-arrested-in-Raipur-Shakeel-Ahmeds-suspicious-support-to-AAP.aspx#.UrvdmtIW36B …


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@mayankjain100 KejriwalJi threw black ink on Anna’s Noble Movement and never uttered a single word against Sonia Ji:  http://www.newsanalysisindia.com/post/KejriwalJi-threw-black-ink-on-Annas-Noble-Movement-and-never-uttered-a-single-word-against-Sonia-Ji-why.aspx …


Dr. Manish Kumar @DrManishKumar12 Jan

Look what is going on tweeter.. AAP leader Yogendra Yadv was “Political Guru” of Rahul Gandhi too. pic.twitter.com/MTFQi3nFDy


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