Congress will be reduced to 35 from 129 in South, worsen as UP and Bihar

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Congress will be reduced to 35 from 129 in South, worsen as UP and Bihar

Sporadically left to chance would have normally been a bastion of the Congress of South India. Even in 1977 and 1989 when the country was in the grip of anti-Congress wave, the anti-Congress partie have not made much difference. That was the reason the constituency in the 1977 Lok Sabha election congress was defeated at the hands of Raj Narain, but Chikamagalur, Karnataka was won by Indira Gandhi.


The Congress Party was almost as dominant Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

In 1984, Congress was in possession of 83 out of 85 in UP and Bihar in possession of 48 out of the 48 seats.


But there after Congress entangled on issue of mandal – temple, the Congress was almost over. What is the same situation occurring in South India? To find Bhaskar recently analyzed the multiple choice surveys. Who are telling Congress would be rumpled in 2014 to 35 seats out of 129 in South India. The rest is open to everyone competing at 94.


Result of 2009:                      possible result in 2014

Andhra 42 seats Headline today-c   CNN-IBN-Hindu           IBTL           

Congress: 33       Congress: 07         Congress   11-15          Congress 13

TDP:         06       TDP:         13        YSR Cong   11-15         BJP         03

TRS:         02       TRS          15         TDP           06-10        TDP         13

Others:      01      YSR Cong 09          TRS           05-09         TRS        05

———————–BJP          01           —————————   YRS        06




The potential consequences of Tamil Nadu in 2014

Headlines Today – C Voter

Congress -1


DMK -8


CNN – IBN – The Hindu – CSDS

Congress -1

AIADMK -16-20

DMK 8-12


India Behind The Lens (Aibitiel)

Congress -1


DMK – 7


(Congress is likely to get just one seat, while in 2009 the party had won 8 seats in Tamil Nadu. UPA ally DMK won 18 seats in the last elections, he in the next election is looking even worse condition. because: UPA ally DMK Congress in Anger. whose impact on Congress. advantage Jayalalitha’s party.)



The potential consequences of Karnataka in 2014

India Behind The Lens (Aibitiel)

Congress – 11

BJP -13

JD (S) – 2


(201: BJP’s election loss of the benefit of the Congress. Likely to Congress 11 seats, while in Karnataka in 2009, he won only 6 seats. Previous elections, the BJP 19 seats in the state had won. because: South India’s highest seat of raising a State party is split. This scattering Congress will take advantage.)



In the 2014 general election likely outcome of Kerala

India behind the Lens (Aibitiel)

Congress -8

BJP -1

Left Front -8


Headlines Today – C Voter

Congress -5

Left Front – 12

BJP -0

(2014 : In Kerala Congress is likely to max 8 seats. 2009 elections, the Congress had won 13 seats in the state, while the Left Front won only 4 seats. Because: The Congress governments at the state of corruption and serious charges. first time the BJP can get a seat.)


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