Digging for 1000 tons gold treasure to Scott Bofors and Oil Tanker Loaded Gold Bars

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Digging for 1000 tons gold treasure to Scott Bofors and Oil Tanker Loaded Gold Bars


Union Minister of State for Food Processing Dr Charandas Mahant who has said earlier that he is ready to sweep on order of Sonia Gandhi, first contacted to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and after their approval, apparently got a go ahead from the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister when he took the matter to them.


In October 2013, in Sangrampur (Daundia Khera) village in Unnao district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, a local seer named Shobhan Sarkar dreamt that over 1000 tonnes of gold were buried under the ruins of an old fort of 19th-century king, Rao Ram Baksh Singh. Sarkar was able to convince the Ministry of Mines and the Archaeological Survey of India to consider excavation for the alleged deposits. The excavation work began on 18 October 2013.

Banning Superstition by one hand and Promoting Superstition chasing saint’s dreams on gold deposits by other hand, Is this less than black magic of Sonia and Rahul’s Congress?


Now I came to my updated article of May 28, 2006 in organiser 

The glue that links all scams in the last four decades

Day by day length of this tale is going long and long. Why evil process of covering up this tale is going on? 


Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi is a good friend of Gandhi family. Quattrocchi received Bofors kickbacks through Myles Stott of AE Services based in London. ?The statement of Myles T. Stott that the amount Bofors had paid to AE Services was related to the agreement of sale of guns to India; and the trail of subsequent transfers of the money to companies owned by Quattrocchi? from AE Services to Colbar Investments to Wetelsen Overseas,? at page 7 of its judgment, the Swiss Court then noted. 

Day-by-day length of this tale is going long and long. Why evil process of covering up this tale is going on? Scott had links with AWB Ltd. He was holding an important post in the company. 

World sees mad rush for gold in India. How the truck loaded gold bars toured from Iraq to Jordan? Was few % of these gold bars sold in India besides other places? Because of its purity, the gold itself was quickly reprocessed & sold off in the form of bars and coins to buyers. We discuss this here.

No one contradicts the facts which have been already in public domain.

Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrocchi is a good friend of Gandhi family.

Quattrocchi received Bofors kickbacks through Myles Stott of AES based in London.

Now talk of today is Jet-Etihad-gate

Before this we should talk of truck loaded gold as 4 truck loaded Rs 250 crores seizure in Mumbai.

Mr. Scott friends of Quattrocchi had link with AWB ltd. He was in the important post of this company. This is Australian Wheat Monopoly Company having also office in Delhi India. Present Indian Govt. is importing wheat through this company. Why? Volcker named this company in Oil for Food Scam. AWB ltd was the biggest exporter of Humantarian goods to Iraq. Volcker also named ‘Natwar’ ‘Bhimsen’ and ‘congress. ‘Natwar’ is former Foreign Minister of India. ‘Bhimsen’ is the president of Panthers party of J & K. ‘Congress’ is progressing in the presidentship of Sonia Gandhi.


As reported by Craig Rowley on January 24, 2006, in 1991, Charles Stott, then head of international sales and marketing for monopoly wheat exporter the Australian Wheat Board, negotiated the physical payment of A$200 million of gold owned by Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to the Australian government against future deliveries of wheat.


That’s what it says in Dealing with the Devil which appeared in a March 2003 edition of The Bulletin. No way, as Anthony Hoy uncovers. This was reality.


The journey of that gold bullion might have been scripted by Hollywood. But its real authors were a team of international bankers, politicians and a handful of Australians accustomed to trading in the Middle East with suitcases stuffed with millions of dollars. How Australia clinched a deal with Saddam Hussein worth more than $US110m is a tale of international intrigue, subterfuge and government hypocrisy.


The first western businessman allowed into Iraq after the ceasefire, he was an old hand when it came to negotiating wheat deals with Baghdad and was quickly on the doorstep of his longtime friend and trading colleague, Zuhair Daoud, director-general of the Iraqi Grains Board.


The transaction was noted in appropriately sober fashion in Australia’s Reserve Bank records by Fraser

Languishing in the great five-star Al-Rasheed hotel was his home he was also the first to re-establish contact with long-time friend Zuhair Daoud, then director-general of the Iraqi Grains Board. The counter-intelligence aspect is evident from the fact that, with the Australian government’s approval, Stott often travelled with more than one passport, an effective method of preventing the Americans and others from following the grain-negotiating trail.


After the ’91 Gulf War, Stott’s brief from the Australian government after the first Gulf War was to resume the wheat trade with Iraq, but he needed to get around the problem of the Bank for International Settlements, a bank for central banks, freezing Iraq’s global assets, the report says.

The decision to complete the complex deal rested with then-foreign affairs minister Gareth Evans, who sought advice from the Reserve Bank. RBA governor Bernie Fraser dispatched an assistant governor toJordan to help Stott. The Americans were never informed, and Fraser came under unprecedented, albeit unsuccessful, pressure to withhold details of the deal from the RBA’s 1991-92 annual report. 

Ultimately, the 10 metric tons of bullion means two-hundred wooden crates, each containing four 12.5kg gold bars, were loaded onto a Mercedes wheat truck with just one driver for the furtive drive from Baghdad toAmman, Jordan passing through airports in London and Hong Kong before being reprocessed at Perth Mint and sold off in small bars and coins. A car carrying an armed guard followed. On the mountainous approaches to Amman, the truck slid off the road. After a night stranded by the roadside, the gold was transferred to a small Bedford lorry, its rear axles groaning under the sheer weight. Some of them inBangkok with one of the only free Iraq men under UN protection!! 

On arrival at the Perth Mint, the remaining gold, of 99.99% purity was quickly reprocessed and sold off as small bars and coins, mainly to buyers in India.  

Stott provided Australia’s Terence Cole, QC, with details of the 1995 BHP deal to supply the regime with a $US5m wheat credit. In his testimony, he  said that he had talked to DFAT officials about Alia in September 2000, because AWB was having problems getting wheat unloaded in Iraq.

He said the Government had approved the use of the company.

He has a letter, on DFAT letterhead no less that clearly gives AWB permission to use “Jordanian trucking companies” in Iraq.


Added on Oct 21, 2013:

Dealing With The Devil.(Australia-Iraq gold-for-wheat deal)(Cover Story)


On the wheat board’s secret service


Article Abstract:

One man who can supply details of the cloak-and-dagger wheat dealsAustraliadid with formerIraqdictator Saddam Hussein is Charles Scott, a 45-year-old marketer, expected to reveal his previously unseen role as an Australian Wheat Board (AWB) and government operative. In 1991, Scott secretly negotiated the payment of $200 million of Saddam Hussein’s gold to the Australian government against future AWB wheat deliveries.


Article Abstract:

Article discusses a US$110 mil gold-for-wheat tranaction betweenAustraliaandIraqin 1991.

Author: Hoy, Anthony

Publisher: A C P Computer Publications

Publication Name: The Bulletin with Newsweek

Subject: News, opinion and commentary

ISSN: 1440-7485

Year: 2003

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US military personnel search and find an oil tanker, converted to transport gold bars

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