Ex-CBI man altered Rajiv death accuse Statement: Was Quattrocchi with LTTE not involved?: Congress should clarify



Ex-CBI man altered Rajiv death accuse Statement: Was Quattrocchi with LTTE not involved?: Congress should clarify


DMK chief M. Karunanidhi on Sunday Nov 24, 2013 wanted a thorough inquiry into the Rajiv Gandhi assassination in the light of the revelation made by former CBI official V. Thiagarajan that he had failed to record verbatim the confessional statement of A.G. Perarivalan alias Arivu, one of the convicts facing death penalty.


Why was Quattrocchi not questioned who had secret meeting with Balasingham in Paris. Q was also in touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. 

Was Quattrocchi with LTTE not involved in the assassination to Rajiv Gandhi?


So fresh enquiry should be into the Rajiv Gandhi assassination and fresh FIR should be filed against the late Quattrocchi, his relatives and Congress Party,


The Hindu reported on Nov 24: V. Thiagarajan IPS (retired) who was the then CBI SP of the Kerala Branch said he was assigned the task of recording the statement of accused persons in 1991.


“Arivu told me that he did not know why they asked him to buy that [the battery]. But I did not record that in the confessional statement. Then the investigation was in progress, so that particular statement I did not record. Strictly speaking, law expects you to record a statement verbatim… we don’t do that in practice,” he said.


He said Sivarasan, one of the prime suspects, had sent a message to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam headquarters that the plot to kill Gandhi was not shared with anybody. “It excludes the prior knowledge of everybody else, except Nalini, that Gandhi was going to be assassinated… this is a very solid, uncontested and unchallengeable evidence.”


There was subsequent internal evidence to clearly say that Arivu had no prior knowledge that Gandhi was going to be killed. “If he did not know that there was going to be a killing, how can you make him party to the killing. It is illogical, it is against the evidence on record. Therefore, you look at it from any angle it will be miscarriage of justice if the extreme penalty is carried out,” he said.


Mr. Thiagarajan went on to explain that though he felt this before, he could not do anything at that stage. With regard to Arivu in particular, he always felt “a little uneasy” that the confessional statement was not appreciated the way it should have been. “Superficially they took it and jumped to the conclusion… they took a strong view that Arivu knew of the killing and he bought the battery. That is not the truth. We cannot speculate, it is very dangerous to speculate.”


Former Supreme Court Judge Justice K.T. Thomas who delivered judgement in the case has also opposed capital punishment. He said if the capital punishment is implemented, it would mean two punishments for one offence, which India cannot afford.


Former Supreme Court Judge V.R. Krishna Iyer who heads the PMADP made an appeal to the Government of India against executing any person in the name of Rajiv Gandhi. “Whenever there is a suspicion, please don’t execute,” he said.


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The reasons demanding filing fresh FIR against the late Quattrocchi, his relatives and Congress Party,


, French intelligence agencies were in possession of documentary evidence that the LTTE, Italian businessman Ottavio Quattrochchi and several Congress Party bigwigs colluded to have Rajiv Gandhi eliminate.


(2) LTTE and Quatrocchi believed that Rajiv and his Congress were not winning the 1991 elections, and therefore, panicked. According to the website, Quattrocchi felt that as long as Mr. Gandhi was alive, the scam would remain alive. If Rajiv were dead then the Bofors Scam would die.


(3) Quattrocchi therefore met Balasingham in Paris and was also in touch with arms dealer Adnan Khashogi. The website said that the entire meeting and conversation between Quattrocchi and Balasingham was recorded by the French intelligence agencies.


(4) According to the website, on the day he was assassinated (May 21, 1991), Rajiv Gandhi was reluctant to leave Vishakapatnam for Chennai and then to Sriperumbadur. But some Congress leaders had convinced him to undertake the journey, which eventually killed him.


(5) When Rajiv alighted at Sriperumbudur all the state Leaders were there. However, each of the Tamilnadu State Leaders suddenly decided to keep away from Rajiv. So, when the Human Bomb Exploded, Rajiv was Blown to pieces, but not a single Tamilnadu State Leader Died with him. G.K.Moopanar, P.Chidambaram, Maragatham Chandrashekar and several Other Tamilnadu state Leaders did not walk with Rajiv. Strange and Impossible. But the Tamilnadu State leaders allowed Rajiv to walk the Death-Walk Alone.


Politicsparty.com Requests the Parliament of India to ensure that the Government of India obtains all the information and classified data pertaining to the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi available with the Intelligence Agencies of France, Israel and the US and discloses all the information to India’sParliament.


President Kalam to requested the French President to make available to India the Tapes of the Secret Meeting in the Paris Hotel and all other information involving the Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi.


Quattrocchi in Lok Sabha (Parliament)  for assassination of Rajiv Gandhi


Raising the matter during Zero Hour in Lok Sabha, BJP leader V K Malhotra and SP`s Ramji Lal Suman said the conspiracy was hatched by Italian businessman Quattrocchi and LTTE`s intelligence chief Anton Balasingham in a five-star hotel in Paris………………..Link


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