India a hub for Spiritual Tourism

Stressing on the need for economic development in Bihar, Former President, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, now outlined a framework for developing the Bihar as a hub for Spiritual Tourism. Today’s India can re-emerge as a centre for spiritual tourism.


Fire of hate: Maoist’s has burn historical Hindu books in Nepal.

Body burns, But the soul flies away

Paper burns, but the words fly away

Every burned book enlightens others

Every patriot martyr enlightens others


Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Aug 26, 07 in Lucknow said the books that propounded the

glorious past of India were liable to be burnt.



 We should save Ram Sethu. Who wants to destroy Ram Sethu ( Adam’s bridge )?


What can people hope from the UPA government for the development of spiritual tourism in India.


Sikkim today made a giant leap into pilgrimage tourism with the opening of Siddhesvara Dham that boasts a 108ft tall statue of Lord Shiva and replicas of four sacred Hindu temples in the country.


Sufi music festival may be the example for encouraging spiritual tourism: The annual three-day Sufi music festival “of the soul, by the soul, and for the soul” was staged at the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA).


India has long been considered a spiritual and cultural destination, attracting millions of visitors from around the world to its many ancient monuments and sites. 


A birthplace of four religions, there is a lot of history attached to various cities in India”, explains Dr Jauhari. 


While the Beatles and their transcendental meditation with Mahesh Yogi spawned the go-east frenzy of salvation seeking hippies in the sixties, the real awareness of spirituality, touted as India’s USP for the world, has only just begun to be realized.

Mahesh Yogi Sun of Chhattisgarh shined in the West.


Recently, Shiv Khera, Swami Ramdev, Deepak Chopra and other motivating speakers and preachers of spirituality and wellness are encouraging spiritual tourism in Inida.


Madonna, Springsteen, Kate Winslet and even Richard Gere gave the sheen and edge of spiritual tourism to India internationally.

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