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Who gave Right to Information? Who kills RTIs?

UPA Govt of Gandhis gave birth to RTI. But UPA Govt is also killer of RTIs filed by Dhar and others related to the mysterious deaths of Lal Bahadur Shastri and Subhash Chandr Bose.

What type of mothers they are?


Hitting at the brouhaha created by anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare, Sonia Gandhi said,on Nov 09, 2011:  "Corruption cannot end by pointing fingers at others. Everyone should introspect. It cannot end if some think their corruption is better than others. This is what is happening these days. I want to ask these people who gave RTI? Who brought transparency in public life? We did,"  

News is also: Govt of India has no info about foreign tours of Sonia Gandhi?

No government department seems to have any information about the tours and travels undertaken by the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi as an RTI application kept moving to different ministries without any substantial response. The case relates to an RTI application filed by one Kailash Kanwar of Bhilwara in Rajasthan who sought to know about the foreign visits undertaken by the UPA and National Advisory Council Chairperson during the last two years.

He had also sought information about recent visit of Gandhi for her reported treatment in the United States of America through the application under the transparency law.

There is following news report of India today:

How Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi breaking the rules of democracy and keeping their trips secret

Early in June this year, United Progressive Alliance (UPA) Chairperson Sonia Gandhi took off for London and her native Italy as political heat from civil society activists over black money and corruption soared in the Capital. In mid-June, Congress General Secretary and MP Rahul Gandhi ushered in his 41st birthday in London and topped up with a Swiss holiday. Both Sonia and Rahul’s trips were widely documented in the media but the Lok Sabha secretariat has no information on them. It’s common courtesy for MPs to inform the secretariat about trips abroad, even if they are of a personal nature. But since June 2004, the month UPA came to power, the Congress president and her son have not bothered to inform the secretariat about any of their foreign trips.

When India Today filed an application under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to the Lok Sabha secretariat asking for details of personal foreign travel made by MPs since the 14th Lok Sabha, it furnished relevant information for lawmakers other than the Gandhis. The reply from Harish Chander, Deputy Secretary, Lok Sabha, was, “This secretariat attends to work relating to official visits of Indian parliamentary delegations going abroad and maintains record of foreign travel of members of the Lok Sabha in their personal capacity if such travel is intimated by them to the Speaker’s office.” India Today filed another RTI query specifically asking how many intimations/requests the Lok Sabha secretariat received regarding the foreign travels of Sonia and Rahul during the 14th and 15th Lok Sabhas. The response of K. Sona, under secretary, Lok Sabha, on July 4 was: “Nil.”

Even official foreign travel details of the Gandhis are a mystery. In February 2010, Hisar-based activist Ramesh Kumar filed an RTI query with the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for details of foreign travel made by Sonia Gandhi and followed it up with a second appeal before the Central Information Commission (CIC). PMO and Cabinet secretariat representatives told CIC that they had forwarded the query to the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The Cabinet secretariat told Kumar on July 8, 2011 that his query has been forwarded to the National Advisory Council’s (NAC) Central Public Information Officer and PMO. In turn, NAC said it didn’t have the details.

“It is disturbing that institutions that run the government have no knowledge of the authority that can furnish details of Sonia Gandhi’s foreign travel,” says Kumar.

By Premendra Agrawal

What type of mothers they are?

Fighting corruption by corrupts

Today on Nov 09, 2011 broke her silence on the issue of graft, saying corruption cannot be fought by speeches. Does it mean, corruption can be fight by corrupts’ corruption as published news about Gandhi dynasty?



After Rahul Gandhi now Sonia comes to fight Anna Hazare Hazare, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ram dev and others.



We see bull fight between Digvijay Singh and Anna Hazare team.



Sonia Gandhi said on Nov 9, 2011: “NAC was set up by the Prime Minister and I am in it. Lokpal Bill was first formulated here. The Prime Minister and government are committed to Lokpal, so what's the noise about?"


Gandhis may be corrupt and not honest but still Gandhis have a right to fight against corruption. After all, Gandhis have inherited corruption from the Corrupt System of Gandhis’ Rule.


Indian Govt under Gandhis rule made and make the laws to benefit their corruption. How can Anna Hazare, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Baba Ram dev and others fight corruption through Lokpal?


Lawyer Ashok Agarwal of Delhi is right to comment: “laws are made to benefit corrupt people. How can you fight corruption in terms of these laws?”


Is deposit in Swiss banks for safekeeping? What is the difference between the Nehru Gandhi dynasty and dynasty of


Kazakhstan? In April 2002, Kazakhstan's government finally admitted that the president, Nursultan


Nazarbayev, had foreign (Swiss bank) holdings, explained as money sent abroad for safekeeping.





By Premendra Agrawal

News Analysis India | India, not Europe towards demographic suicide

News Analysis India

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India, not Europe towards demographic suicide

Hindus & Sikhs Population came down: Minority Commission
In the world only Hindus are liable to follow family planning and tolerate conversion. Few newspapers such as ‘The Hindu’ and Chennaionline publish news heading to misguide the facts. Their news heading meant there is more need to increase the growth rate of population of Muslims and Christians? Why 'The Hindu' wants decrease in the Hindu population and increase of others?

Now Chairperson of National Commission for Minorities said that has reported that the growth rate of Muslims in the country is higher than that of other communities. Before few days the Minority Commission has said that there is a tremendous increase in the Christian population of North East States of India.

Bangladeshi infiltrators, Family Planning not followers, Christian Missionaries, Muslim League, Terrorists and Insurgent organizations are secular and Hindus are communal. Patrick French, author of ‘Liberty or Death’, highlighted Gandhi’s allegiance to Hindu Dharma and Jinnah’s ‘secularism’.( ".the founder of the homeland for Muslims remained a secularist of sorts to the end" page 27).

RSS Sarsaghchalak Sudarshanji is called a hardliner because he is questioning the missionary process! A very statement asking the Pope to affirm religious tolerance is itself styled intolerant! In other words Hindus should tolerate the effort to convert them but it is intolerant for Hindus to question the motives or ideas of those who denigrate their religion. That such statements are accepted in the modern media shows how deep-seated the anti-Hindu and pro-missionary bias is.

The challenges of our times are so great that we are called to move beyond our personal awakening to our collective awakening—as communities, as nations, and as a species.
Our Collective awakening is necessary. Today majority feels like a minority. Conversion and infiltration of Bangladeshies is going on. There is continuous decrease in the population of Hindus. Family planning is only for Hindus as commented by K.S Sudarshan.

In fact, conversion is taking place on a mass-scale in large parts of the Northeast where poor, backward tribal fall easy prey to the lure of money and other inducements to embrace Christianity. But if they don't, the job is taken over by the militant groups, most of which are operating in the region only to convert people to Christianity under the guise of insurgent outfits. There are a couple of such outfits operate!

While nobody should have any objection to such a development in a secular country, what every secularist must object to is the fact that, while the Muslim population is rising alarmingly due to illegal influx from Bangladesh, the Christian population is rising due to conversion, both forced and induced, of mostly the gullible Hindus who do not have any means to defend themselves. Almost 19 districts in three Border States of Assam, West Bengal and Bihar have recorded a "disproportionate" growth of Muslims over past one decade. The National Commission for Minorities (NCM) in a report here claimed that the 10 districts of Assam bordering Bangladesh have now substantive Muslim population as high as 51 per cent. The Commission had set up a four-member expert panel of eminent demographers to analyse the 2001 census statistics of religious minorities including Muslims. The panel reported that the intercensal growth of Muslim population during 1991-2001 was 29.5 per cent, higher than the overall growth rate of 21.5 per cent.
"Either this type of growth is due to large number of conversions or due to migration of population from across Bangladesh," Country's leading demographer Prof. Ashis Bose stated.

Raising alaram bells, L.K. Advani warned, this development was a threat not only to the normal democratic process, but also to the security and integrity of India. Demographer Bose said their concentration at a single place could lead to a demand for a separate state or an administrative unit in future likes Bodoland, Gorkhaland etc.

In the News story titled ‘Suicide by Secularism’ of Washington Post dated April 17, 2005, Columnist George F.Will wrote: “Europe itself is withering. On the day of John Paul II's funeral, the European Union's statistics agency reported that the decline of birthrates means that within five years deaths will exceed births in the European Union. By 2013 Italy's population will begin to decline; the next year Germany's will begin to drop. After 2010 Europe's population growth will be entirely from immigration. By 2025 not even immigration will prevent declining fertility from accelerating what one historian calls the largest ‘sustained reduction in European population since the Black Death of the 14th century.”

In his new book "The Cube and the Cathedral: Europe, America, and Politics Without God," George Weigel, biographer of John Paul II, argues that Europe's ‘demographic suicide’ will cause its welfare states to buckle and is creating a ‘vacuum into which Islamic immigrants are flowing.’ Since 1970 the 20 million legal Islamic immigrants equal the combined populations of Ireland, Denmark and Belgium.”

Premendra Agrawal

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