Now Bhatkal confessed that Ishrat was IM module: Should FIR be filed against Chidambaram, Pawar, CBI and..

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Now Bhatkal confessed that Ishrat was IM module: Should FIR be filed against Chidambaram, Pawar, CBI and..


Ishrat Jehan was IM Module: Yasin Bhatkal

Now Yasin Bhatkal has also confessed that Ishrat Jehan who was killed in an encounter in Gujarat was an IM module, authoritative security sources in the home ministry told Asianage.


Should FIR be filed against Home Ministers?

Fate of P C Chidambarm may be as Ex-Law Minister Ashwani Kumar in removing the heart of the CBI report related to Coalgate. Being a Home Minister Chidambaram filed affidavit on August 6, 2009 in the High Court to accept the finding of Gujarat Govt that Ishrat was a terrorist; Centre’s affidavit confirmed LeT links of Ishrat


After filing that report, pressure was started on the government by NGOs so called secularists and human activists such as Shabnam Hashmi who at that time remained the member of National Integration Council (NIC). NDTV and Tehelka reporting also evoke the Government to dig a pit for itself. Now the Ex and present both home ministers are trying to be out from that self made pit. Shabnam Hashmi even demanded; Home Ministry to apologize for filing affidavit against Ishrat Jahan


On above sited pressure MHA ( P Chidambaram) filed another affidavit within two months, on September 30, 2009, one which generated a lot of controversy, to say that MHA has no sufficient proof against ishrat. Due to that affidavit High Court instructed CBI enquiry in the case which is going on now. Government want such type of report from CBI on the basis of which the Govt may involve Modi and Amit Shah by hook and cook to say that that was fake encounter in the knowledge of them.



Terrorist Ishrat was killed in encounter in Gujarat who was hired by LeT for killing Gujarat CM Narendra Modi IB got this information from David Haidley who is now in the custody of US and India wants him from US for one year to questions him. If there were security lapses then perhaps Modi would not be saved.



Should FIR be filed against Caged Parrot?


DNA reported: Nine years after 19-year-old Ishrat Jahan was killed along with three others by Gujarat Police, CBI on Wednesday July 03, 2013 ruled out her involvement in terror activities and said she was accompanying Javed Sheikh on his trip to Ahmedabad as he was her employer.


FBI sent letter and on the basis of that letter information was provided by IB to Gujarat Police and encounter was done. Do you accept that FBI’s letter or not? If not then what is the use of doing propaganda for coming 2014 election that you are asking FBI for joint operation to arrest Dawood? FBI letter is in Supreme Court which said that Ishrat was a terrorist. 



Should FIR be filed against Union Minister Pawar?


Ishrat Innocent College Girl vs To keep the peace, I misled people on ’93 blasts: Pawar: Founder of the NCP and Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar gave certificate of innocent college girl to Ishrat.



Should FIR be filed against Nitish and all others who makes Ishrat martyr?


Niish can’t wash his burqua secular hands to give compensation of Rs. 10 lakh for the family of each of the four soldiers. Nitish should open suspected secret agreements with Pakistani leaders including Hafiz Saeed’s terror group whose hands might be in the killing of soldiers yesterday on Aug 06.

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