PM evokes minority in Karnataka to follow Shinde’s Hindu terror remark

“… I am particularly unhappy about the lack of development, especially in minority pockets like Raichur, Bellary, Gulbarga and Bidar… Lack of communal harmony and sense of insecurity among the minorities is prevalent,” Singh said today in his election speech at Hubli as reported by TOI. 

Yesterday Modi has said in his speech at Bangalore: “The Congress is poison which has spread hatred between communities. The Congress is the real poison,”

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today termed as a ‘very sad’ incident the attack on Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh in a jail in Pakistan. Chinese camp in Laddakh is also for sad incident for UPA Govt. PM manmohan Singh is with folded hand bearing blue turbon to denote peace. He may give another cheek for slapping to follow Mahatma Gandhi. Manmohan saw RSS hands in Anti-Sikh riots of 1984.


Who governed Karnataka before present BJP rule? Who governs India since Independence? Why Mahatma Gandhi last wish was to abolish the All India Congress party?


Please let me remind 2008 by updating that time article:

TOI reports in Feb 2008 “Terrorist training camps may be closer to home than the distant mountains in Pakistan, This chilling evidence came to light during the interrogation of three Islamist radicals arrested recently – Riyazuddin Nasir alias Mohammed Ghouse, Asadullah Abu Bakar and Mohammed Asif,”


Appeasement, religious budgeting and vote bank politics invite terrorist camps from Pakistan via J & K to Karnatak now. ‘Pak flag hosting in Karnatak’ report of today reminds following incidents:

(1) PROTEST: Hoisting the tricolor on national festivals should not be mandatory for madrassas:  Anwar Safi, spokesperson Jamaat-e-Islami (MP & Chhattisgarh)

Please sign to protest idiotic fanaticism?

(2) Pak flag hoisted in Karnataka, 14 held on 29 June , 2004

(3)  A settlement was reached at Hubli permitting the State government to hoist the national flag at the maidan on Republic Day and Independence Day. But the state government is not hoisting the national flag lest it would hurt the religious sentiments of minorities. The Islamic extremists who caused riots are not the offenders but Uma Bharati was nor is the government which prevented the national flag being hoisted but Uma Bharati was.


Karnatak through terrorist as Andhra won through Naxalites  

Central government is for whole India but Shivraj Patil says that every state is free to take decision separately for naxalites problem. Congress captured power in Andhra with the help of Naxalites. As reported on Feb 3, 2005 , Sonia Gandhi forced cops to let Naxal leaders free to murder democracy! Several Naxalite leaders importantly Ramakrishna, Sudhakar Peer, S. Appa Rao and those from Jharkhand and
Bihar , were reported to have been allowed safe passage after the Greyhound commandos — of the crack anti-Naxalite force — surrounded them in a forest. Congress supported ULFA to re-capture power in

Now after getting power they are going half heartedly against Naxalites and ULFA. Why Shivraj Patil has five Guns and Naxal enrolled him as his father?


As fish can’t live without water, like that without power Congress can’t live. dCongress can compromise any level. History of Congress and Nehru Gandhi reflect this.

Is India a Property of Gandhi dynasty?

Is there a auction of India? Is India property of Gandhi dynasty? Why are people being made fool that Gandhi dynasty is a reserve caste to rule India? What did foreign born Italian cultured Rahul Gandhi for India and Indians in his age of 35 years?

So Rahul Gandhi followed the tradition of Nehru-Gandhi dynasty. They are born to rule. Rahul Gandhi also can’t live without rule. What are the qualities or qualifications of Gandhis? DMK is even ready to change theConstitution for Quota . Congress is also ready to divide country on caste and religion basis. Congress got power to divide India. It can’t live without power as fish can’t live without water.

Congress has lost confidence. Congress realizes now that Rahul can’t be PM. 

Times of India” further reported : Investigations led by DSP S V D’Souza revealed that the radicals were taking camping trips to the woods for “initial training as terrorists”. During a raid, the officials noticed Pakistani flags flying and had them removed. 

We got independence due to those who gave blood for freedom: “Give me blood and I will give you freedom” – Subhash Chandra Bose.

After independence we hear fake secular slogan: “Take blood of people but give us votes” Subhash vs ‘Take blood but give votes’

Attack at the Indian Institute of Science

The December 28, 2005 attack at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), in which a Delhi University mathematics professor was killed, was also attributed to the HuJI- JeM combine. Intelligence sources indicate that Shahid, a Hyderabad local based in Bangladesh and linked to HuJI -B and JeM, played a key role in the IISc attack.

Boston blast to Bangalore Blast: Shinde to Shakeel Ahmed

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